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Monday afternoon camp report (free!)

The Dolphins did not draft anyone in today's NFL supplemental draft.

Terrelle Pryor went to the Oakland Raiders, who overspent invested a third-round pick on the former Ohio State quarterback. No other player was drafted during this draft. All of the remaining players become free agents.

Meanwhile, back at the stately Dolphins facility:

Tony Sparano said the open competition for the starting free safety job between Reshad "Get it on" Jones, as he likes to be called, and Chris Clemons, is still an open competition. Neither player has pulled ahead of the other, apparently.

The dynamic here is interesting. The Dolphins want more big plays out of the position and the team believes Jones can provide that better than Clemons. The Dolphins also want everyone properly lined up and as few mental mistakes as possible in the deep secondary, and that is apparently where Clemons has an advantage over Jones.

The Dolphins need someone to make a crossover.

"I think will go right to the end," Sparano said of the competition. "It's not something I'm rooting for but I think it's going to happen."

Methinks Jones wins, but that's just a prediction and I stink at predictions more than I stink at most other things in life. Nonetheless, Jones is getting better at getting folks lined up and a big play is a big play is a big play.

Speaking of those, Sparano said cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis have had the earnest thrill of participating in 510 camp plays before Monday. They are mostly error-free plays as they are averaging only one mental mistake every 70 plays or so. That is excellent as it translate to only one mental mistake per game.

What needs improvement is that neither Davis nor Smith has gotten his hands around enough footballs (interceptions) in practice. That typically shows up in practice before translating to the games. So far, not enough of either.

Moving on ...

Remember the other day I suggested on a previous post the Dolphins should perhaps shelve Reggie Bush the rest of the preseason in order to save him and minimize his injury risk?

Yeah, forget about that because it apparently isn't what Bush wants or expects. I asked Bush if following his very nice debut Friday against Carolina he needed to do some more sharpening of his game or if he felt ready for the season.

"I don't think that as a team we're ready to start the season yet and me as an an individual I don't think I'm ready yet," Bush said. "There's a lot of things I need to work on. I've only played one preseason game here with the Dolphins. I obviously have had a lot of practice with the team but being out there with the team in game situations is a lot different. I definitely think I have a ways to go, so hopefully this next game I'll get the bulk of the plays and get a chance to build on and fine tune my tools." 

The Dolphins had a walk-thru at the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (my name for it) this morning and then went on the field for about an hour before it began to rain. That forced them back inside the NSMB.

Lydon Murtha, Mickey Shuler, Lex Hilliard, Garrett Chisolm, and Patrick Carter did not practice.


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1) Good (Pryor) non-decision. A Good non-choice by this regime. Even a blind squirrel....yadda, yadda.
2) Clemons isn't good enough. Hat's off to Sparano to realize it. We hope Jones is better.
3) Better hope Bush stays healthy

interesting how all these guys have miami regressing from 15 (draft pos) in the above by 9 spots, who knows what will happen and its def imp to recognise its only preseason but a lot of us here (not all) can see the level of potential improvement, big questions which i think will be answered by improvement

stretching the passing space behind scrimmage
offensive playcalls
2 min drill

def giving up big plays

answers= 10-6 , power ranking end of season =10

Ouch, those power rankings aren't important. No College FB here. The Fins will start low but finish pretty high. Let's wait and see.

Armando, they should be making it a point to practice in the rain. Not avoid the rain.
Can't you Lobby for the demolition of this dome , or at a 'lightning - only ' policy. We are a terrible rain team now. We need to be able to excel in our local climate if we truly want a home field advantage

The power rankings don't mean much, just maybe a more objective view from some a little more objective than the teams fanbase. It seems like Henne is the X factor, they don't believe in him after last seasons showing. The performance of Henne will dictate the final record more than any other player.

At least a****

DC, agree with post about the record. 6-10 - 10-6 makes more sense.

If the O-line is really good 10-6 is a big reality.

..Ouch. Very good point. I'm not saying that any of you that may be ticked off by these low estimates of our win totals think that Henne is incompetant. But there are plenty here that do. Writers, or TV personalities that do not follow this team daily are only going by what they have seen, or been told about the state of our QB play. 1 good preseason performance is not enough for people to change their minds about Henne. Nor should it. It is up to Henne to prove these people wrong. If he does, obviously it will reflect in the teams play as a whole. If he cannot, then sadly. All those who think we are going to stink are going to be right.

Everything I've read from him suggesting he wants to be a QB in the NFL.

Posted by: Craig M | August 22, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Terrelle Pryor could be headed to receiver
Posted by Mike Florio on August 22, 2011, 5:09 PM EDT

On Saturday, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor said that he’ll be willing to play whatever position his new NFL team wants him to play.


Your prediction at 5:03 seems more likely to us as fans. Most people don't hold out much hope for Henne's improvement, and most people haven't noticed that Reggie is on a mission.

If Henne continues to improve and Reggie stays healthy, we could even be 11-5 maybe. BIG IFs though.

If the O line is good, then the sky is the limit. Even Henne will thrive if given time to make his reads. Not to mention how the 'checkdown' went from bane to boon now that Reggie is on the receiving end. A capable offense to go with our excellent defense = a quantum leap for the team.

I'll say 11-5 AFC East Champs.


Thats a reasonable take. Those rankings change as the season goes on so after a few games that whole list should change a bunch.

Agreed Jax-

I like the OL now, except for Colombo. A healthy, motivated Reggie will be a BIG headache for the rest of the NFL.


I'm hoping the change in scenery helps the big boy get motivated, we won't know until the games really count, but except for a few mistakes, I like what I'm seeing out of Columbo.

Burnett looks like the ingredient that was missing on D. Now let's hold on to those INTs.

something like 155th

I think we may get off to a slow start this season just due to the schedule being tough, but we should rebound once everyone feels a little more comfortable with each other. Barring injuries, I see the Dolphins going 9-7 with the possibility of a wildcard berth.
Go Fins!!!

One concern, we don't have much depth on the offense other than maybe WR. None of our second string lineman, rb's, qb's, are that great.


Colombo looks good on running plays, but he scares the hell out of me on pass plays.

Burnett was a great upgrade to the defense, which should be dominant.

To me, IF Henne plays well, and IF Bush stays healthy, the Fins could be awesome this year.

Sheets and Hilliard are fine backups, Garner might start for some teams, Willis did start. Matt Moore was a starter (ok, not a very good one). I think we'll be ok there, you didn't mention TE, where I do see problems. They need to get Mastrud, Shuler and Epps more game experience.


Second string on our offense is like 3rd string on another. Lex was cut once and since only got time when Ronnie was injured and never again. Sheets is unknown really. Might be fragile. None of those other TE's are worth a 6th round pick. Columbo wasn't even good enough for 2nd string on Dallas.

"Meanwhile, the bigger issue this raises is why did Thomas seem so tentative in his run at the end zone? He's 230 pounds. He's supposed to be a downhill back. Hmmm."

Armando (I want to work for the enquirer) Salguero

Armando do you really need to make a big deal out of something so insignificant right now? Did you forget Thomas is a rookie and has had limited time to practice with the team in his new job at the NFL because of the lockout? People you have to stop comparing this years class of rookies to other years because it's simply unfair. They were locked out and EVERYONE knows it's going to be a struggle for most of these kids this year. Chill out with the "hmmmmmmmm" BS.

Yes he's supposed to be a downhill runnder but the kid has never played in the NFL and is getting adjusted to the speed and brute force of the bigs. When he was in college he was a big fish in a little pond and now it's reversed. He could take time to adjust.

Agreed '72-

If Columbo does falter, and he might, at least we have Garner and Willis behind him. Let's hope Columbo has a short leash on pass protection and Sparano will put the best player out there.

I think we will be awesome this year, flying our Stealth Dolphins under the radar, teams won't know what's hitting 'em until too late.

Pryor for a 3rd? Good old Raiders

"I obviously have had a lot of practice with the team but being out there with the team in game situations is a lot different. I definitely think I have a ways to go, so hopefully this next game I'll get the bulk of the plays and get a chance to build on and fine tune my tools."

Reggie Bush

Hey jacka**es (you know who you are) I thought you said the Dolphins management and coaches were "stupid, ignorant, in over their heads, etc.) because they weren't going to sit Reggie? Apparently Reggie doesn't feel he's ready and he needs more game time situations under his belt. He says games are totally different from practice, (the same thing we said when defending the decision) and he needs that time to get adjusted to a new playbook.

So is Reggie Bush now a moron too? Just wondering.


We're definitely under the radar. That COULD be a big advantage for us. I hope by mid-season other teams start to say, DAMN those Dolphins....


We're not as bad as you fear, this team will make you change your handle to 'Ahhhhhhh' this year!

LouD, passing along some info I saw here over the weekend. Apparently this is the blogger that hacked your NYScott address. Might be worth a shout to Armando...he went on to impersonate others too. Below is the entry.

Posted by: Circle Jerk Club | August 20, 2011 at 08:20 PM



Only my girlfriend can change my handle to Ahhhhhh...

Ok, then how 'bout Rah!! lol

Hey DC Dolfan I don't know if you guys are talking about this but I read your comments on the Dolphins record this season. So were you guys talking about Mike and Mike on ESPN? Because this morning that doofus Jet loving idiot Greenberg said he thought the Dolphins would be 3-13 and Golic said 4-12.

I laughed me butt off. I know we aren't going to the championship game and only going to playoffs if everything goes right but 3-13? WWWHHHAAAATTTTTT? That's a head scratcher considering we were 7-9 last year with Dan Henning, no run game, and a first year starting QB. We've added Pouncey, Odrick,Edds,Allen,Burnett,Clyde Gates has been a surprise, and all of our younger players have gotten a year older and wiser. Our defense will be better then last year and our offense WILL NOT BE WORSE. That's not a great thing, I would rather say they will definitely be better but I'm proving my point. The Dolphins will at least win 7 games this season but if I had to put a number on it I would say 8-8 considering our brutal schedule.

I know patsy fans are so afraid of the jests that they may look right past us, and that could be hazardous to Tommy Brady's health. Jason Taylor was always his nemesis, and he's teaching Wake all about it.

I like the fact the "experts" are saying disastrous season. If Henne wins over the team then it will be an us against the world mentality, & that's dangerous. I also think Murtha replaces Colombo at some point & Ireland will be picking up a TE on the waiver wire after next week.

Yeah, let's GET IT ON!

Nice post @ 6:01, LouD.

Thanks Dr. Watson but I wasn't even aware that someone did that and I don't care. I appreciate you having my back but I don't give any time or thought to these losers. They crave attention and I'm not going to waste my time giving it to them. They can post under LouD, NYScott, buttf**k, whatever. Doesn't matter to me, I have a life and if it makes them happy to come in here with the sole purpose of impersonating people then I actually feel sorry for them. I posted once in here the entire weekend and didn't even read other posts sooooooooooo I hope they had fun and filled up their weekend blogging. Once again though thank you.

Jones is going to beat Clemons out at FS, he will Get It On. I like the way he hits and it seems like he's always around the ball. Clemons will make a good back up.

LouD, great post totally agree on the pretiction 8-8 is about right if our qb's play decent.. Or it maybe 6-10 or worst! I believe we need a RT deseperately and a TE, it maybe too late to find a RT that can build cohessiveness or jell together it may take sometime.. But I'm optimistic!!

Good enough LouD, that is the best approach.

Dr. Watson, get a life Dickface, like a little tattletale running around the playground. No one cares about this B/S

Really happy with Burnett so far. I'm thrilled to have another LB who can cover TEs. There are some good ones in our division. It seemed to be our weakness last season.

Here's the really funny thing about it. I'm not going to go back and read the posts from the weekend but from your post it sounds like someone took my old name, NYScott (which I canceled last year), signed in with it, wrote a bunch of stuff, and then used the LouD name to argue with NYScott about stealing the identity? Is that what happened because I assure you I was nowhere near this blog except for the 30 second post I wrote under LouD . I wrote something about the reporters saying the Dolphins had to play well all week but when they did the reporters didn't give them credit but instead said they should've played better because it was the Panthers. That's it.

I told you, it's just sad, the person is a very lonely individual.

Jaxdolphin yes I do too they have speed, only concern is that pass rush needs to improve big time because of Brady and Matt first two games we need to put pressure on them and hit them and sacks because if they have too much time they will burn our secondary!! You guys know these two qb done it before, and last year we only had one great pass rusher!!

Yeah Dr., just ignore them, who cares what they write. It's always something completely nonsensical. We know who's who in here.

LouD, as you say, lets not waste our time with these no lifers. I won't go into the details to not give anyone else ideas.

Incidentally, the rodent seems to have arrived 'Sherlock @6:29' above. You are right, no lifers for sure.

Good bet he will start using my name now with the predictable type of comments. Let him have his jollies if he needs them that bad.



EASY 11-5.









MAYBE 14-2

Keep the faith Ray!

Justin credible, I just fell of my seat laughing so hard!! Hahahahaha 14-2 .....dude if we had a Brady Matt Manning on our roster yeah than I do believe we can!

Remind me how good Carolina were last year and while you scratching your head tell me how did Daboll-ocks perform in Cleveland? Mmmmm Dolphins are in for a losing season,end of!

I look for the secondary to be much improved with another year of experience in Nolan's scheme under their belts, plus the fact that they jettisoned the only weak link (Channing) and replaced him with Burnett, the defense is returning 10 of 11 starters from last year's #6 total Defense.

That should be encouraging, plus the return of Odrick and Edds (who was drafted because of his coverage skills, mostly). JT will provide mentoring and the occasional burst at pass rush. Look for McDaniel and Odrick to get a bunch of sacks to go along with Wake's 16 or so. Let's not underestimate the contribution to be had from Soliai, Starks, Langford and Merling either. All in all, I think we're good to go on the defensive side of the ball. Combine that with just an adequate offense (and I think the O will soar this year) and you have the potential to make the playoffs, and beyond.

JUSTIN, don't listen to the detractors, I've got Miami at 11-5, AFC East Champions.

Actually, Mike & Mike weren't far off. I project 5-11

Jaxdolphin, fair enough!!! I just hope the pass rush improves that's all, some one needs to step up other than Wake and become a legit pass rusher, I mean someone that demands double team, because Wake will get double this year, they know who he is now!

henne is looking alright

and you know you gotta give the fo some props on that burnett addition

ESPN Mike and Mike Say, the fins will be 3-13 this year. It was all over the radio today. Lets hope not.

Don't worry, the secondary won't have to cover very much because up front we're gonna be putting qb butts on the ground.

Did everyone else know Pryor ran a 4.3??? Damn!!!!

Odinseye and some of the other blind idiots are the only ones saying we'll go 11-5. The team has 2-14 written all over it because our o-line and QB stink out loud. How in the world can we go 11-5 (snicker, snicker) when our o-line can't run block or pass block and our QB can't hit a WR in stride unless it's a 10-yard pattern??? Would somebody please explain that to me???

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Russ, how can you come here and pretend to be a Dolphin fan? Go away douchey Baggie

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