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Fins next move: Gotta be a QB, right?

When the NFL lockout was settled, only nine days but seemingly a lifetime ago, there were a handful of teams shopping for a starting quarterback.





And, of course, Miami.

Arizona traded for Kevin Kolb. Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson. Minnesota traded for Donovan McNabb. The Titans signed Matt Hasselbeck. Even Philadelphia, which didn't need a starter but these days is signing everyone anyway, added Vince Young as a backup.

Everyone filled their need. Well, not everyone.

The Dolphins got ... the Dolphins got ... they got no one.

The mission of adding a quarterback that could come to South Florida and compete and perhaps even upgrade at the position hit a wall. Reports on ESPN by star reporters, reports on national websites and the pages of Sports Illustrated, Yahoo.com, ProFootballtalk.com, and even reports in two other papers have called Miami's one and only chase of that quarterback -- Kyle Orton -- over.





And since there seemingly is no next, some of the publications or websites are making the leap that it is Chad Henne competing with Matt Moore for Miami's starting job. And that is all she wrote.

I guess I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Or both. (Stop snickering.)

I think that's not all she wrote. I think there's more left to write -- a final chapter, if you will.

I tell you the Dolphins continue to chase a quarterback. At least they continue to plot that chase.

I am apparently alone on the proverbial twig believing the Dolphins are not done. I believe the Kyle Orton possibility is definitely not dead -- at least not yet. And I believe before this team finishes the preseason, it will find a way to stage a legit quarterback competition between Henne and another quarterback not named Matt Moore, who is a third-stringer in my eyes.

So I have been snooping. A source told me via text message over the weekend that Orton is still possible. So I'm sticking to that until I'm told otherwise. I've also been looking elsewhere.

Jon Kitna.

A revisit of Carson Palmer.

Jeepers, I'm not even discounting Brett Favre.

No, I do not believe in martians. I simply believe in the Miami front office. These guys have eyes. They must see Henne does not look like a very good QB right now and, at the very least, woudl benefit from some solid competition. These guys also have ears. They must have heard that Henne got booed -- during a practice no less -- by Dolphins fans!

I, Captain obvious, think a better quarterback would do the Miami offense a world of good.

And there are also signs the Dolphins agree and continue to search for that player. They are in the process of clearing salary cap space. They have asked right tackle Vernon Carey to take a pay cut. Carey is expected to accept that pay cut and his presence at practice Wednesday would practically confirm this. (The Dolphins wouldn't let him on the field otherwise.) Even if Carey changes his mind and goes running toward a contract termination, there will be cap space created here. That is not speculation. That is fact.

Another sign that something is afoot is that the organizaton has gone into stealth mode. Suddenly text messages are being ignored. No one wants to speak -- not even on background. The last time it got this quiet, the club added Brandon Marshall. That is a fact.

Here is the speculation: The Dolphins are trying to clear cap space to make a significant move. Logical, right? You don't win by clearing space and just staring at it lovingly. You don't save that space. You clear the space to fill the space with another move.

The Dolphins like their team, believe it or not. While folks outside the organization are wondering when they are going to wake up and address the tight end position, when they are going to add a second starting-caliber wide receiver, or when they are going to get a playmaking safety, Miami personnel department people are actually telling agents they really like their team.

So while I supposed that coming move to fill the cap space created by Carey could be the addition of a WR or TE or something else, I see only one logical addition so glaring in need that this team has to make it:

Add a quarterback.

Now back to my frail little twig.


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If Miami doesn't add a (legit) quarterback before the end of the preseason then I think it's safe to assume Brandon Marshall isn't the only one suffering from BPD.

I'm unsure of Miami's exact cap space but I have to think its not a FA. Delhomme and Bulger are the only two that come to mind and if its one of them then they shouldn't pay them a thing. I wouldn't want either and I don't see how anyone can take them seriously as "competition" other than "If you can't beat them you should just retire."

Then there are the two usual Palmer and Orton. I just don't see Mike Brown caving. Not his style. I think the Phins could offer the whole 2012 draft (Not saying they should) and he would still turn it down.

Orton? maybe but ugh.... Not the long term answer, will cost $, and just delay the dolphins effort to find the real answer and not another 1 season playoff mirage.

The one wildcard, that I don't particularly like, is David Garrard. Jax doesn't like him and they may be inclined to trade him. Although I don't particularly think they want to start Gabbert. But if the Phins are desperate enough who knows.

Any of the other QBs that come to mind wouldn't cost a lot or were already FAs. So i'm not sure what else would be out there.

Oh and Kitna... I don't see Dallas dealing him. Romo is coming off an injury and I just don't see the value matching up. Jones isn't gonna deal his quality backup QB for a low level pick. The phins aren't gonna trade a reasonable pick (or I hope not) for a 38 year old QB. He is more valuable to Dallas than what we should ever give up.

I kinda like the looks of Stephen McGee in a year or two (Seriously, who takes a shot on a QB in the later rounds? INSANITY!)

I still think they should have gone with my original plan. Sign Caleb Haine, Sign Matt Leinart. Stick the 3 young guys in a fight and see if anyone comes out. No real picks or money required. If they all fail then do the crazy thing... Draft one. The key is to find a YOUNG good QB you can build around. Not some 2-3 year retread.

This is hogwash Armando. Nobody out there is better than Chad Henne. We already have the best guy.

Has everyone forgot the Matt Flynn possibility? Not saying that's who I would pick but the possibility may be real. Personally, I still like the Kyle Orton coupled with.a 1st round qb this April to take us through the next 15 years

This is camel poop Armando. Nobody out there is better than Chad Henne. We already have the best guy.

This is just BS to keep the boo birds a booing. Gotta keep the rowdy beer drinking nuts, well, nuts. Nobody is available. Mentioning Favre is just to get your name in the papers. It's not gonna happen. The fact you're the only one shows this whole blog is BS.

Armando -you watch

It will be another lineman - O or D.

And they will have probably played for Dallas.

Tell them to grab Orton and be done with it.

As for the chants at practice all I got to say is:

"We taking about practice man! How silly is that? How the hell do I make my teammates better by practicing?"

As for the cap space issue, they are trying to sign O'Hare and I don't think they are looking to trade for another QB.

The O-Line and running game were garbage last season. So the argument of Chad Henne being the worst player on the team would work except for the fact that the team's passing rating was much higher than its rushing rating. Also I heard that in Denver the were fans chanting:

"You can have him!"

Orton is taking all the first team snaps. Tebow is splitting 2nd team snaps with Quinn. This does not look like a charade. Several reports say Orton is outplaying Tebow by a 'wide margin'. They will keep him.

In Henne we trust.

ESPN just reported that the Dolphins have agreed to send a 2nd Rd. pick this year and 2nd rd. pick next year for Orton.
Unfortunately because of a front office mix up they've ended up trading for wrestler Randy Orton.

There will be no Orton. And I think Bulger is a better fit. they could go with the guys they have and wait until next year.

Why they didn't sign VY as competition is totally crazy. Sure he is nutty, but so are most of the guys in the NFL in one way or another.

Could they be trading trying to trade for Asante Samuel? Might be worth it.

Here we go again. Rumors of another big signing. I can feel the excitement building. It's like a little boy's first kiss. He closes his eyes in anticipation, but instead of that little peck from the cutie next door the family dog runs up and licks him in the mouth. Yuck! Here's hoping the Dolphins don't leave a sour taste in our mouth again.

Two third string QB's competing for the number one job... Does the NFL drug test GM's???

If the Dolphins don't trade for Orton than Armando is going to look rather silly as he basically said Miami was definitely trading for Orton and that Henne's time in Miami was up. That is why he is so insistent that this trade still has legs despite everyone including the Dolphins owner stating that the Orton trade is dead.

Anyway trading a high pick for a guy who has never gone to the playoffs, who's career record is 32-29 and who isn't very good in the red-zone or on 3rd down isn't very appealing. That's more than likely why the trade never happened.

Call Vinney T. or Jeff George

My issue is regardless of who they get in a trade the QB that is acquired will be behind the 8 ball. Sparano has already said the new playbook will not be installed in the 1st week. A new QB will just stall the process. I hate to say it but Henne is the best option

Buffalo will give you Tyler Thigpen for a second round pick~~~~~~~~~

You're not on that twig alone Armando, I too believe the front office is still trying to bring in a QB and specifically Orton. I think Denver wants to and almost has to let tebow get his shot. They're a team that's not going go to far this year because of rebuilding so it makes sense to allow tebow to grow with them and sell tickets to boot. Orton is a free agent next year so it'd be better to get what you can for him now. I expect something to be done today or tomorrow at the latest. I don't think he'll be cut either.

I bet we're clearing cap room to sign Shaun O'Hara to a massive contract. That sounds like something moronic enough for this FO to pull off. Face it. These guys never do what we think the logical thing is. Look at it. O'Hara comes in to visit. He doesn't sign a contract. Then all of a sudden we ask Carey to take a pay cut. Hmmmmm. Smells fishy. Just like this garbage team we're assembling.

Sage Rosenfels anyone?

Big demand for Ricky Williams, 4 teams from the U.F.L. have been in contact with him!

Call the guy in Mississippi~~He'll report one week before the first game!

And that salary cap space is gonna go to one place. Shaun O'Hara and...here's the kicker...former (guess who) Dallas guard Leonard Davis. Thats my prediction. There's your "big, splashy move".

Stop crying about Henne,he's better than that piece of junk the Jets have at Q.B.

marshell clicked with orton in denver, and thats a plus

Will someone please call the Miami Dolphins and tell them there is a gem waiting in Green Bay at QB. Back up QB Matt Flynn looked amazing against the Patriots of all teams, in his NFL debut, with a Green Bay team that was a little beat up, and playing on a short week. THE KID PLAYED NEW ENGLAND AWESOME!! He is in the last year of his contract, he is cheap as he is a back up, and Green Bay would want to deal him, as he will walk next year and they get nothing for him. As far as QB, I think they are happy with their MVP starter. Just a thought....

they are trading for Romo...the miami cowboys

Lets hope if we stick with Henne that last year was his version of the sophmore slump,
And he flourishes this year.

Could happen i guess.

Mike and Mike show, is reporting Osi will be traded to Bengals for the rights to Carson Palmer.Carson then will become a Dolphin for 1st rnd pick,Giants wanted.

They have what, $7-8 mil in cap space right now? They are restructuring Carey so they can sign Ohara and keep that space. Ross does not want to spend to the cap this year. He wants to make money. Bottom line.

If they want to sell tickets, they better go for Orton. Damn the cost, full speed ahead.

I heard Marc Bulger is still available. Nice replacement for Chad Sr. The guy is only 34 years old.

Anyways, Chad Jr. is their guy. They will sink or swim with Chad Jr. No way will they get Kyle because Kyle would and should be the starter. Again, Chad Jr. is their guy and they are sticking with him.

Can we assume no reguarless of who they sign..

No Playsoff new Front office next year??

Bulger just retire folks. Thank God!

Bulger just retired folks! Thank God!

ESPN's Adam Shefter just tweeted Marc Bulger is retiring. No Bulgsh!t


How's that Oline shaping up. I'm sure the fourth year of tinkering will finally get that offence into the top 25 in the league.

Jeez, I'd like to see Moore play a few downs, before we bet the farm.

Who came up with the stupid rule, he can't play until the 4th.?

No higher then third round pick for Orton, or pickup Bulger, until we can draft one.

Next draft we can invest 3 picks on quarterbacks, if we still have them.

we knew we had to address the QB psoition at the end of the 2010 season. there were several QB's drafted as we slept. even greg mcelroy of bama was a good selection in the 7th round! we decided to get a QB in FA. again,several good QB's were selected as we slept. even matt leinart or vince young would have been fine. jeff gets an "f" grade for not filling the #1 glaring need. we are in a very weak position because of our gm.

i have a gutt feeling they goin after braylon edwards an kevin boss.

I sold my trailer for Ralph Wilson's gitch.

Oh God, Flynn plays one game, and is Miami's savior. Not very smart. Not for what GB would want.

Wait two years and you can get Romo when Dallas cuts him!

Btw in that one game he was 24 for 37 for 251 3 and 1. Good, not great numbers. He is also the only QB other than Rodgers list on the GD's roster.Career he's a 73.2 QB rating. Flynn is someone you target in free agency, but not a trade candidate in which you have to give up a draft choice. Right now he's just a guy.

The fins are doing what they do best. Waych everyone else sign the top free agent players. Seattle signs Zach Miller. Nice one fins. Way to watch another team upgrade while we sit on our thumbs. What a joke of a front office.

.... and I got tickets for both pre season games in exchange for my couch. On my way to the dentist!

i hope ireland is good with flowcharts. so here goes... i know there are some if's, like, if carey takes his cut and IF it's possible for him to make a comeback. and IF henne is really that bad...

everyone knows there are FOUR positions to be addressed on offense, and only ONE on defense.

in priority:
the offense can NOT be fixed this year(hence 4 positions to be addressed)
addressing say, the TE will help a little.
or IF henne is that bad, then signing orton would have an even bigger impact.
signing them both would be even better yet.
BUT... the one position that would make the biggest difference(like it or not) that will put more wins in the win column is CORNERBACK.
upgrading the cornerback(namdi would have been nice)with asante(8 ints last year, nfl best last 5 years 37 int) will complete the defense, keep scoring low and more importantly with reach of our low scoring offense. what good is it if your fantastic defense plays great all game only to loose by a 50 yd brady bomb? answer: no good! same result as a crappy defense getting trashed by 60 points. there is ONE hole to plug on defense, upgrading cornerback will net the biggest return, and should be paramount. asante, palmer, and boss would be everything the fans want!!!

They should have seen this coming and drafted a QB. Better $ value with all the rookie costs going down. My guess is they have a PR nightmare on their hands and they finally realize it. The seats vs. the QB..I'd rather have Falco from 'The Replacements' than Henne. At least he "Kicks ass".. Henne has no emotion, no fire. That bothers me and a lot of other fans. Get ticked dude.. Get even against those corners, LB's and Safety's.. WAKE UP!!




Why not ask Henne to take a pay cut?

I'm not exactly envious of Seattle for getting Tarvaris Jackson

I'd bet on the Fins adding Leonard Davis with the cap space. It just fits the Miami Cowboys mold. And u can never waste enough money, moves, or cap space on the Oline.

When, if, Jerry gets benched it will just add to the LONG list of failed offensive draft picks(o lineman specifically) by the Fins under this regime. What a waste of draft picks by a regime that's supposed to be Oline specialists.

I don't think O'Hara can command big money. I wouldn't shell out guaranteed money to a player coming off an achillies injury. Actually the other experts have said the Orton deal is dead "for now". Meaning they're covering 31 other teams & won't make the effort to investigate further. They do say the one thing holding up the trade is the salary Orton thinks he deserves. Compensation has been agreed on. High noon is Aug. 4 for his cut or bonus. Miami clearing space 2-3 days before is the clear indicator for me they are going for a player that can't join the team until the 4th. Stick with it Mando, I think you're dead on.

Just re-activate Dan Marino. I'm sure he would still be better than Henne.
IMO, a 2-14 record will give us a 1st round pick and we'll get A Luck next year. So strengthening the other parts of the team already this year, in preparation of the 2012-2013 season, makes sense.

I hope these reports are true about Miami needing cap space to get another player,or two. Miami desperately needs to upgrade the QB position to be a competitive team. With this FO,who knows?

good post at 8:36. i agree,henne has to show some "fire". fans/players are questioning your abilities; get pissed,make the defense pay,burn the corner who blitzes,read the defense,don't kill the play(extend the play),move your feet, dont stare at the rush,dont checkdown to a covered back, take a chance, grow some balls,get an attitude,move your team,get TD's,but get pissed! it may be your last chance.

no to Palmer.

I could see Ortin still happening.

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