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Quickie reaction from Dolphins scrimmage

Today was a good day for the Miami Dolphins. Folks got better. Confidences were raised. Connections were made. Most importantly, plays were made on both sides of the football in the scrimmage held at the team's Davie, FL. practice facility.

Let us begin with what is most important.

No significant injuries that are apparent. OT Nate Garner seemed to tweak a knee but played on so that doesn't seem too be serious.

Chad Henne had a fine day. Although no official statistics exist, by my count Henne completed 11 of 17 passes for approximately 134 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. All three touchdowns went to Brandon Marshall.

Marshall caught a 12-yard TD from Henne, a 15-yard TD from Henne and a long, arc of a pass that must have turned into a 35-40-yard score against Sean Smith.

Henne said after the scrimmage he and Marshall had a good talk about finally trying to get on the same page before the scrimmage began.

"I think today is really the first day we've connected well," Henne said. "We haven't been doing that in previous practices."

The interception? Karlos Dansby stepped in front of a pass at the 6 yard line when Henne was trying to get the ball to Davone Bess at the goal line and returned it for what would have been a 94-yard interception return TD.

Other highlights:

Mike Pouncey did a nice job with the line calls, according to coach Tony Sparano. The coach said Miami's first-round pick made line calls today that he was missing two days ago.

Safety Reshad Jones, whom I've been telling you will get a legitimate opportunity to compete for the starting free safety job, got first-team reps in the nickel package. He didn't get beat that I could tell.

Reggie Bush showed out a bit. Working from the backfield and from the slot receiver spot, he had moments. He is obviously most dangerous when slotted out vs. a linebacker which is exactly the situation he found himself versus Karlos Dansby. Henne connected on what would have ben a 30-plus-yard play for what was really a 7-yard pass. Bush simply ran away from Dansby on the slant.

Jason Taylor looked explosive. It's not a good matchup for offenses to have the right tackle against Taylor. He had good moments versus all of Miami's right tackles and sniffed out a screen to WR Brian Hartline, which turned into a 3 or 4 yard loss. Coach Tony Sparano low-fived Taylor for that one.

Lex Hilliard ran hard. Yes, he was working against the threes and only rarely against twos, but he hits the hole with confidence. Like it.

Rookie Daniel Thomas also is a load but he didn't have a signature play that made anyone take notice. Just solid today.

Davone Bess continues to be Henne's security blanket. Whenever the QB is in trouble, he looks for Bess. Today he found him about three or four times.

Anthony Fasano didn't have a catch. Brian Hartline didn't have a catch.

SS Yeremiah Bell did nice work on the blitz. Had a sack.

Cameron Wake had a sack.

Marshall was covered man-to-man the entire scrimmage, which is something that will not happen in games. The Dolphins are moving him around to get him alone with CBs but we'll see to what degree that frees him during the regular season.

Marshall refused to speak to the media after the scrimmage.

Vontae Davis actually got the better of Marshall in their man matchups, breaking up two passes in the end zone. Marshall had his TDs versus Sean Smith.

The Dolphins are off on Monday. So am I, but I'll be on Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida and streaming live on the web from 6-10 a.m.



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$.02 must be most of these imposter bloggers. The only way someone can be first as often as he is means he is here all the time under various names.

No injuries is superb news.

Armando, some of us have had this gut feeling about Reshad Jones all along (your's truly as well).

I hope he turns out to be the steal of the entire 2010 draft.

Go Dolphins!!!

Mando, thank you for the play by play.

Third! BTW Armando, nice play-by-play blogging today, much appreciated!

Dr. Watson, please go to hell.

Thank you.

The team goes where henne goes. This is hennes last chance to be the man. Ifhe reacts well to the pressure . The regime has a big decision next season to make at qb since this is hennes last yr under contract. If he stinks oh well so what just start fresh draft a qb in the 1st round do whatever you have to get luck .mortgage the whole farm if need be.that's how close the phins are to contend for a superbowl a qb away.


Jason Taylor is back!

I am so excited to see what Reshad can do. this guy is a beast in the making for sure, and I feel really good about his potential at safety.

As for Henne: I've been critical of this guy just as much as anyone has, and I still believe that the organization should have worked harder to try and find some legitimate competition for the starting role, but with that being said- He's the QB of this team, and if it means supporting him and giving him a chance to show any possible improvements then im willing to do that. BUT don't be upset if we start off 2-6 and he hears some boos.

It's the NFL, and Henne needs to prove to all of us that he can do it, because this may very well be his last opportunity to do so.


I remember last year when "HOME" said we should pick Mike Iupati at guard with the first pick.
Iupati is tearing it up on San Francisco, not only blocking the defensive linemen,but then pancaking linebackers.Iupati will definitely be going to the Pro Bowl many times.Odrick is a brittle boned average player. Iupati next to Jake Long would have been the best. Kudos to "Home" for his insight on Iupati instead of fat, lazy, worthless, John Jerry

Posted by: Todd Johnson | July 31, 2011 at 04:47 PM


1st off ThanX Todd

Nice to see someone is paying attention.

Posted by: Home True Blood | July 31, 2011 at 06:09 PM


Did I fool anybody with that fake post and fake name giving myself fake praise?

To make myself appear credible, I have to post a fake post under a false name and give myself phony credit and then come back sometime later then act like someone real is giving me praise. This way it looks like I know what I am talking about and that my judgment is actually better that anyone else that visits this website.


Jason Taylor in and as HOME has stated Jake Long is OUT for the season!
Tony Sparano thought this would soften the blow of him playing Pro Bowler Jake Long in a scrub fest 4th preseason game and ruining is NFL career in only his 2nd yr.
So the 3rd year Long is OUT (knee) for the season.
Ok is everybody properly distracted with the signing of Jason Taylor?
So, we dont have to talk about Jake Long and his career ending injury
Man, Are You guys gullible.
Posted by: ESPN | August 01, 2011 at 03:29 PM


This is weak.
No one with any measure of sanity would quote HOME.

We have not seen any postings that state that long is out for the season. Reports are that he is resting and healing from his recent surgery.

I hold the Miami Dolphins in Depth record for being first on the new blogs! I'm here even when you don't see me, or don't think you see me!


Thanks for finally giving Henne a little credit. I was hoping for an upgrade like you and a lot of others, but it looks like him and Moore are what we're going to do battle with this year.

It's nice to see him do well. I made a joke earlier about Henne and Marshall going to couples counseling, and then you report that they did have a talk before practice. Hilarious.

If Henne's improvement is permanent, could it be that Henning sucked and Daboll is good or a combination of both?

I think Henne knows this is his last chance to shine and I think he will ,but as dolphins fans we need to support him and see where we are 6 games down the line.Reshard Jones will be our starting safety ...

I don't care if a camel is our QB as long as he wins games.

Hi everybody!

Just checking.

I am your Village Idiot hard at work thinking of irrelevant non-critical things to post to bore you to death.

Have a HAARPY day :(

Traditionally, HOME has been FOS.

I have been saying (since Hennings departure) that the dolphins were going to be a contender behind Henne if they could solidify the O-line, get more speed in the backfield, WR, and especially, ST.

I never ramped up the wishlist with TE, QB, or any additional defense personel changes. I see the FO has addressed those posistion, killing two birds with one stone - much to my delight.

Go dolphins!

Impressive, grasshopper. Not only the best football being played of this young camp, but a positive post from the author. Bravo. They'll keep it up, so you should too. Thanks.

Just an average fan.

I hold the Miami Dolphins in Depth record for being first on the new blogs! I'm here even when you don't see me, or don't think you see me!

Posted by: $0.02 | August 07, 2011 at 05:58 PM

Fake $0.02 obviously.

Posters here know that the real $0.02 is 100% pure Miami Dolphins football.

Good to hear Marshall and Henne "on the same page", if that means Marshall won't hassle and bicker every time a pass goes elsewhere!

Henne played very well away in a win vs. the Raiders when Marshall wasn't there to ruin his life!

One good practice and half of you are drooling about being playoff bound.

We look better after adding serious speed on offense and upgraded the oline, and some are still hung on it all being Hennings fault last year. Um, he didn't have these players to work with. He had a slooowww offense and a 3rd rate oline. Let's not compare apples and oranges.

Or the Light suddenly shone on Henne?jeje

9-7, still.

Wow, a Henning apologist, haven't seen many of those.

Is it true that Long is out for the season?

Some of you still don't realize ultimately you need great players in order to play great. As our famous OC of the past said, can't make chicken salad with chicken sheet. Last years offensive personal was a long way from chicken salad. Smelled like you know what.

Added two speedsters in Bush and Gates, revamped oline, fresh legged RB's, high pick center, is the difference far more than the OC.


Who says Long is out for the year? Anybody credible? Give us citation, please.

Bobble, we also added an OC whom doesn't hail from the jurassic age. That may have something to do with it.

An observation about Henne that contridicts many of the naysayers:

Looking at numerous films of his pocket passing skills, he doesn't stare down a lone target as long as he has 2 seconds or longer protection. His head is swivling all over the field, looking for the open man. It's only when he (and the whole stadium) knows he has less than a full second before getting creamed that he locks onto the most open receiver at the momemt.

Also, he uses his feet in the pocket similar to Paytons, "pitty-patter-step".

The new offense will allow him to better utilze these gifts. (3,955) 4,000 yards...


I have 2 questions maybe only you can anwer:

1. According to posters here the sky is falling. Any suggestions on where it may land?

2. Is it the sinister ploy of haarpa?

Plaese respond. Thanks Home!

Thanks Armando for the quick follow up. Usually we get nothing on none season Sundays. Thx again!!!!

Breed, you kill me. Where's it going to land?, lol

If they had gotten a legit #2 in FA, Marshall would be covered man to man in games. But... they didn't. So, it's just Hartline again, who strikes fear into the hearts of, well, no one. Maybe if TS play Gates, but you know he likes to sit on rookie WRs for a season or three.

We still have Chad Henne , and coach Sparano. This guy is way over his head. I have a feeling ( Nolan ) will take over real soon. Please start Pat Devlin.

getting worried about S.Smith again. Apparently the our only weak link on defense.

Looks like Gates just might force himself into the starting lineup.

If the sky falls, will we all have our heads in the clouds?

Wow, first some folks compare Henne to Brees, now he's being compared to Peyton Manning? Well then, I, for one, cannot wait to see him play this year.

A combo of Manning and Brees? Feeeyuck, Yes!!!

I'll be having orgasms in my pants all season long as we march straight to and through the Superbowl. 16-0 Baby!!! Weeeheeeeee!

Manning + Brees = Henne

Who'da thunk it last year? I should have listened to the Henne stat guys more and I could have been in a pre-orgasmic state since January.

Jax - If he does, then that could change the Marshall double team problem in a hurry. Here's hoping Sparano doesn't old school it as he has done and lets the rookie WR have a go at it (for more than one game at the end of the season).

Jimmy J


Because you mean 19-0, right? We ain't the patsies. 18-choke, losing to Eli. Still laughing about that one roflmao! When the Dolphins go undefeated, it means the Super Bowl, too.

It is crystal clear thet the less educated a Person is the more prejudiced they are.

Jimmy Jam,

Marshall's doubleteams, Hartline not being able to beat single coverage consistently, and Fasano's zero seam threat ability are the reasons for Gates and Clay. Now even Bush.

This now gives us ability to now take advantage of the entire field in passing situations no matter what kind of coverages are thrown at us. We just need those passes to be completed.

Scary players on Offense-

Bush-speed back/matchup problem in the slot
Gates-deep threat WR
Clay-versatile Hback/TE
Thomas,Hilliard-power backs
Marshall-Big bodied WR
Bess-reliable slot receiver

Could be fun to watch, guys. Just sayin'

Sports Writer
George Diaz Says,

The Dolphins should go after Tim Tebow.

Gates might not start game 1, but he beats out Hartline soon thereafter, if not pre-season. I like the threat he gives us. Talk about taking the top off the defense! I hope Tony will use him.

Crystal Balls say "Henne wins NFL MVP in 2011" and then tells Dolfans everywhere "Good Bye" and signs with Cincinnati Bengals for 2012. Matt Moore then becomes Dolphins starter.

Hey, if Jake Long is out for the year, does anyone else think that Jason Taylor could easily play Left Tackle? I think he could.


Its now apparent the offenses has the needed weapons. Now it only a matter of Henne adequately running the show. However, this doesnt mean he has to have a franchise qb calibre season.

He just need to be able to consitently get the ball to his weapons and let them make plays for him.

in the same way i and others have spent the last 4 months saying its too early to judge henne and that he needs anothet year, and I (and very few others) have spent the last 4 mths saying its too early to judge the fo IMO its still too early to judge them (ie either as ok or not)

whilst i like the general increase in optimism and the decrease in outright vitriol aimed at henne and the fo over the last week (prob just coz orton deal is dead), the fact that henne is practising well means almost nada, THE TEAM (o+d and st) first need to hold up in preseason as much to gain confidence in themselves as a team and individuals more than anything else

but the real deal only comes with the first 4-6 games, the results most imp and the style of those results 2nd

how the 2009/2010/2011 drafted players perform as well as a reduction in oc trashy playcalls and ts goofs and fp's will give us solid perspective on where the fo is at

henne's play will speak for itself, assuming he's starting (which i hope he is)

whatever happens this season, even as i hope he does, henne astounds and the team makes the playoffs and henne looks as though he's claimed the starters job outright, we still need to draft a qb in the first round next year


Dont know where youre getting MVP from with Henne. But he could be our MIP(Most Improved Player) with a very good showing this season.


All Henne needs to realize in 2011 is he has the offensive weapons and focus on getting the ball into thier hands. He does this and his 2011 numbers will speak for themselves.

is long out for year? fasano is awful. please find a te

Cut Henne!

Good Blog Name. I simply agree.


he has to realise AND execute!!


like right now?

u think that makes sense

or like cut him 8 mths ago?


Right there with you bud. Staying positive seems to be a negative here lately, but us dyed-in-the-wool fans know the power of positive thinking. Look what we did for Henne in just a couple of days, lol. So, go ahead you beast, take a bite outta pessimism and feed that wolf!

Wait. What?

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