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Henne's follow to Sunday's scrimmage? Not great

The Dolphins returned to the practice field for the first time since their scrimmage Sunday and one of the details I was looking for was some consistency from quarterback Chad Henne.

Henne, as you should know from Sunday's post, was outstanding in the scrimmage. Best I've seen him since that Jets game in 2009 at Sun Life Stadium. (Look it up, I'm too busy flowing here.)

Anyway, with that hope-building, confidence-building performance on his resume, I was expecting to witness Henne take another step in his progression and perhaps pile back-to-back excellent practices one atop the other.

Did not happen, in my opinion.

In taking notes and sharing them during the live blog, it became apparent that Henne was not sharp during team drills Tuesday. The purely unofficial stats I collected in team drills was 2 of 8. One of those incompletions was a drop, that by Brandon Marshall.

But otherwise the incompletions were passes that sailed wide or were overthrown or were simply broken up by solid defensive play.

Understand that Henne threw many more than eight passes in practice today. He threw in 7 on 7 work. He threw to receivers covered 1 on 1 by various defensive backs. Obviously his completion number and percentage was much higher in those drills.

But during the team drills that I witnessed -- Miami's entire starting offense versus its starting defense -- Henne didn't exactly light it up. His highlight pass was a quick hitter to Reggie Bush, on which he hit the running back lined up out wide perfectly in stride after taking a quick two- or three-step drop.

Now, understand I am strictly reporting the results here. I'm not the guy's coach. I cannot tell you about Henne's practice grade. I cannot tell you if he was perfect with his calls at the line or audibles (if they have those installed) or whether or not he was going properly through his progression.

None of that matters here. To me, the thing that matters is whether the ball that left Henne's throwing arm landed in the hands of his offensive teammate for a positive pass play -- regardless of whether Henne was wearing a tuxedo and riding an elephant when he threw the ball or not.

So strictly results here.

And the results did not even closely resemble the accuracy Henne displayed during the Sunday scrimmage.

Well, at least he did not throw an interception.


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Maybe the Dolphins should hire Armando as their QB coach.

Dolphins don't need a quarterback coach. They need a consistent starting quarterback.

what the fins need is to get some fans that do not coach from the couch and scream that the sky is falling every time a pass is incomplete. everyone is an expert including the dude writing this blog who from the best of my knowledge didn't play college or pro ball himself....but yet, he's an expert writer when it comes to the sport. If everyone would get off of the blame game and show some flippn support for a change...but oh no, everyone see's the glass as broken, not half full or even half empty....what great fans we have.


anyone who has watched Aootball long enough knows what Henne is. And we all saw enough of him last year.

Give 'em helll Henne! Prove them wrong! Go Phins.....Glad to hear the Defense is doing great....no doubt a top 5 defense in the league this year. Gonna be tough for any offense to score on them.

Shula be pissin'...Don't worry Mando, keep reporting what ya see man. We appreciate it. We'll no a lot more about Mr. Henne once preseason starts.

sorry, 'know' more

was it just henne at practice today

as ever it's too early to judge anything, but news about other players is always interesting to read!

i wonder this season...

r we gonna be using the run to set up the passing game ("its just my nature")or the passing game to set up the run

seem to remember early last season they strted running mostly and the offense looked feeble, then they talhed about airing it out more but after the jets game the offense continued to struggle

so run to pass or pass to run, either way they need a bit of both and they need it to be effective early

Hey D - Mando is too busy scouting out the gift shop for the latest juicy stories to be QB coach...

actually Henne had 4 greta practices in a row before today.

So a pass can get broken up and it's Henne's fault? At a certain point you want our defense to win too. Otherwise I'd be worried about our strongest unit on the team. We aren't going to be the Saints or the Pats -- we just need to be able to score on average 20 points a game. Let's not lose our heads people. I'm not looking for the greatest show on turf. Marshall needs to hold on to more balls too. I'm also interested in how our running game is going to be. Im more nervous about that because without that we are screwed in passing.

Sounds like Henne was really stinkin up the joint. Speaking of which I am not having such a great day since Coach Ryan decided to eat Mexican last nite. (Sigh).

Its just practice, C'mon practice.

-Allen Iverson.

I'm no Chad Henne fan but I can only see him improving this year compared to last year. Honestly I'm more worried about the Dolphin's run attack than anything else. The defense looks very solid, maybe the best in years.

He ate mexican, does this refer to Mark Sanchez's toes?

Henne is consistantly, inconsistant!

Henne is the worst starting QB in the entire AFC!

The biggest issue I have is that Miami will more than likely find a way to win enough games to finish around 7-9 or 8-8 and end up with a draft pick between 13-17 and no Andrew Luck or Landri Jones. Miami uses a 2nd round draft pick Kellen Moore of Boise State and waste another 3 years finding out they F'd up again!

RR's BM: Yeah I am not a big fan of the Coach's decision to partake in the Mexican cuisine either. I don't like spicy too much.

Haha that was funny dolfdan

Dolfdan13: That would actually be Sanchez' toe cheese served with the Nachos he ordered.

Interesting that we're now critical of practice, the time and place where one works on improving in the areas where he is weak. I think you are well within you're right to criticize Henne after a crappy game but not being perfect in practice? Isn't that what practice is for?

THis is a win-win situation for all you Henne hater's! why boo the guy? If he play's well, all you guy's are on the bandwagon. If he stink's, then Ireland and Sparano are gone with him (Hope we keep Nolan). We draft a QB next year and we will still have a top rated defense. Our defense is our strength, so look at the bright side. They'll be together for years to come! Now the offense need's to prove itself this year! And I beleive Henne will figure it out! he has a tough start, so let's give him some support as the year start's with a difficult schedule! DEFENSE WILL SCORE POINTS!

This is what we've come to expect from Henne. One fair/good outing followed by a poor one. Armando is right on with one. Inconsistency with reads and accuracy is/was/will continue to be the problem. Every time you think he's going to turn the corner he doesn't. Its not because we're "bad fans" Shula. Just because he's wearing a dolphins uniforms doesn't mean he deserves blind faith and always to be seen as a the cup is half full. If we want to ever be in playoffs we need a new cup or a 2000 Raven's caliber D.

Hi everybody! First post in months for me... I've been doing a lot of reading, but no post. I guess I'm back to football after all...lol.

Hmm...will Pryor be in the Supplemental Draft? And, will Miami get him? Should they? We'll find out come August 17th.

Same old story with Henne.

I recall two years ago we stunk it up in training camp (pat white was hitting golf carts on his over-throws)...then we went 4-0 in preseason.
Things were looking great until we lost a heartbreaker to ATL in the opener...then two more heartbreakers against IND & SAN Diego where we owned the time of possession by a 2-1 margin and still lost.
Our running game was BOSS and one to be feared...beat the Jets twice and split the series with the Pats.
We finished 7-9 but lost a lot of close games...reason I mention this now...DON'T READ TOO MUCH INTO CAMP PERFORMANCE.
When the live bullets start flying, then we can critique Henne, but until then go fishing or boating or focus on your golf game because training camp is where mistakes are identified and corrected.

Dang!! Really wanted Henne to do well in practice today! Not cuz I wanted consistency, rather a follow up positive article on him by Mando!!

Is it just me or does Yeremiah Bell look BUFF AS HELL!! Jesus Christ, have you seen the arms and built this guys has?? Looks big as hell!

Just want to point out that we are expecting the defense to be top 5 in the league...should this be a surprise that he struggled? Can't have it both ways. Take that for what its worth, which is probably nothing.

Just wondering if anyone can answer this question about Henne (not about Henning, oline blah blah blah)

What great qualities does Henne have other than a strong arm, which isn't all that accurate to begin with?

aside from CB opposite Vontae, Miami's D will be one of the leagues best, so I don't expect Henne #s to be brilliant every practice. He'll be OK.

People need to lay off Henne. The Dolphins have not even played an exhibition game yet and are barely out of the first week of practice in a shortened preseason, yet his every action, his every pass is being scrutinized. Granted he had a rough season, but it's a new start. Reserve judgement for the real games. Let the QB do his job. Let the coaches do theirs. Our jobs as Dolphin fans is to be supportive. To believe in our team and players so they will believe in themselves. Positivity is infectious. Get rid of the negativity and micro-examining and lets give this team a chance to have a wonderful season.

Our QB is just like the front office, unstable! As an Old School fan, I can only hope the team will be contenders. The AFC East has gotten stronger and Miami does not appear to be keeping up. We need consistent play week to week. Practice makes perfect, Brandon, hold on to the ball, he is dropping balls in ever report. O-line MUST be effective for the new running game to work. Special team was not very special last year. It will be a sit back and see year!
Go Miami!!!!

I can just picture Mando grinning with all the "Henne sucks" posts because he threw six incomplete passes!!

The fins have a solid team playoff ready, this is the best team in many years its too bad that Henne will make it a 7-9 team. The one thing they needed to fix they failed. It is a sad thing to see Henne start at QB but after this year he will be gone. TS has sunk the fins for another year.Next year with a new coach and a QB the fins will be playoff bound. We will just have to wait a little longer. Fin fan for life, GO FINS.

More clear it is that this OC is really moving skill Players around. Good.

Incosistency s the worst thing you want from the quarterback position. If you know what your QB can do then at least you can count on something and work with that... ANyone intersted in selecting Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft on Aug 17th or scouring the wire after teams cut to 53 man roster for a QB?

Suck For Luck.

It's the ultimate long term solution.

Our D wanted to make a statement today. The Offense is not going to dominate our D on a consistent basis. Not going to happen.

Don't think the sky is falling again because Henne didn't light it up today. Check reality. We have an AWESOME D. Rollin' with Nolan!

Are you disguised as an enraged Chinese woman today?

You guys are so pathetic. Yesterday he is the hope of miami, and today he sucks. Its practice who cares.

So the sporadic QB play from Henne continues? When he starts playing consistently well it'll be newsworthy.


He played very consistent for the past week and a half. Sunday he lit up one of the better defenses in the league.

He has an off day in PRACTICE against a top D and SUDDENLY he continues to be Sporadic?

Alrighty then, don't take off them Henne Hating Blinders Ya'll!

Tunnel Vision Rocks!!!!

When do the Dolphins play there first preseason game ? Thanks

Hey folks I just read the Sun Sentinel and while there were similarities to the last string here, certainly not the henne had a bad day we see here. So what is the reason for this??
Why are so many to throw the towel in the air. We had folks on the practise blog this morning saying we would not have a running game, the ol was awful, and the typical heene is terrible naysayers. We have not even seen a game situation.
Another example was last week dabbol was awful, not qualified, bad oc, etc yet today boy is he good, his offense is okay, and how good is he to move players around.
Don't be little nomes and let you dislike get in the way of logical rational thinking.

I'm so sick of moronic fans that want us to lose more games so we get higher draft picks. The Patriots draft behind us every year and manage to keep on having good draft picks and winning seasons. Same goes for the Colts, Steelers etc. Drafting good is what counts, not losing games to get higher draft picks.

Angry Chinese Woman: any chance you can hook ole Rexie up with some of your cookin? I'm thinking he can spray paint the inside of his toilet with me when he's done. Please advise.

He played very consistent for the past week and a half.

Posted by: odinseye | August 09, 2011 at 05:13 PM

Not true at all. He only played well on that scrimmage the other day. He played poorly on the 11 on 11 drills by all acounts. Only on the 7 on 7 he was better. Big deal.

To use your own words - Tunnel Vision Rocks!!!!

Previous post, meant to say the scrimmage was good, the previous practices weren't.

Who cares what great qualities he has, he's the QB and we don't have a better choice. Why continue torturing yourself? Hopefully if he doesn't show improvement this season our defense becomes elite and Henne at least becomes a caretaker who limits stupid mistakes and throws near 18 to 20 tds and they make the playoffs. That's what you can hope for since you're convinced he won't take the next step in his development. Hope the Dolphins become that team whos defense and special teams (cough!) win them games while the QB does just enough to not screw it up. Stop obsessing over Henne, and that goes for everyone, because it's a done deal. Move on to a problem or situation that is actually fixable for this season.


Randy you meant one account. Others don't say the same thing which is confusing. Also when you said he did poorly was around the time the whole team was just getting together and the offense had not been installed.

all you naysayers have the balls to come back in a few weeks t repeat what you think you know? Henne will make you look silly this year, mark my words.


Seriosly bro, take a pill, chill, maybe a shooter.

I'm not torturing myself or obsessing. This is a blog. The subject of Henne is in the title. I'm commenting.

I feel no pain.

Nome: You want to feel pain? Try living in my world!

fifnfans are more hormonal than my wife ever was.

my god. ill just have to see for myself saturday what the deal is. i cant trust reporters with agendas. their take is for loser fans who dont understand anything.

how many marshall drops will he have this year?

Over/under 10

But gman you know those drops are hennes fault, right

Brady Quinn on the cheap?

Jeepers Mando ever have a bad day? Give the guy a break and find another topic or be positive. Henne is who we have, so support him!

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