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Monday afternoon camp report (free!)

The Dolphins did not draft anyone in today's NFL supplemental draft.

Terrelle Pryor went to the Oakland Raiders, who overspent invested a third-round pick on the former Ohio State quarterback. No other player was drafted during this draft. All of the remaining players become free agents.

Meanwhile, back at the stately Dolphins facility:

Tony Sparano said the open competition for the starting free safety job between Reshad "Get it on" Jones, as he likes to be called, and Chris Clemons, is still an open competition. Neither player has pulled ahead of the other, apparently.

The dynamic here is interesting. The Dolphins want more big plays out of the position and the team believes Jones can provide that better than Clemons. The Dolphins also want everyone properly lined up and as few mental mistakes as possible in the deep secondary, and that is apparently where Clemons has an advantage over Jones.

The Dolphins need someone to make a crossover.

"I think will go right to the end," Sparano said of the competition. "It's not something I'm rooting for but I think it's going to happen."

Methinks Jones wins, but that's just a prediction and I stink at predictions more than I stink at most other things in life. Nonetheless, Jones is getting better at getting folks lined up and a big play is a big play is a big play.

Speaking of those, Sparano said cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis have had the earnest thrill of participating in 510 camp plays before Monday. They are mostly error-free plays as they are averaging only one mental mistake every 70 plays or so. That is excellent as it translate to only one mental mistake per game.

What needs improvement is that neither Davis nor Smith has gotten his hands around enough footballs (interceptions) in practice. That typically shows up in practice before translating to the games. So far, not enough of either.

Moving on ...

Remember the other day I suggested on a previous post the Dolphins should perhaps shelve Reggie Bush the rest of the preseason in order to save him and minimize his injury risk?

Yeah, forget about that because it apparently isn't what Bush wants or expects. I asked Bush if following his very nice debut Friday against Carolina he needed to do some more sharpening of his game or if he felt ready for the season.

"I don't think that as a team we're ready to start the season yet and me as an an individual I don't think I'm ready yet," Bush said. "There's a lot of things I need to work on. I've only played one preseason game here with the Dolphins. I obviously have had a lot of practice with the team but being out there with the team in game situations is a lot different. I definitely think I have a ways to go, so hopefully this next game I'll get the bulk of the plays and get a chance to build on and fine tune my tools." 

The Dolphins had a walk-thru at the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (my name for it) this morning and then went on the field for about an hour before it began to rain. That forced them back inside the NSMB.

Lydon Murtha, Mickey Shuler, Lex Hilliard, Garrett Chisolm, and Patrick Carter did not practice.