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Tuesday afternoon buffet of knowledge

I suppose your questions surrounding Larry Johnson include wanting to know why him and not Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown. Fair.

It seems the Dolphins view Johnson much differently than either Ricky or Ronnie. They were starter types for Miami. Johnson is merely a backup addition.

"Yeah I think a different set of circumstances at that time," coach Tony Sparano said. "You know, I mean really different. I don’t think we’re really talking about the same situation right now. This is something three weeks into training camp here or whatever it is, four weeks into training camp and we’re making a decision to do and again Reggie Bush is going to be the first runner out the gate here. I mean he’s going to be the starting running back. That’s what we’re doing so this is a different deal here, different role totally."

That doesn't mean Johnson won't be allowed to rise to the importance of a Ricky or Ronnie, but that's not the situation right now.


Jake Long continues to practice and work with the first team offense. But the Dolphins are still not certain whether or not he will play Saturday night against Tampa Bay, according to Sparano.

"I haven’t made that decision yet," coach said. "Not positive right now. If I had to make the decision today…probably not. But I don’t have to make the decision today."


I am not a football coach nor do I pretend to be one. I don't watch film. I don't grade it. I don't pretend to know about teaching technique. Basically, I'm a dummy. Basically, I'm a fat dummy.

But I talk to people who know their stuff and they share becaue they apparently feel sorry for me.

That is why on the topic of coin tosses and the decision that comes with it, I can tell you most NFL coaches will absolutely defer if they have the opportunity this season.

Simply, the new kickoff rules has turned getting the ball first into something of a bad idea. Teams have the choice of taking the ball first and getting it either on the 20-yard line (after a predictable touchback) or in somewhat poor field position based on the kickoff from the 35.

Assuming you have a solid defense and can stop the opponent on downs the first series, that potentially means the team that received the football could be kicking from the 20 and definitely from inside their 30.

That suggests that the punt returner might field the ball around his 25 yard line or likely much better than that. Even a modest return can place the ball at the 35 yard line.

That's 15 yards of field position the first series has already won for the deferring team without it even taking its first offensive snap. Yes, it's unseen yardage, but coaches love that kind of stuff.

I asked Sparano today why any coach would decide to receive rather than kick.

" I think that most times most people would probably not want to do that,” he confirmed.


The Dolphins play Saturday at Tampa Bay. And this is the third preseason game. So does that mean starters will venture into halftime and come out again in the third quarter?

“Well we will see how far we take them," Sparano said. "I'd like to reheat them again at halftime and bring them into the third quarter, yes … see how we do. If it was a situation where one side just played a staggering number of plays, which we certainly hope isn’t our defense, then I might reconsider that.

"Last week the offense played 55 or so I think in the first half of the game, we’ll see how that goes. I’d like to bring them back and get them heated up again which puts a lot of people in situations right now where maybe they wouldn’t play as much in this game. It makes practice right now important."


Larry Johnson isn't expected to be "the man," as Sparano said today. But he is expected to run like a man. And he intends to do just that -- bruising, banging, battering.

“I mean, it’s only too few guys that have their own character, their own way of doing things," he said. "Hopefully, I bring a little bit more old school toughness that I already had in Kansas City. Hopefully, that will give some of the younger guys who don’t really have experience running certain plays, kind of insights on the plays that worked for me, which is the same plays that they run here, the same plays that worked for me in Kansas City. It will be a good thing as far as knowledge to give to some of the younger guys."


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JS, what a lot of people don't understand is that QB is always a position of need and boils be drafted when the talent is available. Not for the next year but for 2-3 years down the road. Because of succession planning, because of injuries, because of possible returns in a trade. Sure QBs have a lower hit rate than some positions but when you hit, its an incredible boon to your franchise.

ncfinfan70, don't forget Orton wanted to renegotiate his contract. For all we know, he may have been asking for a contract close to what Kolb had just gotten from Arizona. He has started many more games than Kolb, and seems to view himself as worth it.

ts is like henne, he was bp's yes man to hennes hennings yes man, doing as they were told, shackled, ts was in bp's mold on style and acquisitions i bet he played second fiddle to hennings playcalls and wouldnt override during games because bp told him not to, ts is in p conference now saying that this bunch of coaches is the best he's been around, no kidding he's prob glad to be working with guys with enthusiasm and who also HAVE to prove themselves, unlike hennings and bp

he's realised his errors/ been released from the constraints of his own and others makings that he had when he came, prob too late and although originally bp's yesman ts could still find his own way of doing things and may yet take this franchise back to where it belongs, many r gonna think i'm nuts and i probably am but the way i see it is that ts is developing as a coach

major weakness's -pr, o-line evaluation (supposed strength but if he can sort out being a hc this could be done by someone else), game management

sounds like he's up for the challenge but how long will he last? needs to win, needs henne to save him

Signal @ great article you posted.......

below is the most telling part if you ask me....

"One inch this way or the other could be the difference between 10 yards," Bush said. "We're just fine-tuning some things. It's what I'm used to. If we're going to get better, I have to be on the same wavelength as Chad."

the "one inch" thing is huge.....ball placement is KEY.....and thats what Bush needs to get thru to Henne.....1 INCH is the difference between YAC/RAC....and getting tackeled on the spot...or dropping the pass altogether....

I hope Bush can explain to Henne the importance of this....and more importantly....Henne is reseptive....

Salguero can you tell me why we did not sign McKinney? Seems to have been the best tackle option out there


I left right after the ground stopped shaking.....I knew it was gonna get bad...so I beat the traffic.....

Armando, Are you really fat?

Thyroid problems or over-eater?

(( buffet of KNOWLEDGE ))...........................


Henne can't even throw a fade, which is why he can't connect deep on the side lines. It will cost us 14 points a game.

buffet - 1 definition=
"a meal where people serve themselves different types of usually cold food"

aloco - armando's posts aren't really a buffet of knowledge but the rest of the blog is, a mixture of hot and cold i'd say

Joe, 3rd RB on the depth chart not your future "franchise" QB you are the one that needs to think! Ok, and were did we pick Hennet at...oh wait same area Mallett was projected to go Joe. Think, same QB different year. He is the Henne of this years class. Fumble prone Rb?????based off one goalline fumble. Gee wonder how fumble prone Tiki Barbers career turned out...things that make you go Hmmmm! Like I said last week to you Joe....same Joe different day, Henne sucks, we need a QB, we don't have a good QB, we shold have traded everything and taken Mallett, we need to draft a QB for the future, cut Henne now. Same old Joe day in and day out. At least I post something different and don't regurgitate the same trash everyday, after day, after day, after day. Be original and post something other then we need a QB!

You don't look 'fat' in your picture...maybe puggy.

i hope the fins r gonna serve a delicious buffet of wins this season as 1 definition of starvation is

"the state of having no food for a long period, often causing death"

i can't hold out much longer





Signal, I noticed that too. Gives us hope. Sparano might not be such an idiot after all (just was handcuffed). Not saying he has a long leash now, he still must improve this year, but at least I'm feeling better about the direction of the team (as opposed to a few months ago).

Mark, exactly right. To me, Mallett in the 2nd was a no brainer. QB's are hard to come by, we all know this.

They could have picked any rb in other rounds or FA to be a backup or co-starter. A 2nd round qb wouldn't have started either or wouldn't have had to.

Also, the FA crop was alot bigger for RB's than talented, young QB's who could come in & compete or develop. Including either of the 2 we didn't resign.

That is why teams should draft for talent. Fill your needs in FA with proven players & draft the best young players you can.

Did the Patriots need 2 te's in the same draft? No, but look at how it worked out for them.

Everyone will all love LJ until he drops his first pass, fumbles the football or says stupid things about the Latino-Hispanic population of South Florida. Then, everyone will recognize why he was a cancer in Kansas City and was labelled a cry baby. The Dolphins would have been better off signing Grandmama, the original Larry Johnson.

Joe, your talking out both sides of your mouth. You two weeks ago that we needed Orton or a young QB to start now and Henne had to go! Now your saying from your statement above, that we should have draft a QB in th esecond to play or sit. So now we should have drafted a back-up QB, and not a possible starting RB? You are all over the field....pick a side and stick with it. YOu can't have it a million ways. If we drafted a QB, you would be complaingin that we didn't get a RB. If we picked a QB in th e1st, you would complain that we didn't address the OL and if we signed a FA OL men you would complain about were and why the other team didn't want him....I'm done justifying myself to you!

1980, I asked you for 2 links to scouts who said Mallet had bad mechanics as YOU stated. You provided NONE. Nuff said.

2ndly, this has NOTHING to do with Henne. You think I'm just trying to diss Henne when in reality, I didn't even bring him up. Funny ain't it?

you don't even grasp the topic of discussion. Please, read & think prior to typing.

3rdly, since you chose to bring up Henne, Mallet had 1st round grades by a few people, not everyone. Henne didn't. Henne was never considered a first round talent. Mallett slipped because of character, not ability. See the difference?

This has nothign to do with Henne, but all to do with this franchise not investing in the QB position like other teams do & have.

4th, look at Thomas' fumble record at Kansas State. No, it has little to do with 1 preseason game versus his collegiate career.

5th, you should stop assuming you know what I'm saying when you clearly have no reading comprehnsion skills. I have no desire to discuss this further with you because it truly is pointless & none of your points have not already been debunked.

Russ, I got your jackass and yes that is what I'm saying! Billy Hoyer looks great, Cassell looked great until KC! Why doesn't every team run a 3-4 not 4-3. Hey Chicago played great with the Triangle offense and the Lakers to, why don't every team run. it's coaches life work in an offense they run you dumb ass. They don't just strap 20-30 years of something because there "might" be something better out there!

Posted by: 1980 Phin Four Life | August 24, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Wow. You really ARE a dumb jackass!

You didn't say the Patriots system MIGHT work. You said it's the easiest system in the NFL that inherently "works" because an implied mediocre Brady and Cassel have been "great" in that system. So therefore coaches wouldn't be scrapping their offense for something that "might" work - they'd be scrapping it for a proven offense. What a donkey!

One last thing: coaches don't spend 20-30 years wed to a particular ideology if something else clearly works and allows run o' the mill QBs like Brady, Cassel et al. to flourish. Coaches spend 20-30 years seeking strategies/philosphies that produce WINS (and I think we'd both agree that the Pats have done a lot of that with their "easy" system)!

Why do I continue to respond to this idiot who keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth? You want your cake and you want to eat it too!

Joe's dolphin QB of the future:

Good bulk and great height to scan the field
Outstanding arm strength
Very high talent level and upside
Adept at reading coverages
Nice mental clock in pocket
Quick release
Makes some jaw-dropping throws
Sells play action

Poor technician
Footwork needs a lot of polish
Lacks some balance as a passer
Not very athletic or mobile
Not a very accurate passer
Shows some inconsistency
Doesn't throw an impressive spiral
Ball tends to sail high
Poor NFL QB pedigree (Bobby Petrino)
Needs a lot of space and minimal pass rush in pocket to operate
Back foot comes up too much on follow through, which hurts accuracy and balance
Character concerns

Summary: Ryan Mallett is getting overrated at this point because everyone is in love with his size and arm strength. However, there isn't much I saw on tape to give Mallett a first-round grade unless he improves greatly in 2010.

Mallett is a very inconsistent quarterback and an extremely raw talent. Plus, let's also factor in Bobby Petrino's poor history of sending quarterbacks to the NFL (Dave Ragone, Stefan LeFors, Chris Redman, Brian Brohm). Something about Petrino's system either doesn't prepare them for the NFL because the receivers are wide open thanks to great route combinations and play calling, or he just finds a way to mask the talent level (not a problem with Mallett).

Mallett is starting the season with a third-round grade in my book with a second-round projection because I think some team will overdraft him due to his immense upside. Maybe Mallett improves next season, but that would just be me giving him the benefit of the doubt, which I rarely do for prospects.

Player Comparison: Derek Anderson. Anderson has the size and the arm, but like Mallett, he is a bad athlete with poor accuracy.


Bring it over to the new blog.....its good reading.....




Read it and weep Joe, it is posting above. Come on now, you know EVERYTHING about football just ask yourself. type in Ryan Mallett scouting report and there are 100's out there.

1980, at 1:13 this is proof POSITIVE that you are clueless. You do more assuming than actually knowing.

As I have always said, YES, I would have loved Orton to come in & compete with Henne. I think Orton would win.

NO, I never said Chad had to be gone. This is either a blatant lie by you or a perfect example that you have serious comprehension issues.

I am done with you now. You have proven to be not worth the effort.

Like I said Joe "whine about our QB" Schmoe. The only good posts you have made are the ones were you point out the good in other posts. also, you said it a millions times before the pre-season and after the first game that Henne had to go. Your a idiot who only has the ability to make a point after reading someone elses. And by the way, I'm posting to you while sitting at my $175k a year no need for reading comprehension job! Have fun at home!

Russ, every coach likes something different. Not every coach wants to run they want to pass, some have the West coast, and Run n Shoot, dumbass. Everyone likes something different and do things different. Do you think these coaches got were they are running a system that sucks and doesn't work in the capacity they use it. I done this you to, i'm taking my ball and going home!

I will also point out that you since you had to ask me for web-sites and scouting reports on Mallett you proved that you have never goggled for stats or takne the time to look at them. Rather you just make stuff up and post it thinking that by typing in BS evveryone on here will just "take your word" for it. Hell, you don't even remember calling for Henne's head a million times.


It's all about giving yourself the best chance of winning. If you have a mediocre QB, all you have to do is run the Patriots' "easy" system, right? That system has made a 6th round QB a champion and future HoFer, right?

You're definitely a few bricks shy of a full load. I'm staring to think ALoco might be on to something. You ARE odinseye.


Personally I would never complain when a QB is a draft pick. Most impactful position on a team. The good teams have good qbs, the bad ones don't. Simple as that

Russ, the system is easy to run but not everyone is going to go to it for that reason. Watch the NFL network once in a while. They talk about how the progressions are read in a logical order for the QB in NE therefore the decisions come quickier and easier. Every coach beleives in their system and they are not going to scrap their system because something else is working. They beleive in there system and know it inside and out. Just like there is probably a certain way or route you take to work everyday. Your neighbor might work in the same building put takes a different route because he thinks it's easier. Same results abut you probably feel yours is the better one! Everyone thinks for themselves...you need to try it!


I live in Little Rock (and NOT a hogs fan).
Mallet is not a Patrino QB...he came back to ARK after leaving Michigan but was an ill-fit for Patrino's offense. Mallet is a proto-typical pocket passer (much like Marino). Mallet will be a better pro than college QB. He is able to make throws that very few other pros can make. His biggest draw back is his attitude/mentality. He presses in big games and became inaccurate. He is hot-headed and a bit immature. I WAS hoping that the Fins would have drafted him but his chance of success, had he been drafted by miami, would have been less. He is in a perfect situation in NE; he will learn the game in one of the best surroundings in the NFL. Had he come to miami, he would have been thrown in by mid-season (proabably) and not been very successful. This would have exposed his immaturity. He will have several years to learn and MATURE in NE. He has incredible tools and very likely will be a star. Somehow looking at every stat in college and projecting his NFL worthiness is mis-guided. Look at Tebow and Pryors stats in college knowing that neither will be a starting NFL QB (ever!). Better yet, Charlie Ward (Heisman winner) and never played a down in the NFL. Again, Mallet and his big arm was ill-suited for the West-coast type Patrino offense. Pocket passers still wins superbowls (Brady, Rogers, Bress). I'm sure that Vick will have more rushing yards (x3) than all three of the above listed superbowl winning QB's combined but he will not lead his team to the big game. Mallet would have been a better pick, IMO, than Thomas..by far. But all of this is irrelivent b/c the draft has been over for nearly 4 months. If you want to re-live the draft...why draft an interior lineman @ #15?

Every coach beleives in their system and they are not going to scrap their system because something else is working. They beleive in there system and know it inside and out.

Posted by: 1980 Phin Four Life

I guess that's why Sparano is sticking with his "short ball" system, huh? You're an idiot, (1980, odinseye)!!

".....He forces throws. Makes bad decisions. He doesn't deal with pressure up the guy. His mechanics become sloppy when he has to roll out."

Mel Kiper


on why larry and not ricky or ronnie-
in my opinion, i think Sporano must have recently taken a class titled "superior coaching through player psychology". watching bush's first game as a dolphin it would be hard NOT to notice the the obvious difference of reggie compared to ronnie/ricky, and that huge difference is DESIRE! reggie is playing inspired and hungry, as if he has something to proove(would be great if the rest of the team would follow his lead), he WANTS to be the best, anyone can see this simply by watching how he refuses to go down. he IS playing with DESIRE. reminds of the days of gasden, mcmichael and chambers. as a dolfan it has been a long time, but it is nonetheless refreshing to see a player wearing a dolphins uniform play with attitude! maybe ronnie can rebound in philly, but he certainly WASN'T playing inspired ball in miami. the DESIRE was missing. so maybe Sporano got smart and is now looking into the psychological as well as physical make-up. coming out of college i think reggie had HUGE expectations that he never got to see through and is now on a mission. and just maybe larry johnson has a similar profile. it's GOOD to know that Sparano has a pulse on the team and was aware of the loss of beef in the backfield. it's BAD if this is a move in anticipation of another move that would involve Lousaka.

** on the new kicking rule **
i see this new rule as an oppourtunity, being that it is a NEW rule, most teams will be lulled into sleep as kick after kick becomes a touch-back. they will be expecting every kick to be NO different, this might play in favor for fins at a critical point in the game, if we were to get creative with the special teams and kicking game....

I wonder how "sloppy" Brady's mechanics are when he rolls out?........oh, he doesn't roll out...b/c he's a pocket qb! How many running qb's have won the SuperBowl? Zero.

Wow Joe, did you read the post by Mel Kiper, that is the same stuff you have been saying about Henne for say....forever! Just so everyone knows, I picked the fights with Joe and Russ because they never say anything good. I have never posted negative until today because I have listened to these Know-it-alls post for the past two days and I'm tired of it!

Joe, read the scouting reports on Mallett and shut up. He was rated for the second round because GM's stretch based off maybe's.

Russ, you need to study football...period.

back to Armando's 'fat' and 'dumb' issues.

Fat....he's being to harsh on himself.

Dumb.......well....no comment.

I agree, if Henne can't connect on deep throws, Miami does NOT have a deep treat! Watch!

slow might be more appropriate

How many running qb's have won the SuperBowl? Zero.

Posted by: FLH | August 24, 2011 at 02:04 PM

Actually, plenty. Montana, Young, Elway, etc.

Deep throwers need fast WR's; we have a bunch of 4.8 guys. No speed @ WR to take the top off the defense...and an inaccurate QB.

Wrong history buff, Montana, Young, Elway were all passing QB's that were capable of running (on rare occasion). They are not 'running' QB's like Vick, Young, Cunningham, Tarkington. I do not know the stats off the top of my head but would predict that Vick had more yards running last year than Young and Montana combined for a career.

How on earth does Mando think he can write a column even though his head is smaller than the goodyear blimp? Or without writing down bible verses every day and tweeting them to us? Or without berating us? MY GOD, WHAT KIND OF MAN IS THIS?????!!!!!! I'M AFRAID!!!

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