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Tuesday afternoon buffet of knowledge

I suppose your questions surrounding Larry Johnson include wanting to know why him and not Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown. Fair.

It seems the Dolphins view Johnson much differently than either Ricky or Ronnie. They were starter types for Miami. Johnson is merely a backup addition.

"Yeah I think a different set of circumstances at that time," coach Tony Sparano said. "You know, I mean really different. I don’t think we’re really talking about the same situation right now. This is something three weeks into training camp here or whatever it is, four weeks into training camp and we’re making a decision to do and again Reggie Bush is going to be the first runner out the gate here. I mean he’s going to be the starting running back. That’s what we’re doing so this is a different deal here, different role totally."

That doesn't mean Johnson won't be allowed to rise to the importance of a Ricky or Ronnie, but that's not the situation right now.


Jake Long continues to practice and work with the first team offense. But the Dolphins are still not certain whether or not he will play Saturday night against Tampa Bay, according to Sparano.

"I haven’t made that decision yet," coach said. "Not positive right now. If I had to make the decision today…probably not. But I don’t have to make the decision today."


I am not a football coach nor do I pretend to be one. I don't watch film. I don't grade it. I don't pretend to know about teaching technique. Basically, I'm a dummy. Basically, I'm a fat dummy.

But I talk to people who know their stuff and they share becaue they apparently feel sorry for me.

That is why on the topic of coin tosses and the decision that comes with it, I can tell you most NFL coaches will absolutely defer if they have the opportunity this season.

Simply, the new kickoff rules has turned getting the ball first into something of a bad idea. Teams have the choice of taking the ball first and getting it either on the 20-yard line (after a predictable touchback) or in somewhat poor field position based on the kickoff from the 35.

Assuming you have a solid defense and can stop the opponent on downs the first series, that potentially means the team that received the football could be kicking from the 20 and definitely from inside their 30.

That suggests that the punt returner might field the ball around his 25 yard line or likely much better than that. Even a modest return can place the ball at the 35 yard line.

That's 15 yards of field position the first series has already won for the deferring team without it even taking its first offensive snap. Yes, it's unseen yardage, but coaches love that kind of stuff.

I asked Sparano today why any coach would decide to receive rather than kick.

" I think that most times most people would probably not want to do that,” he confirmed.


The Dolphins play Saturday at Tampa Bay. And this is the third preseason game. So does that mean starters will venture into halftime and come out again in the third quarter?

“Well we will see how far we take them," Sparano said. "I'd like to reheat them again at halftime and bring them into the third quarter, yes … see how we do. If it was a situation where one side just played a staggering number of plays, which we certainly hope isn’t our defense, then I might reconsider that.

"Last week the offense played 55 or so I think in the first half of the game, we’ll see how that goes. I’d like to bring them back and get them heated up again which puts a lot of people in situations right now where maybe they wouldn’t play as much in this game. It makes practice right now important."


Larry Johnson isn't expected to be "the man," as Sparano said today. But he is expected to run like a man. And he intends to do just that -- bruising, banging, battering.

“I mean, it’s only too few guys that have their own character, their own way of doing things," he said. "Hopefully, I bring a little bit more old school toughness that I already had in Kansas City. Hopefully, that will give some of the younger guys who don’t really have experience running certain plays, kind of insights on the plays that worked for me, which is the same plays that they run here, the same plays that worked for me in Kansas City. It will be a good thing as far as knowledge to give to some of the younger guys."


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Are you people seriously thinking when you write are you just stuck in the mud still living in the past. Why dont we ask Marino to come back. Admit it the ship has sailed on Ronnie, no speed, Brown, and Ricky, dope smoking williams. I would understand your point if we went 11-5 or 12-4 last year, remember we were 7-9. A step back is sometimes needed to take a step forward. So get of the edge and lets see where the season takes us. I we loose next year then it really does not matter who we have since the entire regime will be gone and we will drafting in the top 10 and getting all new players...


Thanks for breaking up those topics.....you know....for us retards....

I hear you Tree. True fan. That's what's up. Ronnie was tipping around for too much money. Bye. Ricky would still be here if he kept his mouth shut and held on to the ball. Bye Bye. Thomas is tipping around. Remember the goal line play. Stand back son and watch men run the ball. I like the Johnson move. Every team has a Johnson on it. If he comes in like Bush, motivated, I can see a very good one - two punch.


Go Dolphins!


I wonder how many female fans will attend the Dolphin games with the "woman beater" lined up in the backfield? just a thought.

I am not a football coach nor do I pretend to be one. I don't watch film. I don't grade it. I don't pretend to know about teaching technique. Basically, I'm a dummy. Basically, I'm a fat dummy

So let me get this straight...

We pass on a talented, yet troubled QB in the draft, in order to trade UP & draft a questionable RB w/fumble issues who won't start.

To compound the issue, we sign a 31 year old RB with a history of problems.

With these kinds of moves, Ireland should be working for free.

I have been saying it for a while a Rookie and Reggie Bush to go into a Season when your Head Coaching Job is on the line????
But then they get Larry Johnson??????
What the...?????????????

I just hope the Johnson signing does not end up like the Lawrence Phillips one a few years back... started two games, had 20 carries for 40 yards.

larry johnson is a backup and he knows it. he's not coming in as a star signing. he has been humbled over the past two years and is ready to be a team 1st guy.

thomas is a workhorse. he has barely played in the nfl. give him a break. ronnie brown is the king of tip toeing in the backfield and ricky fumbles in bad times. bush and thomas will carrie the load. move johnson surprises and still has life in his legs.

our line is going to be top 3 this season. i absolutely believe that. and our defensive line is also stacked. we have improved the LB core replacing clam chowder with burnet. i think our secondary will be better two. 3rd year for smith and davis.

I'm not a genius, really. I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn either. I just have eyes. And to ALL the people (you know who you are, don't have to call out names) who said we need to be a run-first team, keep doing what we've been doing, running matters, blah, blah, blah, I now give you...Tony Sparano in his own words (talking about how the league has changed and to win in the AFC East, you need to put up points). Great article (on Sun Sentinel), and the main point is (Sparano quote):

"[But] it started with me with big plays and how hard we had to work to advance the ball down field in the past. That’s where I had to look at myself and say, ‘I’m the CEO of the football part of it. If I see it broke, I have to fix it and it has to start with me.’ We couldn’t crawl down the field anymore.”

Please re-read that last sentence: WE COULDN'T CRAWL DOWN THE FIELD ANYMORE!!!

Point, check, checkmate. As I've said for the THREE YEARS, we need to become more vertical. We need to run in order to setup the pass (NOT the other way around), we need to push defenses back and open them up with more long pass attempts, we need to help our QB get in rhythm with ample amounts of passing without distractions like 3 runs in a row or Wildcat or all that other nonsense.

AKA, we need to do what ALL the other elite teams in our league have done, improve our pass game.

So, please, posters, go back to debating our 3rd string RB situation. Like it really even has an inkling of matter to the season or any individual game. Last I read, LJ has 0 TDs in 3 years. Yeah, very important piece we're missing there.

Nothing to see here, move on!

Who cares if women attend the game...it is a mens sport, well, it is until they keep removing parts of the game that requires hitting other players!

DC Dolfan

Kinda of hard to improve the pass game with a lame QB. And for you Henne hopers, keep praying, it won't bring him a new contract. Ireland can say what he wants, but Henne is in his last year and if he was half sincere about his recent Henne comments, he'd have extended his contract by now,

DC, I agree with you. Just look at the recent Superbowl winning teams to see the style of offense they play. NO? Indy? GB? Even the Giants, a good running team but with an explosive passing game that season.

Heck, even Pitt is less balnced than ever before & pass out of the spread, shotgun, empty backfield offense. NE is a wide open attack & they are alwasy 1 of the top teams in the league.

If people couldn't see that for themselves, save your strength for other battles! lol

The really sad part is that Sparano & Ireland figured it out 4-6 years later than everyone else.

Next, true. But it's also hard to get improvement from a mediocre QB by running all game. And it's hard to beat New England by scoring under 15 points. And it's hard to give confidence to your QB and let him get in rhythm if he's only throwing 1 or 2 passes in like 10-12 plays.

Look, we've tried that way. We've tried to ask Henne to be a game manager. We've tried to have Fasano stay in every play to block. We've tried 1 or 2 receiver pass route plays. We've tried to make Brandon Marshall a decoy. NONE of that worked. Those are FAILED strategies.

What we HAVEN'T tried, is what we're now seeing Daboll do. A more explosive offense, and offense that takes more shots downfield, an offense that trusts it's QB more, an offense that can score from anywhere on the field.

Let's try that (which, by the way, is now the thinking with the Coaches thankfully) and see what Henne becomes then. If he can't hang, then see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. If he can, or even improves, then we may have a QB placeholder until we coach up the rookie we're bound to grab in the next draft.

Trading up to take Thomas and passing on Mallett is getting harder to comprehend every day.

Where's that loser bobbyd12?

He just said YESTERDAY that Bush would only touch the ball 8-10 times a game and would NOT be the featured back. Well, Sparano just said Bush IS the starting (i.e., featured) back!

It's just like bobbyd12 to say something stupid that he can't support and then HIDE like a little girl when the opposite is definitively proven.

As the featured back, Bush won't make it past November. Book it!


If you think for a minute that Sparano is not expecting much out Johnson then you better drop the pipe. First of all, by Sparano saying outright that he doesn't expect much out of him is a MAJOR slap in the face to Ricky and Ronnie.

Over what we've had the past few years, LJ is an upgrade. The guy is an Inside Zone runner, probably was the best IZ runner when He was putting up those great numbers. He wasn't so bad on Outside Zone plays either. Nevertheless, His addition is good for an already stout defense, and good for 1,2, MAAAAYBE 3 wins.

So let me get this straight...

We pass on a talented, yet troubled QB in the draft, in order to trade UP & draft a questionable RB w/fumble issues who won't start.

To compound the issue, we sign a 31 year old RB with a history of problems.

With these kinds of moves, Ireland should be working for free.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | August 24, 2011 at 09:50 AM

You said it all, Joe!

I don't understand tha Mallett love here? What has he done? Pre-season games... He is on a team with one of the best offensive schemes in the game today. Even Hoyer looks like a hero there. How can anyone judge the value of Daniel Thomas vs Mallett with the body of work we have seen?

I am confused.

And in all this back and forth over the offense, one thing that has gone overlooked is the great play of the O-Line. KUDOS TO THE O-LINE COACH!


That's the disappointing part, Sparano couldn't get from under Parcells' shadow fast enough. Best thing that happened was Parcells left. Now these guys can update their philosophy some. I think while Bill was here they were scared to do that. Like you said, the team suffered.

dc - thanks for the pointer,

have said all off season that imo too early to judge both ts and ji, the only reasons to give ts more time was that we were 1-15 with very little on the roster and then went 11-5, however lucky that was they still deserved time to build a team that could compete at the highest level for many years and that takes time, they've made plenty of mistakes but are both young/inexperienced in their roles and the bp factor in where they got to style and players wise is hard to gage. sure 7-9,7-9 is not improvement from a results perspective (which IS all important)but the team has a lot of young good players on it so imo has continued to improve

my initial reaction top lj was oh no but this could be a succesful acquisition at little cost, one that belichick would be praised for if it worked and go unnoticed if it didnt

most importantly people need to be given a chance to learn from their mistakes, its how all the best get better at what they do, ts needs that opportunity, he has made a lot of mistakes so can learn alot, this (moving away from ground and pound billosophy) is one massive thing for him to realise (maybe too late) and many (incl u)will say he should have learned ages ago

his pr skills r diabolical but he might just make a great hc yet, unpleasant experience can be hard earned but can be hugely beneficial

again as i've said before if he gets us to 9-7 this season he should get another, 8-8 and he's gone but don't bet on him geting another hc job if he's 7-9/8-8 if he's worse than that no more hc jobs for him

if lj has the right attitude and performs ts and ji will have toget the kudos for this move, IF

....don't bet on him not getting another hc job if he's 7-9/8-8 this season

Are we still talking about LJ? Like DC said, he doesn't matter. It all comes down to whether Henne can be a top 15 QB like he was for the 1st half last year when he was on pace for almost 4,000 yards passing. If he is, the team will be alright. If he isn't then the team has to mortgage the farm to get one of the 1st round QBs next April. Simple as that. That's what this year is all about.

However if Henne does perform, Ireland will have his work cut out for him getting Soliai and Henne to long term deals under the cap next year.

I am a Dolfan who lives in Dallas. Man I thought Cowgirl fans were off the chain but when I keep reading some the comments you guys make, damn!!!! Some of you complain about everything. When other teams bring in guys like LJ I always read: "why couldnt we bring in this guy. Some of you said about Ocho, Hanesworth, and Plax. If this doesnt work, you cut the guy an move on. Ronnie and Rick had run its course here it was time to move on. Ive always said lets give Henne a shot with some speed and an OC that has a clue. This is the year. If it doesnt happen, then move on. Lets give the season a chance and not put us at the top of the draft after only two preseason games.


Glad to see your STILL AMONG THE LIVING after the quake yesterday....

Silk, 2 preseason games they won, no less...

Poizen, who cares which team drafted him? What does that have to do with anything? It's absolutely irrelevant.

Mallet is a young & talented QB, period. The NFL is a talent qacquisition business, specifically QB's. He has some ALLEGED character issues but I didn't hear any draft pundit's questioning his talent.

When you compare the talent & upside of both players, who was more worth the risk? The QB with alleged character flaws or the RB with fumbilitis?

Dear Mr. Salguero

I think Jeff Ireland is treading on thin ice with this Larry Johnson pickup.

In Larry's younger days an assault charge was a no brainer year in and year out.

But now Larry Johnson looks a little long in the tooth.

If Larry doesn't get arrested for assault against a woman in south beach within the first 4 games of the regular season we should consider him a bust and then have Jeff Ireland fired.

My 2 cents

Soiled :)

(( BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE ))................. MY FOOT ........


I consider the Atlanta game a loss but that's splitting hairs.

Gates could already have two, at least, long TDs this pre-season where he was behind the defense but the ball wasn't delivered on target. If he and Henne get on the same page it could be special. Hell, Gates could end up saving Henne/Sparano/Ireland's jobs. We'll see.


CHRIS.............. FORGIVE AND FORGET ...........

The only two that really rated to be drafted in the top round was Gabbert and Newton, all the others were stretches and still are. Mallett is in a system built for QB's. Cassell?? Brady?? if picking great QB's was easy can anyone tell me how many QB's went before Brady? Brady was no better scouted or projected than Henne was out of the same school. He is in system that is the easiest to read and progress thru! My point is who gives two craps about Mallett!! Everyone is saying how terrible our line is, no good RB's, not enough talented receivers....so what sense does it make to put a rookie in that situation to get his ass kicked? Think people! henne is our best and only option!!!

By the way Brady went #199!!!!

Mando....what's the happs in dolphin land today...anything going down? practice? Ireland on Sparano? Anything?

And don't ever eat left over swisschard in the morning...not a good idea...

Joe, I care what team drafte him... Mallett in a different position and a different team would not have the same opportunity to grow and become a solid NFL qb. He was not the so called "no brainer" mechanically either coming out of this draft.

He needs work, and if he goes to a team where he does not get the proper help, he could fail.

Thanks kris, good to see you ok too (did you leave right away after it happened, or wait for the traffic to die down?). I waited, got home in record time.

Wolf, while I'm very critical of the FO and HC, I'm not a fundamentalist when it comes to change. All I want is to see improvement. That goes for Henne too. I don't expect us to win the division or go to the SB or anything, I have realistic goals. I just want Henne to have more TDs than INTs, to play better in the 4th quarter, to be more of a leader of the offense.

I want Daboll to be more aggressive in his playcalling.

I want Sparano to be more aggressive as a HC.

And I want Ireland to stop taking all the Cowboys retreads.

That happens, whatever our record is, I wouldn't be against keeping it how it is to see where it goes.

I just can't stand by another year with us doing the same thing and getting the same mediocre results.

So far, so good. But we'll see in 2 weeks if things are going in the right direction or not.

Just wondering, has anyone actually been at the games? Gates... How many times did he look back to find out where the ball was in the air? Was there press coverage where gates could not get to full speed as quickly, or was he bumped?

Just wondering if anyone saw this, because on TV, you do not get to see everything.

By the way, crazy what's going down in Denver, right? They were about to trade Orton, now he's the starter and Tebow might be on the chopping block (though I think they keep him).

Up and down NFL.

"Brady was no better scouted or projected than Henne was out of the same school. He is in system that is the easiest to read and progress thru!"


Since you imply that you could plug just about any QB into the Pat's easy system and given the UNQUESTIONED success of Brady in that system, why don't all teams employ the Pat's system?

Clearly, if a system can turn an afterthought 6th rounder like Brady into a sure-fire first ballot HoFer QB EVERY team should be employing this made-for-success system, no?

You're a jackass!


1980, Firstly, who cares what team drafted him? I don't know why people even bring this up. It's irrelevant.

Secondly, Miami didn't have to pick him in the first round so saying he wasn't worthy of a 1st round pick, is redundant and useless.

Thirdly, most so called "experts" thought Mallett was more established & had a beter body of work to judge him on than Newton. Most had a 1st round grade on him but his status was decided by his character concerns more so than his ability.

Fourthly, knowing the importance of Qb's in the NFL, do you think it was wiser for Miami to trade up for a fumble prone RB or a talented young QB?

I predict if Henne "nuts up" and has a good year blog hits will drop like the US economy.

Russ, I got your jackass and yes that is what I'm saying! Billy Hoyer looks great, Cassell looked great until KC! Why doesn't every team run a 3-4 not 4-3. Hey Chicago played great with the Triangle offense and the Lakers to, why don't every team run. it's coaches life work in an offense they run you dumb ass. They don't just strap 20-30 years of something because there "might" be something better out there! Russ, I have been on here for a long time and read many of your comments, not one has come with anything but stupity, but ever meeting your Mom in the hotel the other night, I know were you get it from now. By the way the money is in the mail!!! See anybody can throw insults and make dumbass comments....your on a good pace. Talk football, stop name calling, and make your points, I have no time for you or anything you bring to the table which is limited!

I was just playing Madden 05. Larry Johnson is a pretty good player. Good call Mr. Ireland.

No, most experts, Joe, said he needed work, his mechanics were "Bad" not ok, but bad and he had character issues. No, i thought it was wise to take a running back and not a QB that was a stretch to be any better then Henne.


Interesting article regarding Henne, our offense, and Parcell's good buddy, Henning, or HenningS, if you prefer, lol.


That was funny Gary!

The Signal, that writer could have written that from my posts last 3 years (but he was spot on).

The two biggest reasons we're in the position we're in: Bill Parcells / Dan Henning.

THANK GOD the FO changed direction, finally. Now let's see if the personnel can execute a better game plan.


No, most experts, Joe, said he needed work, his mechanics were "Bad" not ok, but bad and he had character issues. No, i thought it was wise to take a running back and not a QB that was a stretch to be any better then Henne.

Posted by: 1980 Phin Four Life | August 24, 2011 at 11:48 AM


Who said he had to be better than Henne?

Who said he had to start ahead of Henne?

What college player coming into the pro's doesn't have alot to work on?

Please find me 2 scouts that said Mallett had "bad", not just OK machanics & post links.

Jesus, what rubbish. Most "experts" had Mallet a borderline 1st round pick. Why were people calling him a steal in the 3rd if he was so bad? Think about it! LMAO

To pick him up in the 2nd would have been fine & good value over an upright runner with fumble issues.

It's not OK to draft Mallet cause of chacter but you can sign Larry Johnson? Trade for Brandon Marshall? Keep Philip Merling?

You just come off silly with some of these statements. Sorry to tell you.

I just read something annoying. The reason the deal for Orton broke down was that Denver was demanding a 3rd round pick for him and we would only give a 4th. I would have made that deal in a second. Jeez. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ms-silver_denver_broncos_quarterbacks_082311

DC, I've read many of your posts, and agree.

Here's something from the article that I don't recall, but is pretty telling....

"Indications are that Sparano wanted to hire Chris Palmer, whom he played under at the University of New Haven, but Henning was pushed onto his staff. Palmer is now the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, and is considered a top quarterback coach."

Of cousre, I knew BP shoved Henning on us. What I didn't know was Sparano may have had a strong opinion on another guy at OC, but apparently was shot down by BP.

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