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A look at QB ranking, Pryor, supplemental draft

Two days ago Eli Manning went on Michael Kay's radio show in New York and made the case for himself as an elite quarterback, a "top five" quarterback. He further said, "I don't consider myself a 25-interception quarterback."

Look, everyone has a right to their opinion, but facts are a wonderful things. And the facts say last season Eli Manning threw 25 interceptions. (Note to Eli Manning: That makes you a 25-interception quarterback).

I may say I'm not a chubby dude, but the scale says I'm a chubby dude. Facts. Get it?

At any rate, as the quarterback topic is something of a big topic in South Florida, I decided to see exactly who are the top five NFL quarterbacks. And the top 10. And the next five in the middling 15. And then the next below average 15. And, of course, the most terrible two at the back of the line.

My quarterback ranking 1-32? It's purely my opinion. It isn't necessarily based on statistics from a year ago alone. It is, once again, my opinion.


1. Tom Brady.

2. Phillip Rivers.

3. Peyton Manning.

4. Aaron Rodgers.

5. Drew Brees. (Hurts, doesn't it?)

6. Michael Vick. (Dolphins once signed Marcus but looked away from Michael two years ago).

7. Ben Roethlisberger.

8. Josh Freeman (Superstar in the making).

9. Matt Ryan.

10. Tony Romo.

11. Eli Manning (You're not top 5, brother).

12. Matt Schaub.

13. Joe Flacco.

14. Jay Cutler.

15. Matt Cassel.

16. David Garrard. (Can the Dolphins trade for him?).

17. Matt Stafford (When healthy which is none too often).

18. Kyle Orton (The Dolphins tried to trade for him).

19. Carson Palmer (Would be ranked much higher if he was, you know, playing this year).

20. Sam Bradford (He'll be much higher by next season).

21. Matt Hasselbeck.  (Much, much higher when healthy).

22. Donovan McNabb.

23. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Sounds crazy but check the tape).

24. Mark Sanchez (Hurts).

25. Vince Young (Would be higher if he could keep his head together).

26. Alex Smith.

27. Jon Kitna.

28. Jason Campbell.

29. Chad Henne.

30. Tarvaris Jackson.

Tie, 31. Derek Anderson.

Tie, 31. Jake Del Homme

33. Jimmy Clausen. 

Obviously, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne -- the starter for "right now" in Tony Sparano's words -- is not very high on my list. How could he be based on his last two seasons?

Remember Henne's resume in those two years speaks whispers for itself: More INTs than TDs both seasons starting. Under .500 both seasons. Both seasons out of the playoffs. Benched twice last season.

And that leads me to some questions:

Am I blind to put Henne so far down the line? What am I not seeing? What do the Dolphins see that I and, I suspect, many of you don't? If the Dolphins don't see any better than we do, how could they possibly come out of the past two seasons and enter this training camp without even legitimate competition for Henne in the current training camp? Can Henne completely change his stripes and become a good quarterback this year?

Can the Dolphins still find another option at quarterback?

On that last question, you should know the NFL has set its supplemental draft for Monday. Terelle Pryor has been made eligible for that draft. The Dolphins are expected to be represented at Saturday's workout Pryor will put on for teams in the Pittsburgh area.

Will they use a late-round pick on Pryor?

Frankly, Pryor is a long, long, long range project. He proved in college he is coachable because he improved as a player at Ohio State. But he wasn't necessarily good. He couldn't lead his team to a conference title. His arm strength is average at best and accuracy is inconsistent.

Is he worth a seventh-round pick? Maybe.

In my opinion, North Carolina 3-4 OLB Michael McAdoo, Western Carolina's Torez Jones, and Lindenwood's 314-pound DE Keenan Mace, are better prospects than Pryor. Defensive back Tracy Wilson is also in the supplemental draft.


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This blog was written specifically for

craig m

and a couple of others that enjoy avoiding reality.

Elite players don't have to tell the world they are elite like Eli Flacco and Orton have done in the last year. Look at that group. Does that scream elite to you? Sure, id trade any of them for henne, but they aren't elite.

Just been very lucky to have played with some pretty crazy defenses.

You think alex smith is better than henne?

Pryor is eligible for the supplemental draft, although the NFL is punishing him for NCAA violations. LOL how that can happen.

Also LOL at the punishment. Cannot play in the first five games of the season with the team that signs him, as if he would see any real action. The guy would be a project at qb.

As I read your list I realized what an idiot you are. Your list is a joke, you should start watching NFL football. Aaron Rodgers #4 ?

Dear Editor,

Pat Devlin was about to be adopted by Armando, ah, until he figured out it was Moore that was "DOING GREAT"!

Ah, until Omar, SpOrano, the Coaching staff and everyone else pointed out that Moore was stinking it up worse than Henne. According to the COACHING STAFF, Moore hasn't played well enough to even get any first team snaps.

So, ah, while everyone's entitled to their OPINIONS, you might want to be little more careful of who you let paint YOUR "REALITY" for you.

...People are going to rip Armando for a list that means nothing? This is HIS list. Make your own if it pisses you off that much. Chad Henne isn't a top ten QB, he isn't a top 20 Qb. So who cares where he has him?

About Pryor. For a seventh round pick sure, why not? I think he throws the ball like the shot put. And his chances slim to none. But for a seventh round pick, you kind of have to.

Really, Alex Smith? C'mon........I love Stafford's arm and moxy, but part of being a QB is actually being on the field. I would like to see him make it through a season, the Lions could be fun to watch if he does.

VY: he's a backup for a reason

Campbell has no business in front of Henne either

...People are going to rip Armando for a list that means nothing? This is HIS list. Make your own if it pisses you off that much.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | August 18, 2011 at 12:24 PM

Now that is what I call an objective, level headed post.

"Remember Henne's resume in those two years speaks whispers for itself: More TDs than INTs both seasons. Under .500 both seasons. Both seasons out of the playoffs. Benched twice last season."

Did you mean more INT's than TD's both seasons?

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/08/two-days-ago-eli-manning-went-on-michael-kays-radio-show-in-new-york-and-made-the-case-for-himself-as-an-elite-quarterback-a.html#comments#ixzz1VOmDWGCG

If fact if any of Marino, Elway, Moon, Favre were to un-retire today, even at their advanced age, they would rank ahead of Eli Manning

I wouldnt mind a late pick on Pryor if they had visions of turning him into a TE, cause he's not an NFL QB. He is however, a great athlete. A bigger, stronger Brad Smith.

The best part about this list is it proves what I've been suspecting for some time now - Armando knows squat about football.. Back to Omar and the SS blog for some meaningful football information.. Nice blog Armando - keep up the good work dude.. Sheeshh maybe when you list the top QB's you should only include ones that will actually see the field this season.

Christ Armanda stop hammering Henne so bad , start supporting the guy a bit. Mental state and confidence are evry important at QB. THE GUY IS NOT AS BAD AS YOU GUYS MAKE HIM OUT TO BE.... I supoose Fasano hand off int to Abraham was Henne's fault as well. Ireland needs a RT tackle and a TE to get a fair assessment about HENNE

As to how the Dolphins came out of the off season with no competition the answer is simple. Yet again they bungled the most important position on the team. This is the calling card of any Dolphins FO post 1999. Welcome to the club Jeff you are in good company. Move over for the next d bag GM so all the apologists can start drooling over him.

The list is kind of funny b/c it does give an idea as to how bad Henne is. With the exception of a few head scratchers (Alex Smith WTF !!!!) I would take most qbs on that list over Henne. So would most fans.

You interrpted my refreshment. Sometimes I think you Guys dream too much. Just simply, you cannot have an All-Pro in every position. Who cares who is the best QB in the League if they are not available? Concentrate on the now, please. TS benched Henne last year and he would not hesitate to do it again if he sees anything out of sorts, specially this year.

I agree with all of them in front of Henne except for MAYBE Campbell & Smith.

You can actually juggle 2-5 anyway you want to & still not look crazy. Most of those names are pretty interchangable.

My only critique would be Derek Anderson & Delhomme have no business being on this list! Colt Mccoy should however & be in the 25-28 range.

Mando, Just my opinion here.

Nice on putting your personal list together. Fun read.

Don't agree much, I have addressed my feeling about Henne in other blogs.

Considering body of work with the talent surrounding them vs. upside talent I have

Henne really on par with Flacco/Gerard/Stafford/Orton/Kolb type of guys.

But a fun read, thanks.


Armando is going overboard with this Henne stuff. Henne must really dislike him or gives him the cold shoulder. Sanchez(he of the worse QB rating, completion percentage, 10 more fumbles, same problem with INT's, all while playing with a better supporting cast) is 24 but Henne is well below him? Jeez, let it go bud. He's the QB this year, deal with it, get behind him and let's hope he blossoms. If not he will be gone next year and you can start nitpicking the next QB. I'm sick of him and Omar at the Sun Sentinal all over every thing this guy does. I honestly believe if Henne succeeds this year they both will be sincerely pissed.

Besides the fact I'd much rather have some info, good or bad on the O-line, a thought occured to me.

IF, and I know this is a BIG if, IF, Henne does get it together this season, like many years in the past, Armando will be out in the cold once again. One thing Armando knows how to do is alienate those that might actually get him(us)some good scoops.

He knows how to stay on good terms with 7th round draft picks like Frank Kearse(yeah!). And guys that love to bad mouth the team when they leave, especially when they leave for the North East(hint, hint). But ah, when it comes to guys actually on the roster, some that might actually throw him a bone, he's already pissed most of them off so much they don't even speak to him.

Way to GO-YEAH-Rah, Rah!!!!

Henne really on par with Flacco/Gerard/Stafford/Orton/Kolb type of guys.

Posted by: Poizen | August 18, 2011 at 12:39 PM

Calling the men in the clean white suits.

Mike Jones: Hit the nail on the head. Well said.

Please, let me refresh myself. I have to play the Horses, you know?

As far as the supplemntal draft is concerned, if there is a legit DB or OLB worth it, I'd take him.

Taylor won't be here much longer as a 2nd pass rush threat.

DB makes sense because Will Allen hasn't played a game in 2 years & may not even make the team. And Carrol nor Sapp should be relied on to cover the likes of Mason & Welker in the slot.

Henne really on par with Flacco/Gerard/Stafford/Orton/Kolb type of guys.

But a fun read, thanks.


Posted by: Poizen | August 18, 2011 at 12:39 PM

WOW!!! It's one thing to be a fan, it's another to be oblivious!

Henne will be. But the first quarter at Atlanta, where he threw two interceptions and finished the quarter with a 0.0 rating, was disastrous. .

that's henne's new jersey #.{ 0.0 } lol


Asmuch as I think Henne Suxs, I think Mando has a Agenda for chad, I mean Mando, Just say he Sux and stop tap dancing around The subjecy., We get it, In your "Universe" Chad henne is the worse QB ever..., Get on with the next post, Like your Man-love for Jason Taylor....

Just over 24 hours until our Pre Season Home opener and we get a Top 33 list of Armando's QB opinions?

Forget Henne's rankings or the half hearted plea for Prior. A top 33 opinions list (kind of)trashing our starter?

Wow! I think I'll go check out Skippy "The Scoop" and see if HE posted any news on MY PHINS!?!?

Excuse me, but Ohio State has won or shared in the last 7 Big Ten Titles....three of the last have come with TP at the healm.

How exactly has he "not led his team to a conference title"?

Henne is an average QB, not bad or terrible, nor good or great. If you read into Mando's twitter updates during practice he always tweets the best of Moore's throws and the worst of Henne's. You have to follow multiple reporters to weed through the bias accounts. However, other reporters are bias as well so Mando does a good job filling in those gaps.

The fact that we sit here in week two of the preseason with Chad Henne as our only real option for a starting QB is a very telling gauge of the front offices ability to deliver a winning project. It is not fair to Tony that he has this kid holding his coaching future in his hands. It makes me sick to my stomach as a 42 year loyal Dolphins fan that I will have to endure yet another season of fist pumps for field goals. I will ALWAYS be a fan of this team, but I just hate having to watch this train wreck year after year. HOW CAN ROSS LET HIS FANS ENDURE THIS HUMILIATION??? There HAS to be a better option than Henne. I know people get tired of hearing about the QB situation, I get tired of talking about it. But the fact is that the QB situation is the heart and soul of this teams issue and Chad is not the answer. ROSS if you listen, if you read this blog, please hear what I am saying. I am a long time loyal fan and I am begging you to address this issue in public and force the front office to go after some solution before the season starts!


I usually agree with you my latino brother, hell, 1-15 I would only switch Rodgers to # 2 and Rivers to # 4, BUT, REALLY, Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, Kitna, you got cuckoo after the 1st 15...did you go for a Jose Cuervo or something after those first 15? Henne sucks and we all know it....but, those others suck even more !! Even with how Henne played last year, we really won the Steeler game, and we beat the Packers- champs. A few less interception drops and we may have, could have won 9-10 games ! Similar to Dirty Sanchez, stinkin' up the Meadowlands, but still winning because of good defense, coaching and ST. While it hurts, all of us have to give Sanchez some credit for winning those playoff games.
Really, though Armando, are you PO at Henne? He's better than more than 5-6 of those bums.


Since you're not busy digging up any Dolphin news, you think you can sneak into the locker room and baseball bat Colombo's knee, Ala Tonya Harding style?

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!


Phillip Rivers might have better physical tools than Payton Manning, Aaron Rodgers (maybe), or Drew Brees, but he is nowhere near them in leadership qualities. If we were talking about tennis I would agree with Phillip Rivers #2, but this is football (a team sport), so Rivers is no better than 5.

Love the clowns that switch names to insult others opinions... That makes them "cool"

Pryor undrafted would make more sense than Pat White in the 2nd...Just sayin'...


I have taken your list, using your comments, and placed them where I felt they should be, though I added Colt McCoy, as I believe you forgot him. I find this a much more realistic ordering. I would say that Henne, and Sanchez are on par, since Henne's numbers are better with less around him, but Sanchez keeps winning when it matters.

1. Tom Brady.

2. Aaron Rodgers.

3. Peyton Manning.

4. Drew Brees. (Hurts, doesn't it?)

5. Philip Rivers.

6. Michael Vick. (Dolphins once signed Marcus but looked away from Michael two years ago).

7. Josh Freeman (Superstar in the making).

8. Ben Roethlisberger.

9. Matt Ryan.

10. Tony Romo.

11. Eli Manning (You're not top 5, brother).

12. Joe Flacco.

13. Matt Shaub. (So often he got his stats after the effort ceased to matter last year)

14. Jay Cutler.

15. Matt Cassel.

16. David Garrard. (Can the Dolphins trade for him? I hope not).

17. Matt Stafford (When healthy which is none too often).

18. Kyle Orton (The Dolphins tried to trade for him).

19. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Sounds crazy but check the tape).

20. Sam Bradford (He'll be much higher by next season).

21. Jason Campbell. (Has never had the same OC two years running. Starts new system slow, but comes on strong late).

22. Matt Hasselbeck. (Much, much higher when healthy).

23. Colt McCoy.

24. Mark Sanchez (Hurts).

25. Chad Henne.

26. Donovan McNabb.

27. Vince Young (Would be higher if he could keep his head together).

28. Alex Smith.

29. Jon Kitna.

30. Matt Hasselbeck. (Much, much higher when healthy).

31. Carson Palmer (Would be ranked much higher if he was, you know, playing this year).

Tie, 32. Derek Anderson.

Tie, 32. Jake Del Homme

34. Jimmy Clausen.

Eli's definitely better than Tony Romo, and he's got a ring. I don't know if its a fair comparison when you factor in the supporting cast for each of these guys.

anyway, hoping Henne will move up that ladder this year.


ALSO, Alex Smith is NOT better than Henne. you got that one wrong IMO.

U need 2 move Sanchise down 2 about 30. Henne is way better w/less 2 work with.

& move Flacco down 2 about 20.


Posted by: ALoco | August 18, 2011 at 01:07 PM

Now how did I know that was coming?

Curiously you seem a tad overly sensitive of my harsh take on Armando's "WORK(ahem)" today. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....................

So far you've thrown out some gibberish about drinking and govt. Cheese. I don't know what your on, but I'll pass. My Drinking "DO ME" FINE!

If you have an issue with something I POSTED, spit it out. Otherwise:


PS: You seem to be rather close to Armando, you think you can talk him into the Tonya Harding thing? I mean after all, it would be "taking one" for the team?

DolfanSF, U got that right. Alex Smith should'nt even make the list.

ATL, you gotta calm down, bubba! Sandy Springs resident myself, btw, but give Daboll a chance with Henne, before you jump. If Henne can't turn things around by mid season, I may begin agreeing with some of you haters, but with only a few weeks in the new system, we have to assume they will struggle off the bat. D's will be ahead of O's, as is the case in a normal year, but when you throw an entirely new system into the equation, it may take even longer for the O to catch up. Relax. Time will tell. What? you not planning on being around after this season?

I was in NY yesterday and the flap over Eli's comments -- comparing himself to Brady -- had everybody screaming. It was interesting because Manning -- despite his Super Bowl victory -- inspires criticism from the fans and the media in NY similar to the stuff Henne gets in SoFla. He's up and down, has a good game, then suddenly there's 3 int's and a fumble and when is he going to clean that stuff up, etc. The whole thing told me that QB's sit on the hot seat no matter where they play, and unless their name is Brady, Peyton Manning, Brees, Rivers, or Rogers -- for now -- they're going to be severely scrutinized. Remember people calling for Roethelisberger's head last off-season?

What's also funny is that the Eli story has inspired seemingly every writer and radio host to break out their list of qb rankings. Sort of a hollow, although fun, exercise because PManning and Brady are clearly heads-and-shoulders above the rest and yet they have how many rings between them the last four years? Teams win championships. Or almost win championships, which is why Sanchez gets more love than his performance warrants.

Which brings me to Chad Henne. The frustration with the guy is palpable. I get that. But it's probably skewing a lot of people's perspective. Look at it broadly: Last year he, overall, had a bad year. But he outplayed Rodgers, VYoung, Carson Palmer, and Sanchez (twice) head-to-head. Not really debatable. Now, you can say that the Packers had injury problems, and so did Palmer, etc -- but remember, so did the Dolphins and Henne for much of the second half of the season. Henne played gimpy and behind a tattered O-line for the second half of the season. And you can say no excuses allowed, which is fine, just don't make them for the other qb's either. Hasselbeck when healthy? Henne when healthy (the 2009 season) made a bunch of plays and won a few games and yeah, outplayed Brady. You can't give players like Hasselbeck and McNabb passes when they haven't been good for a couple of years yet ignore the fact that Henne showed a lot of promise in 2009 and simply had a disappointing season last year.

Now to the actual ranking: Let's go back to this off-season, as we were all bandying about personnel possibilities during the lockout. I think most of us -- and I'm going to lump you in, Armando, if you'll indulge me -- would have been disappointed had Ireland been able to sign a QB and got us McNabb, Garrard, Alex Smith, VY, or Kitna. We all would have questioned whether it was an upgrade. So now, what's changed? You don't like what you've seen in camp so far and he had a bad couple of series in the first preseason game. Suddenly Henne is nearly the worst starting QB in the league. It's kind of crazy. Stafford has shown flashes but only flashes, Orton is not a winner, Campbell is... wow. How miserable would we be with him as our starter?

Henne is a middle-of-the-pack guy right now. He shows some flashes and has some bad moments. But he does know how to move an offense, and every time he gets behind center I feel like the Dolphins are a threat. I just hope he executes a little better this year.

Mando, enough already. Give the kid a chance, he's older, he's seasoned, he's got more talent than Dilfer. QB's aren't the only reason a team wins a super bowl. I'm going to start a national petition for fans to stop reading your blog if you don't stop the Henne bashing, it is what it is and you ranting about it daily wont change things. As a fan, get behind the bus and push, stop standing in front of it and whining like a baby!

lafinsfan. Nice post. I have tried to bring that perspective here many times. The haters will now blast you for this.

so before that happens let me say, NICE POST!

Wtf Mando??? How the hell can you put Henne that low.....when CLEARLY he needs to be far lower. DEAD LAST is more appropriate. BOOOOOOOOOO HENNE!!! BOOOOOOOO HENNE!!!

The problems with the Miami Dolphins, by those who REALLY DO KNOW:

Jeff 'kiddie boy' Ireland
Tony 'nobody wanted to replace me' Sparano
Chadd 'isn't one good pass enough?' Henne

Armando is just giving you his objective opinion. All this whining & knocking him for it.

You don't have to like what he said, or agree. Objectivity leaves no room for fandom. And I don't say it often but, Good for you Armando!

It's not just Armando or a majority of bloggers here. Some other journalist had Henne 31 out of 32 I believe. How many NFL fans, former players, coaches etc outside of Miami are talking about the Dolphins being a contender?

Then ask those people why they think that way. It would be a pretty safe bet they mention the QB position as a main reason. You can bury your heads in the sand if you want to but, it doesn't change a thing.

Did you ever consider that maybe, JUST MAYBE, it's true? You have to accept it's a possibility. This blog could use a a big dose of objectivity.

U got it right with Henne Mando. Unfortunately. Denial may bring down Ireland and Sparano.

henne throws for 4,000 28/8 this year and you all eat crow. pro bowl.

lets rank head coaches that were off. line coaches, but cant seem to coach em up....


Great post.

Be prepared for the lynch-mob. They (Henne haters) lurk here with many disquises and infinite poster names...

Thanks, Poizen. And, Joe Schmoe, here's a question for you: When out-of-town journalists want to make an assessment of the Dolphins and Henne, where do you think they get their info? They're not at the practices, they're not studying the tape. They read what the local beat writers have to say and formulate their opinion that way. Think about it. The fact that Armando and Omar Kelly are so inclined to see Henne as the The Big Problem most definitely impacts the national opinion of the team, not to mention the local fans.

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