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Fins next move: Gotta be a QB, right?

When the NFL lockout was settled, only nine days but seemingly a lifetime ago, there were a handful of teams shopping for a starting quarterback.





And, of course, Miami.

Arizona traded for Kevin Kolb. Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson. Minnesota traded for Donovan McNabb. The Titans signed Matt Hasselbeck. Even Philadelphia, which didn't need a starter but these days is signing everyone anyway, added Vince Young as a backup.

Everyone filled their need. Well, not everyone.

The Dolphins got ... the Dolphins got ... they got no one.

The mission of adding a quarterback that could come to South Florida and compete and perhaps even upgrade at the position hit a wall. Reports on ESPN by star reporters, reports on national websites and the pages of Sports Illustrated, Yahoo.com, ProFootballtalk.com, and even reports in two other papers have called Miami's one and only chase of that quarterback -- Kyle Orton -- over.





And since there seemingly is no next, some of the publications or websites are making the leap that it is Chad Henne competing with Matt Moore for Miami's starting job. And that is all she wrote.

I guess I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Or both. (Stop snickering.)

I think that's not all she wrote. I think there's more left to write -- a final chapter, if you will.

I tell you the Dolphins continue to chase a quarterback. At least they continue to plot that chase.

I am apparently alone on the proverbial twig believing the Dolphins are not done. I believe the Kyle Orton possibility is definitely not dead -- at least not yet. And I believe before this team finishes the preseason, it will find a way to stage a legit quarterback competition between Henne and another quarterback not named Matt Moore, who is a third-stringer in my eyes.

So I have been snooping. A source told me via text message over the weekend that Orton is still possible. So I'm sticking to that until I'm told otherwise. I've also been looking elsewhere.

Jon Kitna.

A revisit of Carson Palmer.

Jeepers, I'm not even discounting Brett Favre.

No, I do not believe in martians. I simply believe in the Miami front office. These guys have eyes. They must see Henne does not look like a very good QB right now and, at the very least, woudl benefit from some solid competition. These guys also have ears. They must have heard that Henne got booed -- during a practice no less -- by Dolphins fans!

I, Captain obvious, think a better quarterback would do the Miami offense a world of good.

And there are also signs the Dolphins agree and continue to search for that player. They are in the process of clearing salary cap space. They have asked right tackle Vernon Carey to take a pay cut. Carey is expected to accept that pay cut and his presence at practice Wednesday would practically confirm this. (The Dolphins wouldn't let him on the field otherwise.) Even if Carey changes his mind and goes running toward a contract termination, there will be cap space created here. That is not speculation. That is fact.

Another sign that something is afoot is that the organizaton has gone into stealth mode. Suddenly text messages are being ignored. No one wants to speak -- not even on background. The last time it got this quiet, the club added Brandon Marshall. That is a fact.

Here is the speculation: The Dolphins are trying to clear cap space to make a significant move. Logical, right? You don't win by clearing space and just staring at it lovingly. You don't save that space. You clear the space to fill the space with another move.

The Dolphins like their team, believe it or not. While folks outside the organization are wondering when they are going to wake up and address the tight end position, when they are going to add a second starting-caliber wide receiver, or when they are going to get a playmaking safety, Miami personnel department people are actually telling agents they really like their team.

So while I supposed that coming move to fill the cap space created by Carey could be the addition of a WR or TE or something else, I see only one logical addition so glaring in need that this team has to make it:

Add a quarterback.

Now back to my frail little twig.


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aloco, armando gave me some peyote brownies for breakfast. m m m

I'm reading all the same stories as you guys, but here is what I think. I think Tebow is over-rated and Orton stays in Denver unless the Dolphins give up something significant (1st or 2nd rounder); maybe even with an extension from Denver. His team mates seem to like him, prefer him, and the guy is solid and improving steadily over his career. So without knowing the inner workings of the front offices, it is tough to know how it will play out; but if the Dolphins get him they won't get him cheap. I agree that they seem to be making room, and Carey was a good target for creating it. Glad he is actually staying, glad they added competition, and glad they are doing it for less money. Smart.

Bulger is retired because no one wanted him. He peaked 5 years ago folks. He hasn't had a QB rating over 71.5 since. We didn't want him either. Smart.

Should we have targeted Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart? Maybe. They don't strike me as much better than Moore though overall. Look at the stats. You can definitely argue Moore shows more upside. I just looked through the list of every QB out there and it is slim pickings folks.

If the Dolphins really don't believe in Henne I think our best hopes are Orton or Palmer being available. That doesn't appear to be the case though at the moment.

JPAO, Orton isn't coming, period. He's Denver's starting QB. John Elway was and is intelligent enough see who can play and who can't. They could have had Z miller. He only signed something like 5 for 32. Very affordable. Nope, won't do it. I still say this is all an edict from Ross. He won't let them spend anymore. It's the only explanation. If not, he wouldn't have given The "DUO" contract extensions. Sorry to say, they are carrying out his orders and will be back next year also. Barring a 1-15 season or something similar.

Matt Leinart is Schaub's #2 now they let Orlovsky go so he is unavailable and I wouldn't want him, might as well keep Henne over him. I hope we are not looking deep on peoples benches but if thats the case I would think you are shooting for guys like Brady Quinn or Jimmy Clausen, although right now I think Clausen might be penciled in to start the season, however with Cam on board I bet they could be talked in to a deal. But is either of these guys an upgrade?

JRIJR2................ VERY TRUE @ 10;03......... GOOD POST .....NO NUGGETS OR ACORN .

Armando: You are not going to believe that Orton is what the FO is clearing cap space for, are you? They have made all the QB moves that they are going to make this year unless something happens to Henne this year. I herd Paul Soloi manhandle Pouncey every play Monday night. The Dolphins need a Pro Bowl Center to secure the O-Line not a Rookie with no OTAs. They also need Ricky Williams to backup Reggie Bush if Bush is going to take snaps to carry an every down backs load.

I am still looking forward to this season, however I am really concerned about our RB situation, and our apparent split personality suicidal #1 receiver.

Bryant Mckinney was cut because he is overweight, he does have a good work ethic when happy, he loves Miami, Lets take a flyer and bring him in.

We need to sign Michael Bush or gulp (Ricky) to help break this rookie in I think. Should of signed Ronnie.

Z Miller's contract for a TE is hardly what you can call affordable, they are not done making moves yet so lets just relax, its a process. Just looks like slow playing Orton was a bad idea because Tebow has not looked good and now Denver sees it, although Denver is going to suck this year and it's Orton's last anyway so they might not care.

This organization has slowly become not a laughingstock in the league, but the laughingstock. Even the so called experts agree that they have been mismanaged and coached terribly. However, it all comes down to Ross. He put too much faith in the DUO. Ross is just as big a joke as them. If I didn't love this team that much, I'd be embarrassed to be a fan.

LouD, exactly right with Ronnie Brown. Great person, but skill wise, he has already peaked and while good, he was never great. Ricky was better last year.


i thought ross was some kind of megabillionaire

how come no spendy spendy

is his vault now empty or r u saying he's just lost interest in the fins, or holding back till new fo?

Michael Bush is a RESTRICTED free agent, he isn't going anywhere. Ricky is the best free agent RB right now, lets bring him back so he can back up Bush and Thomas.
Bryant McKinnie is a huge fat guy that got very rich and has no motivation to stop eating, don't waste a dime on him.

If the regime sticks with an uncontested Henne again they are insane, by the standard definition of insanity.

gb's flynn or wait for luck in 2012.

we'll know by midnight tomorrow when all teams must be under the cap....If the Broncos keep Orton then they must release someone else in order to pay Orton his $5M, which they still may do since Tebow has not shown he can overtake Orton in camp.

ross has the least out of all of the nfl owners.

There really are no big money Cowboy FA's left out there. Who could they possibly be clearing space for?


Miami front office, personnel are crap. You don't know what the hell you are doing.

We need a QB who can play and take us to the promised land for the next few years.

If Henne, Sparano, Ireland and the current Dolphins have a bad season there will be big changes in Miami next season.
So time is up or is it?

Show up or get out of Miami???

Did not know that about bush, thanks for the update there.

McKinnie plays interior o-line, he is fat, but can move pretty good, motivated, always was in Miami. For a 1 year not so much $$ contract, why not give it a try?

Marino please come out of retirement!!!!
we need you!!!!

patel,if the phins are o-4 they will all be gone by halloween.lol

I agree with Armando...I have a feeling the Orton deal is not dead...I mean let's face it...Why are they forcing Carey to take a paycut and clear more space under the cap? There's clearly something going on...Armando, what's happening with Shaun O'Hara?

So a third string QB gets $2.5M in the NFL???

I really cant understand what we are doing, the teams that pick in the back end of the draft are signing young talented players, we go for the over the hill guys just looking to end their career in a nice warm place. we will never compete with all these odds and ends that we sign every year, i hate saying this but we need a plan like the jets, pats, and pack. we had chances to get some nice talent but like usual we dropped the ball.

Poizen, we are looking at a 34 yr old O'Hara, a 32 year old Colombo & now a 32 year old Mckinney.

How many older players do we really need to sign on the oline? 1 for every year to cover their tracks? All these 1 & 2 year deals for these guys means we have to revisit these areas again next year.

It's a never ending viscious cycle. It's almost laughable the ineptitude this we've shown. Let's just play the season out as is & let someone else clean up their mess next year.

They can't do much worse than Ireland & Sparano.

Here is Pat Kerwin's TOP 40 Available as of last night. Who would we really want to add to the Fins?

I selected just a few.

1. Zach Miller, Raiders, TE (Agreed to deal with Seattle)
2. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants, RB (Re-signed with New York)
3. Braylon Edwards, Jets, WR (FINS SHOULD GO FOR HIM, Other than Marshall, who is better than Edwards? Bess is a good 3rd receiver, we need a solid/proven second)
4. Kevin Boss, Giants, TE (watched him make many catches over the past few years, upgrade for the fins)
5. Roman Harper, Saints, S (Re-signed with New Orleans)
6. Aubrayo Franklin, 49ers, NT (Agreed to deal with New Orleans)
7. Carlos Rogers, Redskins, CB
8. Dashon Goldson, 49ers, S
9. Shaun Ellis, Jets, DE
10. Jason Snelling, Falcons, RB (might be a good addition for the fins, not sure if he plays special teams?)
11. Le'Ron McClain, Ravens, FB
12. Cadillac Williams, Bucs, RB
13. Manny Lawson, 49ers, OLB (Agreed to deal with Cincinnati)
14. Derrick Mason, Ravens, WR
15. Shaun O'Hara, Giants, C (FINS should get him if the price is right)
16. Leonard Davis, Cowboys, G
17. Brian Waters, Chiefs, G
18. Marc Bulger, Ravens, QB (announced his retirment)
19. Brodney Pool, Jets, S
20. Tully Banta-Cain, Patriots, OLB
21. Madison Hedgecock, Giants, FB
22. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins, RB (Agreed to deal with Philadelphia)
23. Matt Roth, Browns, OLB/DE
24. Max Starks, Steelers, OT
25. Brady Poppinga, Packers, OLB (Signed with St. Louis)
26. Ty Warren, Patriots, DE
27. Lofa Tatupu, Seahawks, MLB
28. Malcom Floyd, Chargers, WR
29. Olin Kreutz, Bears, C
30. Donte Whitner, Bills, S
31. Terrell Owens, Bengals, WR
32. Charlie Johnson, Colts, OT (Signed with Minnesota)
33. Ben Leber, Vikings, LB
34. Pat Williams, Vikings, NT
35. Steve Smith, Giants, WR (might be worth consideration - probably better than our 3-6 receivers now)
36. Stylez G. White, Bucs, DE
37. Bo Scaife, Titans, TE
38. Rocky McIntosh, Redskins, LB
39. Dhani Jones, Bengals, MLB
40. Gerald Sensabaugh, Cowboys, S (Re-signed with Dallas)

NOTE: NO QB's on Pat's list. Pat knows more about the NFL than any beat writer in the country. Looks like it will be Henne this year. Just don't see Broncos letting Orton go at this point. Kitna is a reject from too many teams. Not worth adding him.

spazano lol

Our drafting over the years really sucks!!!!
That's why we are here now still waiting for the second coming.

looks like were going with Henne, which means we will be 8-8, which means we are OUT of the running for Luck, which means we are once again wandering the desert looking for a franchise QB

I don't think the Orton deal is dead either,

But this guy WILL NOT restructure his contract.

If Orton was so good Denver would be happy to pay him that much, however they are still trying to trade him.

Orton is a good guy to have, but for 10 million a year, really?

So we make this trade, tell Orton to lower his price, we lose draft picks. He tells us he won't restructure...

where do we go from there?


We need both a legit qb...Orton is fine. Perhaps Bulger? Also we need a very solid #2 (borderline #1) WR due to Marshall self admitting that he is psychologically fragile (possible timebomb)...I suggest we go after Malcolm Floyd. My second choice would be Steve Smith (Giants). Third choice would be a trade to get this type of player.

Poizen, we are looking at a 34 yr old O'Hara, a 32 year old Colombo & now a 32 year old Mckinney.

How many older players do we really need to sign on the oline? 1 for every year to cover their tracks? All these 1 & 2 year deals for these guys means we have to revisit these areas again next year.

It's a never ending viscious cycle. It's almost laughable the ineptitude this we've shown. Let's just play the season out as is & let someone else clean up their mess next year.

They can't do much worse than Ireland & Sparano.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | August 03, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Joe, it just shows you how good our o-linemen are (aside from Long)...I'll bet you anything those 30 year olds will be an upgrade over the ones we have now...LOL!!



Joe, I know... But remeber, I believe Henne will be good for us still at this moment.

so I am looking at this season a little differently. Right or wrong on my part, I want pieces to hold Henne up and good supporting pieces.

I know you do not feel the same about Henne, so if I was in your boat I would feel the same way as you. And if your right, thank god there will be someone else here, cause this sucks!

I'd like Brodney Pool & Boss. IMHO, this team should have brought Matt Roth back instead of Taylor.

If we bring in all these over 30 lineman, we are just guaranteeing ourselves that every year we will be replacing linemem...forever.

Bottom line, Dolphins will need a miracle this year to cut thru the bad decisions of owner, Ireland and Sparano. Miracles do happen and so, Henne needs to focus, ignore the chatter of some practice fans and media. Remember, we live in a culture of knee jerk reactions and instant success goals instead of a steady hand. The media will prop you up and then tear you down and it impacts the public to do the same. It's all about what can be done in a second not what can be done with a plan.

Matt Roth quit on us Joe, he pretended to have an injury so he did not have to play in Miami anymore.

He got traded or cut or whatever we did with him, and miraculously had a functional groin. I see the point of he being youger, but he burned us pretty bad.

Carl, Yes, but you draft O-line, starters, you sign depth with older players who know what they are doing.

I get it, we have a lot of older o-linemen now, but O-line makes things go, makes QB's better than they are and running backs better...

I am not saying i ma right, just throwing it out there.

Marino? Come on guys, let's get real here. Dan's not coming back. Stop dreaming and move on. Dan Marino is retired. Let's talk about real possibilities here. We need to call Bob Griese.

I hear NY's Steve Smith could be starting the year on the PUP, thats 6 weeks gone. We got J Taylor for peanuts, I don't think his signing would effect Roth, I think that was more a cost/need thing, he would have been a luxury a team with real needs can't afford.

TW, onley is we sign Morrall, so when Bob goes down WE WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!

there it is, the solution.

Ok, there isn't a viable option in free agency for quarteback. Bulger just retired.

It either Henne or Moore.

Poizen, you are exactly right. Earl Morral just might be an upgrade at that position for us.

2 of these over 30 linemen you talk about started for the NFC in the probowl 2010 and we wouldn't be giving them long term deals, could really stabilize the line, those are moves that are hard to knock. Floyd and Edwards may have gotten cheaper sitting around so long, but are they worth the investment with Henne under center?

If this regime would of been able to draft some o-linemen that could of contributed at some point we wouldn't be spending our time looking at guys like Colombo, O'Hara, McKinnie and Davis...The only successful lineman they drafted was Jake Long (over Matt Ryan)...The used a 4th rounder on Shawn Murphy. They used a 6th rounder on Andrew Gardiner. They used a 3rd rounder on Jerry. They gave Jake Grove a huge contract. They got Joe Berger. They got Pat McQuistan. They got Cory Procter. Need I say more?? So that's why we're stuck on neutral. And that's why we're looking at all these older guys. Not only has this regime failed at the QB position but they also failed miserably with our o-line. And Sparano is supposed to be an o-line specialist. What a joke that is...

I think you can't go for Orton ,he seem to choke in the fourth quarter ,do we know anybody else who starts strong,then chokes in the second half ?Malcolm Floyd Receiver would be nice .

For all those hopping on the Matt Flynn bandwagon - he also played most of the game against Detroit last year before the NE game, where he did absolutely nothing and GB lost 7-3.

NJack, I think it makes sense with Henne here, But I believe he will be real good this year if he gets the right pieces in place. So I think we get Mckinnie and Floyd or Edwards.

Problem is the is a majority camp of fans who think the complete opposite of me.

the bigg problem is no one knows who is right.

But the BIGGEST problem is it seems we are thinking more than our front office.

All teams funnel lineman in and out, you need to stop beating up on management for that. these contracts are usually very easy to just cut if you don't like the guy. I really doubt we are looking at McKinnie

Why not ask Henne to take a pay cut?

Posted by: Bradymeadows | August 03, 2011 at 08:41 AM

Post of the blog....IMO.....

Thats the problem, Henne doesn't even look good in camp, that doesn't give me a lot of hope.

It is only worth getting Orton if we do not have to part with draft picks. With Orton we are still only the 3rd best team in our division. He is not worth trading more picks for a mediocre QB. There is no point in trading away more picks just to be an average team.

boss seems like the only fa (other than qb)who might need cap space creating and be a big upgrade, TE is a big need , fasano seems to be as much a problem as anyone else on offense

and unless one of our back-up rb's (some reports grigsby might be an acorn) is about to shine in a big way we r still short of a 3rd rb(ok armando i know the no of carries thing but reggie is vulnerable to injury) for our much vaunted style of offense, a su all know the more successful the run game is the fewer throws the eventual qb has to make and the less prepared for defending them the op def will be


Your theory about Micheal is Crag M.....seems to hold water......

I got into a argument with Micheal a few days ago.....and i didn't notice then....but in retrospect....hmmm....

Very similar style....and his thought process immediatly made me question his intelligence level.....

The similarities are uncanny.....

We are clearing CAP Space to shore up the rest of our woes on the OL, they now realize Henne is the QB and they need to protect him better

So, expect to see Carey restructure and move to G, Colombo on RT. Signing of Ohare to play C and Pouncey to move to G next to Long

Davis to be signed as depth

Add another WR and TE, namely Floyd and Boss

Perhaps also sign Kevin Jones from Detroit

One last item, Safety, maybe the Golston from Seattle

Not sure how much money that will all cost, but for cripes sake if were going with Henne and Moore, those are the gaps to close

My guess is if Carey restuctures or is cut, we have about $12M under the cap to spend. Don't think all those guys will cost that much

Okay, one more time.

1) Sparano said he's going to run the ball, that's who he is, he won't change.
2) Sparano is not going to break in a new QB in what could be most likely his last year if he doesn't win now.
3)Sparano only wants a caretaker QB one who will hand the ball off and manage the game.
4) Why would Sparano a run first coach want Orton who has been called in the past a gunslinger of a QB ?

kris, I saw it right away...Pretty funny...And pathetic...


Easy bud....I've never impersonated anybody on here. Why don't you get Armando to back it up. Guys like Montreal come up with these idiotic comments that have ZERO basis.

I've just chosen to abstain from commenting. Not worth the headaches any more....this of course is the exception. You guys can knock each other out....

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