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Tony Sparano in his own words

Tony Sparano covered a number of issues during his press conference with the press on Wednesday.

As the Internet is not yet full, I've decided to share with you every word the coach uttered so that it comes to you unfiltered.

Notice he was coy about the health of Jake Long (things are looking good for a season-opening debut), he awarded the starting right tackle job to Marc Colombo "right now" -- I suppose leaving open the possibility the Dolphins add another player such as Bryant McKinnie or someone of that ilk.

And he really didn't want to get into any criticism of Chad Henne by any former players. His words:

(On how dropped interceptions would change the defense as a whole if they were caught)- “We felt like at the end of the year it was somewhere around 24, 25 balls that we thought we had our hand on you know that we could have made plays on, some harder than others, some routine.  But that was last year and this is this year and right now they’re catching ‘em out there so we got to take it into the game and catch a few in the game.  I mean we got one the other night, Benny (Sapp) made a nice play on the ball and came up with it.  So that was good.”

(On how much dropped interceptions that were caught would change things)- “It’s going to change it tremendously.  I mean I think at the end of this thing when you look at it teams that are playing in somewhere deep into January there’s teams whose turnover ratio is pretty good.  I mean rarely are you seeing a team whose flip-flopped turnover wise kind of the way we were that’s playing at that point.  It’s just hard to win those kinds of games.  You know I think that’s something that we talk an awful lot about here.  Some people think its micromanaging or whatever the heck that thing is but if it is I am gonna continue to do it because it’s not helping us in January.”

(On the value he puts on Bryan Cox)- “Well right now it’s been tremendous.  You know I think that some place out on the practice field during the course of our practice the pass rushers can get lost a little bit.  It might be first down day; it might be short yardage goal line stuff.  Unless it’s third down when they’re rushing the passer you know those guys can get lost a little bit and Bryan (Cox) is kinda like, he’s this home, this kind of island out there where they can go to to get this work during the course of these special team periods.  You seem ‘em working ‘em pretty good and individual Bill (Sheridan) and Bryan (Cox) will split those guys up to get extra work.  It’s starting to trickle down I seen that after practice today (Jason Taylor) and (Jared) Odrick standing out there and it’s starting to get in the younger players a little bit.  Bryan has a different way of doing things with those guys that way and part of it is a challenge and part of it is fundamentals and things that he’s learned along the way.  I think it’s very, very valuable a lot more valuable coming from Bryan than it is coming from me who’s never done it before.”

(On how Bryan Cox has handled the whole mix of linebackers, both veterans and young players)- “Well I think he’s done a great job.  The good news is Bryan (Cox) comes with a lot of stripes.  You know a guy like (Jason Taylor) who’s got I believe, he corrected me the other night, but 132.5 sacks.  I left the half out and he told me how hard it was to get the half and he’s completely correct.  But that being said a guy like (Jason Taylor) hearing from Bryan (Cox) he knows Bryan has done it you know and the two of those guys bounce ideas off of each other a little bit and then the young guys are looking at Bryan with big eyes and are understanding that he’s been out there and this guy has been a really good player in this league. I think that’s done nothing but help us.”

(On the level of satisfaction on the intensity with practice)- “I think that the practices have been pretty good.  I like the intensity. I didn’t like the finish yesterday; I liked the finish today. You know this is a grind much different than any place I’ve been associated with.  It’s hard than it was in Dallas, certainty harder than any other place, you know Jacksonville.  I mean down here at training camp this time of year and with the heat being what it is and yesterday with the humidity was really up it’s just a grind.  To think that you’re gonna be…the intensity is gonna be from start to finish at its highest level, that’s not gonna happen.  You know but I think the longer it goes and the more you can keep the intensity the better you see your football team gettin’ and I felt like today we took some strides that way.”

(On without excuses, how the team has gotten to this point)- “To be honest with you my first year here I had blinders on, it didn’t really phase me one way or the other you know I just kinda brought this but as I said to you before I think you gotta identify particularly with the veteran players on the team, the (Jason Taylors) and the (Marc) Colombos and some of the older players on the team that you’re looking at and watch their body language out here in the heat and then you’re seeing some of the guys on the team that are in the best physical shape like a Davone Bess is always in good shape or (Tyrone) Culver and I try to watch those guys to tell me when I need to back off.  Today we finished practice 14 minutes early today. So when you talk about intensity now they’re getting through this thing pretty good so that was good.  Where yesterday I had to, I seem ‘em kinda maybe hittin’ a little bit of a wall and I had to trim some plays off of practice. That’s something in the past I probably wouldn’t have done.”

(On if he feels there is still untapped potential)- “Yes, I definitely do and that’s where I feel like Bryan Cox has been able to help a little bit there too.  You know again Bill Sheridan does a tremendous job, he and David Corrao with our linebackers, but having somebody to go to that can just coach him on pass rush and they can just sit in the room together and watch the pass rush film together you know I think is gonna make Cam Wake a much better player.  I think the way Bryan prepared for games mentally will help make a player like Cam Wake a better player.  You know in other words being able to share some of those things and what he look for in some of those situations.  Having (Jason Taylor) in the room with him helps make Cam Wake a better player so all these things I think are positive.  I think Cam (Wake)’s a pretty driven.  He’s not one to settle to where he was.  He understands there’s a whole different set of challenges coming at him this year with the way people are gonna approach him during the course of ball games and I think he’s starting to prepare for that out here now.”

(On Channing Crowder saying on the radio that Chad Henne cannot get the job done and if the rest of the team feels that way)- “He’s on the radio already (laughing)?  I’m not going to comment on that.  I’ve been around and round with this already before.  You guys know that.  You know my feeling on Chad (Henne).”

(On the defense’s conditioning with the lockout)- “I mean if you watch Jared Odrick run out here I wouldn’t call it a lack of conditioning I mean this guy is tremendous, in great physical shape.  Now some are in better than others, but I would tell you are they ready for game one right now from a physical standpoint…no, but they’re pretty close.  I like the shape that most of them are in, (Paul) Soliai, some of those guys came back in really good shape for where they are body weight wise.  It’s just gettin’ them into playing shape right now, playing football.  Eight plays are different than standing here running sprints.  When you play eight plays in a row at the level that those guys have to play at it’s completely different.  That’s where we need to be.  In the last couple of practices we’ve increased the number of reps that they are out there.  Before it was fours and fives and now it’s sevens and eights from a reps standpoint where they’re out there at one time.”

(On the uncertainty in the running game)- “Yeah sure I mean there is, no question about it.  I mean I’m seeing more and more out of ‘em every day in practice but I really need to see it in the games at a consistent level here and it’s hard because you’re running out of quarters but I mean we gotta see it.  We’ll get ‘em out there again this week, we’ll play some of these guys and see what we see.  I was pleased with what they did in the ball game last week although we didn’t gain a lot of yards on the ground. I am talking about total package protection, routes, all the things that are necessary.  Identifying the looks I thought was good but we got a little bit of a ways to go there right now.”

(On the uncertainty with the offensive line)- “I feel pretty comfortable I just think these guys just need to play together.  So they just need to keep playing together.  This is probably the most we have had a group together out there you know short of Jake (Long) not being out there right now, certainly since I’ve been here.  And I think that little by little they are starting to get better.  You know today was practice nine for that group.  So sometimes it takes 50 practices for those guys to get on the same page if you’ve played the position so we don’t have 50 practices right now.  They gotta figure it out fast but they’re gettin’ there and it’s not any different than probably any lines in our league right now.”

(On Jake Long’s progress)-“He’s doing well.”  

(On how Vernon Carey has adjusted since moving positions)- “I think he’s done a nice job.  I mean I think if you were to ask Vernon (Carey), Vernon would tell you it’s different because the speed is faster in there.  That’s a true statement.  I think he’s done a nice job to date right now. I see him everyday kinda getting’ a little bit better at something.  He’s a hard guy to move in there so he’s good, he can keep the quarterback’s feet clear between he, Richie (Incognito) and (Mike) Pouncey.  That core is pretty solid in there and hard to move that way.  We just gotta get ‘em playing just a little tick faster at the second level right now.  Those are the things that come with reps.”

(On his comfort level with A.J. Edds)- “I’m comfortable with what A.J. (Edds) has done so far. A.J. needs to keep coming.  You know we need to get him to keep coming.  He’s a young guy that hasn’t played a lot of football this way.  You know again he’s played out there in space but in between the tackles he hasn’t played a whole lot of football there and I think the more reps we can get him the better we’ll be.  I want to see him be able to put a couple performances together and maybe do some things in this ball game coming up this week that he didn’t do last week and see whether or not he can take another step coverage wise, another step with pattern reads and block recognition, all the things that good linebackers do.  

(On if Marc Colombo will be the starting offensive tackle for game one)- “Yeah that’s safe to say now.”

(On the story behind the hiring of Bryan Cox)- “You know it’s interesting.  When Bill (Sheridan) was here there would be several times when I would walk into Bill’s office and he might be on the phone with Bryan (Cox), ribbing him one way or the other as their relationship kinda is.  I’ve got to know Bryan (Cox) through Bill (Sheridan) and that’s the way I got a chance to meet him.  What I really liked about Bryan, talking with him a couple times at the Senior Bowl and at the combine and at those type of things and getting’ a chance to meet him is I just thought this guy is as straight as a straight shooter comes, he tells it like it is and I thought that from a player’s standpoint that they would appreciate that coming from a player.  I thought it would be valuable to have a resource like that on my staff because I needed somebody to say to me ‘hey coach, not in pads today…that’s too many.’ Or ‘hey coach…put ‘em in pads today.’  In other words I’m lucky that I have three or four of those guys on my staff at all different positions.  Ike (Hilliard) being a skill guy, and Danny Campbell being one of those semis.  It gives me a chance to bounce some things off of those people.  I got a chance to visit with Bryan (Cox) at the Senior Bowl this year and he and I just kinda sat and we kinda talked a little bit.  You know there was a point where he was obviously out of a job and that’s where it started.  But the vision, there was no position at that point and this was kinda of an idea that I just had and I thought would be somethin’ that worked out good.  I went to Jeff (Ireland) with it and I was fortunate that Jeff amen’d it.”

(On if he ever talked to Don Shula about Bryan Cox)- “I never really had a conversation with Coach (Don) Shula about him but when Coach Shula found out that I had him here and we seen each other at the Jim Mandich function he told me that it was a pretty smart thing to do.” 

 (On the practice schedule change after the preseason games)- “There’s not much I really like about it to be honest with you but I kinda felt like you see…you have to give the players one day off every seven days.  If you do the math right now and I don’t practice this week right after the game I have to give ‘em the Tampa Bay game off.  That’s probably not gonna work is it?  So I don’t think anybody would be too happy with that.   So it gets to a point where you give it to ‘em off in the middle of the work week or you bring ‘em in right then and there after the game which is not un-normal.  In other words in season you would bring ‘em in, they would lift, they would run, they would meet and all we did was bring ‘em out for kinda a 22-play deal here and got the first group a little bit of work.  So we’re gonna do that again this week and then we won’t have to do it the following week after the Tampa game.  We will be able to give ‘em the day off right after that because that’s a short week going into Dallas and then we’re kinda on schedule.  But having to give ‘em that one day off you know in a perfect world if that rule was in place before your preseason games were scheduled you would rather play all Friday nights or all Saturday nights, not a Friday and then a Saturday.”

(On if he has seen the impact with the training camp drop off)- “Not really that way.  Where the drop off comes is when you start to look.  I mean we’re all creatures of habit, I’m sure everyone is doing it around the league.  But I told my guys the other day both the team and the staff, and I told them this because of urgency, in other words time is not a friend right now, you gotta get your team ready to play.  I’m trying to make a point to the young players, you either got it or you don’t right now.  At some point the parade is gonna pass you by here.  So this time last year going into the first preseason game, we had 22 practices and this year we had 12.  And that equaled 1,167 reps and this year it equaled 744 reps so you’re 360 or 70 reps short of where you were a year ago going into the first preseason game.  You’re not gonna get those back, you’re not gonna make ‘em up.  So that’s where I see the greatest impact.  The walk through reps you really have to have the player’s attention in this walk through which it’s been good for us, the guys have done a nice job  but you have to have something specific that you’re gonna work on, maybe something that you wouldn’t rep out here in practice.  Whatever the situation is we do some coming out, we do some short yardage goal line; you know some of those kinda things.  The players gotta do a good job executing because they count.”


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We need WR's that are a minumum of 6'8" to deal with Henne's accuracy issues. Lol. And Sporano must understand that no one want's to hear his mumbo jumbo when we keep losing. When we had Pennington we went for it on 4th down all the time. Now he's just happy to get a feild goal. And that's sad. Good thing Daboll don't play that $___

Crowder isn't stupid.

So he sits out a year in hopes that his meager stock is forgotten, and lands another overpaid contract with a desperate team.

Meanwhile (and henseforth), taking any questions from the media and spinning it away from his pathetic career.

He is a "business man" of sorts...another slumlord of the G.O.D.


Who cares about substance, quanity is where it's at.

Stir the pot, KEEP ON TROLLING, I get it.

Oscar is THAT cryptic enough for you.......?

I'm out!


No gang of defeat for me.

I'm on the "4000 yards or bust" Bandwagon!

All excuses aside, back to the wall!

Just the way I like it. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Make a believer out of me or join Crowder in the has been been stands!

odinseye | August 17, 2011 at 12:07 AM

I 2nd the motion and Crowder did blow massive chunks!! I tell you odin Fin Fans have gotten so use to mediocrity we actually have people on here talking up Crowder like he was one of the best to ever wear the Aqua&Orange, glad to see you setting the record straight all over page 2. He was not only NOT one of the All Time Fins, he isn`t even one of the better LB`s to ever play for us either.

1) AJ Duhe
2) Nick Boniconti
3) J. Offerdahl
4) Zach Thomas
5) Bryan Cox
6) Larry Gordon
7) Rusty Chambers
8) Ernie Rohne
9) Jay Brophy
10)Wahoo McDaniel, yes I put him in there!! At least he entertained me on World Champonship Wrestling, his interviews were hillarous and he was rewarded with the US heavyweight Championship while fueding with Ivan Koloff. All I ever saw out of Crowder was alot of empty talk he couldn`t back up on Sunday like last Season when the Ravens clowned him.

I don`t want alter boys I actually like the trash talkin and think it is part of the game, grew up on it as a UM lifer. One of my favorite players of ALL TIME is the one and only Primetime Deion Sanders who trash talked with the best of them but backed it up. I will always remember when he left Atl. and went to S.F. in 94. When it was game on he said he owned the Georgia dome and backed it up with a 98 yard return for a TD were he was high stepping looking at the Falcon sidelne before hitting mid field. If Crowder could have backed up his talk like that I`d be the 1st guy on here singing his praises!!

PS: Those were all MLB`s I put up if I were to include OLB I could put up more than 20 names that have made a bigger contributon than 2 sacks and 1 INT thru there careers and this out of a guy who payed 6 Seasons!! SHEESH!!

Henne sucks and everyone knows it...the coach's just can't admit it right now..you will all hear the truth in years to come after Tonys career is over and then the beans will spill..it's all cover you butt stuff now...

when did zach and JT for that matter ever stop the opposing team when it mattered most?

I seem to remember about 487 long 4th drives against them for touchdowns and losses.

There's no way Henne will be the starter all of this season...impossible...all the Henne supporters will see in due time...make that down cause it will happen...what is it gonna tale for the supporters to see this??


from what i am seeing the supporters will never admit it. no matter how many more times he gets benched, or gets let go, they will sing their jack in the box full of excuses for him. never seen anything like it really.

Meanwhile (and henseforth), taking any questions from the media and spinning it away from his pathetic career.

He is a "business man" of sorts...another slumlord of the G.O.D.

Posted by: GulfDolphin | August 17, 2011 at 01:05 AM

Pathetic career? He did something right to be a millionaire before the age of 30. Better businessman that most.

Speaking of pathetic, your spelling is at a 3rd grade level. Even Crowder could do better.

Good night Oscar. I will imagine us in manly embrace in sec 401 after destroying the Patriots week one!

fin4life-withabigboner | August 17, 2011 at 12:18 AM

Lets see the Central theme with whoever this is seems to be manly embraces, the Pats and boners, hmmm?? Sounds like someone with a deep rooted Brady man crush to me looking to expess himself with an anti-fins rant while expressing his inner most desires. There is hope for you yet, that Beiber hair do and the videos of the Shakira like hip dances he did in the Brazilian Carnivals put the gaydar in overdrive, so don`t put those knee pads away just yet.

Good night Oscar. I will imagine us in manly embrace in sec 401 after destroying the Patriots week one!

fin4life-withabigboner | August 17, 2011 at 12:18 AM

Lets see the Central theme with whoever this is seems to be manly embraces,places to meet guys, the Pats and boners, hmmm?? Sounds like someone with a deep rooted Brady man crush to me looking to expess himself with an anti-fins rant while expressing his inner most desires as indirectly as possible to keep that homophobic inner conflict under wraps. There is hope for you yet, that Beiber hair do and the videos of the Shakira like hip dances he did in the Brazilian Carnivals put the gaydar in overdrive, so don`t put those knee pads away just yet.

Notice how the Henne supporters never make a convincing argument to support their point of view, talk dirty trash half the time, and are the ones always calling names here?

Just shows you which group is more immature and dumber.

..Cowkilla. I don't think that there is anything wrong with a fan throwing their support the way of Chad Henne. It would be in all of our best interest for him to progress, and lead this team. There is no doubt that those who question his competance have evry right to do so. Personally, I don't care who the quarterback is as long as he gets it done.

Also, why not throw your support behind him. It isn't as if we have any say on the personel. With the exception of an I told you so. That is really the only blue ribbon on the prize that would be a Henne collapse. I really have no clue as to who Henne is. My gut agrees with you as far as thinking he may not have the chops. My heart tugs the other direction, and tells my pea brain that he will one day figure it out. For now he is the quarterback. Like it or not. The best solution(IMO) is to support all of the players as I just want to see a winning product.(Not that my support means anything to the success of the team)


And the winner of the "I GET IT" award goes to Mr. Darryl Dunphy with the smartes post FOR OR AGAINST the QB situation posted in weeks!!

...fin4life. Thanks for the shout. After a well thought post here is a doozie. Disclaimer. This is just a hypothetic question. There is no reason to think this could ever happen. I just would like to see where folks would stand if it became an option.

Here it goes. Everyone is aware Titans RB Chris Johnson is having contract issues. Say the Titans signed him with the idea of trading him knowing his contract demands could crush the franchise. What would be a fair trade if the Titans came calling? Would the large contract, and a first round pick be worth his skill set? Or would the prudent action be to pass?

My opinion is that Running backs can go climb a tree for that sort of price. Especially when their window for success, or longevity is limited. The threat of injury, or burnout(IMO) is not worth that trade. Even though he is one of the top 3 backs in the NFL. For how long. Plus we need to keep that first rounder so we can continue collecting lineman..joke


I don`t see how Tennessee can give CJ a base of 13 Mil a season and expect many takers in a sign and trade while he is a very talented Football player it would be fiscally unsound to any teams salary cap to carry that tag on a RB who at 5`10"/190 pds will begin to see his share of injuries if called upon to carry the ball over 300 times a season, remember he showed signs last year of the wear the 09 season put on his body.

In todays game we`ve seen a switch from the days of the featured back to a two back system. You also have to analyze what the cost of signing your co-starter would be as well because if he`s worth 13 Mil isn`t it safe for the other RB to expect at least half?? It`s a loose loose scenario for the Titans because they need him but can`t set that prescedent.

If he`s worth that then what will Adrian Peterson want next year when his time comes and Darryl in the last decade how many solid RB`s have we seen enter the game every season just about. I think he`s a cancer waiting to blow up in any teams face that would be dumb enough to go there. My bet is he sits out the first 10 games and plays the final 6 for credit towards FA. Also remember we see this every year out of a guy looking to up the bar on his positions salary ceiling, last year it was L.Mankins who wanted over 10 Mil a season as well as Vincent Jackson who was looking for 12 Mil per. The Titans I believe play hard ball here, as they should.


Notice how I'm on gay websites wanting so suck (C)ock?

I have to say, I really think Sparano is a good man, a smart football guy, and is very courteous to the media.

If/when he parts with Miami, I am confident he will continue to have a great career in the NFL.

I don't get the Henne hate. He isn't the best qb to play in Miami but he isn't the worst.

I am chalking up last years screw ups to bad luck. Henne threw int for sure but receivers weren't always in position. There were a few tips of receivers hands as well.

If the d had caught just half of those ints, we are 10 game winners.

If Henning didn't call WC in the middle of successful drive then we may have scored a few more TD's.

If the refs made the right call in the Pittsburgh game is another win.

It ain't all bad. Lets see what happens when we get the bounce.




crowder and penne are just the latest guys who have said the problem lies with ireland. players cant talk(gag order from ireland)while under contract. they will voice their feelings as soon as ross wakes up and dismisses jeff. the worst thing parcells did was bring in ireland;they should have left together; holding hands.

Henne, Schmenne...

He's not the only problem. Lots of resources have been wasted by Sparano and Ireland on offensive linemen. Four years and millions and millions of dollars later, we still have a patchwork o-line with no hint of improvement. Is that Henne's fault?

I'm not sure what's up with Dolphins players, but here's ANOTHER article (this morning on the Dolphins page about assessing training camp) with players whining that everyone is wrong about them sucking. WHY TALK ABOUT IT? They know what they have to do. They've been 7-9 2 years in a row, and haven't won more than 11 games in a decade or more. THIS IS A MEDIOCRE FRANCHISE!!! No if's, and's or but's. GET OVER IT!!!

You don't want people shortchanging you, here's a tip Dolphins, WIN! Go out there, start fast, beat New England, have a winning record by the bye week, and guess what, you'll start getting some respect.

But fans are not dumb. And this is what you create when you're mediocre for a generation. No one, even those most loyal to you, are going to believe you when you say this year is different. Not with the same glaring problems people have always seen.

So, my constructive advice to players is stop whining that people are wrong to be negative, they are not. You have done NOTHING (yeah, you JT), as far as winning division titles, getting deep in the Playoffs, to deserve the respect of fans right off the bat during preseason. You need to go EARN that respect. Do that, and all this negativity will go away. Lose to New England at home on Monday night in Sept., and expect not to see many seats filled every week in Miami on Sundays.


Just saw the second INT.by Henne ....And if you put the volume on ..You can clearly hear D.Bess whistle at Henne to get him the ball...and Henne being so dumb still threw it to him!


can someone direct me to Penny's harsh comments about Ireland?



Why didnt you ask him why Moore cant get some reps with the #1's during the next preseason game? If u dont play the #2 QB during a preseason game then there cant, by default, be a QB controversey. Boy, thats unfair. Not only to Moore, but the fans who expect Sparano to put the best player on the field. The best player not being Henne. Oh well, this is Sparano's last yr.

LOL @ the real or fake Aloco for:

"DELOPE" & then correcting it to "DEVOLPE"


ALoco -- what are your thoughts on the great Jacory Harris being implicated in the U's massive improper benefits scandal?


More mush from the wimp.

Fail Forward Fast!



Oh, I love Don Shula and TS; they are both straightforward and honest persons. But Shula had to deal with Robbie who was not exactly the most pleasant and trustworthy guy in the World. Now we are in the same situation with Ross(although I think he is much better educated than Robbie). Ireland, I don't know. Later.

Dragonfly, if you've been following reports from camp, you'd know that Moore has NOT been impressive at practices. Coaches, reporters, even fans are saying that he doesn't look good in practice, and basically looks flat. That's not how a "far-reaching" backup gets into a starting position. Not only do you need to PLAY well as a backup, but you need to knock the socks off folks at practice too. That's what makes Coaches rethink their plans and attempt something new.

So, I'm fine with Henne being the starter. I've seen or heard nothing yet that says there's someone else on the team currently that would do a better job than him.

OK, so 2 things here. the Mckinney signing should be a no-brainer in my opinion. Yea, he is over weight, but has been in the past and still made a pro-bowl over weight.

On Crowder saying Henne is not Brady or Manning... NEITHER ARE 80% of the QB's in the league, so what's the point of saying that.

Not one Henne supported would say he is Peyton or T Brady...

Anyway, needed to vent on that.

Poizen I would argue that 100% of QBs in the league are not Manning or Brady...you know 'top 10 all time' talents and unanimous first ballot Hall of Famers.

Maybe a Drew Brees or Aaron Rogers can aspire to reach that plateau some day. Maybe Chad Henne can too!

Channing should stick to what Channing does best -- studying his maps, and stay quiet like that famous deaf mute Anne Frank.

DC Dolfan | August 17, 2011 at 09:28 AM

Dude you are high or reading the chinese newspapers. The reports and eyewitness bloggers say just the opposite.


What game making play has crowder made when we are up by 4 or 6 to save a game and help us preserve a victory?

Seemed our D did not totally step up in those situations?

Did anyone ask him why he did not create more fumbles or int's in his career at Miami?

I liked the guy, but when you atrat calling out others, i think it is very important to talk about what you did great, to allow you to second guess others.

guys,dont forget that players and even sparano liked channing. i've lived at the past 3 camps and channing was liked by everyone who practiced or attended. yes,he's a joker and likes to ramble but he kept the players loose and practices bearable. dolphin practices are devoid of fun and players are on a "tight leash" with a gag order in place(ireland). guys are micromanaged and not allowed to make "mistakes". most play tight and it shows in the games;they arent having fun. another long year ahead with ireland/sparano/henne.

bleacher report.

I do not do drugs, and have read and heard the same things DC has.

so THERE ARE reports stating Henne is easily out playing any other QB.

Poizen. McKinney was a beady at the U. Now we know where he got his partying and hooker habits.
Last report had him well north of 400 lbs. If we signed him today it's October b4 he plays. Not sure he has upside potential.
Is there such a thong as TFTPNFL??

greg z. Your comment is interesting. If it is true.

That would explain a lot of the Henne issues that everyone is saying are EXCUSES, not FACTS.

Just pointing that out for any of the Haters who are here, that there is a possibility Henne's progress could easily be stunted bu over coaching and control.

channing did make a game saving INT of tom brady to preserve a win over the pats. channing's strength was calling plays for the d and being a run stopper in the middle. he did record alot of tacles over 6 years. dansby liked him alot and said so often. he was quoted as saying channing always had them in the right schemes as a mic lb.

I liked the guy, but when you atrat calling out others, i think it is very important to talk about what you did great, to allow you to second guess others.

Posted by: Poizen | August 17, 2011 at 09:51 AM

This makes no sense. This is like saying if you are a lousy musician, you have no idea who is a good musician when hearing one. I know having struggle with music, my sensibilities about it have skyrocketed and can appreciate the finger points of it.

I'll take a player on the fields opinion, who has played against the best in the world, 1000 times over some blogger that has NEVER played in the NFL.

If you don't think a players opinion is worth anything, than why are you even blogging with bloggers whose opinion should even mean less by your logic?

finer points

Aloco, I expect to see what I've seen the last 2 years. Erratic, decent, but not good enough.

Poizen, your missing Crowders main point. He doesn't think Henne has "it".

Being a Brady or Manning is an obvious statement & a dumb one by him. But, the general jist of his statement is that he hasn't seen anything from henne to ever lead him to believe he can be a good QB in this league.

The biggest concern with his comments is, do other guys in the locker room think like him? If so, this season could get ugly in a hurry if we're slow out of the gate, especially if Henne isn't playing well.

It's a wait & see.

poizen, what i say is true. i've been to camp for the past 3 years(not this one) and they arent fun. team practices and plays "tight". they think too much and thats their downfall;"too afraid of making mistakes!" they should be playing faster and relying on instinct(ie. dansby). henne is paralyzed in practice rarely taking shots downfield. his throws are late as he waits for the receiver to be open. too late by then! its very frustrating to watch.


Several players have corroborated what you say. So many fans won't accept it even from Dansby's mouth, just because they didn't like his big mouth.

Most fans have NO OBJECTIVITY, and let their personal feelings TOTALLY CLOUD their view. It's obvious.

ltc, not sure. loosing 40 pounds for an o-lineman is pretty easy. Even if it is October, he skill wise is better than all but Long. I would think just by moving and practice he would love approx 8-10 pounds a week. I was never a o-lineman, but it seems his playing weight was 350-360.

I could be completly off base here, but it would not take a guy that size long to get to that playing weight if motivated.

He is training with the williams sisters learning tennis... a 1% owner of the phins...

Could all be a good fit. :)


I read your post from the wee hours this morning on CJ. It's an interesting question. My two cents (for what it's worth) is that CJ's not a guy who's worth the price for this franchise to pay. Yeah he's one of the best back's in the league and yeah he's a difference maker. But there's a number of things that would worry me. First of is his build. I just don't see this guy having a long career in the NFL based on his size. He'll be elite for a few more years and then I think he'll breakdown in a hurry. That's the first point. Second point is, I'm not sure I want a guy on the team who continues to think it's OK to do what he's doing. Forget whether he's right or wrong to be doing what he wants. I think it's a bad precedent on the team to have guys doing it and I could see him continuing to do it and other guys doing the same. I wouldn't want any part of it. Rumours are he wnats to be paid as a top PLAYER in the NFL, so would you pay a running back $12-15 million a year? I wouldn't. Lastly, I think it's going to take something like two firsts to get this guy, maybe something along the lines of what it took to get Ricky Williams here. Forget who is the better player at their peak but how many playoff games did Ricky get us? My point is, while I think CJ is a great player, how did Tennessee do last year with him and how much better would we be with him now? I'd prefer for us to hang onto our draft picks and if Henne struggles this year, yes we draft a QB in the first round next year. I know this will surprise guys but I'd even be prepared to trade up and get the right guy. So keep as many picks as we cna for next year and beyond.

Interesting question though Darryl....

I agree with greg, Channing was a good player, no doubt. Sure he wasn't Zach Thomas, Bryan Cox, John Offerdahl, or Nick Buonicotti - but he was good in his own right. Anybody with 2 eyes could see the defense was much better with him in it than without over his career by miles.

Man, after looking at those ILBs, you can make a case that Miami should be better knwon for the outstanding MLB play over the franchise history than anyother position although that credit is never given it seems league wide.


I believe the recievers do try their best, but their best would even be better if they had more confidence in Henne. People rave non stop when Henne makes a great throw. He can make them, and has made them. BUT....he has never made them consistently, and has far more bad throws than good throws STILL. This is what has to change immediately, within the first few games.

let's say were 2-2 at the bye, or worse 1-3.
Do we bench Henne and start Moore for the away game at the Jets on a national stage on Oct. 17th?

If Moore falters, then we are in a huge hole.

Question on all our minds is this:

How long a leash do we give Henne before we pull it for Moore?

rango, agreed. the point i'm making is that the players all liked crowder. anyone who met him liked him;he was a breathe of fresh air in a stagnant org. i understand about his "mouth" but every team needs one. channing was alot of fun and not malicious like jporter. channing always will be a dolphin long after jeff is fired(the sooner the better).

Pretty concerned about the RT position. Hoping they figure it out before week 1 but you have to ask if Colombo is really the answer? Should we maybe we looking at Bryant McKinnie or Stinchcomb? Maybe neither is a great option but surely they'd be better than Colombo! Other options include Murtha or moving Carey back to RT. I'd like to see this solved in the next couple weeks so that they're not tinkering all season with it.

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