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Tony Sparano in his own words

Tony Sparano covered a number of issues during his press conference with the press on Wednesday.

As the Internet is not yet full, I've decided to share with you every word the coach uttered so that it comes to you unfiltered.

Notice he was coy about the health of Jake Long (things are looking good for a season-opening debut), he awarded the starting right tackle job to Marc Colombo "right now" -- I suppose leaving open the possibility the Dolphins add another player such as Bryant McKinnie or someone of that ilk.

And he really didn't want to get into any criticism of Chad Henne by any former players. His words:

(On how dropped interceptions would change the defense as a whole if they were caught)- “We felt like at the end of the year it was somewhere around 24, 25 balls that we thought we had our hand on you know that we could have made plays on, some harder than others, some routine.  But that was last year and this is this year and right now they’re catching ‘em out there so we got to take it into the game and catch a few in the game.  I mean we got one the other night, Benny (Sapp) made a nice play on the ball and came up with it.  So that was good.”

(On how much dropped interceptions that were caught would change things)- “It’s going to change it tremendously.  I mean I think at the end of this thing when you look at it teams that are playing in somewhere deep into January there’s teams whose turnover ratio is pretty good.  I mean rarely are you seeing a team whose flip-flopped turnover wise kind of the way we were that’s playing at that point.  It’s just hard to win those kinds of games.  You know I think that’s something that we talk an awful lot about here.  Some people think its micromanaging or whatever the heck that thing is but if it is I am gonna continue to do it because it’s not helping us in January.”

(On the value he puts on Bryan Cox)- “Well right now it’s been tremendous.  You know I think that some place out on the practice field during the course of our practice the pass rushers can get lost a little bit.  It might be first down day; it might be short yardage goal line stuff.  Unless it’s third down when they’re rushing the passer you know those guys can get lost a little bit and Bryan (Cox) is kinda like, he’s this home, this kind of island out there where they can go to to get this work during the course of these special team periods.  You seem ‘em working ‘em pretty good and individual Bill (Sheridan) and Bryan (Cox) will split those guys up to get extra work.  It’s starting to trickle down I seen that after practice today (Jason Taylor) and (Jared) Odrick standing out there and it’s starting to get in the younger players a little bit.  Bryan has a different way of doing things with those guys that way and part of it is a challenge and part of it is fundamentals and things that he’s learned along the way.  I think it’s very, very valuable a lot more valuable coming from Bryan than it is coming from me who’s never done it before.”

(On how Bryan Cox has handled the whole mix of linebackers, both veterans and young players)- “Well I think he’s done a great job.  The good news is Bryan (Cox) comes with a lot of stripes.  You know a guy like (Jason Taylor) who’s got I believe, he corrected me the other night, but 132.5 sacks.  I left the half out and he told me how hard it was to get the half and he’s completely correct.  But that being said a guy like (Jason Taylor) hearing from Bryan (Cox) he knows Bryan has done it you know and the two of those guys bounce ideas off of each other a little bit and then the young guys are looking at Bryan with big eyes and are understanding that he’s been out there and this guy has been a really good player in this league. I think that’s done nothing but help us.”

(On the level of satisfaction on the intensity with practice)- “I think that the practices have been pretty good.  I like the intensity. I didn’t like the finish yesterday; I liked the finish today. You know this is a grind much different than any place I’ve been associated with.  It’s hard than it was in Dallas, certainty harder than any other place, you know Jacksonville.  I mean down here at training camp this time of year and with the heat being what it is and yesterday with the humidity was really up it’s just a grind.  To think that you’re gonna be…the intensity is gonna be from start to finish at its highest level, that’s not gonna happen.  You know but I think the longer it goes and the more you can keep the intensity the better you see your football team gettin’ and I felt like today we took some strides that way.”

(On without excuses, how the team has gotten to this point)- “To be honest with you my first year here I had blinders on, it didn’t really phase me one way or the other you know I just kinda brought this but as I said to you before I think you gotta identify particularly with the veteran players on the team, the (Jason Taylors) and the (Marc) Colombos and some of the older players on the team that you’re looking at and watch their body language out here in the heat and then you’re seeing some of the guys on the team that are in the best physical shape like a Davone Bess is always in good shape or (Tyrone) Culver and I try to watch those guys to tell me when I need to back off.  Today we finished practice 14 minutes early today. So when you talk about intensity now they’re getting through this thing pretty good so that was good.  Where yesterday I had to, I seem ‘em kinda maybe hittin’ a little bit of a wall and I had to trim some plays off of practice. That’s something in the past I probably wouldn’t have done.”

(On if he feels there is still untapped potential)- “Yes, I definitely do and that’s where I feel like Bryan Cox has been able to help a little bit there too.  You know again Bill Sheridan does a tremendous job, he and David Corrao with our linebackers, but having somebody to go to that can just coach him on pass rush and they can just sit in the room together and watch the pass rush film together you know I think is gonna make Cam Wake a much better player.  I think the way Bryan prepared for games mentally will help make a player like Cam Wake a better player.  You know in other words being able to share some of those things and what he look for in some of those situations.  Having (Jason Taylor) in the room with him helps make Cam Wake a better player so all these things I think are positive.  I think Cam (Wake)’s a pretty driven.  He’s not one to settle to where he was.  He understands there’s a whole different set of challenges coming at him this year with the way people are gonna approach him during the course of ball games and I think he’s starting to prepare for that out here now.”

(On Channing Crowder saying on the radio that Chad Henne cannot get the job done and if the rest of the team feels that way)- “He’s on the radio already (laughing)?  I’m not going to comment on that.  I’ve been around and round with this already before.  You guys know that.  You know my feeling on Chad (Henne).”

(On the defense’s conditioning with the lockout)- “I mean if you watch Jared Odrick run out here I wouldn’t call it a lack of conditioning I mean this guy is tremendous, in great physical shape.  Now some are in better than others, but I would tell you are they ready for game one right now from a physical standpoint…no, but they’re pretty close.  I like the shape that most of them are in, (Paul) Soliai, some of those guys came back in really good shape for where they are body weight wise.  It’s just gettin’ them into playing shape right now, playing football.  Eight plays are different than standing here running sprints.  When you play eight plays in a row at the level that those guys have to play at it’s completely different.  That’s where we need to be.  In the last couple of practices we’ve increased the number of reps that they are out there.  Before it was fours and fives and now it’s sevens and eights from a reps standpoint where they’re out there at one time.”

(On the uncertainty in the running game)- “Yeah sure I mean there is, no question about it.  I mean I’m seeing more and more out of ‘em every day in practice but I really need to see it in the games at a consistent level here and it’s hard because you’re running out of quarters but I mean we gotta see it.  We’ll get ‘em out there again this week, we’ll play some of these guys and see what we see.  I was pleased with what they did in the ball game last week although we didn’t gain a lot of yards on the ground. I am talking about total package protection, routes, all the things that are necessary.  Identifying the looks I thought was good but we got a little bit of a ways to go there right now.”

(On the uncertainty with the offensive line)- “I feel pretty comfortable I just think these guys just need to play together.  So they just need to keep playing together.  This is probably the most we have had a group together out there you know short of Jake (Long) not being out there right now, certainly since I’ve been here.  And I think that little by little they are starting to get better.  You know today was practice nine for that group.  So sometimes it takes 50 practices for those guys to get on the same page if you’ve played the position so we don’t have 50 practices right now.  They gotta figure it out fast but they’re gettin’ there and it’s not any different than probably any lines in our league right now.”

(On Jake Long’s progress)-“He’s doing well.”  

(On how Vernon Carey has adjusted since moving positions)- “I think he’s done a nice job.  I mean I think if you were to ask Vernon (Carey), Vernon would tell you it’s different because the speed is faster in there.  That’s a true statement.  I think he’s done a nice job to date right now. I see him everyday kinda getting’ a little bit better at something.  He’s a hard guy to move in there so he’s good, he can keep the quarterback’s feet clear between he, Richie (Incognito) and (Mike) Pouncey.  That core is pretty solid in there and hard to move that way.  We just gotta get ‘em playing just a little tick faster at the second level right now.  Those are the things that come with reps.”

(On his comfort level with A.J. Edds)- “I’m comfortable with what A.J. (Edds) has done so far. A.J. needs to keep coming.  You know we need to get him to keep coming.  He’s a young guy that hasn’t played a lot of football this way.  You know again he’s played out there in space but in between the tackles he hasn’t played a whole lot of football there and I think the more reps we can get him the better we’ll be.  I want to see him be able to put a couple performances together and maybe do some things in this ball game coming up this week that he didn’t do last week and see whether or not he can take another step coverage wise, another step with pattern reads and block recognition, all the things that good linebackers do.  

(On if Marc Colombo will be the starting offensive tackle for game one)- “Yeah that’s safe to say now.”

(On the story behind the hiring of Bryan Cox)- “You know it’s interesting.  When Bill (Sheridan) was here there would be several times when I would walk into Bill’s office and he might be on the phone with Bryan (Cox), ribbing him one way or the other as their relationship kinda is.  I’ve got to know Bryan (Cox) through Bill (Sheridan) and that’s the way I got a chance to meet him.  What I really liked about Bryan, talking with him a couple times at the Senior Bowl and at the combine and at those type of things and getting’ a chance to meet him is I just thought this guy is as straight as a straight shooter comes, he tells it like it is and I thought that from a player’s standpoint that they would appreciate that coming from a player.  I thought it would be valuable to have a resource like that on my staff because I needed somebody to say to me ‘hey coach, not in pads today…that’s too many.’ Or ‘hey coach…put ‘em in pads today.’  In other words I’m lucky that I have three or four of those guys on my staff at all different positions.  Ike (Hilliard) being a skill guy, and Danny Campbell being one of those semis.  It gives me a chance to bounce some things off of those people.  I got a chance to visit with Bryan (Cox) at the Senior Bowl this year and he and I just kinda sat and we kinda talked a little bit.  You know there was a point where he was obviously out of a job and that’s where it started.  But the vision, there was no position at that point and this was kinda of an idea that I just had and I thought would be somethin’ that worked out good.  I went to Jeff (Ireland) with it and I was fortunate that Jeff amen’d it.”

(On if he ever talked to Don Shula about Bryan Cox)- “I never really had a conversation with Coach (Don) Shula about him but when Coach Shula found out that I had him here and we seen each other at the Jim Mandich function he told me that it was a pretty smart thing to do.” 

 (On the practice schedule change after the preseason games)- “There’s not much I really like about it to be honest with you but I kinda felt like you see…you have to give the players one day off every seven days.  If you do the math right now and I don’t practice this week right after the game I have to give ‘em the Tampa Bay game off.  That’s probably not gonna work is it?  So I don’t think anybody would be too happy with that.   So it gets to a point where you give it to ‘em off in the middle of the work week or you bring ‘em in right then and there after the game which is not un-normal.  In other words in season you would bring ‘em in, they would lift, they would run, they would meet and all we did was bring ‘em out for kinda a 22-play deal here and got the first group a little bit of work.  So we’re gonna do that again this week and then we won’t have to do it the following week after the Tampa game.  We will be able to give ‘em the day off right after that because that’s a short week going into Dallas and then we’re kinda on schedule.  But having to give ‘em that one day off you know in a perfect world if that rule was in place before your preseason games were scheduled you would rather play all Friday nights or all Saturday nights, not a Friday and then a Saturday.”

(On if he has seen the impact with the training camp drop off)- “Not really that way.  Where the drop off comes is when you start to look.  I mean we’re all creatures of habit, I’m sure everyone is doing it around the league.  But I told my guys the other day both the team and the staff, and I told them this because of urgency, in other words time is not a friend right now, you gotta get your team ready to play.  I’m trying to make a point to the young players, you either got it or you don’t right now.  At some point the parade is gonna pass you by here.  So this time last year going into the first preseason game, we had 22 practices and this year we had 12.  And that equaled 1,167 reps and this year it equaled 744 reps so you’re 360 or 70 reps short of where you were a year ago going into the first preseason game.  You’re not gonna get those back, you’re not gonna make ‘em up.  So that’s where I see the greatest impact.  The walk through reps you really have to have the player’s attention in this walk through which it’s been good for us, the guys have done a nice job  but you have to have something specific that you’re gonna work on, maybe something that you wouldn’t rep out here in practice.  Whatever the situation is we do some coming out, we do some short yardage goal line; you know some of those kinda things.  The players gotta do a good job executing because they count.”


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I sure hope that Tony's players followed his logic better than I? Watch!

Sorry guys....have to disagree on Crowder. It's about production on the field and the guy hasn't got it done the last few years. The fact that nobody has picked this guy up is telling.

Well, for all you "Henne Haters" out there, don't worry. With the way things look right now it won't be long before some speed-rusher blows past Colombo, drives Henne into the ground, and takes him out for the season. Sparano says that Moore plays in games better than practises. I hope so!

Concerning Channing Crowder:
Look back over all the media stories of the man over the years. He ran his mouth, but that was it. Although, for some reason, the Defence was better when he was in the game. Other than that, you'll find stories of him doing a lot of fishing and hunting gators in the glades. That's it!

Greg, I believe you, because I was saying all along that Henne was not playing naturally and that had to come from some where.

Rango, to your point at my comment. Look, Crowder is out of the NFL, throws the starting QB under the bus by publicly blasting him. Henne has shown some good things and some bad. so now tie Greg and your comments together. If coaching is not letting Henne play with instincts than how can anyone hope this guy can win down 4 with 1 minute left. That is instinct city, make things happen. Then we have no clue if Henne can or can not do that.

Maybe Daboll will free him up and we can see what Henne is truly all about.

Of course he needs a line in front of him. that is the thing that scares me the most about this year.

i don't know if henne can ever shed his "over coaching" the past 3 years. he was constantly told to "kill the play" if you dont like what you see. camp was constant checkdowns and kills because he never took chances. its ingrained. if he had a gunslinger mentality it was squashed early on by sparano(no penalty's,no mistakes etc). henne isnt accurate,doesnt extend plays and throws late(waiting for receivers to be open). all errors that are hard to correct. he's got a big arm that he isnt allowed to use. fins want him to be a game manager. they keep trying to fit the sqare peg into the round hole. henne isnt penne.

let's speak the truth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




I hope we don't get to that point. I think there are a lot of variables there though. If we are loosing 38-31, and very little running game. And Henne is playing well, you can bench him.

If we are loosing 38-7, I think benching him may be warranted, partially because either he is screwing up, or the line is not protecting him meaning he is half dead.

Either way, there will be more focus on Sparono and Ireland leaving at that point. :)

penne is all class and has never bad mouthed anyone;not even the jets who released him. to speak out against ireland says it all. jeff's an idiot who is protected by parcells/ross and is bullet proof. he only apologized to dez when the story grew wings(damage control). he has hijacked my beloved fins and i want my team back. crowder will always be a fin at heart.

I don't care if Channing was a so-so player, or if he's motivated by Ireland-hatred (& who among us isn't??).

He spoke the truth re Henne
He's offered a window into how his teammates feel about Chad.
Sad. But true.

Are Sun Sentinel outcasts welcome here? I went on a late night drive-by and wrecked the place. Just thought I stop by and see what the place looks like


CLASSIC.....MY FOOT ////////

CALSS......... MY FOOT

this fins team is a toy for jeff ireland. he can play with his toy and do whatever he wants. he has a golden parachute provided by parcells and ross. no player is allowed to speak out as gag orders are in place. he has gotten rid of several good dolphins in the past year. he demands respect but forgot to "earn it". i hope ross(clueless) wakes up someday!!!

Crowder this Crowder that. Was he an HOF'er? Nope. Was he a pro bowler? Nope. Was he the second best linebacker on the team for the last few years, YES.

Some of you think anyone who isn't a star probowler is crap. Crowder was a role player, called the D, and filled a role. Every SB team is made up of 50% Crowder type players!

Many of you have misdirected hatred. I'm not saying you have to like him personally. He was a team guy, liked by the players, and served a role.

Not saying he is a great loss, but just think too many of you spew venom over trivial things. So what if he spoke too much. Its boring as hell listening to so many players just speak the company line. Oh yes, love the team, love the coach, love the city, just want to do that best I can and help the team, blah blah blah... Is that what you really want?

I like a little animation my self. The dolpins have reeked of boredom for a decade now. Least exciting team on the planet.



bleacher report, can you read? You speako English? Then check this out from Omar Kelley's camp observations in the Sun Sentinel:

Who's down?

On Monday Sparano admitted Moore, the team's backup QB, isn't much of a practice performer. Moore did little to dispel his coaches claims Tuesday, spraying a few passes all over the field. Moore had a few solid throws (just as many as Henne), but he did throw a bad interception.

You read that MORON! I usually don't get worked up over idiotic posters (doesn't solve anything and not worth it), but I've really had enough with you BRAIN-DEAD, KNOW-NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL, RIDICULOUS posters on here who even contemplate for one second Matt Moore is an acceptable starting QB for a professional football team in the NFL. He's not. He wasn't in Carolina (ask the coaches, ask the players, ask the fans), and he's not in Miami. Chad Henne might be mediocre, might not be the answer, but only a RETARD would think Matt Moore IS the answer.

And that's where we are.

To NH's question (and, I don't put you in the above group by the way NH, you have great posts on here and were just asking a question, which is fine by me), but I would NEVER replace Chad Henne with Matt Moore this year UNLESS, we're like 0-8, 1-7, 2-6 and it can be determined that it's mostly because of Henne. But I seriously doubt that will happen this year. I don't think we'll win the division, but we'll be successful enough (I believe) to let the year play out with Henne being the starter, and then we'll know ONCE AND FOR ALL which direction we need to move in the future.

If we replace Henne, then next year, I PROMISE there will be voices in the organization, and HERE, saying, "we still don't know, Henne wasn't given a shot, it was his first year in a new system." That's the WORST possible outcome if you ask me. Keeps the team in stagnation. The question that needs answering this year are two-fold:

1- Is Chad Henne the QB for the future or not?
2- Are Sparano/Ireland good enough to keep or not?

That's IT! Forget SuperBowl talk, forget even making the Playoffs, those are too hopeful for where we are. If we get those two questions answered by the end of the season, I'll be thrilled as a fan, because then we can work next year towards what everyone wants (I'm assuming), which is an elite team in Miami that can compete year in, year out for the SuperBowl.

And if you think Matt Moore gives you any more chance of that than Chad Henne, then I'm sorry to be blunt, but you're just an A-hole.




Like him or hate him, Crowder played on that team. He knows it well. He's liked by his former teammates. I don't see any of his former teammates rushing out to trash him over his comments, do you? You've got to assume more players feel the same way he does.

To totally dismiss what he says about Henne or anyone, simply because he wasn't overly productive, is assinine, and shows a total lack of common sense. His play has nothing to do with his perception or the pule of the players in that locker room.

Ricky had unfavorable words about Sparano. So did Hartline at seasons end. Did we all turn a blind eye to it or did we believe some of it?

Taylor & Porter both said Sparano was a micromanager that babies the players. People trashed those guys because how dare a former player speak out after he's gone. Not because they weren't true but because they were being spiteful for being released.

Personally, if I was going to believe ANYONE, it'd be Crowder over bloggers who can't handle criticism of their beloved team & players.

DC Dolfan

Whoa, Omar Kelley is your golden source of information? Hahaha. One article one day? Can you read? Sparano is saying Moore plays better in games!!! Do you want your player best in practice or real games? You are beyond foolish.

Tell you what, friend (notice I didn't call you moron like all Henne lovers like to do), go down and watch with YOUR OWN EYEBALLS, then tell me what YOU SEE, not silly Omar.

Henne looks awful in practice, not only that, Henne looks like he will never ever get better.

Have a lovely day now.

Whoa, DC brings the wood!!!

I agree 100% man. This season is all about judgement. Sparano, Ireland, Henne, you're up. So far Ireland on the surface seems to have failed - Sparano's o line looks like it will get him fired - Henne not looking markedly improved either.

Joe Schmoe

Good point. Who would you believe, a guy that is not afraid to speak his mind, a guy that has years of first hand experience, or some yes man yes sir player who wants to say the 'right thing'.

People let personal issues get in the way of logic. Sure I wished Crowder backed up his words more, but even still his outspoken nature never bothered me. I like to see people animated and not acting like flower pots.

Rango, to me it's pretty simple. The only people really questioning or upset with his comments on this blog are whom? Guys who really support Chad. That's fine, I get it. Crowder had less than favorable things to say about him.

People need to put their fandom aside & stop dismissing everyone who points out something that appears to be negative. When in reality, it's closer to truth. What did Crowder say that is SO OUTRAGEOUS that people just laugh him off?

Me personally, I don't care either way about Henne. He's our guy & I root for every guy my team puts on the field.

Just because Crowder's play couldn't back up his lip service doesn't mean he has no credibility. When he talks about his former team, he has more credibility than everyone on this blog, combined.

the rt pos will be an open gate for players to kill henne, then moore, and finally for last couple games devlin

its up to henne to proove to his doubters inside and outside the team that he can play football to a high enough level

it'll be harder for him to do it w/o a decent o-line, TE, and running game but it's too late in his career to have those as excuses anymore he's just got to get it done,

BUT i do think he should get the first 8 games whatever, last seasons other offensive woes owe him that gametime to reduce the ints and nail some drives ending in td's and ultimately give us some wins

Look, I'm just a stupid fan. I don't get to see everything that goes on all day with the Dolphins. I don't talk to them, don't watch them, don't see their study habits. I don't get to make any opinions that anyone in the NFL cares about, certainly not the FO or HC. I get my info from reporters and posters and Coaches.

All we can do as fans, besides make our own personal opinions, is respect what the Head Coach and other Coaches say. We don't have to believe them, or agree with them, but we SHOULD respect them (because the Head Coach is PAID to KNOW their team). I'm not paid squat for any football opinion I have.

The Coach says Henne is the starter. Crowder said he sucks, but I wonder (and highly doubt) he would say he sucks enough to replace with Matt Moore.

History and past performance also have to be a factor. How many games has Matt Moore won in this league? How many TDs does he have? How many INT's? Coaches, "experts", fans use ALL that information combined to make a judgment.

This Coach determined from all that Henne is the starter. I have not heard ANY "expert", while criticizing Henne, say that Matt Moore should be the starter (if anyone has evidence of that, I'd love to see it). Fans fall in 2 camps, those that either love Henne or (like me) think he's the only real starting QB we have on the team, or those that either hate Henne or don't think he'll ever amount to much and so want someone, ANYONE else (and they don't care who it is, even if it's Matt Moore).

So, bleacher report, you're really out on a limb with your opinion. You're in the small minority who think both Henne isn't good enough, and Moore is (or might be). I haven't heard too many people have that opinion. I've heard people with 1/2 that opinion, but not the whole thing.

My point is, you bench Henne, and put Moore in, and what happens when he reverts to his USUAL self, which is MORE inconsistent than Henne, LESS likely to win games than Henne, and MORE inexperienced than Henne? I tell you what, you then put a MORE unconfident Henne back into the line-up, being MORE tense since he got benched, with now MORE pressure because the guy you replaced him with couldn't get it done and now everyone's looking to him to right the ship.

For people who don't like Henne, this is the WORST POSSIBLE SITUATION. This isn't just my personal opinion. It's the opinion of the Owner, GM, Head Coach, OC, QB Coach AND the players until I hear otherwise (cause I haven't heard ANY calls for Moore thus far from players).

So, bleacher, I'll go with that. I don't know you from a hole in the wall. Forgive me if I don't trust your judgment, whether you were at practice or not.

Greg z went to camps in the past, he has the same opinion of Henne. Greg z, do YOU want Matt Moore to start? Do YOU think he's better than Henne? I haven't been to camp, or practices, so maybe you guys know something I don't. But I suspect, bleacher, that you're kind of out on a limb with your opinion, not too many that want to go there with you. And the reason for that isn't anything Henne's doing right, but it's mostly that Moore isn't an acceptable replacement. Go watch Moore last year, go check his stats, and maybe you'll re-think your short-sighted opinion.

What is the possiblity of the Dolphins picking up Pryor in the supplemental draft if he becomes available. It sure would look nice to have a vick look-a-like with this o-line. maybe we can run then. It also would created more options and open up the passing game.

This is a year more than ever when going 7-9 or 8-8 would be a killer. That would mean Sparano/Ireland/Henne would have some good games and some bad games. Probably, like the past couple years, just enough good games to keep people at least somewhat divided on their futures.

Man I hope they have done enough and put enough around him for Henne to break out and have a good season. Maybe they have? I hope they have. But this middle of the road mentality has got to end for there to be positive change and future championships. Fact is if we aren't good enough to get to the playoffs, and I hope we are, then 2-14 wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen.

I don't think we'll win the division, but we'll be successful enough (I believe) to let the year play out with Henne being the starter, and then we'll know ONCE AND FOR ALL which direction we need to move in the future.

If we replace Henne, then next year, I PROMISE there will be voices in the organization, and HERE, saying, "we still don't know, Henne wasn't given a shot, it was his first year in a new system." That's the WORST possible outcome if you ask me. Keeps the team in stagnation. The question that needs answering this year are two-fold:

1- Is Chad Henne the QB for the future or not?
2- Are Sparano/Ireland good enough to keep or not?

That's IT! Forget SuperBowl talk, forget even making the Playoffs, those are too hopeful for where we are. If we get those two questions answered by the end of the season, I'll be thrilled as a fan, because then we can work next year towards what everyone wants (I'm assuming), which is an elite team in Miami that can compete year in, year out for the SuperBowl.

And if you think Matt Moore gives you any more chance of that than Chad Henne, then I'm sorry to be blunt, but you're just an A-hole.

DC Dolfan | August 17, 2011 at 10:39 AM


You should save this post and simply put it back up every time someone mentions the QB dilema from here on out, outstanding post!!! You touch on every part of that argument with pin point accuracy. I really couldn`t agree more with every word again great stuff!!!

Wolf, I agree. At some point, Chad has to thrive in spite of the shortcomings around him. The good ones do. He should be given a sufficient amount of time to prove it. 8 games, as you suggested, seems fair.

But, the time for excuses is over. Regardless of what some people think, staring down WR's, throwing late & being innacurate aren't problems with the oline, play calling etc. It's with him.

It's not just Henne. Everyone on this orginazation is on the hot seat.

equally if henne's performances are not awful after 8 games and its likely there'll be some good and some bad (as dc argues above) he needs to get the next 8 games as well

AND iF (big if, but i think he will do it) he has a very good season I still think we HAVE to draft a qb in the first round next year however good henne is this season assuming there is a first round calibre qb left by the time we pick

Agree with DC and wolf.

I think we draft a QB next year. good crop.


My final comment on the matter. You choose to believe Sparanos latest gibberish, fine. Did you choose to believe his gibberish when he said Gerbil did a lot of great things in his first year under difficult conditions, and has high expectations of him for the coming season? Because it was only about 10 days later they cut him.

Now Sparano is saying for sure Columbo is the starter at RT. Is he sincere or is he pumping up Columbo for a trade?

I wouldn't take Sparano or Omar so seriously, I trust what I see more than anything else.


You're pretty fired up this morning brother...LOL.

Careful now, it's a long season.....pace yourself!!....LOL.


Even if Henne is succesful & the team fires Sparano for a lackluster season, I don't see Henne coming back as anything but a back up.

A new coach will want his own QB. It's highly likley Chad is auditioning for other teams when he's a FA next season.


Alot of posters like to say that Matt Moore didn`t have a very good supporting cast when he got his shot in Car. and that isn`t so, you can make a case at some spots about him actually having had better pieces to work with.

I konw that on his OL he had the best young Center in the game in Ryan Khalil and a good LT in Jordan Gross with Travelle Wharton at LG, very solid nucleus up front. We after our Pro Bowl LT featured a very mediocre group by comparison on the OL.

He had DeAngelo Williams & Jonathan Stewart at RB behind him, you want to talk about being able to sell pay action. Some will remind you tha DeAngelo was hurt and lost for the Season by week 5, no matter because Moore was benched in week 6. It was Clausen who didn`t have him to work with.

At WR we may have had better players but he still had a very game Steve Smith to throw to with an exceptional pass catching TE in Dante Rosario who could run circles around Fasano.

You add all of that up while comparing his stats to Henne`s in Hennings Offense plus his 1-4 record as the starter when they finally pulled the plug in Car and the only conclusion is the one you came to and that is that you have to be a complete A-Hole to think him any type of upgrade.

if we get to 9-7 or better then u had better get ready for more ts,ji and henne coz ultimately that will be deemed improvement and wil be close to p.o. if not p.o.'s!

if we go 8-8 or worse then ts+henne will be gone and prob ji as well, I reckon if odrick has a stellar season he will save ji by himself!!

Sparano has to win a playoff game to keep his job. Ross already exposed his intentions. I don't think 9-7 will do it.

I'd guess Henne will have to be rated 15 or above this season among starters to get an extension. Otherwise it's his last season here.

Sparano in his own words:


translation: "I am an idiot"


IMO anything short of 9-7 gets everybody canned with the exception of Ireland who seems to have brown nosed and yes manned his way into Boss Ross`s pocket. If we are sitting at the midway point at 2-6 expect to see Interim HC Nolan taking over as Ross will try to keep butts in stands and make a business decision.

I think I might have over-estimated the Fins when I earier stated that they would win 6 games...no work-horse RB (nor depth), below average QB, no speed at WR, and a continued 'work in process' OL (being constantly shuffled by the OL guru), 4 or 5 wins might be all that's possible.

Not to get off the subject but didn't Moore look a lot sharper than Henne against the Falcons??

f4l - u r prob right, but from a business point of view (not my view) he would do better if he fired sparano now and made nolan head coach, its not like sparano is loved by everyone

i would like to add that i wholeheartedly think ts deserves this entire season to show what progress he can make

i just hate his media skills, i mean, you know, right now, its just in my nature

Go figure , Henne is throwing INT.s and Henning is not the O.C.!!!!

While Henne does touch the ball more than anyone else on the team, he has shown me that given the right set of circumstances he can "get er' done".

Week 2 in MN - against a very tough MN defense he wins the game with solid play

In Lambeau Field...brings us back in the 4th Qtr. then leads us to victory in OT.

In Oakland against a then surging Raiders team he picked apart the middle of the field with Bess in the slot.

The Steelers debacle in week 7 was not Henne's fault as his stats on the day were good.

Week 10 - Henne picks apart the Titans to put us above .500

...then the wheels fall off and we lose 4 of the next 5 with painful losses against the Bills & Lions.

...Point being is Henne has put us in position to win against very good teams and we all know if Sean Smith hangs on to a few pick 6's we win two of those last four losses.

Bottom Line: I'm standing by Henne and his new offense coordinator each and every week as they unveil our new "West Coast Style" offense, because he has proven to me he can "get er' done" with the right set of tools in his bag.

fins4life, is Rosario still on the Panthers? because if he is, he will probably not amke the team with Shockey and Olsen there.


Acorns taste bad, anybody ever try one?

With all due respect tto you . Henne cannot make the reads--- period!

DING DING DING and the winner of the most accessible anus is ....... ME! Damn I'm smart.. It's only a matter of time until Ross hires me.

Armededdon...if he cannot make the reads why did Ireland, Sparano & Ross pick a freakin Center with our 1st round pick and not a QB?

fist pump is a clown...cant he judge off line play?

Are you guys reading the tweets from todays practice? Runners only gaining against second stringers. Henne still has a 1 good pass to 3 bad pass ration. Nothing new.

a center @ #15!!!!!!!
Only the second time in history of the draft that an interior OL has been picked w. the 15th or high pick. Every draft guru said that Mike Pouncy is not as good as his brother and he was picked at 18. With all the needs that this team has, you DO NOT spend #15 on an interior OL.

After reviewing last seasons game summaries, the one glaring red flag is this:

We had far too many "Dan Carpenter field goals"

Was this the QB's fault or the dry, inept offensive scheme?

We will know for sure in just a few short weeks...


Relax !! They probably didn't want a good Q.B. ( look at Newton's arm, or a good receiver ) not saying Pouncey is not good, it's just Henne is bad and Moore looks a lot better.

Hoge said. “In the National Football League, almost 50 percent of all throws are under duress. So you’re not going to have that every time.”

So some of you who say Henne needs more time, need to realize most of the time you have to make something happen under duress, that is what a GOOD QB does.

Here we go again- blame the O.C. just like last year!!!

In the Broncos’ preseason game against the Cowboys, Tebow completed a 43-yard pass to Matt Willis on a ball that traveled about 50 yards in the air and hit Wills right in the hands, but what Hoge saw was Tebow having all day to pass on the play — and needing it because it takes him so long to get the ball out.

“Yes, he completes it, but that’s a perfect setting,” Hoge said. “In the National Football League, almost 50 percent of all throws are under duress. So you’re not going to have that every time.”

Why do the reporters let Sparano off the hook when he says that Henne is the starter when Moore was clearly fast and sharper agianst the Falcons??

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