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Fins next move: Gotta be a QB, right?

When the NFL lockout was settled, only nine days but seemingly a lifetime ago, there were a handful of teams shopping for a starting quarterback.





And, of course, Miami.

Arizona traded for Kevin Kolb. Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson. Minnesota traded for Donovan McNabb. The Titans signed Matt Hasselbeck. Even Philadelphia, which didn't need a starter but these days is signing everyone anyway, added Vince Young as a backup.

Everyone filled their need. Well, not everyone.

The Dolphins got ... the Dolphins got ... they got no one.

The mission of adding a quarterback that could come to South Florida and compete and perhaps even upgrade at the position hit a wall. Reports on ESPN by star reporters, reports on national websites and the pages of Sports Illustrated, Yahoo.com, ProFootballtalk.com, and even reports in two other papers have called Miami's one and only chase of that quarterback -- Kyle Orton -- over.





And since there seemingly is no next, some of the publications or websites are making the leap that it is Chad Henne competing with Matt Moore for Miami's starting job. And that is all she wrote.

I guess I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Or both. (Stop snickering.)

I think that's not all she wrote. I think there's more left to write -- a final chapter, if you will.

I tell you the Dolphins continue to chase a quarterback. At least they continue to plot that chase.

I am apparently alone on the proverbial twig believing the Dolphins are not done. I believe the Kyle Orton possibility is definitely not dead -- at least not yet. And I believe before this team finishes the preseason, it will find a way to stage a legit quarterback competition between Henne and another quarterback not named Matt Moore, who is a third-stringer in my eyes.

So I have been snooping. A source told me via text message over the weekend that Orton is still possible. So I'm sticking to that until I'm told otherwise. I've also been looking elsewhere.

Jon Kitna.

A revisit of Carson Palmer.

Jeepers, I'm not even discounting Brett Favre.

No, I do not believe in martians. I simply believe in the Miami front office. These guys have eyes. They must see Henne does not look like a very good QB right now and, at the very least, woudl benefit from some solid competition. These guys also have ears. They must have heard that Henne got booed -- during a practice no less -- by Dolphins fans!

I, Captain obvious, think a better quarterback would do the Miami offense a world of good.

And there are also signs the Dolphins agree and continue to search for that player. They are in the process of clearing salary cap space. They have asked right tackle Vernon Carey to take a pay cut. Carey is expected to accept that pay cut and his presence at practice Wednesday would practically confirm this. (The Dolphins wouldn't let him on the field otherwise.) Even if Carey changes his mind and goes running toward a contract termination, there will be cap space created here. That is not speculation. That is fact.

Another sign that something is afoot is that the organizaton has gone into stealth mode. Suddenly text messages are being ignored. No one wants to speak -- not even on background. The last time it got this quiet, the club added Brandon Marshall. That is a fact.

Here is the speculation: The Dolphins are trying to clear cap space to make a significant move. Logical, right? You don't win by clearing space and just staring at it lovingly. You don't save that space. You clear the space to fill the space with another move.

The Dolphins like their team, believe it or not. While folks outside the organization are wondering when they are going to wake up and address the tight end position, when they are going to add a second starting-caliber wide receiver, or when they are going to get a playmaking safety, Miami personnel department people are actually telling agents they really like their team.

So while I supposed that coming move to fill the cap space created by Carey could be the addition of a WR or TE or something else, I see only one logical addition so glaring in need that this team has to make it:

Add a quarterback.

Now back to my frail little twig.


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Anyway trading a high pick for a guy who has never gone to the playoffs, who's career record is 32-29 and who isn't very good in the red-zone or on 3rd down isn't very appealing.

Posted by: Rick | August 03, 2011 at 06:44 AM

This sums up the orton idea. This FO is very difficult to get a read on though, they very well could overpay for Orton in a panic move.

They whiffed on the best FA QB available Vince Young, not surprising. The weak ass'd Sparano must have his locker room protected from any hint of attitude.

I'd be much happier with a trade for Brady Flinn.

This gave me chuckle, "I, Captain obvious, think a better quarterback would do the Miami offense a world of good."

I still don't understand why the Dolphins didn't sign Vince Young and hire Warren Moon to talk some sense into him. I guess I can understand why they wouldn't think about the idea of hiring Moon; after the comments about everyone being racist regarding the comments they were making about Cam Newton (seriously Warren? I mean they were considering making him the 1st overall pick in the draft.).

But VY would have been a low cost (thus low risk) high upside investmest. It doesn't make any sense to me anyhow.

Oregon FYI Adam Schefter reporting today Denver is not going to trade Orton. Tebow is stinking it up too much.

Lets just stay where we are and plan to enter the Andrew Luck sweepstakes? There isn't a QB out there and available who is an upgrade over Henne and while Orton is better, he doesn't feel to be a Franchise QB. If we're going to be ordinary this year, lets just be bad and put ourselves in position to get a Franchise QB via the draft. Even with Orton and I'm not buying the "Orton deal is not dead" situation, but even with him, are we better than 8-8? Do we have enough weapons to win our Division? Make the playoffs? I don't think so. We need more than another stop gap QB. After so many years without one, we need a guy we can build around.

This just in:
Carey took pay cut and moves to Guard!

Does this put Puncey at LG and Incognito at Center and no more O'Hara talk?

ALoco you're very funny today....is it an imposter?

I'm curious why Rey Feinga wasn't at practice today. I am friends with his sister, Chupamela.

I've got a couple of NUGGETS for the whole crew-Ross, Ireland and Sparano!

I think you should go and check out some Matt Moore highlights. I'm not crazy about him, but he can make all the throws. Clear cap for TE makes sense, we are pretty solid at WR. But you don't break the bank on Orton, he ain't worth it.

Please no Flynn, you talk about an unknown quantity, he has only played 2 games for an extended period of time. In one game he was good, not great, 23 of 37, 251 yards, 3 TD's and 1 INT. The other 15 of 26, for 177, 0 TD's, and 1 INT. I don't know where anyone gets that he's a great QB. Look at his body of work.

Kyle Orton is winning the starting QB job in Denver big time. The Dolphins can forget about him. Henne will be our QB again this year. Seems like when the Dolphins ship comes in they will be at the airport.

Trade for Quinn, he's 3rd string to Orton and tebow in Denver. For a career a 68 QB rating, that's 68 QB RATING. There's a reason why he's 3rd string. If we are down to Quinn as a get at QB we might as well stay with Henne.

Clearing up cap space for Kyle Orton folks. You'll see it happen tomorrow. I agree with Mando. Let's go FINS and Orton is on field by Saturday just in time for first pre season game. Orton or Flynn will be a FIN. Mark my words.

so why r not going after Braylen. him and henne have a lot of chemistry?

Maybe they are gonna sign Braylon Edwards

Flozell Adams signed to play RT now?

Yes Orton to Miami let's go!

Nice.What a great job in free agency! We get a running back that can only touch the ball about 15 times a game and 3 or 4 guys that would be 2nd string on any other nfl team.Way to step up Ireland and the rest of you d***a****!

I have to think that the only quarterback they are willing to acquire this late in the FA process who would be able to pick up an entire playbook by Week 1 would be the guy several sources initially pointed out as their top target before exploring the Kyle Orton debacle...Carson Palmer. This is the only QB that would make since this late in the game. Unless its going to be a complete shocker like Brett Favre...which would be the only thing on planet earth besides death which would force me not to watch any Fins games this year.

Give Matt Moore a week on the practice field and a lot of you will change your mind about this kid, especially this Mando dipstick who doesn't know his arse from a hole in the wall.

Should Miami sign a better QB than Henne? Yes! The truth is there was not one available, and the ones that were available were too expensive for their skill levels, including Orton. If Orton is so great why is he not still in Chicago, or why is Denver dangling him for draft picks.

Henne wont get pissed he is not that kind of guy. Henne is a guy that lacks fire in his blood which is what a team leader must have. He is a good character guy.lol i would take a convict that can lead this team over a good character guy that makes our staffs lives easier and doesnt win games. Its about the fans,Its not about making your jobs easier jeff & Tony !!! Ryan Mallet & Vince Young sound good now huh ??? Duh !!

Guess we don't want all the big names that signed as a backup even. The front office got played and didn't play like all the other clubs did when it came to qb. So live or die by Henne that is what they will do. The only possibility is a trade but not likely. So, here we are. Orton is staying as the players on the team and now the team told him he is the starter this year. So I guess the big story is that secretly we are playing for next year and officially "Suck for Luck" is on!

FFFFFFFFFFFF- henne. This just on NFL Network. Denver has said Orton is the starter. Kyle Boler is retiring. We have douche bag idiots running the Fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Sparano can go to Patriots Univerity!!! Now , once again , we are stuck with the Downs syndrome Q.B Henne. No offense to handicapped people. They have an excuse!!!!!! Fins, OMG, WTF, SMD!!!!!

Every single one of you who booed Henne is pathetic. Makes me sick to think that I am a Dolphin fan along with all you low class individuals. Its the first scrimmage and you put that on him? Pathetic

Every single one of you who booed Henne is pathetic. Makes me sick to think that I am a Dolphin fan along with all you low class individuals. Its the first scrimmage and you put that on him? Pathetic

mando, i think orton is gonna be in den this season brother,

If the coaches and front office think the offense is good then they are 'on another planet' and dilluded

Guys if u don't get orton Jake delhome

Touch down here we go lets go fins.

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