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Sparano: OL 'not good enough'

The Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs Saturday night. Not a big deal.

The Miami offensive line was terrible. That is a big deal.

The line was equally stinky at run-blocking and pass protecting, if results are the measure. The Dolphins rushed 17 times for 22 yards -- a 1.3 yard per rush average. The Dolphins did not pick up even one first down rushing. Not one.

Pass blocking? Chad Henne, working behind the first-team offensive line, was sacked three times. He was pressure on several of his 13 attempts. Right tackle Marc Colombo yielded a sack to Dakota Watson and another to Michael Bennett.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano called the performance, "not good enough."

Sparano was very complimentary of quarterback Chad Henne. I write in my column that Henne has improved to the point he is not the biggest worry on Miami's radar right now. Amazingly.

What follows is the rest of his post-game press conference.


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I advocated signing a top-notch interior lineman but no, they had to go with moving Carey and signing another Dallas reject. Í'm usually supportive but this should be enough to replace the whole Sparano/Ireland regime. Sorry, that'
s just how I feel.

You rang?

II can play RT.

And I crap bigger than odinseye or DB. Mental pygmies all.

Shawm O'hara still a free agent, can we revisit that idea??? Vernon Carey back to RT, can't be worse than what we have there now and god do we need Long back.

Hey how about if Sparano was a OL coach for any other team in this league do you guys think he'll be fired by now?? B

I wonder whether the FO even considered Bryant McKinnie when he was out there. Now the most likely scenario looks like they'll cut Colombo and then what ask Carey to move back to RT? Would Miami then re-renegotiate his contract. Sparano was an O-line coach at Dallas but he has no clue how to put the pieces together. Wake me up when this joke is over because it stopped being funny a LONG time ago.

Henne haters are back I see. You people are not fans your losers. Henne's passer rating was 145.9 against Tampa Bay without our probowl LT in the lineup. Tom Brady's passer rating was 89 AGAINST THE LIONS! You friggin losers stop hatin your QB he has improved. At the very least know your football and realize where to place the blame. Every position on the line is new and the offseason was short. Give them time.

Nfl.com 10 best plays...Henne bomb to Marshall voted number 1.. When's the last time we did that!

only brain dead front office would allow the following to take place: let Zac Miller,Bryant McKinnie get away,not negotiate with New Orleans for Carl Nicks and not pick up Max Starks...etc. Sporano straight up sucks,Colombo is retarded,Carey is a fat hog..........need more be said???????? How the hell you pass on Mallet????

Henne is our QB and he is good... see where the problem is O LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No run gane , 5 sacks allowed sparano's specialty will cost him his job,, not Henne

Scrub Jerry, scrub Columbo .... really bad
lazy and in effective , second biggest issue Mastrud, how many times did he get beat blocking
watching his qb get killed

support Henne the guys could be a pro bowl QB
be educated fans,..... look at where the problem lies.. Our coach and GM specialty for Sparano, O line, weakeness of Miami, O line
IS AWFUL .....

Mondo, do you ever read these comments? I cant tell you how Ive written comment after comment about Colombo/Carey and Pouncy. None of the forementioned players have given 100%. If they have then its time to get new players. Sparano IS NOT an NFL talent scout. And Ireland isnt much better. Taking Pouncy over MAllet will go down as one of or not the worst draft pick in Dolphin history. Colombo, what can u say. Dallas cut him why? He can't block. Hes proved that game after game and Sparano remains dumb founded. I can recon talent 100% better then Sparano or Ireland. This OL is just dumb founding. And its all on Sparano. He wont last 4 games. Ross is watching, not to mention fans who purchase tickets.

The O-line played poorly, end of story. Columbo looked to be the weakest link followed closely by Carey. Columbo needs to find his previous ability from 2 years ago or he needs to be replaced quickly, with who? I don't know, I'm not a coach, just a fan. Carey will play better than last night most of the time and is serviceable. Long returning will help tremendously which is why I didn't throw Murtha under the bus, he's a good backup. Henne played well and he played well under adverse conditions I only credit him with one mistake, he pulled the ball down and ran on 3rd down when he had Hartline open in the back of the end zone on the left side. That play resulted in a field goal, acceptable but a touchdown certainly would have been better. The run game was pathetic, a direct result of the o-line play or lack thereof. Thought LJ had one or two good runs picking up 3 or 4 yards when he basically run straight into the pile with no holes whatsoever, same goes for the rookie Thomas. The Defense played fairly well, still need to hang onto those int's and for the love of god can someone cover the TE coming across the middle.... please! The Games ball goes to the punter, Fields... outstanding job and the kick/punt coverage is very much improved, good job. This is just my opinion/observation from the First Half with the starters in.

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