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Preseason finale blacked out, more blackouts on way?

The Dolphins preseason finale against Dallas at Sun Life Stadium will not be televised live because the game will not be sold out in time to lift the local TV blackout. The game will be televised on a taped delay basis.

The Dolphins will make the announcement later this afternoon so that fans wishing to watch the game live have time to get their tickets and make plans to attend. The game will be broadcast by WFOR (Channel 4 in South Florida) starting at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday on tape and then be rebroadcast on Friday on Channel 33 at 8 p.m. Friday.

That's not good news, but the more sobering news may be on the horizon.

The Dolphins also plan to make it clear to their fans that tickets sales for regular-season games are not going as well as the team would like and that could mean blackouts of several meaningful regular-season games are about to happen.

Several home games on the regular-season schedule -- starting with the Week 2 game against Houston -- are so far from being sold out that the club is warning fans the only way to see them might be to buy tickets.

Games against Buffalo, Denver, and perhaps even Dallas and Washington may not be sold out in time to lift the local TV blackout unless local fans purchase tickets at a rate not yet seen in 2011.

That means Miami's regular season streak of 102 consecutive blackout-lifting home sellouts, dating back to October 1998, is in jeopardy barring a run on tickets. The Dolphins' streak is currently at 101 consecutive home sellout but the club expects to sell out the Sept. 12 regular-season opener against New England, which would mark the 101st game of the streak.

The Dolphins overall streak of consecutive sellouts, counting playoffs, dates back to January 2002 when a playoff game against Baltimore failed to sell out in time to lift the blackout.

So what does this mean?

Some thoughts:

  • Several NFL teams, including Jacksonville, Oakland, San Diego and Tampa Bay are having similar problems selling tickets. That speaks to these being tough economic times and folks being careful with their disposable income.
  • The Dolphins are in a tough situation because the people of South Florida have options if they want to go to a sporting event. The Hurricanes, Panthers, and Heat all play here. Oh yeah, the Marlins are here also, although most locals avoid attending their games.
  • This being South Florida, there are other activities for people to enjoy in the winter.
  • The Dolphins are hurt by the fact they were 1-7 at home last season. Those losses stung. Folks didn't enjoy going home from games unhappy and are obviously guarding themselves from a similar experience this year.
  • Some fans are waiting to see how the club does against the Patriots in the season opener before making a ticket buying commitment. Win the opener and the club will give people a reason for coming back. Lose, and it could be hard to convince folks to purchase seats for the following week's game against Houston -- a team the Dolphins have never beaten.
  • The Dolphins don't have a recent history for playing entertaining football. Folks down here want victories and even if those don't come in droves, they definitely want points. The Dolphins have been point-challenged the last couple of seasons.
  • The NFL lockout obviously hurt the club's marketing.
  • The lack of big-name offseason additions hurt the club's marketing.

This news will be jarring to some South Floridians. Folks have gotten spoiled with the idea of having the Dolphins on TV every Sunday during the season. Even during the 1-15 year, all the games were sold out in time to televise them.

But those days are gone. The club is going to make that clear. No owner can absorb the cost of buying his own tickets, particularly when the number of unsold tickets hover around 13,000 as it currently does for the Houston game.

Local television stations also don't have that kind of money. Last year, for example, the total number of tickets purchased to secure sellouts was no more than 2,000 for the entire season.

So the message that is about to come from the Dolphins should be clear to local Dolphins fans: Ticket sales are lagging. And unless they improve dramatically, the Dolphins will not be on local TV every Sunday.

If fans want to make sure they see their team play, they will have to buy tickets.


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Is that website safe, man? I remember I downloaded a site that claimed to have the non-released movies and it infected my PC with 41 bugs.

What is a Sea Monkey?

oscar canosa we use it at work and I do tech support for AT&T so as far as I know its cool . none of our pc have crashed . you could always download malwarebytes for free that awesome for cleaning out malwars and crap . you just have to update yourself and run manually

I have Malware and it is great, Lobo. I will try that website, carefully(nobody gives something for nothing).

We Miami Fans are not fickle, far from it. We are just not being given the right product. What do you expect?

oscar canosa sites been shut down and renamed a few times . people upload live streaming of sports games and stuff . so far its been up since before the NBA playoffs so I think its ok

Pay no attentio to what SpOrano and Ireland are saying about the O-line right now.

Their not going to come out and say, well, you all saw the games. Murtha, Carey and Colombo blow chunks. They just can't do it.

I'll bet you however, Ireland, Sporano and staff are working overtime right now trying to find somebody or make a move on someone better.

Regardless of what you think about them, they are football people and they have to know tese particular guys just ain't going to get it done.

Their futures here in Miami are on the line as everyone knows. They took a major chance in bringing in Daboll and sticking with Henne without brnging in any real competition.

Don't think forone second that these aren't feeling the same way we all do. Henne and Daboll are working out surprisingly well so far and the defense has been as is a solid proposition.

Jeffy and Tony are looking at it th same way we are right now. Their thinking that if we can shore up the right side of this line we just might be able to be playoff relevent.

I don't know more than anyone else, but I'll bet the Ranch that Colombo won't start the game against New England. Hopefully neither will Carey, but that's probably more wishful thinking than anything else.

This is another "acid test" for SpOrano and Ireland. They're football people, their liveihoods are on the line. They have to know Colombo is just not good enough. No way, no shape, no form. Just say NO to Colombo!

odinseye good perspective man you make a valid point . I hope your right


odin has the BRAIN AND THE KNOWLEDGE TO BR THE MOST AMAZING FAN ON THIS BLOG WHEN HE'S SUPER /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

On the bright side, this O-line has been getting henne and his receivers some damn good work this pre season.

With no run game and no blocking the pass game has been getting in some excellent work.

The receivers have to stay focused on breaking off their routes or getting into the pattern quickly.

Henne is being forced to make his reads quickly and get the ball out of there.

I've been particularly impressed with Henne's ability to audible and his decisiveness this pre season.

Also, even though Marshall had that killer fumbled, he looks like a new man this year. He looks like a man on a mission. Maybe that stabbing did him some good-seriously. I'm not being facetious here either. An experience like that often causes an immature person to start thinking about things. Hopefully it will prove to be the catalyst that provides some inner growth.

Making positives out of negatives, that's the whole of the LAW!

Well my shifts over boys,girls and sea monkeys I'm heading home to get the munchkin in morn. Be back on Thurs when I get back to work . Play nice everyone .

how about if the Dolphins lower the ticket prices, the parking and the price of food and beer.... that would bring lots of people to the stadium.. over price parking, mediocre food and drinks!! + A MEDIOCRE TEAM!!! not a good combination for a sellout!!!

Let's make it clear. When we say our Nation is being downgraded we don't mean our Credit at all. We feel you are trespassing on our traditional American Values. We won't allow it.


Thank you. I don't know anything about Duck, but I am going Goose Hunting next week for the first time in my life.

The Old Guy that's been teaching me the ropes on all the Hunting and Fishing stuff knows how to "hook up" all these types of things.

He told me that after we bag the Geese we only take the breast meat. He said the rest of it isn't good eating so we field dress it and leave it for the Coyotes and Wolves.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be needing a recipe for Goose Breasts from you by next week.

I love Breasts as much as I love Bush(sorry, I couldn't help it ;p).


What American values are left? Our country is going down the tubes faster than most realize. Third world countries already have better education than ours. We gave away all our intellectual property so high tech work could be done cheaper in India and China. It's sad.

Too many Americans are weened on pop idols and have no clue. They don't realize the common folk no longer have representation in Washington. I hear adults daily debating over Republicans and Democrats not realizing neither party is on their side.

NFL prices are pretty ridiculous everywhere, but folks should also be aware that the Dolphins are in the bottom third when it comes to average ticket prices. They are nowhere near as high as many other markets.

I'm not saying it's not an expensive proposition (especially for a family) but by NFL standards a Dolphins ticket is actually below the league average.



Also---agreed parking and concessions are exorbitant but the same is true in every other NFL stadium I've been to (about a dozen).

Those thinking it costs more in Miami are simply wrong.

Ben F.

OK.... so we're watching Rome decline and (eventually) fall...

Chances are that we'll all be gone before the Barbarians Hordes take over...
Remember...every civilization that's EVER existed
has ultimately collapsed!

I guess you are underestimating the USA, Ben F.

It is known that goose is basic stock in French cooking.

Hey Mr. dj...

The Question that the Dolphins need to
be asking themselves is...


Ben F,

I couldn't agree with you more.

To quote the late great John Lennon; "You say you want a Revolution"......................

What the heck can a true Patriot do about it in this day and age? The thought of trying to organize a revolution today sounds redundant. Nobody wants to put down their x-box controllers long enough to help an old lady cross the street.

If we did try it, we'd be rounded up, branded as terrorists and traitors, then locked up with the remainder of Bin Laden's Gang at ADX up in Colorado!

The apathy levels in this country are AMAZING. Nobody seems to care that our Govt. was High Jacked by a Facists factions within the country in the later half of the twentieth century.

BTW, you wouldn't happen to know where I could get my hands on some Claymore's, RPG's and/or Shoulder Fired A/A weapons would ya?

Take THAT Homeland security - ValHalla!!!!

(trigger words-their fun and cause some facists a lot of head aches-ROFLMAO)


I guess you are underestimating the USA, Ben F.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 29, 2011 at 11:42 PM

How so? Please elaborate.

We invented technology, now we are 14th globally in high tech. Our education system has been in decline by our own studies for decades and no longer on par with many other countries. We have the absolute worst health care system of any first world country. All of our politicians are greedy aholes and have no regard for anything beyond getting their next vote. My friend in NJ is going to be without power for 5 days. 5 days is insane! NJ with its high taxes, where does that money go?

So...please elaborate.

odinseye the Militia dude...

Yeah you've got a point... but the truth is that nine times out of ten the 'Revolution' guys get 'watched', caught, end up in prison on some trumped up charge...

when jake scott played this game he made phone calls during practice to try and sell real estate. that's right. he was a real estate agent who happened to play pro football. now you have these guys who primadonnas and drama queens who think the fans should support their habits. bull $h!t.

I'm okay with high prices to see a great team or lower prices to see a middling team - although I would prefer the great team. But not high prices to see a middling team.

oscar. sorry i didn't answer your question about the station the jets game was on. i was watching it on nfl.com. i broke down and paid fifteen bucks to get the full preseason game package.

Like this is a big surprise Mando...Ross promised offseason "fireworks", what he was a bargain drug store pack of snap caps and sparklers...and Ross thinks that would sell tickets this year??

I have to laugh at the posted comments and their great freedom of expression without them realizing it. If similar comments are posted in most Nations of the World, they would be accused of subversion of State or offending some King, Queen or Duchess. It is precisely the Freedom to say what you want one of the things that we Americans Value.

I mean he and Ireland didn't even even bring in a good QB competition..Mr Ross what did you expect? Did you think by not drafting or bringing in a QB to challenge Henne, still be toying with our OL after 4 years, signing a bunch of Dallas rejects, etc etc etc...
Imagine that Ross, Ireland, and Dee, you do nothing big..and the fans do nothing big like buy your tickets...nuff said correct guys?


Open your eyes. Freedom of speech is almost dead. The media, magazines, newspapers, networks are owned by big business. Major news outlets can no longer report the REAL story because in the end it will affect the finances of one of their advertisers.

Sure you and I can say what we want without repercussions, we still have that for now, but we are losing many other things little by little.

Its funny, sad, and ironic, that Bill Maher had a show called Politically Incorrect, and he ended up getting canceled for saying something 'politically incorrect'. So much for freedom of speech.

We have freedom of speech only for those who can not be heard very far.

I remember when Obama was promising "change" my friend said, -What change, we don't need any "change"- . And now, I believe that's true. Contrary to change, now and more than ever, we need reaffirmation of our American Values(for those that see Them).

Ben F.

I've said this before:

Outlawing Politicians from spending more than 1 Million dollars on a Campaign would go a long way toward ending the corruption...

But like Ancient Rome, it's hilarious watching these guys find new ways to keep their streams of money flowing to themselves and their Parties...

Because there is no limit on donations... guys like Jerry Jones and Stephan Ross can BUY US OUR NEXT PRESIDENT if they believe there will be a return on their investment.

Yeah guys I'm sick of all that stuff about possibly offending a person or a group and hold back comments afraid of being "political correct" or not. I'm from the old school, eye for an eye, we settle our own issues without a lawyer, and we say what we want.. I agree that I also see our rights in areas dwindling away slowly and it isn't right! This is America, if you don't like the way we do it...get out

Bwaaaaaaahahahahahaha. Looking forward to another season of ineptness down south! You guys are fast becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. A special day for the opposition's 3rd string qb? You are a joke.

How's that oline shaping up! LMFAO I called this 4 weeks ago. So those team high pressures and sacks allowed by Columbo weren't a fluke last year. Who would have thunk it? It's not like his old team didn't want him! How's John Jerry doing? Pat White? Pat Turner? G Wilson? Need I go on?

Enjoy the cellar losers.

Its ALSO important to be sophisticated enough not to get offended by every silly thing...

Be the troll we know you be TorturedDolphan...

Even Armando censors the blog!

'Politically correct' is in its very nature anti American.


The Norweigians do have some terrible foods, but most of that was in the old days.

Some of the Fish they eat make exquisite delacacies.

The main staples for the past 1000 years have been Beef and Lamb served with vegetables.

They have a much lower rate of obesity and heart disease compared to Americans.

odinseye the Militia dude...

Yeah you've got a point... but the truth is that nine times out of ten the 'Revolution' guys get 'watched', caught, end up in prison on some trumped up charge...

Posted by: Noreaster | August 29, 2011 at 11:49 PM

I know, that's why I posted:

If we did try it, we'd be rounded up, branded as terrorists and traitors, then locked up with the remainder of Bin Laden's Gang at ADX up in Colorado!

ADX is a Federal Maximum Security Prison. They have suites reserved for what the Facists considers threat to national security. It's for the worst of the worst!

It is well known that those who want Revolution were born out of Chaos. This is not the XX Century anymore.

As far as I know... Armando Doesn't usually delete comments against the Country or the Dolphins.

The only times I've seen him act is when a fan is posting an advertisement about another news source or someone is writing something nasty and personal about someone else.

If you know how to handle It, Ben F., Internet travels farthest.

Freedom of Speech?

Yeah, maybe back in the day.

Homeland Security has "spybots" on every kind of communicaton sytems in use today.

If your cell phone or computer transmits certain trigger words you will be traced and monitored.

If any of your systems transmit a certain pre set number of trigger words the scrutiny increases and a case file is opened.

George Orwell was very underated!

I told this before, odin. People that write in Internet have to get used to the scrutiny. But in this New World, we are also scrutinizing them(Us?). It's the Collective, Man!

As far as I know... Armando Doesn't usually delete comments against the Country or the Dolphins.

The only times I've seen him act is when a fan is posting an advertisement about another news source or someone is writing something nasty and personal about someone else.

Posted by: Jon Stewart | August 30, 2011 at 12:19 AM

As far as you know....

but where does it end? Once it starts its a dangerous thing. Censorship is censorship.

There is no such thing as a little bit of censorship. One tiny bit of it opens the whole can of worms.

Apparently you People have not gone further than Internet 101. In my cyber-fight against Fidel Castro all my commments were erased from The Miami Herald, Yoani Sanchez's Blog and many other cyber-media controlled by Castro. Did that stop me from writing against Castro? No. There can be as many Blogs as People are on this Earth. Besides, even if they censor you, somebody HAS to read your comment.

It is well known that those who want Revolution were born out of Chaos. This is not the XX Century anymore.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 30, 2011 at 12:18 AM

I don't really want a revolution, but I'm prepared for some chaos ;(

All I want is a Govt that actually represents the best interests of it's OWN people.

That and a level playing field in which to work and be productive. Nafta was one of te most anti American things to happen to this country. But nobody seems to care enough about it to make it a political issue. Apparently too many of the Facists in power are making way to much money off of the sweat shop labor in foreign cuntries.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.........all the while the unemployment rates keep skyrocketing here at home, go figure.

We suffer and the American Facists get richer, great system. Not quite what our founding Fathers had in mind, but ah yeah, why not!

..I just read a portion of Omar Kellys blog about how Sparano doesn't believe there is anything wrong with the offensive line. Sighting that the line takes time to gel, that the erratic play is normal..

I do not know how anyone that watche last weeks game could come to that conclusion. I don't have a clue as how coaches evaluate the players, or what they see that isn't obvious to the standard viewer. This is also a much different tune that Sparano was singing after the game.

Normally the starters do not see much playing time in the last preseason game. Hopefully, Sparano leaves this unit out there so that they can get more work in. They could use it. I really believe that beyond win and loss record. The preseason is all about improving each week. As well as the line played in the second game. They took a huge leap backwards. The unit must figure out how to play together now.


Posted by: ALoco | August 30, 2011 at 12:40 AM

Why you ROACH!

You Beady Eye'd little RODENT!

You Gay BERET wearing French Rainbow Room QUEEN!


Chaos there is and there will be for some time, Odin. Very good. We just did not have the Tool to equalize Us. Now we do.

I respect your point about playing OL starters but it's a tough call. Putting vets out there versus a bunch of guys making a last, desperate attempt to open some eyes and make an NFL squad could be pretty perilous. The final preseason game is where you see a LOT of stupid, unnecessarily violent late hits, etc. because of the "last chance" nature of it.

You make a valid point, but I just don't think the risk is really worth it. Besides, these guys will really only get better through practice repitition (and the return of Jake Long).

Big questions, but I'll reserve real judgement until after the games are for real.

It really drives you bananas to see a Football Team perform well one week and terribly the next. But it's pre-Season. Besides, Tampa Bay's defence didn't look to me like any patsies.



Omar has an agenda and apparently he's smoking something good.

SpOrano and Ireland both see what we saw.

Their careers are on the line and I'll bet money their trying to bring at least one legitimate starter if not two.

I'm not saying it'll be easy to find one or two, but I'll bet their working on it.

Like I said earlier, what does Omar want? Does he expect Tony to put Carey or Colombo on blast in front of the sports world BEFORE we have a better more viable option?

Tony and Ireland will talk nice about all of our players. Right up until they leave the teams facility for the final time.

It's business and there's a certain amount of decorum and couth involved.

Omar has the brain of a Neanderthal.

My apologies to all Neanderthals, I'm just trying to make a point!

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