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Monday afternoon camp report (free!)

The Dolphins did not draft anyone in today's NFL supplemental draft.

Terrelle Pryor went to the Oakland Raiders, who overspent invested a third-round pick on the former Ohio State quarterback. No other player was drafted during this draft. All of the remaining players become free agents.

Meanwhile, back at the stately Dolphins facility:

Tony Sparano said the open competition for the starting free safety job between Reshad "Get it on" Jones, as he likes to be called, and Chris Clemons, is still an open competition. Neither player has pulled ahead of the other, apparently.

The dynamic here is interesting. The Dolphins want more big plays out of the position and the team believes Jones can provide that better than Clemons. The Dolphins also want everyone properly lined up and as few mental mistakes as possible in the deep secondary, and that is apparently where Clemons has an advantage over Jones.

The Dolphins need someone to make a crossover.

"I think will go right to the end," Sparano said of the competition. "It's not something I'm rooting for but I think it's going to happen."

Methinks Jones wins, but that's just a prediction and I stink at predictions more than I stink at most other things in life. Nonetheless, Jones is getting better at getting folks lined up and a big play is a big play is a big play.

Speaking of those, Sparano said cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis have had the earnest thrill of participating in 510 camp plays before Monday. They are mostly error-free plays as they are averaging only one mental mistake every 70 plays or so. That is excellent as it translate to only one mental mistake per game.

What needs improvement is that neither Davis nor Smith has gotten his hands around enough footballs (interceptions) in practice. That typically shows up in practice before translating to the games. So far, not enough of either.

Moving on ...

Remember the other day I suggested on a previous post the Dolphins should perhaps shelve Reggie Bush the rest of the preseason in order to save him and minimize his injury risk?

Yeah, forget about that because it apparently isn't what Bush wants or expects. I asked Bush if following his very nice debut Friday against Carolina he needed to do some more sharpening of his game or if he felt ready for the season.

"I don't think that as a team we're ready to start the season yet and me as an an individual I don't think I'm ready yet," Bush said. "There's a lot of things I need to work on. I've only played one preseason game here with the Dolphins. I obviously have had a lot of practice with the team but being out there with the team in game situations is a lot different. I definitely think I have a ways to go, so hopefully this next game I'll get the bulk of the plays and get a chance to build on and fine tune my tools." 

The Dolphins had a walk-thru at the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (my name for it) this morning and then went on the field for about an hour before it began to rain. That forced them back inside the NSMB.

Lydon Murtha, Mickey Shuler, Lex Hilliard, Garrett Chisolm, and Patrick Carter did not practice.


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Two thoughts on Terrelle Pryor:

1) A bust in the making - can't think for himself - that's why he left when Jim Tressel left - Tressel did all his thinking for him.

2) He is Jamarcus Russell v. 2.0.

lets dance

someone give Yeah a cookie or a ribbon or something , quick.

Report: Gore 'frustrated,' may demand a trade

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Frank Gore is "frustrated" by the slow pace of contract talks with the 49ers.


We should scoop him if no picks are involved.
Welcome back to South Florida Frank Gore?????

Go Dolphins!!

The Raiders need to turn Pryor into a Wide Receiver and the Broncos need to make Tebow a Tight End, in my opinion.

Bush, Gore and a hanging Chad in Florida all over again???

Tracy - interesting thoughts.
Anyone on the Dolphins need a re-assignment?

Bush, Gore and a hanging Chad in Florida all over again???

Posted by: Buddy Lee | August 22, 2011 at 03:25 PM

LMAO!! - Good stuff Buddy!

pryor wont be a bust, he will be a very solid wr


Reshad Jones - steal of the 2010 draft.
Give the man a chance!!

Gore wants way to much money......

pmeadows - without a doubt.
I don't really see a deal happening - just a wish.

dc@2.25 from last blog

i know i keep banging on about this, and i remain very grateful for 2008 BUT cp held ch's development as a starting qb back in more ways than he helped, the lack of cp presence freed henne from cp's umbilical cord, giving henne his new found attitude as the leader (helped by not having cp around to take that from him during offseason{e.g.cp might have organised the player only practices}) and during training camp this combined with having daboll and knowledge of his playbook as well(& for that matter no serious qb competion) allowed the team to accept ch as the legit starter, and therefore leader, also as a hard worker he will still have been trying to improve through tackling his known weaknesses and daboll will be more of a help with them than cp or henning ever would

a successful start to the regular season will cement this view of himself and his teammates and those new intangibles (born of confidence) but a bad start may still see a regression, what he needs the most imo is for his teammates to believe in him , if he sees that then he will become a 4th quarter qb, trouble is he really has to do it on his own once to get them to truly buy it

(and about 15 times for the hh fans (incl as) to to calling for his head

to stop calling for his head

Hey Tracy474, Tebow is a TE, who just happens to play QB. LOL. Tebow is terrible as a QB and the only one that did not see it was McDaniels and there were people that were advocating bringing him here as our OC, what a joke.

For everyone that criticized the Daboll hire what do you think about it now?? You saw what an attacking offense can mean to a QB. Henne looked very good, outside of his missed long throws, and the offense was always in attack mode. Granted it was against a terrible Carolina team but still they were in shotgun more on Friday night then all of last season.

Carolina defense wasn't horrific last year, 18th in yards, as their offense was.

So being able to move the ball easily on them is a better sign than most people seem to realize

Clemons wins the job in my opinion but Jones takes over before the season is over.

Glad to see no picks wasted in the supplemental draft. No go sign a DB and a RB as FA's and let's see what these guys can do.

Pre-season is pre-season.....

game one...Henne stunk.....it was still pre-season....

Game 2...Henne was good....it was still pre-season.....

Save the praise and/or criticism for Sep 12th....and beyond.

Still think we shoulda gone after Zack Miller. We are hurting at TE.

What do you guys think about Mike and Mike this morning picking the Phins to go 3-13 and 4-12?? We are better than that!

Honestly I think Henne's struggles had alot to do with Dan Hennings vanilla offense and his constant harping on Henne to not make a mistake. He should have been allowing him to take more shots down field instead of constantly checking down. We will see how he does this year.



oh btw anyone know where

ox80, dark matter bomber, and bill connors r?

have we cut/traded retired these guys

i miss 0x80 but suspect he's still here somewhere

bill- still no football in 2012, think they'll walk before the season?

as was too positive for dmb!

come on the no name coaches!!! make your name this season

What do you guys think about Mike and Mike this morning picking the Phins to go 3-13 and 4-12?? We are better than that!

Posted by: OhioDphin4Life | August 22, 2011 at 03:56 PM

One is a Jet fan, the other is a former Dolphin should be ashamed of himself.

oops sorry bill u said no football 2011!

Mike and mike, NY exclusives, have no clue of the world outside of NY and are a bunch of blowhard, JET lovers.

@4.01 both jet fans and finfans regularly make the same predictions on this blog, not sure armando has given his yet but won't be much more I wouldn't think, being a dreamer i'm going 10-6

I lived in NY for 20 years, they havent been right about anything on the Mike and Mike show yet.

Wolf, I back you on the 10-6.

It is a stretch, beause the o-line is not as good as I would like, cough cough, Columbo.

But barring a meltdown with the line, I love the 10-6 call.

Drew Rosenhous always know how to pump up his clients in free agency and the draft! The raiders bit! They alway's go BANANAS for speed and athleticism!

Ixxy13, you are right on the money. Young QB's have to be allowed to throw the ball and learn from their mistakes. Imagine Peyton Manning (no, not comparing Henne to him) if he was always worried about making mistakes when he was a first or second year QB. The fins will be fun to watch again & Mike & Mike are wrong on this one!

I would rather have clemons if he makes less mistakes that jones. I think jones is gonna be a heck of a player but mistakes back there will kill us.

did anyone else get a seizure type response when Daniel thomas went airborn to score a touchdown and then he fumbled?

I mean, I made comments about him running like Sammie Smith, but OH NO'S... He fumbles on the goal line like Sammie did also.

I know, he should end up being better than Sammie, but that did scare me...

thank god the refs saved him by blowing the whistle.

Like I dsaid over the weekend, Bush got MAHANDLEd on almost EVERY TACKLE. It almost looked like a UFC match! This guy does not need to be on the field much! We need more work for Lex Hilliard and Daniel Thomas! DEFENSE!

I agree Boulder, Start clemens against the pats both times. :)

Poizen, I saw that fumble from Thomas! He is to lanky and long to be a goal line runner! Lex is 5'10+ and 245lbs.

Mike and Mike resemble my latest creation from this morning.

I don't know who the bigger moron is: Either Mike of Mike&Mike or "Boomer" Berman of ESPN. Only thing either ever gets right is the "hello" at the beginning of their respective shows. Otherwise, you're better off playing Russian roulette with Christopher Walken in the Deer Hunter than believing anything those idiots say.

No one comes to mind right now, but if Jason Taylor was a little bit younger he could maybe be a Tight End. Couldn't hurt considering what we've got and what we need.

JT looks like he's lost some weight from what I saw friday. He may be able to play TE afterall

DC: Berman's act has been stale for years. He isn't even semi-interesting any more. Come to think of it, the entire ESPN network stinks, sans maybe Tom Jackson and Chris Carter. Keyshon is a moron, Parcells looks like a corpse, and Trent Dilfer looks like a giant penis with ears and facial hair. I don't watch the network except when the games actually start. You would be wise to do the same.

best hope for colombo improvement- end of starting career if fails

whats up with willis f4l thought he da man if colombo doesnt cut it

maybe murtha will have to fill

On the safety's I like Rashad Jones! Clemons is a BIG safety, but he doesnt cover as well as Rashad Jones! I would not forget about Jimmy Wilson later in the year! I see him covering guy's like Aaron Hernandez later in the year!

If memory serves me correctly, when JT was here before (pre-Jets) he did line up once or twice as a receiver. Scared the .... out of the defence!

I'm thinking we go about 8-8 this year. I would love to go 10-6 but we have a tough schedule. I hope I'm wrong.

safeties - difficult call, good that they make it difficult

reshad should start, if brady blows him out try again later, but if we can get pressure on brady (good chance of that)reshad might get his chance to pounce and he's more likely to hang on than cc

i never watch ESPN anymore unless i have to.

mike and mike? doesnt it get old after a while? i mean really.

...Fellas. Does it really matter what a radio-T.V. guy has to say about anything? Their job is to give an opinion. They aren't going to make a modest guess because it would create no buzz. To each of their credit. Both Mikes said that if Henne plays better they would be wrong, and the team would show better. What they say, or any of them for that matter do shouldn't have an effect on the teams performance. And until the the team plays better with more consistancy...The story will remain the same, and the doubters will sing the same song.

Always get your info from more than one source. Relying on just ESPN or any other network (or newspaper) only let's you see their side of the story. That's why I take Mando with a grain of salt. He has an agenda just like everyone else. Currently, it's a "get-rid-of-Henne" kinda thing.

$0.02 makes some really dumb comments.

Pryor left this year BECAUSE HE COULD, ignoramus! The only thing Pryor has in common with JaMarcus Russell is that both are black and were drafted by the Raiders. That's it. That's the list.

Haven't heard anything about Willis since he was signed. No practice reports, nothing. I was hoping he'd replace Colombo.

Anyone know if Willis even played against Carolina?

Unfortunately, most national reports have similar predictions as Mike & Mike.

SI had an article the other day that said between 4-12 and 9-7.

OUCH! Anyone up for another 7-9 season? NOT ME!

I would say Jones should get a start consistently with the 1st team. Also, Colombo has his problems, but the dude is amean s.o.b. I was surprised to see Carey finishing plays with purpose and looking nasty. I believe it has to do a lot with playing next to Colombo. Pouncey, Incognito and Long round up a pretty scary line for opposing teams. Here is just hoping they stay healthy. I think we should be looking at a 9-7 season, if not better!

ELCacheUSA...Good point. I have mentioned this before. To your point it is worth mentioning it again. Wilsons first start of the season was against Portland State.His assignment was Julius Thomas(Thomas by all reports has been outstanding in Denver, so much so they released Virgil Green) Wilson held Thomas to 1 catch for 7 yards. Not a bad showing for a guy that had up to that point only seen limited duty in the Grizzly secondary. I still think his best position is saftey. The FO..doesn't, and like his ability in dime, and nickel packages. Sapp has played well this preseason, so it looks like JW will be penciled in at dime for now.

ESPN latest power rankings: http://espn.go.com/nfl/powerrankings

NE 2
NY 7
Miami 24

I don't want to see either of them roasted by Brady or whoever, but I'll take the big game changing play over a few mental errors any day. We need some INTs this year.

Even at my most pessimistic, I can't look at the schedule and see a 4-12 season. Denver, Skins, Raiders (all home games) and Browns, that's a 4-12 season. So, you're telling me, we've beaten the Jets 4 out of the last 6, something like that, and we don't at least split with them this season? What about Buffalo?

I think the range (realistically) is 6-10 - 10-6. 10-6 is if everything goes right all season. But we have too much talent on the field to only win 4 games. I almost can guarantee that (knowing my team).

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