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Sparano: QB battle not really a battle right now

Note to everyone who is now considering Matt Moore a legitimate competitor for the Dolphins starting quarterback job:

Stop it. Just stop.

At least for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano addressed the possibility today when he said he wouldn't say there is a quarterback battle right now because while Chad Henne had some issues during Friday's preseason game at Atlanta and Moore brought the team back from a deficit to help Miami win, 28-23, much has to happen for this to become a legitimate competition.

"I mean I wouldn’t say there is a battle right at this second," Sparano said. "To me it takes more than a few outings, couple practices any of those things.  But I mean I thought Matt did some good things.  I mean, on the surface it’s going to look like Matt did way more good things than Chad maybe, I guess to your eye but there was enough things in there to Matt’s 36 plays I believe it was that needed to be corrected as well.  He did some good things, that’s the Matt I know.  Matt can move the football team pretty well.  He’s got a little bit of savvy to him and he can move the team, step up in the pocket and make those kind of throws.  He did a nice job last night."

In other words, Henne has to seriously struggle while Moore has to seriously play sharp the final three preseason games for the coach to consider this an issue.

And so that is not where we are right now. Remember, we're talking about snapshots in time here. Today, this is not an issue. Much stuff has to change for it to become an issue.

Henne can close the door on the issue by simply playing consistently well the next two games.

But as I wrote in my column for today's newspaper, Henne was both good and bad versus the Falcons. And consistently inconsistent is not unusual for Miami's quarterback. He finished 4 of 8 for 77 yards with one TD and two interceptions. Playing against both Atlanta's starters and second-team players, Henne posted a 83.9 rating.

Moore, playing strictly against backups and guys that will not be employed by the Falcons in a month, completed 11 of 18 passes for 123 yards, with two TDs and one interception.

That's a good but not perfect outing. It's an outing that suggests Moore is locking in on Miami's backup QB job. It is not a performance that says, 'I'm better than the starter."

At least not right now.


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Yay...more Henne talk.....

Lets begin....

I have no further comment.

Good Lord. Something is seriously wrong with Miami and Sparano. Perhaps he thinks he can save his job by starting the QB the boss prefers essentially allowing a business guy to make football decisions. Moore is clearly the better QB, better presence and smarter than Henne, Moore seems like the better option. Miami coaches need to lay off the glue. They passed on Mallet for a RB and now Henne over Moore. These folks need to lay off the glue.

Another thing about the game, the Falcons managed to isolate Julio Jones on Nolan Carroll which is were he did his damage. We really need to look at Nickel Corner as a legit concern because Carroll looked overwelmed, Sapp can`t cover and as good as J.Wilson looks he`s still to green to many crossing patterns were the WR`s lost him last night. The potential is there but would 2nd guess going into the season an trusting him just yet at running the Nickel.

and that ball to Hartline was underthrown to a wide open receiver Henne has been working with for 3 years. seriously it's time to move along from Henne

well julio jones is not exactly the easiest guy to cover either.

The fact that thier is no true competition is not only dissapointing.....but it also shows COMPLETE FAILURE of this FO th accomplish goal #1......Competition for HENNE.....

That fact alone makes the off-season a serious dissapointment....

and brings into question the legitmacy of this FO...and if they have a CLEAR PLAN....and more importantly....HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THAT GOAL.....

Ch for a ball that was under thrown he certainly had to lunge out and fall forward to catch it. Now if you had said almost overthrown but you did not


With all do respect Jones wasn`t running fly patterns out there, all his plays were within a 10 yard frame of work and he clowned Carroll at will.

some people avoid reality like the plague.

here is the hoax for you ltcdolphin



Lee Evans signed with the Baltimore Ravens not 12 hrs after our internet conversation.....the one where you told me 31 teams past on him.....and I needed to do the MATH......

after all the calculations were complete....it turns out the Lee Evans was worth a 4th Round pick to one of the best Organizations in the NFL.....

Anything you want to say......

he lunged into the end zone, the ball was underthrown. Henne can't hit a receiver in stride at all. He needs to go. Henne is awful. they made the offense simple for Henne when he had success but he simply is not smart or fast enough in his reads to compete at this level. Henne is dangerous and is going to get a receiver or a back seriously injured. He plays the game as an individual who seems 'destined' for success, exactly what this team doesn't need.

I thought Benny Sapp played his best game as a Dolphin...I liked my son Gates performance and I thought Ordick played his best game as a Fin as well. And Pouncey did aiight too!

All in all I have seen the fins look much worse in preseason...Remember, we have several offensive rookies and a new OC given a significantly condensed off season...Lets look for a little improvement as a team each week in preseason and hope for the best.


what is odd is they show no urgency. oh well, no qb this year, we'll look next year.

it would be nice to get a real qb within the next 8 years while Long and Pouncey are still in their prime.

or maybe your name is Itcdolphin....in either case you know what I mean....

Yeah chris all 31 teams passed on him except the ravens. Is that tough for you to understand.

Nobody's saying Matt is good...he just looked better than Henne last night, albeit against scrubs.

right now the defense concerns me more.


We didn't have two of are weapons on offense and the defense had them in their first offensive series its after da int everything fell apart

Also, Henne couldn't play with ATL first team defense either so the comparison between Moore and Henne I think holds more weight than what is being reported. I would have to argue, based on performanmce, that Moore is the better of the two, tier 2, QB's that are on the squad right now.

Forget Itc....you have no zeror honor or integrity.....

Tou should come on here and admit you were wrong to dismiss Evans as a legit player.....

I'll remind you...a fourth rounder is not easily given up....especually for a 30 year old WR......

But since you are scared for one reason or another to humble yourself and admit how wrong you are.....as easily and aggresively as you were to down Evans play and potential....well.....

That tell me your not worth wating the b uttons on the key board.....Its a shame your so arrogant ......when really its so meaningless.....


How`s it go Bro! We didn`t exactly look good last night but liked the agressive approach on O and will take that moving foward for now because I still insist Moore is not the solution just the flavor of the week until he drops 6 straight like he did last year in Carolina,although Henne will have to show me something by week 3 of this PreSeason!!

My prediction.....Sparano will not finish the season. The O-Line will yield an ineffective run game forcing Henne to do more than he can handle (more picks than TD's again). Another below .500 season for the 'Phins.

Pegged....your right.....

I told Itc....that Evans would have a new team in 24-48 hrs......he insisted other wise.....

then can't even type a simple....."I got that one wrong"......

If I was wrong I would have said so first time I saw his screen name.....its only a football blog.....not a life or death verdict....

Kris so what part of 31 teams is stumping you. That guy was put there for almost two days before the trade. FACS were sent or was that if SF?? Anyway no interest from 31 and off to the Ravens. Sorry if that upsets you!!

Hope to see da offense with 19 22 next game stop hating on da fins

no one noticed the head injury Thomas suffered on the same drive in the 2nd Qtr. The problem with using a young rookie as a 'workhorse back' is they don't know how to anticipate the results of collisions yet, making them an injury problem. Thomas took a nasty turf shot to the back of the head last night and wasn't heard from again after that. He pointed to the back of his head, went to the sideline and he was done. Probably nothing but Ronnie takes that hit differently. it was the naked screen for 25, swing pass to the right to Thomas

Hey ch how does a receiver not break stride be an undrthrow?? DVR's are a wonderful thing. Try it sometime.

Almost 2 days......lol.......

How long be for Nnamdi was signed....football is a buisness...not a madden game......

How long did we negotiate for Orton.....

2 days....lol......the more you type....the simplier you sound....

Also, I wanted to give props to Roberto Wallace. He made some really nice plays. Also, I thought Jimmy Wilson did a great job in blitzing. He may be more of a safety type though...Time will tell.

Nice try kris but when I posted he had been traded and I stand by the fact that 31 teams passed over a period of time. Nothing about you saying he would get traded. Just did not want him in miami

Fin4life....whats up man....

I am less concerned with the QB position....and more concerned with our OL....and lack of running game to be honest....

Kris you really are a windmill type of guy

1 bad mistake by Henne last night...

beyond that good play.

He needs to keep workiing and getting better.

yeah I just watched it again, hard to tell but I think Hartline came off the gas a little before he made that catch, hence under-thrown just wide open against 2nd string CB. Henne can make some throws, obviously, the question is not his arm but that throw looked like another lazy Henne pass, no fire no attack, just seems like he 'deserves' the spot a little too much. shenanigans

pegged, kris

may be on to something.

ltcdolphin accused the review i posted a hoax. i then sent the link to him above to prove it, a review on espn right now dated today. no response.

ltc.....why do you lie.....

In that conversation......in Armando's blog.....ARMANDO STATED...that 4 teams were intersted in him.....AND I POINTED THAT OUT TO YOU...during our conversation......one of those teams was Baltimore.....

When 4 teams are intersted.....then 31 HAVE NOT PASSED.....

You do sound a lot like Craig M......

I am beginning to wonder if you fully understood Armando's blog that day.....maybe you only digest the Head line.....LEE EVANS ON THE TRADE BLOCK......

After those BIG WORDS...there are a bunch of little words that explain the BIG WORDS....in greater detail.....

do I need to break that down further.....

Ch he was open by several yards. And if hartline got off the gas and then had to lunge to get it, that's on him not henne. Not defending henne but a receiver should never slow down, and if he did perhaps he did not trust Jenner to get it there and that's on henne. To say we have problems at qb is an understatement.

I Just watch again the game, In the Henne's fist pick, Henne have Hartline WIDE open in the right side on a short route. Before the snap Hartline's coverage was deep, and for the route he ran, speed and agility, Hartline should be the primary target, so that interception was not a Fasano's fault, was a bad decision, the pass protection was good, not great, so the pressure wasn´t a factor, but of curse if you follow with your eyes all the time your primary reciver the coverage will drop inmediatly to that side and Hartline will be as tight as Fasano in that play, just see to nowhere till Hartline is close to the cut, throw the ball, easy read, easy throw, easy cath, easy gain, no int, anybody in this blog should complete that throw, life is good.

The second pick, the ball was throwed late.

In the Henne's TD every thing goes easy as should be.

For me, that is the problem, with Henne, he is no poised, that is coachable, but he is not a rookie!

I'm agree not to demote your starting QB in the first pre season game, but it seems that Henne is an upside-down man, when he was demoted the last season in favor of Pennington, he began to play well.

But that wasn't the biggest problem that I see, that was the run blocking, and we running out of time.

You can't lie on Internet. It's going to bite you in the A-s.

Kris you are a windmill guy.

fin4life, you must get facts straight before posting. Matt did not lose 6 straight in Carolina. He lost one, then was pulled out of the Bucs game after 3 quarters to see what Jimmy Clausen could do, who went on to lose 3 or 4 in a row before Matt beat the 49er's.

is it a "please the owner" environment in Miami?

These herald posts are unbelievable. Rip the fins, rip the coaches, rip the players. Post after post, day after day, month after month. Are there any true Fin Fans out there? I saw a team that looks no worse than any of the other teams at this point. Matt Ryan looked pretty bad against our 1st string defense. That throw he made into 2 fins SHOULD have been an INT. Fasano should have caught that pass from Henne. The Falcons 3rd stringer looked better than Ryan against our 3rd string D. Are any Falcons fans calling for Ryan's benching at this point. The Steelers D looked pretty bad against Rex Grossman. Do you think Steelers fans are calling for Tomlin's head at this point. It is not ignorant to support your team and recognize that the decision makers know a heck of a lot more about the game than you or I ever will.

Kris. No where in that article is it stated four teams were interested but there was a mention of two days in the small words. Perhaps you need to Clem your glasses.

Is your name don quiote(sp).

Kris you are a windmill guy.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 13, 2011 at 05:54 PM

If by "windmill guy".....you mean putting you on BLAST...then YOU SIR....ARE CORRECT.....

but now i'm done with it......

It doesn't appear Coach has gotten his team back after losing them against the Pats last year. I see an implosion. Prediction: 6 wins 10 losses. New regime next year. We'll see.


By what possible logic do you insist that the QB position should not be part of a "legitimate competition" at present?

As other posters have said, Moore clearly outplayed Henne in Atlanta. It wasn't even close. Henne managed exactly one decisive play, and that was a poorly overthrown long ball to Hartline with broken defensive coverage. Hartline, who was wide open, is fast and tall, had to fall over into the end zone just to catch the ball.

Presumably Henne, who has been throwing the ball to him for years - needs more practice to avoid overthrows.

I can understand why Sparano must pay lip service to the notion that there is no current QB competition - Moore is brand new in the locker room - but you?



Lee Evans on the trade block? So ...?
Lee Evans is on the trading block in Buffalo, the entire NFL has known for a couple of days.

He's good. Last year was frustrating and injury shortened and disappointing from a production standpoint and he still caught 37 passes for a 578 yards, which is a 15.6 yard per catch average.

He is a classic deep threat sideline receiver.

The Dolphins lack one of those that is proven.

And I seriously doubt when Evans is traded, he will be wearing Miami colors. It doesn't fit. Trades within a division are rare in the NFL. The Dolphins would have to give up something for Evans and they seem too satisfied with their current crop of receivers to make such an offer.

It would require some major boldness by Jeff Ireland to see him as an upgrade at age 30, convince himself he wants Evans, convince Buffalo to give him up to a rival, and somehow negotiate the deal.

I'd like it. But don't see it. Only reason I'm telling you is I've already gotten 12 e-mails and a couple of tweets from Dolphins fans wondering why Miami doesn't make this move.

Arizona has been mentioned as a trade partner. Baltimore, Jacksonville and the New York Giants, too. So, again, it would be a pleasant surprise if he ends up in Miami but that's improbable. I would, instead, consider him not ending up in with New England or the Jets a victory of sorts.

Just sayin'.

It is not ignorant to support your team and recognize that the decision makers know a heck of a lot more about the game than you or I ever will.

Posted by: True Fan | August 13, 2011 at 05:56 PM

So tell us why after 4 seasons they don't recognize we desperately need a real NFL calibur QB and still have not got the line together?


Now admit you are DEAD WRONG.....OR STFU.....

By the time I am thru with you....you will need a new screen name.....

uh we had a chance to get Mallet and now he is at the Death Star and lost both our best experienced backs in the toughest league in sports to FA. that's a pretty bold task to ask of your coaching staff. Daniel Thomas got hurt on his first pass reception, that's not a great sign imo Brown is a year + out from his foot and you let him walk? after all that you have in him as an organization? They got younger and faster but didn't fully address the QB position when they could have with Mallet. Effective business decision are measured against lost opportunities and I fear the Thomas decision is going to haunt these good folks early on. I think Moore gets a good long sober look with the first team before this is all finished.

I just saw the Henne-Fasano int. I put that strictly on Fasano.

omg will you 2 quit b1tch1n over EVANS....who cares. you said this, no i said that...who cares. exchange numbers and txt about it rather than fill up this blog with nonsense. how bout you talk about the fact HES OUTTA THE DIVISION instead. over his career hes had some deep td catches on us. now we dont have to deal with him 2x a year now.

As far as Henne, i boo'ed him the da we drafted him, then came optimistic, but now i boo him again. inconsistantcy will not do in todays NFL.

FO, i dont get sitting marshall when he needs to get in sync with henne.....that makes zero sense to me. i get u dont want to risk injury, but dropped passes, mis-connections from henne to marshall and only one hook up for 1 td all of last year......to me, thats worse than an injury,,,,its an embarrassment to go out and buy his jersey, talk him up, and for them to lay the same egg year after year after year!!!

haven't checked indivual stats but it seemed like Henne was looking for Bess on just about every pass play. Every QB has a fav or go to reciever but Henne seems to have tunnel vision.

Poizen, that is what you are not comprehending for some reason. Henne is what he is he will never be a legit qb in the nfl. He is inconsistent and thats all he is. The dolphins will never be a winner with him. sparano will be gone soon enough if he sticks with henne.

fin4life, you must get facts straight before posting. Matt did not lose 6 straight in Carolina. He lost one, then was pulled out of the Bucs game after 3 quarters to see what Jimmy Clausen could do, who went on to lose 3 or 4 in a row before Matt beat the 49er's.
NewFan | August 13, 2011 at 05:54 PM

I understand the Panthers were 1-6 when they pulled the plug on Moore and went with Clausen. The most disturbing thing about it for me is I know for a fact that DeAngelo Williams wasn`t lost till week 5. So he had him along with Jon Srewart a good group at OL with J.Grossman and Ryan Khalil entreched an older but game Steve Smith and a TE every bit the player Fasano is and was mediocre to put it politely, by the way Clausen was a reach and will be lucky to have a job in the very near future, it is what it is!!

Kris. So what's your point. It's been mentioned that henne is a good quarterback, do you believe that?? Got a bridge for you

and I don't need a DVR, I paid the NFL 20 bucks and I can watch all the preseason games, DVR's are sooo 2000's ... lol

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