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Fins next move: Gotta be a QB, right?

When the NFL lockout was settled, only nine days but seemingly a lifetime ago, there were a handful of teams shopping for a starting quarterback.





And, of course, Miami.

Arizona traded for Kevin Kolb. Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson. Minnesota traded for Donovan McNabb. The Titans signed Matt Hasselbeck. Even Philadelphia, which didn't need a starter but these days is signing everyone anyway, added Vince Young as a backup.

Everyone filled their need. Well, not everyone.

The Dolphins got ... the Dolphins got ... they got no one.

The mission of adding a quarterback that could come to South Florida and compete and perhaps even upgrade at the position hit a wall. Reports on ESPN by star reporters, reports on national websites and the pages of Sports Illustrated, Yahoo.com, ProFootballtalk.com, and even reports in two other papers have called Miami's one and only chase of that quarterback -- Kyle Orton -- over.





And since there seemingly is no next, some of the publications or websites are making the leap that it is Chad Henne competing with Matt Moore for Miami's starting job. And that is all she wrote.

I guess I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Or both. (Stop snickering.)

I think that's not all she wrote. I think there's more left to write -- a final chapter, if you will.

I tell you the Dolphins continue to chase a quarterback. At least they continue to plot that chase.

I am apparently alone on the proverbial twig believing the Dolphins are not done. I believe the Kyle Orton possibility is definitely not dead -- at least not yet. And I believe before this team finishes the preseason, it will find a way to stage a legit quarterback competition between Henne and another quarterback not named Matt Moore, who is a third-stringer in my eyes.

So I have been snooping. A source told me via text message over the weekend that Orton is still possible. So I'm sticking to that until I'm told otherwise. I've also been looking elsewhere.

Jon Kitna.

A revisit of Carson Palmer.

Jeepers, I'm not even discounting Brett Favre.

No, I do not believe in martians. I simply believe in the Miami front office. These guys have eyes. They must see Henne does not look like a very good QB right now and, at the very least, woudl benefit from some solid competition. These guys also have ears. They must have heard that Henne got booed -- during a practice no less -- by Dolphins fans!

I, Captain obvious, think a better quarterback would do the Miami offense a world of good.

And there are also signs the Dolphins agree and continue to search for that player. They are in the process of clearing salary cap space. They have asked right tackle Vernon Carey to take a pay cut. Carey is expected to accept that pay cut and his presence at practice Wednesday would practically confirm this. (The Dolphins wouldn't let him on the field otherwise.) Even if Carey changes his mind and goes running toward a contract termination, there will be cap space created here. That is not speculation. That is fact.

Another sign that something is afoot is that the organizaton has gone into stealth mode. Suddenly text messages are being ignored. No one wants to speak -- not even on background. The last time it got this quiet, the club added Brandon Marshall. That is a fact.

Here is the speculation: The Dolphins are trying to clear cap space to make a significant move. Logical, right? You don't win by clearing space and just staring at it lovingly. You don't save that space. You clear the space to fill the space with another move.

The Dolphins like their team, believe it or not. While folks outside the organization are wondering when they are going to wake up and address the tight end position, when they are going to add a second starting-caliber wide receiver, or when they are going to get a playmaking safety, Miami personnel department people are actually telling agents they really like their team.

So while I supposed that coming move to fill the cap space created by Carey could be the addition of a WR or TE or something else, I see only one logical addition so glaring in need that this team has to make it:

Add a quarterback.

Now back to my frail little twig.


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Now we're back to Craig M...LOL!!



lets give Moore a chance to prove himself....heck he's not even tossed ONE pass yet and we are writing him off.

I recall seeing some good highlights in his first 5 starts for Carolina, so I say we give him a week...then we can start the pile on and run him out of town with the other 15 QB's since Marino left.

You guys did it to bobby12 too. You guys want to pretend there's such a thing as free speech on here but because people have different opinions than everyone else they're ostrosized....I'm not the only one.

Knock yourself out guys!!....

NJack, I get it, Most people do not believe in Henne anymore, and they let him and management know it in a scrimmage.

I think he will be real good for us this year, if he is confident. They have played 5 practices, no pre-season games yet. To judge a player befroe the 1st 3 pre-season games is just tough. Just like everyone is talking about Thomas being a good enough back, He has not even played a game yet.

Yes Henne struggled with a lot of things last year, so did the whole Offense. So we really do not know what is coming from him. D. bess said he is a lot better this year and believes in him, that is good enough for me for now.

I need to see him play in a couple pre-season games and see what the O looks like beofre I quit on him.

That's just me though.

Good catch #1.....

Now I have a better idea of who i'm dealing with.....and I agree...if its true..... it is pathetic.....



Well we will see soon, reports are the Big Vern is coming to practice so he agreed to restructure.


Montreal you're a complete d*ck!! Why do you try proving I've impersontated somebody else. Because you can't. Get Armando involved and he'll back me up on it.

I don't know who micheal is but I'm sure he can talk for himself. You're a small-minded person Montreal because you're sad and frustrated about your football team. People don't agree with you so you call them names like 'little girl' and 'pathetic', when in reality you have no clue what you're talking about.

Come on tough guy....why don't you PROVE to the masses that I've impersonated at ANY point instead of giving us your verbal diahrrea...

Mr. Ireland, if Denver is asking a 3rd round pick for Orton, its a no-brainer-give it to them!!! How many 3rd rounders have we selected and became stars? Besides, I'm sure you can deal at the time and get it back. As for Carey, one of the few canes players the fins grabbed, I personally think he is nothing but a big, over-weight, lazy, inconsistent bust. I couldn't believe the contract given to him. Get rid of him. As for free safety, Clemens is not the answer. I believe Pollard from the Texans is available, or Sensabaugh? Instant upgrade. I like the changes on the O-line. Never did like Jones Jerry. Looks like the fins are heading finally on the right track but no Orton, everything else means nada!!!



You're no better for falling for his crap....knock yourself out guys. You're not worth me wasting my breath on...

This Aloco Character has such a hard0on for me....

I love it....

it makes me laugh every time he post my name.....it lets me know he thinks about me....i'm in his head.......lol.....

Its great to know...that the most annoying character on the blog.....is worried about lil ile me.....hahahahaha

Craig M grow up...Get Armando involved...Gee...How about I go get my big brother and you go get yours? LOL!!

As a dolphin fan who lives in SC, I am subjected to never ending Carolina Panther football talk and news and I can tell you there is a lot of uproar in Panther Nation about them letting Moore go. A vast majority though he was the best option to run the offense until Cam took over and a few saw him as their QB of the future. I wathed him and think he is a definite upgrade over Thigpin, but I would still love to see Orton come onboard.

Craig M, you are the problem, not every one else. You don't debate, you have a one way conversation. Don't directly address anyones points or answer anyones questions to you ever, just evade them. You go off immediately in a different direction if someone pins you down.

You are an exercise in futility.

Try engaging in a two way dialog instead of being a diode (diode - an electronic component that lets information flow one way but not the other).

About the free safety. Obviously Clemens is not the answer. Heres an idea. How about bringing in Asante Samuel, pairing him with Vontae, and moving Sean Smith to free safety.

Take that post Aloco Character.....cut and paste it to a word document....and jerk-0ff to it for months.....

This will be the last time i EVER SPELL your name in print......



Typical Montreal comment...wants to throw jabs and accusations out there but can't back anything up. Just like a lot of the crap you spout on here brother...

I'll wait for you to prove your accusation. We'll all be waiting a long time, ya nimrod!!

Go back to your whining and complaing about your beloved Dolphins with the rest of your clan....I'm done....

I simply no longer believe in Ireland/Sparano/Ross. et al Dolphin. Its a case of "what comes around, goes around." As a Dolphin fan for lots of yrs, I only see two wins in this seasons schedule. I know, I know, anything can happen, but not with ole Henne, Penne. No way, now how.

All teams funnel lineman in and out, you need to stop beating up on management for that. these contracts are usually very easy to just cut if you don't like the guy. I really doubt we are looking at McKinnie

Posted by: NJack | August 03, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Funneling????? We have spent more draft picks, FA signings & money on the oline the last 4 years than every other position & we have netted 1 permanent piece(Long). Pouncey will probably be here long term. So 2!

Do we really need to recite all the names? Smiley, Grove, Thomas, Murphy, Garner, Gardner, Feigna, Mcquistan, Procter, Incognito, Marquay Love, trey Darilek,S. Mckinney, R. Hadnot, C. Lekkerker, M. Koppa, Colombo, Berger, Jerry, Murtha, R. Thomas, McChesney, Pouncey, Long, Ndukwe, Alleman, and on and on and on and on....

There are at least 40!!!! That isn't funneling, that's not knowing what they hell you're doing!

I like the A. Samual idea a lot, just really not sure this managment is thinking about it.


Our Sweet Aloco,

Mommy and I are SO proud of you! When you came out on stage to accept your award as "Little Miss Satin Slippers" we were crying tears of joy.

You are so adorable in your little ballerina dress and you are ALWAYS our LITTLE PRINCESS.

We LOVE YOU, sweetheart!


Someone is so out matched...that they take the argument used to burn them....and then use it on the burner.....

I'm rubber and your glue...right......

this tard is so entertaining.......

Here's Simon coming in from the rafters....what a beauty you are too pal.

Enjoy guys....you should be fighting with Pats and Jets fans but you chose to fight with fellow Dolphins fans that different opinions than yours. Enjoy yourself because most of you bashers don't enhance the experience of being a fan. You'll all still be complaining about your team this team next year. It's how you guys roll...

Bash away...

Here's a thought my beloved fin fans:

Looks like we may shy away from the Orton trade and look into an Asante Samuels trade!!


We can have the opportunity to be the 2002 Bucs!
Average QB, average Offense but dominant Defense and Turnover TD scoring D!!!

What needs to happen is keep Henne under 25 attempts.
I have full confidence that we will create lots of QB pressure this year, our front 7 is top 5 in the league!
With the addition of Samuels, we'l have a guy who can take advantage of the pick six opportunities! Not to mention, the ability to move S. Smith to Safety on passing downs and have him play in nickel situations!
Also, look out for Jones to win the FS spot! This guy is a Ball Hawk and my pick of the year last year when we got him in the 4th round!



Who was it who said yesterday that Young woould be signed as soon as he's released? Was it DB? Guaranteed, right? OK bud.....the clock's ticking. Let's see where he ends up....

Posted by: Craig M | July 28, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Classic Craig M comment above. Does he admit he was wrong? Nope. Own up to his comment? Nope. I've asked him about it 5 times and he evaded the question. Some of us were saying VY would be signed very quickly once available, Philly jumped in and claimed him just hours after he was available. Craig can't simply admit he was off on this. Many of us call things wrong and own up to it. Craig runs and hides.

Craig, just say you were wrong, its no big deal, and you will feel better too.

Ay Dios mío! Estoy viendo "The Price Is Right" y es evidente que Drew Carey tiene una erección enorme! El contorno de su pene es muy evidente y lo masculino. Ahora voy a ver si él todavía tiene una erección durante el "Showcase Showdown".

You follow this team, you watch all their moves, maybe they are on the high side but every team goes through lineman. There are only a couple in there that got big money and we got production out of some of them. The average NFL lifespan is just over 2 years, you get what you get and you move on.

Armando, if you think just because other teams changed Quarterbacks that they filled a need then you haven't learned much over your years of covering the NFL. I'm confident that the Dolphins will have more wins this year than any of the other teams you've listed in this article.

kris no 1 donkey ,funny but true .

Grady. Thanks for the info. Moore jot a raw deal in nc, namely Brady Quinn syndrome. Kind of like some on this blog that have given up already w/o orten. As someone said 4 practices and some are throwing the towel. Childish.

Another season that will be sadly regrettable. Thank you Mr. Ross for tanking this once proud franchise by keeping Ireland and Fist Pump. Adding Marshall last year was a mistake and while experimenting with that you let Ginn the compliment to a possession guy like Marshall and someone with who Henne had good rapport go. NT? Still experimenting. Draft choices? Crap so far. TE? When are the Fins going to address that? No one knows, while NE has a crop of them we have zip, none, nada, go ask Tom Brady how important is to have one. Even the Panthers, yes the Carolina Panthers addressed this by adding Shockey and Olsen, two Canes no less. This front office is an embarrassment! And we are securing yet another what 7-9, 8-8 or call me an optimist a 9-7 season with a 1st rd playoff loss. Way to go Mr. Ross!

Watch out aloco, Kris might make a Aloco suit out of you like in "Silence of the lambs".

Simon, Kris, Monteal. Can we quit on this whole thing please?

Simon, you have not like me

Kris, you have not liked me

Montreal, well not sure I can say the same there, I think we have been cordial all the way through.

Truth is guys, we went at it for being on opposite sides of the fence. I think we somehow came to mutual respect.

That may not happen with any of you and Craig, but we are all phin fans, and he has a point. Just ignore each others posts for a while...

Bashing each other is getting old...

just my 2 cents.

ESPN said that Orton is definitely starting for the Broncos and that the Broncos have ZERO intention of trading him. That was 15 minutes ago.

Face it, this organization is a shambles of ignorance. They wanted Henne, now they got him.

THIS JUST IN: The Broncos are not going to trade Kyle Orton and he will be their starting quarterback, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Craig, please stop! No offense but you are what they say you are.

You often times have trouble comprehending what people are saying.

You often times refuse to acknowledge points which negate your opinions.

You ALWAYS resort to the "lets see who is right or wrong" schtick.

Most of us have been there, done that, with you. You're the only one who doesn't accept it. Irony or coincidence?

You are no better than any of us. And you're damn right we'll bash this team. A true fan wants to see good things get done. Not sit there & accept this crap we've seen for 4 years.

You were such a stanch support of this regime when Sparano was about to be fired. Like they could no wrong. Well guess what, there's a flip side to that coin. THEY CAN DO NO GOOD EITHER!

This team & FO SUCKS. The fans have lost faith & FOR GOOD REASON! That's not bashing, it's the truth. Your fandom won't allow you to accept that fact.

Just remember, embracing & speaking the truth doesn't make you less of a fan.


I have never disliked you. I've strongly disagreed with some of your opinions. I can not say my opinions are any better or worse than yours. Sometimes in writing things may come across differently. It's just a blog. Some people take strong opinions too harshly.

Maybe Spazano wants this to be his last year? lmao!!

simon says aka chris

Hey biatchers, let's at least see what happens in preseason games 1-3 and see if there is something to complain about. If your as right as you say there will be plenty.
Until then let's discuss an awesome defense and several upgrades on offense.
Whomever said we should have kept Ted rock hands ginn must have rocks in his head.




kris and montreal in love .

Not worth trading for ANYONE at this point. Were stuck with henne and moore....please no more stupid moves for washed up players....save the draft picks for next year and hopefully pick up a FRANCISE QB....like RYANN_FLACCO_ect.ect. NO MORE DUMB FRONT OFFICE MOVES PLEASE!!!!

Almost like that from the start sal. Moore could be much better than we know. After all Dallas screwed up and lost him and were upset about that, and Carolina just did not know what to do.

Stop this crap, the QBs available are available for a reason. NONE of them are franchise QBs. They all have just as many flaws as Henne and will be a roll of the dice.
Why give up high draft picks for crap. I'm glad none of you fools are running the team.

armando.... is that why adam schefter just said miami didnt even make a serious offer for orton in the 1st place? jeff ireland thinks there are tony romos waiting to be found everyday (pat devlin). that is his way of finding competition for henne. It is pointless to think that this organization would ever overpay for a qb. Maybe they are prepping for next years Andrew Luck lottery. Saving high draft picks so they can sell the farm on that kid. Hell, I would.
But the idea of a quality qb running miami's offense is sick! Could you imagine a philip rivers, brady or vick or rogers or manning in our offense?? playoff bound. its sad to see the wastefulness because they won't get a quality qb. Take a couple of shots to drown the pain of yet another disappointing season and move on.
Look on the bright side, if they lose this year, at least Steven Ross will fire everyone and hire Bill Cowher!!!

Word has it that the Phins are trying to sign Matt Ryan, and the Falcons are willing to deal him!!!!!!!

Will Sparano will get fired during the season or after it's over? My prediction is by the 9th week......we will be 2-6 or 3-5 by then and he will get fired! Bring on Fisher!

Knowing Sparano/Ireland? I have two words for you:

Bryant McKinnie

Isn't Jake on PUP? Yeah, I can see them paying to overreact like that...

Hang in there, Craig M. I like hearing your opinions, usually logical and astute.

As far as QB's: You gotta be kidding me with this article, Armando. Did you seriously want Tavaris Jackson? Did you want the Dolphins to give up a 1st rounder and V. Davis for Kolb? Cause thats essentially what Arizona did. Matt Hasselbeck? Really? That would be great if it was 2005. Armando's anti-Henne machine is cranking up to full speed.

I'm packing the camper and heading to Mississippi to wait the annoncement Favre is signing with the fins - never mind - the prozac kicked in and I'm back to sad reality.


KEEP HENNE UNDER 25 ATTEMPTS (make the attempts count)!
Bush (4-6 returns, 3-6 runs, 3-6 catches per game).
Thomas 16+ carries per game.

Zubi @ 11:44: Bingo! Winner for most intelligent post of the day. None of those guys is any better than Henne

Orton is a mediocre quarterback and you do NOT overpay for mediocrity, regardless of position.

Denver was trying to extract too high a price, knowing damn well that Tebow isn't close to ready and even though they're rebuilding and likely won;t win more that 5 or 6 games they'd likely have to play Orton anyway.

Miami was absolutely right to say no to their demands. Overpayiny for mediocrity is what got the team in so much trouble in the Spielman years.

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