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Sparano: QB battle not really a battle right now

Note to everyone who is now considering Matt Moore a legitimate competitor for the Dolphins starting quarterback job:

Stop it. Just stop.

At least for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano addressed the possibility today when he said he wouldn't say there is a quarterback battle right now because while Chad Henne had some issues during Friday's preseason game at Atlanta and Moore brought the team back from a deficit to help Miami win, 28-23, much has to happen for this to become a legitimate competition.

"I mean I wouldn’t say there is a battle right at this second," Sparano said. "To me it takes more than a few outings, couple practices any of those things.  But I mean I thought Matt did some good things.  I mean, on the surface it’s going to look like Matt did way more good things than Chad maybe, I guess to your eye but there was enough things in there to Matt’s 36 plays I believe it was that needed to be corrected as well.  He did some good things, that’s the Matt I know.  Matt can move the football team pretty well.  He’s got a little bit of savvy to him and he can move the team, step up in the pocket and make those kind of throws.  He did a nice job last night."

In other words, Henne has to seriously struggle while Moore has to seriously play sharp the final three preseason games for the coach to consider this an issue.

And so that is not where we are right now. Remember, we're talking about snapshots in time here. Today, this is not an issue. Much stuff has to change for it to become an issue.

Henne can close the door on the issue by simply playing consistently well the next two games.

But as I wrote in my column for today's newspaper, Henne was both good and bad versus the Falcons. And consistently inconsistent is not unusual for Miami's quarterback. He finished 4 of 8 for 77 yards with one TD and two interceptions. Playing against both Atlanta's starters and second-team players, Henne posted a 83.9 rating.

Moore, playing strictly against backups and guys that will not be employed by the Falcons in a month, completed 11 of 18 passes for 123 yards, with two TDs and one interception.

That's a good but not perfect outing. It's an outing that suggests Moore is locking in on Miami's backup QB job. It is not a performance that says, 'I'm better than the starter."

At least not right now.


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Henne may be a lot of things, but he is not, and will never be, consistent. He is off target more than he's on, and geez doesn't anyone ever notice how many times receivers drop balls he throws? This has been going on since his first practice years ago. He can rocket the ball, that's about it..and often to the other team.

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