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Henne's follow to Sunday's scrimmage? Not great

The Dolphins returned to the practice field for the first time since their scrimmage Sunday and one of the details I was looking for was some consistency from quarterback Chad Henne.

Henne, as you should know from Sunday's post, was outstanding in the scrimmage. Best I've seen him since that Jets game in 2009 at Sun Life Stadium. (Look it up, I'm too busy flowing here.)

Anyway, with that hope-building, confidence-building performance on his resume, I was expecting to witness Henne take another step in his progression and perhaps pile back-to-back excellent practices one atop the other.

Did not happen, in my opinion.

In taking notes and sharing them during the live blog, it became apparent that Henne was not sharp during team drills Tuesday. The purely unofficial stats I collected in team drills was 2 of 8. One of those incompletions was a drop, that by Brandon Marshall.

But otherwise the incompletions were passes that sailed wide or were overthrown or were simply broken up by solid defensive play.

Understand that Henne threw many more than eight passes in practice today. He threw in 7 on 7 work. He threw to receivers covered 1 on 1 by various defensive backs. Obviously his completion number and percentage was much higher in those drills.

But during the team drills that I witnessed -- Miami's entire starting offense versus its starting defense -- Henne didn't exactly light it up. His highlight pass was a quick hitter to Reggie Bush, on which he hit the running back lined up out wide perfectly in stride after taking a quick two- or three-step drop.

Now, understand I am strictly reporting the results here. I'm not the guy's coach. I cannot tell you about Henne's practice grade. I cannot tell you if he was perfect with his calls at the line or audibles (if they have those installed) or whether or not he was going properly through his progression.

None of that matters here. To me, the thing that matters is whether the ball that left Henne's throwing arm landed in the hands of his offensive teammate for a positive pass play -- regardless of whether Henne was wearing a tuxedo and riding an elephant when he threw the ball or not.

So strictly results here.

And the results did not even closely resemble the accuracy Henne displayed during the Sunday scrimmage.

Well, at least he did not throw an interception.