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Chad Henne still a loooong way to go

The line between a really good NFL quarterback and a JAG (Just A Guy) is so thin you often cannot see it with your own eyes.

Think about that.

That line has to be studied. It has to be viewed on tape. You have to capture what happens in a millisecond and slow it down to understand it.

That is my intention here.

You know I've been hard on Chad Henne for failing to become a good quarterback at the end of last season after 27 NFL starts. But I assume you also are aware it is not personal. When he plays well, I tell you. When he plays poorly, I tell you. Unfortunately for him and Dolphins fans, the guy has more often played poorly than well. And so much of what I've written about Henne has been critical.

The truth, however, is the truth. It is a great sword and a mighty shield.

Well, the last two weeks you've read and heard from me that Henne has improved. He played much better against Carolina than he did in the preseason opener against Atlanta. Did he play great? No. He played well enough.

Then last week against Tampa Bay, Henne played better than he did the week before. I would tell you he played good against Tampa Bay in completing 10 of 13 passes for 175 yards and one TD. It was more progress.

But did Henne play great?

His rating (143.9) and completion percentage (76.9) suggest he was great. The pictures say otherwise.

To rise to the level of great, you see, a quarterback needs to maximize his opportunities. And at no time this preseason has Henne done that with consistency. He's missed open receivers on a handful of occasions. And he's missed almost certain touchdowns on at least three plays that I can recollect off the top of my head.

Against the Bucs he had one one play -- on third-and-goal from the Tampa Bay 4 -- where he missed two open receivers for a TD. Yes, he missed two receivers open for a TD. On the same play.

Here is the first picture:

Henne throw1 

As you see, Henne has time to throw. The Dolphins are in maximum protection with all five offensive linemen working on Henne's behalf as while tight end Anthony Fasano and running back Reggie Bush also are protecting. That's seven guys blocking for Henne against four rushers.

Henne has time.

And he has Davone Bess open in the end zone. Henne knows this because, as the picture above clearly shows, Henne is looking directly at Bess!

But the Miami quarterback doesn't pull the trigger. He misses the opportunity. He never even attempts the TD throw.

The next picture will show that Henne didn't just miss Bess.

Henne throw2 

As you see here, Henne has given up on throwing to Bess, even though he is still open. And he has given up on the pass play altogether. That means he is now missing the fact Brian Hartline has come wide open in the back corner of the end zone. What makes this frustrating is that Henne knows he has maximum protection and the pocket (indicated by the circle) is clean.

Henne has time. You can see that only one second has ticked off the play clock.

Yet Henne puts his head down -- ignoring a still open Bess and a now open Hartline -- and scrambles instead. He gains 1 yard on the scramble. The Dolphins' chance at a TD is wasted even though the protection is good and receivers are open in the end zone.

Everyone does their job except Henne.

So Miami kicks a 21-yard field goal instead.

Does this make Henne a bad QB? No. But it means he has miles to go before he's a good quarterback. You see, this was only a preseason game. It didn't count. The Dolphins lost this one 17-13 and no one cares. But what if this missed opportunity had happened in a real game. We just watched four points Miami should have had not get scored because Henne didn't pull the trigger.

Four points, a TD instead of a field goal, is often the difference between victory and defeat in today's NFL.

And this is just one play. He had Hartline open for a TD at the goal line against Carolina but threw a checkdown to Daniel Thomas instead. He had Brandon Marshall open -- as in nobody was covering him -- open for another TD against Carolina, but threw an incompletion to Hartline instead.

I, along with everyone else, still spoke of those performances against Carolina and Tampa Bay as outings where Henne improved from a year ago. And, to his credit, he has improved.

But he's got a long way to go yet.

Long way.

Props to Manny Suarez for e-mailing me the photos.


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A still picture shows less than a moving picture? You know I recall every time John Madden made an assessment on Monday/Sunday Night football with the telestrator he would freeze the image to show what he was talking about, and then run the play. Everyone does this, when players watch film they pause the tape to study different things. I have had enough of the people that blind themselves from the truth to sell themselves hope. Henne is not even as good as Jay Fiedler was, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem and the Dolphins have had a QB problem since Marino retired and they hope that by ignoring it it will go away.

I say its time to have higher standards for this QB and not continue evaluating him as though he is still on training wheels

Simon Says | August 31, 2011 at 01:51 PM


If you look at that play I suppose you could come away with a few options at Henne`s disposal but in this one when you say he could have pumped the ball towards Bess freezing his guy then lobbed it to Hartline and I have to disagree a little. Remember he was running the underneath DB had broken off and was coming toward him, he has a shot at around the 7 when everybody initially reacts to him to stop and make a play again it`s nitpicking at this point because on the field we all know it`s bang bang.

I just feel the pass to Bess had the best shot. I watched the Giants vs. the Bears in week 2 of the Pre-Season and Manning was in a similar position and went to the back corner floating a pass which gets picked with a RB underneath in the flat who would have walked into the endzone. It`s not about training wheels because when Henne stinks up the joint he gets no pass from me but in that situation aside from Bess I didn`t think he had a play, again, just MHO.

Well fin4, I do agree Bess was the best option there. I can't see why a pass low and outside wasn't thrown. Need to take your shots, maximize your opportunities. They don't come by too often.

Final thought, I heard Michael Irvin on his radio show this week make a comment about this very play. He said that although Henne played well he failed to capitalize on this opportunity to put points on the board. I think HOF Michael Irvin knows more about football than everyone in this blog combined, so please stop with the excuses. Plain and simple, there was a play to be made to put a TD on the board and Henne didn't make the play, end of story.

I have been reading different opinions on why Sparano seems to not see that he needs to make some changes at RG and RT. Could it be he doesn't want to admit to yet another mistake?as

Whatever happens, needs to happen pretty damn quick.

For those saying that the DB who was running away from Bess at the time could have undercut the pass let's use a little math to dispel this myth. First I point out again that the db was running away from the play,

-Great, we have an expert in quantum physics. First off, it was the nickle corner. From the snap of the ball, he was in PERFECT position to undercut the route. When he changed direction it was because Henne looked him off. Yeah, watch the film! Henne actually looked of a corner!

Even so, by that time the outside corner was in perfect position to jump the route and possibly the safety too. Of course, this was also when Okam was skying on Cognito and blocking the lane.

Another thing that gets completely overlooked here at Dolphins In Depth is simply that Tampa had a good defensive call on and executed pretty damn well.

Anywhoo, by the time Henne looked off the nickle, your point is pretty much MOOT! The pocket collapsed and the coverage had squatted down in the shrunken field and was reading the eyes.

you can see the distance increase between him and Bess in the second picture. Second the DB behind Bess does not have a play because Bess has position on him, he is blocked out, the only play he has is to run through Bess which would be pass interference.

Posted by: TheTruth | August 31, 2011 at 01:56 PM

-Yeah, and none of us have EVER watched a corner come over a receivers shoulder for a pick six in that same exact scenario. OK then.

The only time Bess had any sufficient degree of separation was when Okam was in the lane.


Keep lying to yourself, you are either, his agent, wife, or a family member. You keep saying to watch the play, I have, the nickel corner was running away from Bess before Henne decided to run. I guess Michael Irvin is also wrong on this. HE DIDN'T MAKE THE PLAY, it was there and he didn't make it! Period end of sentence! Henne is not a playmaker! All will be clear by the end of the year and we either don't make the playoffs or get bounced out early. I am going to love to read your comments then.

A still picture shows less than a moving picture? You know I recall every time John Madden made an assessment on Monday/Sunday Night football with the telestrator he would freeze the image to show what he was talking about, and then run the play.

Posted by: TheTruth | August 31, 2011 at 02:20 PM

Yeah but he only did this to help out the slow dullards that couldn't keep up.

You know who I'm talking about I'm sure.

Most of Maddens freeze frames were in rergards to formatons and dsquising formations. The rest werent terribly misdiagnosed and misanalyzed, like this one.

-Nothing BUT the Truth-

Maybe...Just Maybe...The Dolphin coaching staff ran a play in "pre-season" to see who would get open while instructing Chad to look but dont throw.

Why do this? Because the play might could be used when it actually matters in week#1 or #2 or #12 if you do not tip your hand with it.

Just sayen...

Michael Irvin knows more about coke on this blog also. He is not a coach for a reason. While playing you never heard him referred to as a smart player. He doesn't break down game film even for the NFL Network for a reason. There was a play to be made but it was a forced play not a open pass play.

Truth, do you not see the DL man with his hands in the passing lane and Henne on his back foot because he is moving from the pressure. Do you not see where A-man circles the pocket outside the hash marks. If he throws that ball it is a pick 6 or batted down ball, period. Don't others opinions. I to have NFL network and can tell you I have watched it 20 times since this conversation started and that pass is incomplete or picked. Go outside and throw a football off your back foot and see what happen...high pass over the receiver, pick 6!


Oh great know it all please enlighten us with your wisdom of everything Henne. The 19 interceptions he threw last year was not him, it was his evil twin. He ranked 30th out of 32 starting QB's because his talent is so immense he didn't want the rest of the NFL QB's to feel bad about themselves. Does he like to spoon before he goes to bed? Make sure you give Henne a kiss good night for all of us, LOL.

1980 Phin Four Life

All he had to do was step into the pocket, he felt pressure gave up on the play and decided to run. I am sure Henne is the only QB in NFL history that has had to throw a pass with defensive lineman's hands in the air. I am sure Michael Irvin is a HOF because he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. You guys just see what you want to see, you can justify anything that Henne does wrong. I'll tell you this, I'll take Michael Irvin's opinion over yours any day of the week, unless this is Don Shula I'm talking to.

Actually Henne ranked 25th in the league. Sanchez, Favre, Hassleback, Clausen, and Anderson finished behind him and Bradford finished jsut ahead him! Look up the stats don't make them up!

Henne finished 25th my bust!

"Mando Checker, I'm glad you are such a big fan. I see you read every word I write. I read a couple you wrote and the one you mentioned was way off -- coward.

I'm not the one that comes to a blog anonymously to rip people.

The people I criticize know who I am and know where to find me. I'm around them every day. And I've been around for 20 years.

A puke like you will be here five minutes under an assumed name and then sink back into the shadows.

So you tell me ... who is the coward?"

I have been emailing back and forth with this horrible excuse for a writer for 10 years. He is a delicate flower in real life. he is also VERY hurt that his ESPN gig faded quickly, due to the fact that his target audience isn't one that really follows football. Mando, you need to cover Rupaul and your fans will REALLY love you. But football? do you even acknowledge how silly this article was? Retraction, immediately.

1980 Phin Four Life

I stand corrected, LOL, Super Bow here we come!

The Truth should call himself 'The Farce', or perhaps 'Kick A_$_$', 'Red Mist', or some other super hero name where they generate their own reality.

I notice how he completely avoided Odin's question to explaining/defending his point, and then brought up some arbitrary info that had nothing to do with the question in an attempt to deflect.

I guess that was wise because it would haven been 'picked' apart worse than the DB's pick 6 IF Henne had tried to lob a low out to Bess who was running a curl.

One thing I can tell is 'The Farce' has never played QB or coached... or if he did then we are lookin at a winless team because what he's spouting is garbage.

By the way, for the guest that dissed Marino to protect Henne, don't even go there. Marino had more talent in his pinky finger than Henne has in his whole body.

I think sometimes QB's, like Henne supposedly did in the play Mando talks about, give up plays too quickly. We have heard that Sporano has a 3 second clock that the QB must get rid of the ball or he is presumed sacked in practice. In real game situations, that is not always the case. Certain plays take time to develop like one I have seen in the Panther game where Bush is dragging across the middle and goes for chunk yardage. If it has drilled into Hennes's head that "3 seconds and go or throw it away" you are going to see stuff like this. (I will say Mando, that you gleam nothing from these two photos) Each play brings it own set of situations and requires the QB to do different things to succeed, not just what is taught in practice.

I think I heard Marino say it best earlier this year when everyone was critiquing the QB's in the draft. He said something to the fact that he didn't care if the QB throws off his front foot. He wants to see what he can do off his back foot because in the NFL most of the throws come off the back foot. He should know!

I only say this because I feel Henning handicapped this kid so much last year that it might take some time for him to trust his instincts, which all great QB's must do.

LOL, somebody call the Hall of Fame and tell them to start preparing Henne's bust. Also Henne should really start working on his speech, it's never too early. Does Payton Manning & Tom Brady know that Henne is now the best QB in the league?


Excellent point, I however don't think that's something you can teach. Henne has had a coach 4 years in HS, 4 years in college & now 4 years in the NFL. That's a talent someone has that can't be developed or else everyone who steps on the football field can be taught to be great. You either have it or you don't.

Honestly.....Armando. You lose your objectivity as soon as you read your title.

Henne has a Loooooong way to go....you could have just said he had a long way to go. Its very clear you want him as the Miami QB. Which is fine...your entitled to your opinion. But pat yourself on the back and claim objectivity when thats clearly not the case.

You think I am the best QB in the league? (Your the only one I heard say that, so thank you- you are not such a bad guy after all 8)

I'm actually, despite your claims, the best QB we've had since Dan Marino.... unless you want to argue against the fact that I have the 2nd best career rating for Dolphin Qbs? Good luck with that.

Let's make this easy, let's rank the QB's in the AFC east. Brady,Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, Henne.

Chad Henne's Ego

You would be incorrect, your second to Jay Fiedler in that regard. Fiedler had a career rating with the Dolphins of 75.9, your rating to this point of your career is 75.3, good news is your almost Fiedler.

'The Farce', avoiding the question again I see, another attempt at deflection?

And what point are you NOW trying to make by ranking... you are absolutely all over the place- nobody can follow what point you are trying to make.

If you want to spew arbitrary stuff out there I can do the same.... ok, let's take Sancheeze.

I own Sancheeze and the NY Yets. Rex said it himself, he makes me look like Dan Marino and I make him look like Richie Kotie. In the words of Denzel in Training Day... Sancheese ain't got nothing on me!

3/4 Sancheeze and still counting... have GQ boy come talk to me if he ever evens up the score with me. Heck, have him try winning a game against me in house own house at first.

Is that arbitrary enough for you?

Chad Henne's Ego,

Really, your making fun of the Jets. They have been in the AFC Championship game two years in a row a play or two away from the Super Bowl while the Dolphins have been home. What was your question? I eagerly await.

Good example. I remember that exact play. Bess looks open but they were ready to jump that play. Hartline on the other hand was WIDE open. His defender turned inside. Hartline jump up and down after the play. It may have required a touch pass to get it to Hartline but Henne should be making those plays now. We'll just have to wait and see.

This is silly.

You can see the guy in coverage underneath on Bess. You can tell the defender pulled up in the back corner. Even in your IRON CLAD pictures.

You need to see a shrink and an optometrist. You're half-blind a completely full of nonsense.

And, for the record, I don't give a fat rat's severed toe about Henne.

This is poor reporting sir. Poor and shameful.

See, the difference between a 'real reporter' and a JAG is pencil thin. You're on the wrong side of that line.

The only way you can get those numbers with Feidler is if you excluded his throws when he didn't start in Miami... I didn't specify on that so I can't fault you for doing so.

Chad Henne's Ego,

You said the best Dolphin QB since Marino, doesn't matter whatFiedler disagree he left Miami.

Yikes, doesn't matter what Fiedler did after he left Miami, LOL.

No, I make fun of Sancheeze because he was one of many you brought up arbitrarily- it is ridiculous which is exactly why I did it to show you what it's like when you do.

The original question I believe was Odin's... How do you throw low & out speedball to Bess when the throwing lane for that throw is blocked AND the receiver is running a curl.

And if you LOB the ball over the line for that same out to a receiver running a curl, how do you keep that from being an interception?

I disagree, most of Fiedler's poorer ratings were prior to when he came to Miami. Coincidentally those were Fiedler's first few years- I think that's relevant because what we are looking at here for me too. Is it fair to disregard Fiedlers learning curve but not mine?

You may believe so, but I would have to disagree.

Let's get something out of the way, Sanchez is better than Henne. He had room to move up in the pocket and make the throw to Bess, those things underneath your torso called legs can move.

You can disagree but you would be wrong. Fiedler didn't play his first year, his second year he attempted 7 passes and his QB rating was 22.6, his third year he started a game for Jacksonville won that game and had a QB rating of 83.5. His average QB rating in Miami was 75.9, higher than Henne's. His last year was with the Jets and his QB rating was 113.3.

Fiedler retired with a career rating of 77.1, Henne's career rating to this point is 75.3, so he is not yet Fiedler.

Henne pecking again Armando? The lengths you will go to to stir things up man. I agree though, that 4 points could have made the difference in several games last year. At least he didn't throw the interception last time out. Looked to me from those 2 pictures that there were 2 defenders that were poised to get between the QB and receiver's passing lanes and might have had a 99 yard pick 6.

Henne is a BACK-UP at best - but our Starter!

Field goals are our touchdowns!

"Let's get something out of the way, Sanchez is better than Henne. He had room to move up in the pocket and make the throw to Bess, those things underneath your torso called legs can move."

Ah, now that's more like it- THAT arguement I can accept. If I would have scrambled to throw there were multiple possibilities/scenarious that could have played out.

However I didn't, I tucked it and ran because the pocket had been a sardine can all night, and I had already been sacked multiple times and even fumbled.

As for Sancheeze... he already wishes he were me- he is my own personal Mildred Baena, and come the end of 2011 he's going to be begging to have my stats.

The Truth, props to you on the rating, you are correct- realized I misquoted and swapped rating with percentage- that one is completely on me.

"COMPLETION PERCENTAGE: Henne’s completion percentage of 61.1 is the second highest career completion percentage in Dolphin history."

Why do I even come back to read the garbage you put out. Henne hater or not your just a poser who must have some connection somwhere because how else do you get away with putting out so much garbage. You are someone who seems to think you know the game of football but don't know your arse from a whole in the ground. Do really think that Peyton, Brady, Brees, and even Rodgers won't miss a wr in that same position on an occassion. I've seen them almost every game. You don't have 300lbs plus rolling up on you so you have no clue what its like for a QB to make that descion or see what he's seeing. I'm not an expert by any means but I have enough brains to know that the position isn't easy and when you've been getting hit all night you need to make a quick descion and thats what he did. Whether he missed a wr or not he didn't turn the ball over or force anything, but I forgot you were on his shoulder and saw everthing and obvisiously would've made the correct choice. Finally out for good. Everytime I see Armando I'm just going to turn the page or click delete. Always a fan win or lose! GO DOLPHINS!

I'd heard I had an alter ego over here- seems I have a fan!

Man.. took me forever to find this, how do you guys locate anything over here?

Let it be known that, outside of this single post, I do not post on this website- I don't do non-avatar sites. The identity and content is taken from my posts at the SS.

Note to Chad Herald persona- man if you are going to borrow my stuff, at least make sure you don't botch the quotes!

Other than that, keep up the good work I guess. lol


Everybody doing their job except Henne?!
I don't think so.
7 miami players blocking 4 tampa defenders and one of tampa DTs can easily waive his hands between Henne and Bess. Pass would have been deflected 100%.

Sorry, but here it's again the OL not doing its job, it's not Chad. It's number 68 making a bad block.

I'll be back after game 10 to see what all the Chad Henne apologist are saying. I have been a Dolphin fan all my life, through the good and bad I'm a fan, doesn't mean I can't be critical when they are not playing well and pretend everything is OK. A real fan speaks the truth, not hide away from it.

** attention **
i hope the new QB coach reads this blog even if my post is a day or two after this constructive article was written, but i had another thought, and i know you guys probably repeat yourselves many times, but if it's worth repeating then it means it is VERY important! weather because henne can't do these things or forgets, the bottom line is if you find yourself repeating things over and over(bcacause the error keeps surfacing) then the problem is NOT fixed and that makes the true error COMMUNICATION!(QB coach) someone needs to communicate SUCCESSFULLY to henne to FIX the problem. maybe henne is not aware of the importance of seeing open recievers in the endzone, maybe henne thinks these oppourtunities in the endzone will present themselves plenty of times a game as did marino in thinking it would be easy to return to the superbowl. i think the importance of these oppourtunities should be stressed and QB coach needs to communicate better to get the proper result! of the problem highlighted in this article, 2 things came to mind, henne was looking in the direction of bess(endzone) but maybe he wasn't looking in the endzone,(which is what the games all about) maybe he was looking as usual, for the under. since the goal is to get TD'S maybe henne should be told to keep his eyes downfield and towards the endzone(first and foremost) it seems henne is addicted to the underneath stuff, albeit, he has thrown a lot more deep passes with daboll's arrival, the other thing is if henne really KNEW each play really well he would be attacking or looking for bess in the endzone anyway. either way, it might be benficial for the coaches to use a section of the playbook in games that is really familiar to henne. cause it didn't look like henne knew in advance where to be looking, if he did, he should've known exactly when to peak over at bess, see that he was open and zing him the ball.

I see we are in our stand and watch coverage again.. Double coverage and we stand and watch the recevier catch the ball. These cornrers arent able to make plays they are like robots wait for the WR to catch the ball then tackle. Its always that way its stand and watch or just chase the wr and never look to make a play on the ball.. Wake up corners and make a fkn play

386 yds for the Texans at the halfway point.. Man we are killing ourselves !!!!!!! Marshall drops a td and then we dont even get 3 points.. god this hurts.. It's like were being punished.. 2 steps foward 3 steps back.. COME ON MAN...

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