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Tuesday afternoon buffet of knowledge

I suppose your questions surrounding Larry Johnson include wanting to know why him and not Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown. Fair.

It seems the Dolphins view Johnson much differently than either Ricky or Ronnie. They were starter types for Miami. Johnson is merely a backup addition.

"Yeah I think a different set of circumstances at that time," coach Tony Sparano said. "You know, I mean really different. I don’t think we’re really talking about the same situation right now. This is something three weeks into training camp here or whatever it is, four weeks into training camp and we’re making a decision to do and again Reggie Bush is going to be the first runner out the gate here. I mean he’s going to be the starting running back. That’s what we’re doing so this is a different deal here, different role totally."

That doesn't mean Johnson won't be allowed to rise to the importance of a Ricky or Ronnie, but that's not the situation right now.


Jake Long continues to practice and work with the first team offense. But the Dolphins are still not certain whether or not he will play Saturday night against Tampa Bay, according to Sparano.

"I haven’t made that decision yet," coach said. "Not positive right now. If I had to make the decision today…probably not. But I don’t have to make the decision today."


I am not a football coach nor do I pretend to be one. I don't watch film. I don't grade it. I don't pretend to know about teaching technique. Basically, I'm a dummy. Basically, I'm a fat dummy.

But I talk to people who know their stuff and they share becaue they apparently feel sorry for me.

That is why on the topic of coin tosses and the decision that comes with it, I can tell you most NFL coaches will absolutely defer if they have the opportunity this season.

Simply, the new kickoff rules has turned getting the ball first into something of a bad idea. Teams have the choice of taking the ball first and getting it either on the 20-yard line (after a predictable touchback) or in somewhat poor field position based on the kickoff from the 35.

Assuming you have a solid defense and can stop the opponent on downs the first series, that potentially means the team that received the football could be kicking from the 20 and definitely from inside their 30.

That suggests that the punt returner might field the ball around his 25 yard line or likely much better than that. Even a modest return can place the ball at the 35 yard line.

That's 15 yards of field position the first series has already won for the deferring team without it even taking its first offensive snap. Yes, it's unseen yardage, but coaches love that kind of stuff.

I asked Sparano today why any coach would decide to receive rather than kick.

" I think that most times most people would probably not want to do that,” he confirmed.


The Dolphins play Saturday at Tampa Bay. And this is the third preseason game. So does that mean starters will venture into halftime and come out again in the third quarter?

“Well we will see how far we take them," Sparano said. "I'd like to reheat them again at halftime and bring them into the third quarter, yes … see how we do. If it was a situation where one side just played a staggering number of plays, which we certainly hope isn’t our defense, then I might reconsider that.

"Last week the offense played 55 or so I think in the first half of the game, we’ll see how that goes. I’d like to bring them back and get them heated up again which puts a lot of people in situations right now where maybe they wouldn’t play as much in this game. It makes practice right now important."


Larry Johnson isn't expected to be "the man," as Sparano said today. But he is expected to run like a man. And he intends to do just that -- bruising, banging, battering.

“I mean, it’s only too few guys that have their own character, their own way of doing things," he said. "Hopefully, I bring a little bit more old school toughness that I already had in Kansas City. Hopefully, that will give some of the younger guys who don’t really have experience running certain plays, kind of insights on the plays that worked for me, which is the same plays that they run here, the same plays that worked for me in Kansas City. It will be a good thing as far as knowledge to give to some of the younger guys."


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The problem is if Reggie goes down to injury, the offense becomes another train wreck. There is no legit 2 RB on the team.

Posted by: Ted Bundy | August 23, 2011 at 07:43 PM

Agree totally, like fer SURE, fer SURE.

Not only that, the stadium could collapse, the entire team could go down in a plane crash or the whole state of Florida could be swallowed up by the Atlantic ocean.

LIKE, I hear ya man, the possibilties are TERRIFYING!

(Oh Brother)


the Jets' newest receiver looked comfortable in green and white and quickly reprised his role as one of the game's more reliable red-zone weapons, catching a pretty 26-yard second-quarter touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez in New York's 27-7 beatdown of the Bengals.

Yeah, but Sanchez still sucks. Did you see the way Burress had to stretch out for the ball?

Doesn't matter whether Burress has still got it or not, Sanchez has no accuracy and can't get the ball to his receivers.

No touch, no deep ball accuracy, no AFC titles!

sounds like a qb named henne.

How can a guy posting as troll be accusing others of being a............troll?

I think Busted AGAIN is very intelligent and right on the money in his multiple and fabulous insights.

Thanks Busted AGAIN, this entire blog thanks you for your efforts.

rumors have it the dolphins will pick up garrard.

Yeah I have that funny feeling that all is well in preseason land..but when the lights come on for real...Henne will choke. I'm not a Henne believer. Rodgers took time to develop..but you saw the progression year after year...with Henne it's different..he's got zero swagg, zero intelligence, and zero leadership... Does he have a rocket arm...yes, but that's about it. Id rather watch Curtis Painter QB over Henne lol, and that ain't sayin much

Gararrd looks like a piece of meatloaf to me..but I'd take him over henne

Thanks Not Odinseye, but I couldn't hold a candle to the REAL odinseye.

He is great, fantastic, awesome and he's always RIGHT.

The only reason I come here is to read all of his amazing commentary. Just ignore the trolls and enjoy the ALWAYS right and super duper odinseye!

Odinseye! Odinseye! Odinseye! Odinseye!

I get the mentoring piece of why they brought in LJ but dang dude this guy is a character issue waiting to happen. I don't get it. On another note who thinks we draft a tight end next year??? Fasano just isn't going to cut it in my opinion.

Big T,

I think Fasano will make a decent no. 2 TE after we draft our seam threat next year.

Cecil Collins would not be a good mentor for Daniel Thomas.



So your starting to see how OBVIOUS you look as well, wink, wink?

You and your tactics make this place suck Dude!

I know it's a public forum and everybody has their rights, But ah, thanks alot for making everyone miserable and ruining my Ex-favorite blog.

Odinseye, LouD, bobbyd12,

You can go ahead and apologize now. Contrary to your assertions that Bush would only touch the ball 8-10 times a game, you just read above that Bush is the starting (i.e., featured) RB.

Like I said, Bush couldn't stay healthy for a whole season as a situational back so how in the hell is going to last the whole season as the featured back? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Now they've added high-mileage back Larry Johnson. Stupid move by a stupid front office duping stupid fans like you all.

2-14 or 3-13.

somewhere along the way, odinseye began drinking henne flavored kool aid. i wonder if it was a white creamy liquid? sounds like it.

sounds like he had a mouthful of it and began making out with dyingbreed, they have both turned stiff woody henne lovers.

Posted by: troll | August 23, 2011 at 08:28 PM

Where have we seen these tactics? Put words in someones mouth and follow it up with some gay bashing?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........Lets see:

Cuban Menace






Fin4life with a boinger(or some stupid thing like that).


Oscar Canosa

Billy Richter

FP4FGs.......................on and on, etc, etc, choke, puke, cough, cough!

Thanks for ruining the blog Ace!

PS: Speaking of Ace, remember way back when you used to use Ace as a sign in? I have to admit, you got good with that one. Touche'.

Everyone on the blog knows that odinseye is a herald employee who's on the blog to create hits. Fake arguments, fake names and fake "wins" by him even when he paints himself in a corner and has lost the argument and all credibility. He is to be ignored.


He knows it, but he's creating blog "hits".



"Hey Lou, there was a reason why Ricky 'bad mouthed' Sparano. Sparano's an idiot...that's why."


"What is this? Is this a point? What is this because I don't understand why you would think I actually have anything to say to this nonsense."


"Lou, I usually comment with only a line or two. But since you insulted me in the last blog, I'll spell it out so even you can understand it."


So Cocoa I was about to apologize for insulting you but couldn't recall the insult. I went back and checked and you guessed it, I never insulted you.

1. You insulted our coach
2. You insulted me by insinuating I didn't understand your opinion that (to you) should be simple to understand.
3. Then you insulted me again in here insinuating that I'm simple minded.

I don't really care what anyone on the internet thinks about me but I wanted to set the record straight. Even after 3 of your posts were insulting to different people I still said nothing personal to you. If you think addressing me to tell me Sparano is an idiot (your opinion) isn't nonsense then that's on you. But it's certainly not an insult.

Russ(blog hit troll)

Why am I not surprised you're putting words in my.......ah......DUH, I mean odinseyes mouth.

I've never commented, oops, I mean odinseye has NEVER commented on how many Bushes he would touch. I mean how many touches Bush would get.

Besides being wrong and just making things up AGAIN, do you see how stoopid and ignorant you look to all the REAL bloggers here?

Everyone on the blog knows that odinseye is a herald employee who's on the blog to create hits. Fake arguments, fake names and fake "wins" by him even when he paints himself in a corner and has lost the argument and all credibility. He is to be ignored.

Posted by: GulfFin | August 23, 2011 at 08:41 PM



Pay no attention to the real blogger that is fed up with my stoopid shyt. He's letting the cat out of the blog hit bag!

PS: What's really sad is this guy really believes he putting one(wink, wink) over on you guys.


odinseye = Russ

Fake names, fake argument. Ignore.

I still find it ridiculous how the miami dolphins front office and coaching staff consider Reggie Bush the starter and number one guy. He never was that guy for the Saints and will never be that guy for us. He will not, I repeat again he will not make through the first round agaisnt our division rivals. The AFC east is way to physical, and I would not be shocked if he does not make it out the first game with out a serious injury. Hanesworth, Wilfork, and Ellis is a massive wall that Reggie has no chance agaisnt. We should of kept one of our powerful back either Ronnie or Ricky, but Larry Johnson will prove to be a bigger part of our offense once Reggie is on the sideline Hurt.

Craig check it out,,,,

"Winner -- As it turns out, Plaxico Burress is one of those rare guys who is very effective on 1,000 days rest. Returning to the field for the first time since November 2008, the Jets' newest receiver looked comfortable in green and white and quickly reprised his role as one of the game's more reliable red-zone weapons, catching a pretty 26-yard second-quarter touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez in New York's 27-7 beatdown of the Bengals. Burress totaled three catches for 66 yards and the touchdown, with the best news being that his ability to stretch the field clearly survived a 20-month stay in federal prison."

So this guy is probably the same guy that was in here yelling to anyone that would listen that the Dolphins players looking good against the Panthers meant nothing because the Panthers suck. If he would post under the same name a couple of times we would know who he is and I could address him directly but the person apparently doesn't want to back up his opinions for some reason so he keeps switching names. It's funny that when Burress, a player who plays for our biggest rival has a good game against a crap team it proves that Burress is for real. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

Johnson will be a bigger part of the offense once Reggie bush gets hurt, but he won't be effective. He's nothing like he used to be.


You have no credibility. You're the same guy who argued TODAY that Bush wouldn't be the featured back. Well, Sparano just said he is. You and odinseye just can't keep your stories straight. LOL!

Ya does Cinci even have a defense?

I wonder what kind of shape this guy is in.

Russ, where did I argue "today" that Bush would be the featured back? As a matter of fact when did I ever "argue" that? Here's a hint, it never happened. I may have stated an opinion at some time in this blog but I never argued anything about Reggie. And now I will ignore you as well as the other posters, who are probably all you, who have been personally insulting. So have a nice day, and when you change your name again so that you can talk to us we'll give it another try. But I'm sure at that point as soon as we have a difference of opinions you will personally attack again. It is a sign of a very immature mind, grow up and good luck with all of that.


I know exactly who it it posting. He's not fooling anyone. I'll give you a clue....he hasn't posted on here much the last few days and he's go out of his way to have a personal agenda against me. He doesn't have the balls to post under his own name because when Burress goes down because of injury in week 3 or when Mallett flames out he doesn't want to look like a fool.

I'll give you another clue....he's a big George Bush fan. But he won't come out of hiding, 'cause he's Mr. Negativity on this blog.

Good posts by you though LouD.

Wow this blog has to be baker acted and placed in padded rooms for it's own good... Now everyone is faking everyone or is it just one person arguing with their self... I'm not to sure.. Would the real bloggers come back cause I use to enjoy reading all the intelligent conversations on here but I guess that is long gone...

Hahahaha Gotcha Craig. Thanks bud. I love it when people change names in here so they can get back into the circle of trust and then as soon as there's a difference in opinion the insults start flying. Really funny stuff. Goodnight to the good crew (you know who you are!).

Cheers LouD. Good job with the naysyaers on here. I've read many of your posts and you're doing a good job arguing their points.

Looking forward to the season starting. We're in tough in the first game, so I just hope the defence sets the pace.

I'm in private box next Thursday for the Bills/Lions game, so I'll do some scouting of them to see how they look (assuming many of the starters play).

Is LJ a better back than Ronnie or Ricky???
TS making a desperate move now after three weeks he decide's to bring in a veteran back, I just don't get it!! I have posted several times about TS being able to develop players Or how many players has he develop..so there goes another player Cory Sheets for example that TS couldn't develop, I just can't wait till we get a coach that develop his draft picks and free agent rookies!!!

grrreatdane, we're still here but there is one person who can't handle debating like an adult and is now trying to ruin the blog for everyone. He's also impersonating our names in an effort (in his mind) to make us look bad (to a bunch of strangers who don't care anyway) on the internet. The good posts are there, you just have to find them. It's easy once you figure out the good crews writing styles. But we need more good people to drown out the bad so keep coming in. There was a person in here that started a great conversation last night. He was on the negative about something but made great points and was very articulate with his assessment. Those are the kind of people we need to keep but this other person keeps scaring them away and the blog administrator does nothing about it. Oh well, hope to see more posts from you.

Sounds good Craig, have a great time and I'll look forward to your report.

3 years ago I would have thanked Bill Jeff and Tony for bringing respect back to this organization. Having watched the team the last 2 years and being in Miami to watch them lose to the Jets last year, I believe this organization is no better than Buffalo right now. We need to blow up management and bring in credible football people who know what they are doing. Mr. Ross are you listending to Dolfans??

LouD = Craig M = Odinseye

I hate to jump in on this, but here's the giveaway:

As soon as Odinseye stopped bloggin, Craig M and LouD magically appear. Of course Odinseye (busted AGAIN) will reappear with some lame "Just got back from the liquor store, blah, blah, blah". You're slipping. ;)


You're out to lunch on this one bud. I've never faked as someone else in my life. Get Armando to back it up. It's the most childish thing I've ever seen. Have an opinion and be prepared to defend it. This blog would be a million times better if all the nonsense was cut out. But Armando permits it so he can get the hits.

Bush couldn't stay healthy as a situational player. How in the hell is he going tto stay healthy as the featured back?

Posted by: Russ | August 23, 2011 at 11:27 AM

Russ, first off, Bush is not the featured back, he will get about 8-10 touches per game, Thomas will get the vast majorities of carries. Second, Reggie Bush is the first one on the practice field and last one off, reported in multiple papers and blogs. So unless he gets injured, I can care less what happened in the past. Lex Hillard is also a good RB. And we have a line of Incognito, Long, Pouncey, Carey and Colombo, who is a very good run blocker by all accounts. I don't know what team your looking at, but it certainly isn't this one.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 23, 2011 at 11:40 AM

bobbyd12 = LouD = odinseye

So you DID say Bush wouldn't be the featured back. I'm out.

More head scratching moves by the dynamic duo.

Told that dummy Armando in the prior blog Johnson wasnt signed because of unhappiness with D Thomas. He was signed because Sheets totally sucked, was getting cut, and someone had to replace him.

Typical Armando, just like some of the typical idiots here, ready to call Thomas a bust before he ever plays his 1st regular season game.

I dont have a crystal ball and can not say with 100% certainty Thomas wont be a bust. But geesh, do we no longer give players here a few regular season games to confirm it! LOL.....

LouD = Craig M = Odinseye

I hate to jump in on this, but here's the giveaway:

As soon as Odinseye stopped bloggin, Craig M and LouD magically appear. Of course Odinseye (busted AGAIN) will reappear with some lame "Just got back from the liquor store, blah, blah, blah". You're slipping. ;)

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin Fan ;) | August 23, 2011 at 09:34 PM

This was not me. Last night I commented on how lame it is to impersonate other people. Who does that?

So it appears that made me a mark to be impersonated.


I remember you from when this blog was decent. Your right, that time appears to be long gone.

Looks like this is no longer a place to get information about the Dolphins.

odinseye, I mean busted again...

Is it really true you were the lead guitarist for Rare Earth and jammed with Duane Allman? Oh I forgot, you made that up too once someone busted you AGAIN. Hahahaha...what a silly putz.

Posted by: troll | August 23, 2011 at 08:52 PM

You got me AGAIN-Duh! I also didn't grow up with and played in bands with Paul Ojibwe who played EVERYTHING including Sax for Joe Cocker, right?

Don't hate on me blog hit troll. Just because my life was a thirty year party with strippers, groupies and famous people as well(though, just for the record, it was you posting that Duanne Allman bullshyt impostering me).

Don't hate on me just because YOUR LIFE is.......well.........harrassing and impostering people here at the esteemed Dolphins In Depth Sports Blog, Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-HAAAAA-HAAAAAAAA!

BTW- what's the top end speed you get with that Hover-Round there?

When you come to "work(here at the blog)"-ROTFLMAO-tommorow, I'll be here waitng the pool.

PS: I would have gotten back with you sooner, but I had to make a liquor run. Unlike "SOME" I have a life(snicker, snicker).

Bottom's Up YOU PROFFESIONAL Blog Hit Troll YOU-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Truly Pathetic ;)

...For 2 years at the end of the season when the hopes of going to the playoffs were over. This regime has failed to even give Hilliard a sniff. Sure he had some catches, and a few carries at the end of 2009. He even scored 3 TD's in 2 games when it was obvious Bong Pipe was no pun intended burned out.

Rewind to last season. The R&B Pipe express were averaging a robust less then 3.5 yards a carry. But nope, no carries for a guy just sitting around making tackles on special teams. The argument here isn't weather Lex can or can't play. The argument is it is a failure to not have even given him a chance. As an earlier blogger suggested what happens if Bush goes down? Larry Johnson is going to save the day??? Right. I don't know if Lex can either. My point is wouldn't it have been a good idea to at least find out in a game, when there was nothing to lose? This way the FO could have made a better plan with the group as a whole, instead of being reactionary.

The FO has made some nice personel moves this offseason. Larry Johnson is not one of them. It is a joke.

LouD I will always will cone here have for almost two years now don't often post cause I hate to beat a dead horse n what I gotta say someone usually has already said it a few times. I just wish all this nonsense would stop... I'll try to put my nickel in a bit more often... Glad to see there is still a lil bit of semblance of sanity still here!!!!

PS: I told you before Blog Hit Troll, I was THE BASS player for Rare Earth, Deal with with it Sweet cheeks ;)

As soon as Odinseye stopped bloggin, Craig M and LouD magically appear. Of course Odinseye (busted AGAIN) will reappear with some lame "Just got back from the liquor store, blah, blah, blah". You're slipping. ;)

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin Fan ;) | August 23, 2011 at 09:34 PM

PS: I would have gotten back with you sooner, but I had to make a liquor run.

Posted by: Busted AGAIN! | August 23, 2011 at 09:52 PM

Did I call it or what? LMAO.


Have you ever considered that the entire offense as a whole played so crappy that Sparano figured if R&R couldnt run behind the suspect oline why risk injury to one of your top st's guy?

Oh yeah, the st's were just as crappy. So if you lost easily one of your best st's players for the season on a 1yd running play. Then how much more terrible would a already terrible st's unit be?

Why risk losing easily your top 3 st's guys(Hilliard) for the entire season on a very meaningless 1yd running play.

LouD.... There are lots of dolpfans that arent not intellectual but know football because of years watching it studying the game, but you know what....if I'm being negative about something that is obvious wrong with our team, and I think constructive criticism is something all of us that supports our team financially has that right to. So TS has put himself in a position now to scramble to find a RB because he is nervious about the running game. He should have adderess that three weeks ago in free agency... Now there nothing left and it won't suprise me if he sign a scrub TE!! Rejects just don't help teams that really need help in certain area!

Ireland and Sparano must be amazed that they got rid of a third string running back for a guy who has run for over 1000 yards multiple times and the fans are still unhappy. I Agree that Larry Johnson has issues but at least he's a somewhat proven player. Johnson has a much better chance of being a breakout player than Sheets hands down.


How's signing Larry Johnson a bad move? It means totally nothing actually. Players are signed and released all of the time. How many players were signed at the start of camp to make up the 80 training vcamp roster?

How many guys will be signed and released during the season? Some will never even play a down of regular season ball before being released. Signings can also mean absolutely nothing my man.

Johnson himself maybe released before the reg season depending on what's available on the final preseason waiver wire. Dont read so much into a signing until it sticks. Especially if its a seemingly washed up player.


Put the pipe down. Johnson's breakout year was 6-7 years ago. Lotta mileage, lotta rust, lotta nothing.

Oregon I'll drink to that here is hoping that it may eventually come back when the season starts..

winning will cure the whining...it still comes down to Henne.

As soon as Odinseye stopped bloggin, Craig M and LouD magically appear. Of course Odinseye (busted AGAIN) will reappear with some lame "Just got back from the liquor store, blah, blah, blah". You're slipping. ;)

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin Fan ;) | August 23, 2011 at 09:34 PM

This was not me. Last night I commented on how lame it is to impersonate other people. Who does that?


Thank God. I was really hoping that you knew I'm not one of OR the nut cake blog hit troll. Pretty ironic though, I did just make a beer run-LOL.

I only post as odin or Geronimo and most of the regulars know I'm Geronimo. That one started when Armando threatened(with good reason)to bam me. I came on as Geronimo and was pretending to "hide" from Armando as Geronimo. I made it quite obvious and tried to be humorous. I wasn't stirring the shyt or trying to fool anyone.

I did post as Not Odin and Busted AGAIN, but only as a means of trying to show this dimwit how he's ruining the blog. I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but I'm sick of it.

PS: Please don't give up on this place, I think you're one of the good bloggers. Who knows, with a little luck "lil Armando" will get hit by a truck or Karma will come round with a heart attack. One can only hope!



Those makimng a lotta noise over the Johnson signing are making it over a lotta nothing. It means zilch until it sticks.

Polite is likely a goner


Maybe Thomas is the one their not happy with.

100% guaranteed, Lex Hilliard and Thomas will both be on the regular season roster. Thomas because of his contract, Hilliard because he's the best special teamer on the roster.

Hey Oscar, The way we play against Tampa... will be as good of a guage if not better than against Dallas !!! Tampa Was 10-6 last season and lost 3 heartbreakers they shoulda won Atlanta twice and Detroit... Thats 13-3... Expect Tampa to come out angry after that Patriot whipping.. No Joke. Hope we are ready for Freeman,Blunt,mike Williams and winslow.. GO Fins !!!

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