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Tuesday afternoon buffet of knowledge

I suppose your questions surrounding Larry Johnson include wanting to know why him and not Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown. Fair.

It seems the Dolphins view Johnson much differently than either Ricky or Ronnie. They were starter types for Miami. Johnson is merely a backup addition.

"Yeah I think a different set of circumstances at that time," coach Tony Sparano said. "You know, I mean really different. I don’t think we’re really talking about the same situation right now. This is something three weeks into training camp here or whatever it is, four weeks into training camp and we’re making a decision to do and again Reggie Bush is going to be the first runner out the gate here. I mean he’s going to be the starting running back. That’s what we’re doing so this is a different deal here, different role totally."

That doesn't mean Johnson won't be allowed to rise to the importance of a Ricky or Ronnie, but that's not the situation right now.


Jake Long continues to practice and work with the first team offense. But the Dolphins are still not certain whether or not he will play Saturday night against Tampa Bay, according to Sparano.

"I haven’t made that decision yet," coach said. "Not positive right now. If I had to make the decision today…probably not. But I don’t have to make the decision today."


I am not a football coach nor do I pretend to be one. I don't watch film. I don't grade it. I don't pretend to know about teaching technique. Basically, I'm a dummy. Basically, I'm a fat dummy.

But I talk to people who know their stuff and they share becaue they apparently feel sorry for me.

That is why on the topic of coin tosses and the decision that comes with it, I can tell you most NFL coaches will absolutely defer if they have the opportunity this season.

Simply, the new kickoff rules has turned getting the ball first into something of a bad idea. Teams have the choice of taking the ball first and getting it either on the 20-yard line (after a predictable touchback) or in somewhat poor field position based on the kickoff from the 35.

Assuming you have a solid defense and can stop the opponent on downs the first series, that potentially means the team that received the football could be kicking from the 20 and definitely from inside their 30.

That suggests that the punt returner might field the ball around his 25 yard line or likely much better than that. Even a modest return can place the ball at the 35 yard line.

That's 15 yards of field position the first series has already won for the deferring team without it even taking its first offensive snap. Yes, it's unseen yardage, but coaches love that kind of stuff.

I asked Sparano today why any coach would decide to receive rather than kick.

" I think that most times most people would probably not want to do that,” he confirmed.


The Dolphins play Saturday at Tampa Bay. And this is the third preseason game. So does that mean starters will venture into halftime and come out again in the third quarter?

“Well we will see how far we take them," Sparano said. "I'd like to reheat them again at halftime and bring them into the third quarter, yes … see how we do. If it was a situation where one side just played a staggering number of plays, which we certainly hope isn’t our defense, then I might reconsider that.

"Last week the offense played 55 or so I think in the first half of the game, we’ll see how that goes. I’d like to bring them back and get them heated up again which puts a lot of people in situations right now where maybe they wouldn’t play as much in this game. It makes practice right now important."


Larry Johnson isn't expected to be "the man," as Sparano said today. But he is expected to run like a man. And he intends to do just that -- bruising, banging, battering.

“I mean, it’s only too few guys that have their own character, their own way of doing things," he said. "Hopefully, I bring a little bit more old school toughness that I already had in Kansas City. Hopefully, that will give some of the younger guys who don’t really have experience running certain plays, kind of insights on the plays that worked for me, which is the same plays that they run here, the same plays that worked for me in Kansas City. It will be a good thing as far as knowledge to give to some of the younger guys."


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Larry Johnson was signed for a small pack of very cheap cigars and a free lighter. There's probably a clause in the contract stating he has to give the lighter back if he has to clean out his locker.

Rich I agree with what you said but you need to change from sporano to Ireland cause he is the one in charge of talent acquisition not sporano...

busted AGAIN = Oregon Dolphin fan = odinseye = LouD

They should have kept ronnie or rickey they both are backups on the teams they are playing for and they are better then Johnson

kalorama = DyingBreed

Odin why so defensive tonight? And why yet another blog name? And you criticize others for doing the same?

Posted by: Judge Judy | August 23, 2011 at 10:15 PM

Because your ruining this blog for EVERYONE!

I hope Armando soon realizes he doesn't need a blog hit troll and fires you.

Think about that. No more Meth Money-Meth Head-00OOhhhh!


it seems like sparano has brought in LJ to be a mentor to Daniel Thomas on field. Hopefully not off field.
I wonder if it comes down to it they would keep both LJ and hilliard and polite. I don't think LJ will make the team right now.

if polite is gonner who is gonna play fullback? Clay?
Polite makes the team. LJ is gonna be here for 2 weeks to mentor thomas and unless he plays incredible he's gone

Time for some Black Ops with my Son. Summer's almost over and we're racking up some quality time.

PS: Blog Hit Troll, I'll be checking in later to critic and point out ALL your aliases.

If you're not here(like that's gonna happen)I'll be waiting for you poolside in the morning..........well.........the afternoon.

Unlike you, in my line of work, I haven't had to get out of bed before noon since the seventies-ROTFLMAO!

PS: Earn that Meth Money Bu-oy and don't forget to charge the ole battery on the Hover-Round-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



Only one talking about meth labs on this blog is you. People talk about things most familiar with their everyday existence. Maybe you can ask the bloggers to donate to your meth fund.

Posted by: Judge Judy | August 23, 2011 at 10:29 PM

Yeah, that's how I know. Glue sniffing my a s s you broun Donky(wink, wink)ROTFLMAO.....................................

Freudian slip?

I never mentioned a lab????

Interesting, VERY interesting.........Loser.

Loser. Enjoy your $5/hr the herald pays you for getting blog hits. This one's for you.

Judge Judy,

He knows he's a name-changin', blog-hit troll and he thinks he's "gettin over". Sad.

I thought you promised us that you wouldn't directly quote Sparano again, and that you would translate his speech to understandable English.

Please, consider our sanity and overall well-being before quoting him.

As soon as Odinseye stopped bloggin, Craig M and LouD magically appear. Of course Odinseye (busted AGAIN) will reappear with some lame "Just got back from the liquor store, blah, blah, blah". You're slipping. ;)

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin Fan ;) | August 23, 2011 at 09:34 PM

PS: I would have gotten back with you sooner, but I had to make a liquor run.

Posted by: Busted AGAIN! | August 23, 2011 at 09:52 PM

Did I call it or what? LMAO.

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin Fan ;) | August 23, 2011 at 10:04 PM

Again not me. WTF! What are doing is not cute.

Ok, the Fins worked out Tiki (probably out of respect more than anything) and Portis (out-of-shape even by New England standards), and decided to take a chance on LJ. Apparently, he convinced them that all that other stuff was behind him and he would do whatever it takes to contribute to the team (which may mean being on Special Teams). Both Lex and Polite seem to have taken a slight step back in their development and Sheets couldn't regain his speed prior to the Achilles injury. Makes sense to me. They've got a 2-time Pro Bowl sledge hammer that comes cheap and needs another shot to prove himself. Until something better shows up on the waiver wire, let him practise and see what he's got. Maybe he can give a few pointers to the rookie. Consider it an insurance policy; just in case. He's not coming in as the feature back. Ok, he isn't as good as the R and R Express, but they regressed last year too. Ronnie didn't hit the hole with passion and danced around a lot (he wasn't effective in the Wildcat either). Ricky ran okay but he's not a battering ram anymore. If LJ has anything left in the tank, it'll help the team.

love how Mando admits he doesn't watch film and how he's a "fat dummy".. if u don't know football, how can u be paid to write about it??

Look is not about whining about releasing Sheets but or signing LJ....but is about player development and signing free agents that can help this team, that's all guys!!! Sign capable players not washed up and Dallas players!!!




BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE ...................







LMFAO. Atta boy Jeff sign the woman beater just as long as his mom isnt a prostitute! Start printing the domestic violence connection shirts now! Come on Tony give your fans a big pump!


Should have kept Ricky. No doubt.
But didn't
Thomas was tentative. Consistent with college running, too upright, does not break tackles. Definitely not Old School.
Maybe LJ can't run, too old, too slow. Gone by the end of preseason. In that case nothing lost but Ireland has some egg on his face.
Maybe LJ can run, has something to prove, hammers the ball 10-15X a game for 4.5-5 yards and shows Thomas how to do it. In that case Ireland gets a genius award from the MacArthur foundation.


R.WILLIAMS IS NO 1 .FUMBLER ...............

If nothing else, Larry Johnson running down the field on Special Teams should be interesting to watch!

Someone needs to file away this post where Mando admits that he's stupid and a "fat dummy" for future reference!

One comment about football, you know the reason for the blog.

Really looking forward to the next preseason game and of course the huge game 1 against the chetriouts.

The Tampa game should include some game planning and of course what Dabol has in store for the offense ought to be on complete display in attempt to beat the chetriouts.

Call it caught up in the hope of a new year but I have a feeling that game 1 is going to be good.

My special lady friend is a cowboys fan and we have that to look forward to on thanksgiving I think. That game will be another big test for the defense.


These fans are outrageous---did u just watch what happened to the giants yesterday---

They started Camp with terrel thomas, Prince, aaron ross, Cory webster---after 2 preseason games ---they are down to ross and webster---you need to have depth everywhere on your roster---and the mocve to me is a move trying to upgrade the 3rd RB slot---Bottom line Daniel thomas can learn alot from Bush and Larry--like Larry did 2 years behind Priest Holmes be4 he got a shot---

Laryr johnson isnt a boy scout get over it--this isnt Sunday school its the NFL---

He is a very young 31---he didnt take serious caries until 2005-06 in his 3rd and 4th year when he was 25-26---got injured in 07---and 08-10 hasnt been active b/c of all his off the field drama----

Im not saying he is gonna be great, and hands down find a role on the Offense, but i do think its a possibilty---

Running backs being over the hill isnt about thier age---its about thier carries and injuries throught career---

Johnson has 1400 carries 300 more then ronnire but ronnie has way more injuries--

Ricky has a 1000 more carries then johnson --and with Larry your getting a guy that had more talent then Ronnie---He was the best back in his prime these type of talents to me absolutly deserve another shot----

Ladanian Tomilson 3000 caries and he is 1 year older---Carries, Injuries, Talent at the age of 31 looking to upgrade our depth I think its a very solid move.

It will be interesting to see him run come saturday --- Reggie, Daniel, Larry could be a very nice collection of backs---

Stop hating every move the Staff makes---

Crying for Kory sheets over LJ to me that is just egregious.........


Would you please back up your argument with more stats, numbers, figures, dates, seasons, along with all the source of your information?


Posted by: nerd | August 23, 2011 at 11:49 PM


Egregious? Wut dat mean?

I liked Mundo's troll from last year way better. The one they got now is infantile.

Wait, before you ask, just google it for christ's sake.

Dumb a s s!!!!

When Armando claims victory in the blog wars, there will be an asterik.

Fan related post: 0.01%

*Blog Hit Troll related posts: 99.99%

*Completely incoherent dumba ss posts.

You get what you PAY for!



you come off as a closet gay making comments like that.

That sort of thing must be on your mind alot for you to take it there.

She would think you are scum. I agree. I'd love to see you on the street.

Somebody faked me at 12:01. Crazy blog here.

Posted by: nerd | August 24, 2011 at 12:04 AM

Yeah, been happening to me too.

Some people in here need to get a life.

Busted AGAIN! odinseye, trol1#1 ... troll#9

You said goodbye three times now and you are still here. How many blogger names do you have? 10? 20? 97? Are you the guy making 5 bucks an hour here?

When you have absolutely nothing to do, which seems like most of the time, see if you can find a blogger who writes at a lower locker room level than you. Good luck.

Posted by: nerd | August 24, 2011 at 12:01 AM

I good bye and now I'm back! Duh!

U Mad?


I went and played Black Ops with my kid, now we're finished, HellOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Just because you suck the devil dong meth head doesn't mean everyone tweaks out non stop, I know you know what I mean.

Quiet, I think I just heard someone outside your basement-ROTFLMAO!

And you claimed Meth hasn't caused you any brain damage, Glue sniffin my ARSE!

Buh Bye!

You are simply, sadly projecting what you are.

no need to explain myself to a punk like you.

Are you the guy making 5 bucks an hour here?

Posted by: nerd | August 24, 2011 at 12:01 AM

I wonder how you know what Armando pays Trolls, and what exactly do you mean by here? Doh, BUSTED BIG TIME, ah ha ha, you keep slipping Tweaky!

5 bucks an hour? ROTFLMAO! What a loser you are. My Landscappers make better money than you. Then again, they actually work for THEIR money.

Now GO recharge the Hover Round!

(Blog Hit Troll makes Meth runs on a Hover Round, how freaking retarded-ROTFLMAO!).

I want to see Johnson sink or swim over the next 2 games. I don't want a good RB prospect cut for this guy!

All of you picking on Odin, he's been on this blog longer than I have, he knows his football and the Dolphins! I don't understand your unnecessary attacks on him! Every one here is free to express their opinion. I respect everyone's opinions, including the ones I don't agree with, so please do not insult! That's easy, make your comments and back them up with facts! A healthy debate is always good! Boorish comments are not! Thanks!

Busted AGAIN! Odinseye

I can see you were born long before the technology age.

-How would you know unless you were as well? I guess that explains the Hover Round. Why don't you ask me how I know about the Hover Round?

If the Miami Herald needed to generate blog hits, it would be done by a computer program and not some data entry clerk. That is sooooo 50's.

-How would YOU know THAT? Guess what, BUSTED AGAIN!

Suddenly your terminology improves, Hmmmmmmmmm. Your right, The Miami Herald doesn't NEED blog hits, BUT, were talking about the Dolphins In Depth Sports Blog. Trying to confuse the issue, standard tactic, another Hmmmmmmm.

A computer program? I know you OF ALL PEOPLE, know better than that. Yeah right, computer generated blog hits are even more easily detectable than you are. They're easy to trip up and they can't carry on a coherent conversation. But then again, you know as well as I do, neither can you. Nice try, but ah, TRY AGAIN(I'm sure you will).

You are even more ignorant than you appear.

-As are you and your point would be?

And lets not forget, for all to see, for all who saw...it was you that was Busted AGAIN!

Have a pleasant evening.

Posted by: Good Night | August 24, 2011 at 12:20 AM

ROTFLMAO(ahem, cough, cough, choke)who was Busted AGAIN?

You have a pleasent evening and I'll be looking forward to seeing you in the morning ;)

I think I'll get up early and have breakfast pool side, I'll be waiting........................

BustedAgain, how old are you? If you don't mind me asking!

TS is working hard. If that translate into Win or loses i don't know. but I support our captain, contrary to some of the opinions going around on this blog.


DolfanSF, I agree, I'm hoping all his picks work

I'm out! Goodnight all!

Interesting on the kickoffs and makes sense. Sure takes some excitment away but does probably save on injuries.

Again, to all the real posters and great contributors, I apologize.

This WAS a great place to come for Dolphin news and to blog. I've been watching the troll for years. I even use to turn a blind eye. But lately, since the South Florida Blog Wars heated up, this guys has just been ruining things.

If Armando doesn't care, I don't care either, but I'm sick of it. I'll do all I can, even though I know it's not much. I'm fighting back the only way I know how. If Armando is behind it, FINE, ban me. If not, fair warning, look for more of the same tommorrow.

Speaking of which, For tommorrows Kickoff expect alot of Home and ALoco early and often. by Midday look for Marcus, Russ and depth provided by Dolphin77.

In the second half, don't be surprised to see FP4FGs and Oscar Canosa opening things up.

NOTE: The Cuban Menace will be on the PUP list, he still hasn't recovered from last nights injuries.

All of the above mentioned is the work of one single degenerate that is screwing up what was once a Good Thang!

If I'm wrong, if I'm outta line, or if your just plain tired of seeing me fight for something I once truly enjoyed, just E-mail Armando and ask him to ban me.

Otherwise I'm fighting fire with fire and pointing out this troll EVERY SINGLE CHANCE I GET.


Blog Hit Troll,

Be honest, are you really knocking off for some Z's?

I want to get some sleep too and I want to be able to get up around the same time as you ;)


No busted again, unfortunately you are wrong. Looks like you have just been busted. Again!

Really guys, are yall really throwing a hissy fit over this signing. He here to be the 4th string running back!! Whippie Dam Doo

Could some one please tell me the radio station that carries the Miami games, and can you hear them on your PC~~~Thanks Semper Fidelis

Looks like this is no longer a place to get information about the Dolphins. (Oregon Dolphin Fan)

A more true statement could not be said. I used to enjoy the Q&A with J. Cole quite a bit, he used to do a pretty good job of answering questions and sticking to football. I just realized that I don't see the Q&A's anymore, so i guess it's dead and buried. No biggy, as it hadn't been updated in months.

Now, for the headline of the day..."Tuesday afternoon buffet of knowledge" Really? I've missed the buffet of knowledge all these years? Shoot, i should have read this blog instead of college! Or posted instead of watching news or reading a book or learning something! I could have had my fill on the buffet right here!

For the trolls, etc. I don't care who you are, who you impersonate, etc. JUST TALK FOOTBALL, BRING SOME STATS TO BACK YOUR POINT, AND QUIT WHINING THAT HENNE'S NOT DAN MARINO. duh.

From PhinPhantic.

The Miami Dolphins thought very highly of Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas. So high in fact that they traded up into the second round to get him. In their minds, Thomas was the replacement for the departing Ronnie Brown. He was, to the Dolphins, viewed as the primary rusher. A RB who could handle a 20-30 carry a game load. The Dolphins were so sure they had made the right decision with drafting Thomas that they decided against high priced available veteran free agents who were used to being the lead back and opted instead to sign a more specialized back in Reggie Bush.

Entering the third week of the pre-season, head coach Tony Sparano has announced that Reggie Bush and not Daniel Thomas is the teams starting running back. Is Daniel Thomas struggling to pick up the offense? Or is he struggling to make the adjustment into the NFL?

Thomas has shown flashes of what he may someday become. Yet he struggles with hitting open holes with any conviction. He doesn’t dance behind the line of scrimmage, he almost entirely stops. One of Thomas’ positive attributes was his ability to break tackles. Thus far he is being taken down by the first hit. He is also running more upright than he did in college. His body becomes a much bigger target for defenders and he is developing a habit of not continually moving his feet after first impact.

ARRRRGH ! I be Peg Leg Pete and I just signed on with this crew to be the running back. Does Reebok make a shoe for my stump ?

ALoco = Armando

Imposter this, imposter that blah blah blah.

I've been faked too. Guys just use my rule.

If you like what I say, or find it humorous and amusing -- it is the real Gary Stevens.

If you find it annoying or offensive, it is the fake Gary Stevens (possibly Tom Olivadotti) -- and ignore it.

Simple solution. It's what I'm going to use. You're welcome.

Big mistake not keeping Ricky. Ricky was the backup,team player, great example of how to prepare, and not expensive.....

I'm getting real tired of the lip service...

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