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Sparano: QB battle not really a battle right now

Note to everyone who is now considering Matt Moore a legitimate competitor for the Dolphins starting quarterback job:

Stop it. Just stop.

At least for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano addressed the possibility today when he said he wouldn't say there is a quarterback battle right now because while Chad Henne had some issues during Friday's preseason game at Atlanta and Moore brought the team back from a deficit to help Miami win, 28-23, much has to happen for this to become a legitimate competition.

"I mean I wouldn’t say there is a battle right at this second," Sparano said. "To me it takes more than a few outings, couple practices any of those things.  But I mean I thought Matt did some good things.  I mean, on the surface it’s going to look like Matt did way more good things than Chad maybe, I guess to your eye but there was enough things in there to Matt’s 36 plays I believe it was that needed to be corrected as well.  He did some good things, that’s the Matt I know.  Matt can move the football team pretty well.  He’s got a little bit of savvy to him and he can move the team, step up in the pocket and make those kind of throws.  He did a nice job last night."

In other words, Henne has to seriously struggle while Moore has to seriously play sharp the final three preseason games for the coach to consider this an issue.

And so that is not where we are right now. Remember, we're talking about snapshots in time here. Today, this is not an issue. Much stuff has to change for it to become an issue.

Henne can close the door on the issue by simply playing consistently well the next two games.

But as I wrote in my column for today's newspaper, Henne was both good and bad versus the Falcons. And consistently inconsistent is not unusual for Miami's quarterback. He finished 4 of 8 for 77 yards with one TD and two interceptions. Playing against both Atlanta's starters and second-team players, Henne posted a 83.9 rating.

Moore, playing strictly against backups and guys that will not be employed by the Falcons in a month, completed 11 of 18 passes for 123 yards, with two TDs and one interception.

That's a good but not perfect outing. It's an outing that suggests Moore is locking in on Miami's backup QB job. It is not a performance that says, 'I'm better than the starter."

At least not right now.


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Ignore GulfDolphin. He is a known asswipe here. Like you said one of the paranoid types. But he is a sicko really.

Sparano already said neither interception was Henne's fault and Moore will never start. Henne's the man for the whole year. Case closed.

Owners like Kraft, Woody Johnson, Jerry Jones, Rooney, are football guys that want to win. Ross is trying to create a celebrity dance parade. Our next GM will be Francis Ford Copolla. Head Coach Leonardo DiCaprio.

Our QB will be Adam Sandler. I'm down!

Sparano already said neither interception was Henne's fault and Moore will never start. Henne's the man for the whole year. Case closed.

Posted by: RaphaelOrtiz | August 14, 2011 at 11:42 PM

Nice try making stuff up.

He said it is not a qb battle right this second. Nothing more. Case closed.

"Sparano already said neither interception was Henne's fault and Moore will never start. Henne's the man for the whole year. Case closed."

Posted by: RaphaelOrtiz

Sorry, I'm not taking the bait.

Good Night, Guys!

I don`t doubt as a business man he`s about the bottom line 1st, just clarifying the misconception that he can pocket the TV Dollars because the new CBA is clear on that subject and I imagine it`s specific on that point to avoid having owners do just that and mail it n pocketing the money. Oswald while your post makes a point consider this. When Huzienga purchased the Fins in 88 there was no TV money to split up, owners had to have good marketng strategy or sink which is why you had so much moving around by Franchises league wide.

Wayne bought the Team and Stadium from a Robbie family nearly bankrupted from building JRS for 220 Million. In 93 when the Reggie White anti trust lawsuit wins and the FA era starts a very smart Paul Tagliabue brokers a deal to move the NFC from CBS to FOX for a then record 500 Mil a season for the rights and structure`s a revenue sharing system to insure all teams can stay competetive in the new FA era.

This windfall caused Team value to skyrocket into another stratusphere putting the price of an NFL Franchise any one of them really at over 1 Billion and you new it was going there all the way back in 98 when Al Lerner forked over 1 Billion for the rights to the new Cleveland Browns. So Huzienga saw his 220 Mil investment turn into 1.1 Bilion 20 years later but there were alot of unforseen factors that mitigated the process and from 220 to 1.1 there is a 450% profit not 800%

fin4life...I read a post from you a few pages back talking about how the Falcons used the blitz, and Pounceys struggle to recognize them. This isn't excuse hour. Consider Pouncey has had 8-9 practices, no OTA's. And Sparano went on record saying there was no gameplan for the Falcon game. It was just a glorified practice shown on television. And I think Pouncey gets a pass for now. I'm sure that the film will tell the story, and it can be used as a learning tool. Actually this is kind of a blessing from the Falcons being that most teams don't open it up in preseason games...

Now the unit can work on the deficiencies that was the first quarter offense. Lets see if there is any improvement in this weeks game.

450% nothing to sneeze at. I admit I pulled 800% off the top of my head, I knew he made a huge profit.

I'm sure Ross wants to win, but I don't think he is very dialed into football. The team is like a rich mans toy for him.


I hear you loud and clear Brother but we were dicussing what were the most telling miscue`s by th OL and you can`t talk about what went wrong without mentioning how they delayed the inside bitz and completely crossed Pouncey up. I know there was no game plan but I doubt getting the Q.B. Killed went into that, think about it. He gets a pass of course he after all was seeing his 1st live action on an NFL field and your right I`m sure even today he was looking at the film and getting instruction on the misses but it bare`s keeping an eye on the rest of this PreSeason because if not you can bet Beichik will dial up a host for him on Sept.12


On a positive note it was nice to see a Dolphins Center downfield making blocks, he reminds of a young Kevin Mawae.

...fin4life.Yeah Bellichek is freekin Dr. Evil.

In a perfect world. The mistakes made in these preseason contests get the proper attention, instruction, then repetition. As you said, and you are right. Bellichek is going to be able to exploit any little inconsistancy his evil genius mind can uncover. It is up to the coaches to prepare Pouncey..and the rest of the line. To be prepared for the different looks that they THINK(and this is where the coaching comes into play big time) the Pats are going to come with. I think we both can agree that if we see consistant improvement from last week up to the opener. It may settle the nerves a little.


Yes, it would be nice to see it getting put together in these next 3 games. I tell you in actuality I think Pouncey will get there he`s got it physically just needs the mental, your point about only having had 9 practices is a very good point and remember he held out for the first 2 so he really only had 7. The Falcons did do us a favor dialing it up because now they know what needs work with him and better Friday in a meaningless game than vs. the Pats when they count.


Alot more troubling is what we heard coming out of camp and saw 1st hand in that game which is that Colombo can`t get back in pass blocking anymore. The 09 knee injury slowed him down considerably. I don`t know why TS isn`t getting R.Willis more reps and we can forget about running off LT if Long isn`t healthy and can`t play, we ran everything that way and it was slim pickins partner.

I spent the afternoon up Bobby's bum. Man that is a cavern.

Pouncey seemed very, very athletic. Not sure I've seen many centers look that quick. Wish he was playing guard.


In reality you and me both.

What is equally concerning is that a few of you embiciles think we have a shot on opening night. It's ok though after starving the wolf for the eighth time in the last nine home games I plan on sniffing Bill's balls in hopes of a more permanent position.

Trollish whores and rotted fans, FYI, etc:

I do not live in the middle east, but in FL. USA.

Thus, am able to express my rights right along with you sissy-rag-tag-bloody-kuuntz!

The "sicko" lable is fine with me. It goes to show that I am in the same constitutional rights as you. ie. speak whats on your mind...

But sicko? Whatever...

I hope I see you loitering. At the edge of a cliff!


By no means do I think Matt freaking Moore should be the starter...but it would be nice if all of the nice things that Sparano is seeing in Henne can translate to the field in terms of good decisions, TD's, and wins.

I can't even spell the word "embicile" correctly yet I come here and make fun of other's.

Yes, I will be sniffing Bill's balls, my neighbor Bill I'm talking about

Duhhhhhhh, I'm a total retard

Who would you rather read,

ALoco and Sam or Tortured Dolphin?

Tortured Dolphin, at least he is honest and out of the closet, unlike the other two Bozo's who only pretend to be Dolphin Fans

Posted by: Craig M at 05:08 PM

This post shows just how ignorant & arrogant you are.

It is a dolphins blog, you're right! How about you talk about things that HAVE happened, not "MIGHT" happen?

It is FAIR for people to compare moves made by each teams, not moves that have YET to be made. I personally could care less what NE did.

But, they did trade for 2 accomplished probowl players, both of whom, restructed their contracts to ensure they stay on the team. Miami signed an injury prone RB & decent ILB & a scrub right tackle from the Dallas scrap heap. Make of that what you will.

To think people have to apologize because some magazine said they MIGHT get cut is as laughable as your posts! I take it personal? I'm not the one whining about needing an aplogy or show of hands, am I? You are referring to yourself.

You are so thick it's ridiculous! Please come back when you wanna talk about reality, not hypotheticals!

Dear Joe,

You were a waste of sperm.

I watched most of the game after Hartline's catch from Henne having missed the interceptions (grocery shopping). From what I saw of the rest of the 3 quarters, I was pretty impressed by Matt Moore. However, even more impressive was special teams and the opportunistic plays by our defense. I have zero to little confidence in Henne. The only reason he is going to be a starter this season is for Ireland to decide if they are going to keep him or not. I think Henne is out after this season.

Don't tackle the context of the post Craigy. Far be it from you to refuse to accept the truth of the matter which most of us already know.

YOU ARE A BABY!!!!!!!!!

I honestly believe the dolphins should go trade for Matt Flynn from the packers!! i can see Flynn being the next Kevin Kolb!! and they need to add a better guard for the right side my suggestion would be Leonard Davis

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