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Fins next move: Gotta be a QB, right?

When the NFL lockout was settled, only nine days but seemingly a lifetime ago, there were a handful of teams shopping for a starting quarterback.





And, of course, Miami.

Arizona traded for Kevin Kolb. Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson. Minnesota traded for Donovan McNabb. The Titans signed Matt Hasselbeck. Even Philadelphia, which didn't need a starter but these days is signing everyone anyway, added Vince Young as a backup.

Everyone filled their need. Well, not everyone.

The Dolphins got ... the Dolphins got ... they got no one.

The mission of adding a quarterback that could come to South Florida and compete and perhaps even upgrade at the position hit a wall. Reports on ESPN by star reporters, reports on national websites and the pages of Sports Illustrated, Yahoo.com, ProFootballtalk.com, and even reports in two other papers have called Miami's one and only chase of that quarterback -- Kyle Orton -- over.





And since there seemingly is no next, some of the publications or websites are making the leap that it is Chad Henne competing with Matt Moore for Miami's starting job. And that is all she wrote.

I guess I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Or both. (Stop snickering.)

I think that's not all she wrote. I think there's more left to write -- a final chapter, if you will.

I tell you the Dolphins continue to chase a quarterback. At least they continue to plot that chase.

I am apparently alone on the proverbial twig believing the Dolphins are not done. I believe the Kyle Orton possibility is definitely not dead -- at least not yet. And I believe before this team finishes the preseason, it will find a way to stage a legit quarterback competition between Henne and another quarterback not named Matt Moore, who is a third-stringer in my eyes.

So I have been snooping. A source told me via text message over the weekend that Orton is still possible. So I'm sticking to that until I'm told otherwise. I've also been looking elsewhere.

Jon Kitna.

A revisit of Carson Palmer.

Jeepers, I'm not even discounting Brett Favre.

No, I do not believe in martians. I simply believe in the Miami front office. These guys have eyes. They must see Henne does not look like a very good QB right now and, at the very least, woudl benefit from some solid competition. These guys also have ears. They must have heard that Henne got booed -- during a practice no less -- by Dolphins fans!

I, Captain obvious, think a better quarterback would do the Miami offense a world of good.

And there are also signs the Dolphins agree and continue to search for that player. They are in the process of clearing salary cap space. They have asked right tackle Vernon Carey to take a pay cut. Carey is expected to accept that pay cut and his presence at practice Wednesday would practically confirm this. (The Dolphins wouldn't let him on the field otherwise.) Even if Carey changes his mind and goes running toward a contract termination, there will be cap space created here. That is not speculation. That is fact.

Another sign that something is afoot is that the organizaton has gone into stealth mode. Suddenly text messages are being ignored. No one wants to speak -- not even on background. The last time it got this quiet, the club added Brandon Marshall. That is a fact.

Here is the speculation: The Dolphins are trying to clear cap space to make a significant move. Logical, right? You don't win by clearing space and just staring at it lovingly. You don't save that space. You clear the space to fill the space with another move.

The Dolphins like their team, believe it or not. While folks outside the organization are wondering when they are going to wake up and address the tight end position, when they are going to add a second starting-caliber wide receiver, or when they are going to get a playmaking safety, Miami personnel department people are actually telling agents they really like their team.

So while I supposed that coming move to fill the cap space created by Carey could be the addition of a WR or TE or something else, I see only one logical addition so glaring in need that this team has to make it:

Add a quarterback.

Now back to my frail little twig.


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he sux !

i still dont understand how we could miss on those QB's in the draft or FA. we knew we needed one at the end of last season!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com calls the Dolphins the biggest losers of the free agency period.

I would love Orton still. I would have liked Young. But, at the end of last season, Kitna was my #1 fall back option this year. Cheapest & would offer good competition. I'm glad his name is rumored to be in the mix! Considering he's a Cowboy it would make TOTAL sense too! LOL

At this point, with practices under way, I can't see Denver letting their best qb go now. Orton's been better by all accounts. You can't not start him at this point.

Henne is gonna be there guy this year..They all will sink or swim with him ..And with the way Henne has been looking this camp..They will all sink like the TITANIC.They would have already gotten a QB if they didn't belive in him..There dodgeing QB's cause they want Henne to start..Henne has this year left on his contract..Sporano is on a short leash..sink or swim folks.

AUGUST 3rd 2011

Death Blow Comes when once-great columnist specultes about Brett Favre comming to Miami

CORAL GABLES FL -- "Miami Dolphins in Depth", which for years set the gold standard for premier online football journalism died a sudden and shocking death yesterday when the blog's owner, Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero apparently lost his mind and speculating about Brett Favre comming to the Miami Dolphins.

"It was not pretty," said longtime Miami Dolphins affacianado Gary Stevens who was there when Salguero degenerated into a raving mess, "When Armando began ranting about letting a 55 year old Mississippian megalomaniac anywhere near Davie, I knew that the Blog had jumped the shark."

Dolphin fan fathered outside the Miami Herald's headquarters reflected on the creeping deterioration of a blog. In recent months Salguero increasingly used the blog primarily to promote his incoherrent morning radio show "Armando and the Amigo." Earlier this summer, the the blog completely dissappeared for almost two months save for a single post in which Salguerro proudly debunked a non-existant rumor linking the Dolphins to the Plaxico Burress. Just last month Salguerro dedicated a week's worth of coverage to indulging his bizzare fixation with the kind of shirts being sold at the Miami Dolphins gift store.

"Sure, in hindsight, the signs of Amarndo's total degeneartion appear clear," mused Stevens. "But at the time we really thought he would regain his senses once the lockout lifted."

Perhaps most tragically, the blogs total demise leaves a number of emotionally unfit Dolphin fans with no outlet thorugh which their numerous pathologies. Local therapists expressed particular concern about the future mental state of bloggers Odinseye, ALoco, Oregon Dolphins Fan, and Mr. Soiled Bottoms.

(read more on page 6)

John Kitna?
Carson Palmer?
Brett "Freakin" Favre?


Is this FO engaged in some from of experimental torture?
No need to water-board anyone.
Just make them follow the Dolphins FO.

Rob M., hard to argue with Marvez. NFL radio called the Dolphins organization "An epic failure" yesterday. It's a universally held belief at this point.

Good for Ronnie going to a team that is looking to be a winner. Sooo,, what do we do when our rookie turns into the next Sammie Smith, and Reggie Bush breaks a toe nail.

Lex Hilliard. We seem to be prepared all over the place on this team...

I am not saying that will happen, however Thomas and Sammie Smith have VERY similar running styles.

Just really frustrated right now... sorry all, I will bounce out of it... maybe...


QB? But there were a couple of people in here yesterday saying we desperately need a CB, hmmmmmmmmmm.



In my eyes Matt Moore isn't a third stringer.
He's some where between perennial backup & uncool starter.

The problem is that as today Henne's somewhere between excellent backup & wannabe starter.

We need a starter, so Chad give us your best effort.

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !.lol

get a qb

What does the CFL have to offer? At this point their is no quarterback worth pursueing besides Carson Palmer. Lets look at this realisticly, Orton is not the answer, I think most fans agree,, he is a shot in the dark or the last one standing. We just have to suck it up and see what happens. The first pre-season game should be a indicator.

You guys are all wrong! I'm gonna play QB and pay myself 1st round money. All I have left to do is dump Marshall!

I see the dolphins getting another celebrity player.

We got Reggie Bush (half celebrity because he date Kim.)

We got Jason Taylor back (dancing with the stars.)

We'll probably get celebrity star T.O., Hines ward (dancing with the stars.) Dhali Jones (comericals), Keenu Reeves (from the movie the replacements) or Ice box (from the move little Giants)

Hey guys, what about taking a chance with Marc Bulger? He was a stud QB at one time and he should come cheap. He is certainly a better option than Moore or Henne.

Mike Stevens happy to help -- I've been scouting CFL players -- (not necessarily QBs but I've seen enough)

The top QB in the CFL is Anthony Calvillo -- this guy could have had an NFL career as least as good as Doug Flutie or Jeff Garcia -- just never happened. Same basic drawbacks (lack of good measureables, size arm strength etc) but the guy is accureate, he is mobile, he is a natural leader and he is clutch. But he's now something like 41 years old -- We should have made a move on this guy after Marino retired. Sadly, it is too late for him to make a move to the NFL.

after Calvillo Henry Burris is the most consistent QB in the league. He took a brief spin in the NFL with the Bears. Didn't work. Next.

Next is Darrian Durrant who -- as far s I can tell is something like 5'8". Next.

The rest are just a bunch of practice squad types.

Bulger retired I think

Good morning guys...Joe Schmoe, I think we were the only 2 here saying Kitna was a good idea until a younger guy is ready to step in. I got called every name in the book for it, mostly by our littel girl CraigM, who now uses the screen name "michael" since a few days ago when everyone told him off...LOL!!

What about taking a chance on Bryant McKinney? He was cut, overweight, but in shape he is really good...

Either O'hara or Davis would would be great additions to the O-line but neither should break the bank, they are both in their mid30's, so we are not talking long term, they both started in the 2010 pro bowl. I don't think thats the big move we have left. I just hope its something to get excited about, I guess QB or Asante, what's the point of adding a Braylen Edwards when we don't have a QB to get him the ball deep?

To all Henne lovers out there who hope somehow Henne will miraculously turn around to be a Drew Brees, it's time to wake up. Have you seen Henne in camp lately? Still the same inadequated quarterback who keep overthrow, underthrow...etc. NOTHING CHANGE. The guy just doesn't have the mentality to be a NFL quarterback. Jeez, it amazes me there're still some people out there who still think Henne is a best quarterback.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Sorry....just getting warmed up for the season opener.


Gary Stevens, trust me, none of those CFL guys would make it in the NFL...Not the same game...Burris is doing and so is Durant...But in the NFL? Forget it. I don't see it.

The VFL is right in the middle of their season, we are not getting a CFL QB can we please drop that idea. But let's bring back Ricky for some depth at RB.

Armando this is a gutsy article from you. My compliments! However one question; Why would Denver give up their starting quarterback?

I hope Ronnie has a monster year with the Eagles!

He was underapprecaited by our idiot Fin fans!
It made a lot of sense to bring him back and he wanted to be back but the sad part is; Fin fans will cry about letting him go only after the fact. Chicken Little fans!

Ps. Write this down:

Current list (best Qbs or least worse since Marino):
1. Pennington
2. Fielder
3. Ferrotte
4. Henne



Some very good points.... I hope they are as smart as youre indicating.... We can only hope!!!

g stevens @9.06 - legendary post

well if armando's on a twig i'm on thin air because 95% of sports journalist think that our fo stink and the other 5 % think they're just crap , 97% of fans want to kill them on sight BUT I STILL THINK PPL R JUMPING THE GUN ON THIS

they had 4 mths to think about what they were doing they must and should have considered everything that has happened since the lockout ended

1stly available qb prospects in draft by pick 15 were too big a risk (in their opinion, u may remember that the wolf would have reached for kaep)

2ndly they do not think that any of the available (available after speaking to them /not going elsewhere already) fa qb's have been available at good value

both of above in relation to what they know of henne and the need to compete/replace him

those that accuse this fo of hijacking and trashing the fins should bear in mind that we went 1-15 BEFORE they arrived

there is no doubt that should they fail this year (anything less than 9-7)at least ts or ji will go, prob both

Either they can't persuade big name fa to come,or again in their opinion they r not big enough upgrade for value paid, they do not help themselves in the public eye by not explaining their reasoning, it is left to the fans to trust them - instead they assume the fo is clueless

it looks like they are, BUT i think it is still to soon to judge them, wait and see how the fins play football for f**ks sake!

#1, I see that CraigM wasn't making many friends. I refused to pile on but had to agree with everyone's assessment of him. I had MANY fueds with him in the past for all the same reasons. He had this "holier than thoug" thing going. Not very flattering. Is he really Michael? lol

I clearly wanted Kitna to be option #1. A Fiery Qb, good leader. He can still sling it. He would provide adequate competition for Henne.

Bulger? Come on people! He hasn't played in 2 years & the 2 years before that he was a sack & int machine. And since retired!

Kitna for a 5-7th or Orton for a 2nd. If not, I have no interest in watching this team flop for a 3rd season in a row. I'll just tune back in when the coaching search begins!

You can't sign a CFL'er because they are under contract. And if you're thinking about a trade, there's no such thing as trading with the CFL. That idea is a non-starter.

I am with you that this organization should do what ever it takes to get the best QB available because this team is going no where with Henne but maybe 5-11; best 7-9. If we have to give up a 2nd or 3rd for Orton then we need to pull the trigger because there is not alot of options now. In fact, we may have waited to late to get Orton because he has been impressive in Denver. We should be calling Cincy daily to see if they wake up and have a sudden change of heart. Saying that, I don't have any faith in this group of leaders to do anything but have this dear in headlights look when they look at Henne. They see someting in Henne that no one in this league sees. If they tried to trade him, they might get a 6 or 7 at best. I think this view of Henne will cost Sparano his job next year but how Ross has run this organization, nothing is certain.

No Joe, I'm me.

ESPN reports Bulger retired.

aloco,get ready for practice, set,go, boooooooooooooooooooooo
boooooooooooooooooooooo! lol

jamilliuon the Eagles signed Ronnie to a low contract filled with incentives because they aren't even sure if he has what it takes. He will also be splitting time with a much younger rb who they already like. We underappreciated him because he didn't live up to his draft spot the past couple of seasons. Slower, injured,older. It's great that he's a good guy but that doesn't get you far in the NFL. It was time to make a change and I will bet you anything no one will miss him and he will be bouncing from team to team for the rest of his career as a backup. That you can count on.


ITC, just wondering your take here. Do you still think there is a bombshell signing or trade coming? I hope so but don't see it. They will put that cap money in Ross' pocket. Even if, at this late date they intend to do something, there's not much other than Orton or Palmer left. Not likely. One thing, broncos, with their cap troubles, signed Ty Warren to a 2 yr. $10 mil contract. They have to do something.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal -- I hear you -- and given that you live in a CFL town I trust your judgement.

I wasn't reccomending any of those guys -- except perhaps Calvillo (were he 10 years younger). In the case of Burress he was an NFL washout before he ever made it to the CFL.

With that said -- NFL calibre talent slips into the CFL all of the time. We need only look at the Dolphins own Cameron Wake who only emerged on NFL radards after he spent two seasons dominated the CFL as a part of the BC Lion's front seven. I hope we can all agree he's done okay for himself since joining the fins!

Hi, me.


Trade Moore & a 2 or 3 for Orton. He played for Fox in Carolina and it might be why we got Moore in the first place.

jeff george-George tied for the NFL lead with 29 touchdown passes, compared to only 9 interceptions, plus a lofty 91.2 passer rating


ALoco -- that's incoherrent even by your own low standards.

If you own a garage, how can you be homeless?

Speaking of pathetic, I just wrote a long post about why the Jets have not improved at all and why we shouldn't throw in the towel on our team just yet. I thought it was well thought out and could've started some great debates today. But somehow it was deleted by the blog admin. What a freakin waste of time that was, this blog sucks, wont make that mistake again, moving on, see ya!

GARY STEVENS...............


SOOOOOO, What now? I am having a bad day here.

I'd like to see Orton come over for the right price (trade to Denver and $'s to Orton). If we can't pull that off then I'd like to see up add O'Hara and Braylon Edwards.

If Henne has a solid Line and Receiver Corps then it all comes down to his ability not to F it up. If he does we need to draft a QB next year. If he succeeds then we ride with him into the future.

The QB's available are not worth leveraging our future for.

Aloco, is making me laugh... I have to admit,.

I don't want to read CFL(no chance) or Bulger(retired)again, let both ideas go PLEASE

stop with the henne excuses



Merril Hoge says Tim Tebow just can’t play

Forget Orton already. He is staying in Denver. That window closed.

aloco. where is obi wan kanobi?

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