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Sparano: QB battle not really a battle right now

Note to everyone who is now considering Matt Moore a legitimate competitor for the Dolphins starting quarterback job:

Stop it. Just stop.

At least for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano addressed the possibility today when he said he wouldn't say there is a quarterback battle right now because while Chad Henne had some issues during Friday's preseason game at Atlanta and Moore brought the team back from a deficit to help Miami win, 28-23, much has to happen for this to become a legitimate competition.

"I mean I wouldn’t say there is a battle right at this second," Sparano said. "To me it takes more than a few outings, couple practices any of those things.  But I mean I thought Matt did some good things.  I mean, on the surface it’s going to look like Matt did way more good things than Chad maybe, I guess to your eye but there was enough things in there to Matt’s 36 plays I believe it was that needed to be corrected as well.  He did some good things, that’s the Matt I know.  Matt can move the football team pretty well.  He’s got a little bit of savvy to him and he can move the team, step up in the pocket and make those kind of throws.  He did a nice job last night."

In other words, Henne has to seriously struggle while Moore has to seriously play sharp the final three preseason games for the coach to consider this an issue.

And so that is not where we are right now. Remember, we're talking about snapshots in time here. Today, this is not an issue. Much stuff has to change for it to become an issue.

Henne can close the door on the issue by simply playing consistently well the next two games.

But as I wrote in my column for today's newspaper, Henne was both good and bad versus the Falcons. And consistently inconsistent is not unusual for Miami's quarterback. He finished 4 of 8 for 77 yards with one TD and two interceptions. Playing against both Atlanta's starters and second-team players, Henne posted a 83.9 rating.

Moore, playing strictly against backups and guys that will not be employed by the Falcons in a month, completed 11 of 18 passes for 123 yards, with two TDs and one interception.

That's a good but not perfect outing. It's an outing that suggests Moore is locking in on Miami's backup QB job. It is not a performance that says, 'I'm better than the starter."

At least not right now.


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Stop what! It's a battle Henne will lose, eventually!

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Moore wins QB battle! If there's one!

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Posted by: kris | August 13, 2011 at 10:05 PM

Kris, Just so you know you are being hacked, I too was hacked by Mr.Aloco(Or so I thought it might be)So I Emailed Mando, But got no reply, Just click on my name and see the stuff written under it., AnyWhooo, I post under something different now not using this name., Good luck with this....BTW, Go Phins...

Redsky, You still out there??

It's been sixteen years since Shula got kicked to the curb for having the nerve to get Miami into the playoffs every year and it's never been less fun being a Dolphins fan. First we got fleeced by the JJ show, which also brought us the Wannstedt era. Then Saban came along and fleeced us again before running off like the con man he was. Then, after Cam Cameron won a game, the Tuna show invaded Miami to "get the house in order". After getting a few of his pals jobs, he too skipped out on the tab. Now look at us, we're laughingstocks. The coach is an unwanted, weird guy who appears to be in over his head. The QB situation makes me remember Jay Fiedler fondly. The front office continues to baffle on draft day and fumble with free agency.

It's tiresome. It's been NINETEEN YEARS since this team has made it as far as the AFC championship game. It already seems pretty obvious that, barring a miracle, the Dolphins won't be getting there this year either. When is this culture of mediocrity and failure going to change? When is this organization going to change its approach? When will we get to experience a season of genuine excitement and success?

Davon,. Kinda like getting stuck with Tab after Dinner with 7 people.....

I Said it once, I'll say it again....3 and 13.....

The boss had me in up to my elbow tonight. Impressive!

I have seen more than a few people talking about Andrew Luck in next years draft.
I would have to agree. We need a good quarterback, not an inconsistant heart-breaker. Start talking to the Bengals now about their 1st pick next year.

One guy says the pass to Hartline was under thrown, then another says it was over thrown. Let me correct both of them, it was completed.

So, about what week are we gonna start talking Pennington??? Still like his chances(if healthy) better than what we got!!

And the Man doesn't know what Gruyere cheese is. Broder!

I think many Americans are too Americanized. I mean, there are great products all over the World, no?

This is Social Science 101. Yes?

Are there any Football games today?

Excuse me a moment, I have to go fight Fidel Castro.

I watched every play of the game. It is not about who you play, but how you play and Moore clearly outplayed Henne. Henne is slower. His decision making takes longer, he still locks on receivers.

Moore was quick with his feet, and his decisions.

85 should be named starter at KR and PR TODAY! The kid almost broke one every time he touched the ball, of course he was going against Keith Armstrong ST unit.

I saw a couple of things I likes from henne that I have never seen before.. One is he took a lot mor shots downfield in the short time he was in.. The first time he threw it to heartline and heartline cut off his route, you saw them talking about it on the sideline... Unlike last year, where it seemed he was scared of his teammates.... And the last thing I saw Wichita shocked me, even tho it was small, on the play one of his o-linemen jumped offsides, you saw him get upset and looked like he yelled at the guy.... That's a huge change! I believe with henne it's more mental than anything... And when he threw the td, he seemed happy.... Which he never seemed to be last year

supersport, I agree, it was nice to see the Dolphins take more chances downfield. That's what getting a BALANCED OC can do for you. Henning would NEVER allow Henne to throw those passes.

However, for me, it's really too little, too late. Everytime I see the Falcons, I think about how different we'd be with Matt Ryan. While I think Long is great, he's no gamechanger (the only way his position becomes that is if they fail and get their QB killed). Matt Ryan IS a gamechanger. The difference between him and Henne is a QB that's showing he can be and probably will be elite, and one that's teetering on insignificance.

I'll save my fury on Henne until he proves in the season what I predict will be a failure of becoming the answer long-term at the QB position, but, just from one preseason game, we can expect to see the same Henne we've always seen. The Henne that can't place a ball where a receiver can easily grab it. The Henne that throws into triple coverage without a 2nd thought. MOST DISAPPOINTINGLY, I saw the Henne that STARTS WAY TOO SLOW!

This team isn't good enough to come back from a 17-point deficit (with starters) during the season. And, to the OC, we're also not good enough on the oline/run game for that to carry us if Henne is melting down. Actually, our best plays Friday were big pass plays. And that means Henne MUST step up, that's the only way we can win enough games to make the Playoffs (if that's the goal).

Lastly, I saw the same troubles in the secondary as last year too. That needs to be cleaned up too.

I'm not throwing the towel in after the 1st preseason game, but I will say, it's hard to accept seeing the same issues pop up as every other year. Then again, with a lot of the same players and strategy, it's kinda like doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Nickelback. Yes.

Bottom line is that Henne had 25% of his passes intercepted. They still need a QB. Second, the Oline is still in the same state of flux that it has been in for the last two years. They still need a guard and or rt tackle. Third, although the line played awful, the rookie running back certainly didn't acquit himself very well. Doesn't make people miss, especially the first defender. The team still needs a RB that can carry the load, Bush isn't the answer. They also lack a TE that can be a seam stretcher, but more importantly one that can just plain catch. Lastly, they need a safety to cover the top of D. Needed one for two or three years. Still don't have one.
This regime is either A, very inadequate in the area of talent acquisition or B, has had restraints put on them by the owner because they have had cap space and players available to them, but haven't acted.
There it is in a nutshell. The reality is that this team is no better than last year and may in fact, be worse. They have too many holes in critical positions to compete and the fo and owner have done nothing about it. They operate as if there is no urgency or as if their jobs aren't on the line. That can mean only one thing, they are acting on the owners orders and their jobs really aren't on the line. That can be the only explanation.

Sparano doesn't get it. On the surface, Moore looked a lot better. Determining who is a better quarterback is not rocket science. You either get the job done, or you don't. Henne failed the test. Matt passed. End of story.

henne has a very fragile psyche which is a no no for QB's. he admits that the calls for orton hurt his feelings. all this stuff needs to be left at the door. a good QB tunes out all that stuff and focuses on the task at hand. it's easy to stop the booing; its called performing! its starting fast and taking defenses apart;making them pay for having a db/safety blitz(jets) etc. a good qb has to "lead" and extend plays. a QB has to have passion and show some emotion on occasion. can henne do this? this is his 4th season but the training wheels sparano installed are still on? now sparano says there is no QB competition;what happened?????

ClydeG has tremendously quick feet. I saw it on his videos and now I confirm it. Very slippery, athreat to go allthe way at anytime.

greg z, you know I support Henne so let's leave that fact at the side for a second, there is no QB competition because we didn't bring in a QB basically. I said last year we will draft a QB and bring in a veteran, I was wrong, we did neither. Orton would have been nice but in the long run was to expensive. I believe competition is needed at every position to bring out the best. It is what it is, we have no one to push Henne for the position, so here is where we stand today.

You might knock other things but you can't knock this year's acquisition of players through the Draft and otherwise. The one that doesn't see that Jimmy Wilson and Clyde are going to be Pro-Bowlers is blind.

I don't know, but I believe that with all the super-talented skill players we have we don't need a Marino, just an efficient QB.

Henne is only as good as his leaders. His HC and all the ass tante SUCK, the GM SUCKS and the owner likes salsa and owning the team and his handling of the staff is less then a hobby.

At best we get lucky and put 6 in the W column.

After the season ends, which will be early Nov, Soprano will get rewarded AGAIN as well as Ireland.

I wont be satisfied until Ross sells the team to an owner who wants to win and we get a Proven HC and GM WHO has killer instincts.

Where was Charles Clay the other day? Either they wanted to try out all the other TE's or he doesn't know the plays yet(more probable, that's a lot too learn).

You get Reggie Bush isolated on a LB and it's goodbye.

I went back and RE-WATCHED the game from Friday. Some good and some bad.

The Good:

First of all, the defence didn't play nearly as bad as we were led to believe. I saw some good things from Jimmy Wilson, Edds, Odrick and others. Considering the starters hardly played it wasn't a surprise that Atlanta ran up a 17-0 lead. First game and very to gauge much from the defence as the intensity wasn't there and wasn't there for very long.

The young receivers looked great!! Saw good things from Wallace, Gates and Moore. Exciting to see!

Moore, moved well and looks like he has a decent arm.

Henne wasn't nearly as bad as everyone on here has choces to write. Unfortunately too many people have their minds made up on this guy and NOTHING will change that. The interception to Fassano was on Fassano. Looks like he brought the stone hands back from last year. Fault the FO for not going hard after a guy like Miller. Too me this continues to be one of their shortcomings....undervaluing what a good TE can brign to the table. The other INT was on Henne. Poor choice. But I thought he moved well (the OL looked porous again) and his pass to Hartline was a thing of beauty.

Really good to see the OC open up the passing game more. It's early but I hope this is a sign of things to come.

The Bad:

Lack of a running game. I think this will be a weakness again on this team this year. I've been saying all along they don't have the depth at the position to have a consitent running game. I think they are putting too much stock into Thomas and Bush to get it done. Hard to judge the rook on what we saw Friday but to me he's a bit of a question mark at this point.

OL, again it's early but it looked like a bit of a mess to me again on Friday. I realize Atlanta can bring it at times but when I saw the 2nd and 3rd tier guys getting it done again against our line it raies more questions as to whether this line is ACTUALLY going to be any better. Didn't see a lot from Pouncey but maybe that's a sign he had a decent game.

As of now Moore looks to be the best QB we have. However, I don't think he has the arm to go over the top.

Definitely the OL is the biggest worry(and it could cost Sparano his job).

I only got to see some of the game but I like Moore now more then I did before at least he has got some wheels and he looks like has has some passion for the game as well.Chad Henne's first pick was not his fault it should have been caught.I like the 5 wide look out of the shotgun , maybe they should do more of that and let Henne play more and try to get him in a grove maybe he will turn into something but give him more playing time in the preseason.

Craig M, pretty good analysis, even though the O-Line struggled I believe when Jake gets back we get much better very quickly. Henne needs to do what Sanchez was allowed to do his first couple years, take chances. You don't learn if your not given the opportunity. Henne is the QB, people need to get over it and root for the team.
As far as TE, you know where I stand. I just don't get it with this FO on this subject. We could have nailed this position down last year for a long time. I don't get it

Sometimes I wonder where did that inventiveness of 2008(WC) go? We need that back.


Thanks. Yeah it's a real mystery as far as the lack of priority towards the TE goes. Miller should have been the target this offseason and if that meant chopping Fasano to make Miller's contract fit then so be it. They replaced Crowder, they could have done it with Fasano. Maybe a trade opens up for a guy like Carlson or someone else but I'm not holding my breath.

armando. you never stop. this Henne thing is a sickness with you. It's sad.

Henne has a flaw that is not correctable. He thinks and reacts too slow. I say it's his biggest problem that can't be changed and will prevent him from ever being good enough to start.

I am also ready to move on from Henne. I liked Matt Moore in the game. I thought he played really well and he led the team back.

Henne on his first throw throws a pick. I know that they were saying it was Fasano's fault but the truth is Henne threw the ball hard and behind him. When Fasano went to the sideline you could see him mouthing "How am I supposed to catch that?"

During his time in there Henne never looked off his primary reciever and he could not hit hartline in stride on the TD throw which caused Brian to stumble into the endzone.

The only reason Henne is the starting QB is because he is a Michigan man just like his owner Ross.

oswald, Henne had a flaw allright, it was called Henning.

A report from the National Post this morning says that the Pats will cut Ocho and/or Haynesworth before the season starts. Show of hands from all those guys that lauded these moves from the Pats and how Ireland never does anything special. Hands up nice and high so we can all see them fellas....

On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Slipperysoap, give us a F'kn break with your total nonsense. Henne hit Hartline in perfect stride. Your just a total fool to say otherwise. Get lost


Well he still has the same flaw I mentioned. Looks to me like he has always had it and always will. He uses his arm strength to try to overcome throwing late and gets himself in trouble doing so, or puts the reciever in a bad position for YAC.

The National Post is a newspaper that can only guess. That report means nothing until the players are actually cut.

Even if those guys do get cut, its irrelevent. What matters is they have an FO willing to take a low risk chance. They didn't sell the farm to get those players like Arizona did with Kolb. Our FO ducked on a low risk chance to take Santonio Holmes, Braylen Edwards, too many. That is the point.

I must have missed it but how is it being are able to have conclusive evidence that Chad Henne is any better after Friday night's performance. First of all, his first INT was on Fassano. There's no room to debate this. The ball was on the numbers. Receiver has catch that one. So assuming Henne does nothing else in the game, he goes 5 of 8 for 77 yards with a TD and INT, and ran ten yards for a first down. Not all Pro stuff but certianly nothing that deserves all the criticism he's getting.

Said it before, it doesn't matter what Henne does there is a section of the fanbase that will continue to criticize him. Guys, he's NOT Dan Marino and never will be. Stop criticizing....those days are gone. He was elite and Henne is very unlikely to ever be elite.

Hands up nice and high so we can all see them fellas....

Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Craig, when are you going to raise your hand nice and high and eat crow for being DEAD WRONG about saying a team wouldn't take VY immediately?

You love to mock others but are too much of a pusssy to raise your own hand when you are wrong.

Who was it who said yesterday that Young woould be signed as soon as he's released? Was it DB? Guaranteed, right? OK bud.....the clock's ticking. Let's see where he ends up....

Posted by: Craig M | July 28, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Oswald, point taken BUT, last year Brandon Marshall said in an interview, and I quote "Chad goes through all his reads no matter what, just like the coaches taught him." That told me if he was throwing late it was because of him going through the reads before making his decision, which was how he was taught


The argument was that there would be a lineup of teams for VY right away. VY going to Philly on a one year contract to be a backup is hardly proof that he was in demand. Go back and read the original posts.

oswald @ 10:52

Hit the nail on the head. Good post.


You are changing the argument. Philly pounced in 8 hours, that is what I call right away. 8 hours is pretty fast. Backup or not has nothing to do with it. No way to say other teams would not have come knocking. Some top TE's were on the market for weeks before they got signed, Asomugha too, business takes time, but the fact is, he was snatched up before anyone else could. They get to look at him CHEAP, LOW RISK, for a full year. It's a no brainer anyway you look at it.


You are always so quick to ask others to eat crow, yet you never do. Show me one post where you admitted you were wrong. You can't. Which means you believe you are always right. Silly. Thats all. Don't ask others to do what you are unable to do yourself.

Don't expect anything that hasn't been said already until after the next game. I'm out for now...

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