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A look at QB ranking, Pryor, supplemental draft

Two days ago Eli Manning went on Michael Kay's radio show in New York and made the case for himself as an elite quarterback, a "top five" quarterback. He further said, "I don't consider myself a 25-interception quarterback."

Look, everyone has a right to their opinion, but facts are a wonderful things. And the facts say last season Eli Manning threw 25 interceptions. (Note to Eli Manning: That makes you a 25-interception quarterback).

I may say I'm not a chubby dude, but the scale says I'm a chubby dude. Facts. Get it?

At any rate, as the quarterback topic is something of a big topic in South Florida, I decided to see exactly who are the top five NFL quarterbacks. And the top 10. And the next five in the middling 15. And then the next below average 15. And, of course, the most terrible two at the back of the line.

My quarterback ranking 1-32? It's purely my opinion. It isn't necessarily based on statistics from a year ago alone. It is, once again, my opinion.


1. Tom Brady.

2. Phillip Rivers.

3. Peyton Manning.

4. Aaron Rodgers.

5. Drew Brees. (Hurts, doesn't it?)

6. Michael Vick. (Dolphins once signed Marcus but looked away from Michael two years ago).

7. Ben Roethlisberger.

8. Josh Freeman (Superstar in the making).

9. Matt Ryan.

10. Tony Romo.

11. Eli Manning (You're not top 5, brother).

12. Matt Schaub.

13. Joe Flacco.

14. Jay Cutler.

15. Matt Cassel.

16. David Garrard. (Can the Dolphins trade for him?).

17. Matt Stafford (When healthy which is none too often).

18. Kyle Orton (The Dolphins tried to trade for him).

19. Carson Palmer (Would be ranked much higher if he was, you know, playing this year).

20. Sam Bradford (He'll be much higher by next season).

21. Matt Hasselbeck.  (Much, much higher when healthy).

22. Donovan McNabb.

23. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Sounds crazy but check the tape).

24. Mark Sanchez (Hurts).

25. Vince Young (Would be higher if he could keep his head together).

26. Alex Smith.

27. Jon Kitna.

28. Jason Campbell.

29. Chad Henne.

30. Tarvaris Jackson.

Tie, 31. Derek Anderson.

Tie, 31. Jake Del Homme

33. Jimmy Clausen. 

Obviously, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne -- the starter for "right now" in Tony Sparano's words -- is not very high on my list. How could he be based on his last two seasons?

Remember Henne's resume in those two years speaks whispers for itself: More INTs than TDs both seasons starting. Under .500 both seasons. Both seasons out of the playoffs. Benched twice last season.

And that leads me to some questions:

Am I blind to put Henne so far down the line? What am I not seeing? What do the Dolphins see that I and, I suspect, many of you don't? If the Dolphins don't see any better than we do, how could they possibly come out of the past two seasons and enter this training camp without even legitimate competition for Henne in the current training camp? Can Henne completely change his stripes and become a good quarterback this year?

Can the Dolphins still find another option at quarterback?

On that last question, you should know the NFL has set its supplemental draft for Monday. Terelle Pryor has been made eligible for that draft. The Dolphins are expected to be represented at Saturday's workout Pryor will put on for teams in the Pittsburgh area.

Will they use a late-round pick on Pryor?

Frankly, Pryor is a long, long, long range project. He proved in college he is coachable because he improved as a player at Ohio State. But he wasn't necessarily good. He couldn't lead his team to a conference title. His arm strength is average at best and accuracy is inconsistent.

Is he worth a seventh-round pick? Maybe.

In my opinion, North Carolina 3-4 OLB Michael McAdoo, Western Carolina's Torez Jones, and Lindenwood's 314-pound DE Keenan Mace, are better prospects than Pryor. Defensive back Tracy Wilson is also in the supplemental draft.


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BobbyPeru: have you earned the right to call anybody retarded on this blog? Even if he is a retard you should respect your elders! Keep your comments constructive, please!

The lack of talent to challenge Henne was quite intentional. Frick and Frack are offending our intelligence to think we'd fall for such an infantile ruse. The entire industry laughs at Henne for his lack of talent and Frick and Frack for the stupidity of still thinking this guy is going to take them to the promised land.

I suck men, had to get that in also

Romo and Eli Manning are way overrated with Romo being a perennial loser, you watch. If he was on any other team, he would have been exposed him a long time ago.

Oscar, I am a halfwit and dullard when it comes to football though.
My vocabulary is superior but my lack of football knowledge is incredible.
I am boring, worn out and use multiple aliases while blogging.
In short I am a retarded outcast living with my parents at age 40
Thanks for asking

ccherald2, can we have sexual relations??
I think I love you xoxoxoxo

Eli Manning has a SB ring

Cut off, plunkett should be in HOF!

I don`t agree with Mando`s top 32 QB`s in the League. In the 1st place until P.Rivers can get over the hump and not choke come playoff time then you can`t put him ahead of Payton who will probably own every meaningful passing stat by the time he`s done as well as having taken his team to 2 S.B.`s winning one were he was MVP and taking the other one down to the wire. Aaron Rodgers had the same problem in G.B. putting up monster Reg. Season # without the post Season success until making the leap last Season so in my book he edges Rivers as well.

I agree with the rest of his top ten till the 10th spot because I would take Eli over Romo any day. Romo also has nice Reg. Season # but has never won in the Playoffs and when he went head to head with Eli in the 2007 Playoffs with the NFC Champ. game in the balance to go to the dance Eli outplayed him and won it all that year, also remember that the Giants were 10-0 in 08 and had dominated both Arz. and Pitt. that years S.B. teams when the Burress incident happened which also put MLB Antonio Pierce in doubt sending them in a tail spin. If not I think they had a good chance to repeat, so Romo in my book is not higher on any list than Eli.

On Terrell Pryor I saw him vs. the Canes last season and was not very impressed while he did win he does it with his legs out of the pocket. I see him being a Brad Smith type player IF he focuses just not an everydown QB. I slso am not a big fan of the Supplemental Draft because the players who enter the League that route are usually either problemed players or QB`s jumping because of Coaching changes and Pryor is the latter.

The last time we flirted with that draft was under Saban who liked the potential of Ahmad Brooks MLB out of Vrginia and luckily for us he passed because he was a flop in Cin. who took him. He did take Manny Wright though, remember him he`s the guy who Saban screamed at for forgetting to put on pads in a full contact practice and the kid left the field in full blown tears. Were all still waiting for him to get over his emotional BOO BOO and take the field again this day, things worth noting when looking to fill options with draft picks via the Supplamental Draft!

After all the jacks are in their boxes

And the clowns have all gone to bed

You can hear happiness staggering on down the street

Footprints dressed in red.................

Must have been a Henne lover who used my screen name on that "men" comment. People know i don't talk like that...
Anyway, i hope our squad looks sharp as possible this game..I'm also hoping for another big night from Jimmy Wilson..he's quickly becoming one of my favorite DB's. I want to see him run with the first units to see if he is just as successful...

Hey Fin, I agree with your QB assessment, your right on. While I really like Rivers you are right, he needs to get over that preverbal hump. I'd love to see Rivers in a fins uniform tossing to BM, Bess, and company...

I'd five SD two first round future picks for Rivers...he could take us to the big show...and with our team minus Henne..I think it could be done...

Odin...that almost sounds like a Morrison poem he wrote back in the 70's

Here is a little something on Mallett vs. the Bucs from PFT

Ryan Mallett is mortal. A week after looking terrific, the Patriots rookie threw a pick six. He only threw for 71 yards on 14 attempts in the second half. His accuracy was spotty. Brian Hoyer remains the favorite for the backup job.

Mallet is a project..but not a project like Henne is. I think in a few years Mallet will be totally ready to be handed Brady's keys when he retires. You can see the natural instincts in Mallet even though this outing wasn't better than the first...Henne doesn't display any of the natural gifts..


Don`t get me wrong I`d package those two #1`s with you and go get sloppy drunk after to celebrate but the remarks were aimed at the list Mando put up. I don`t see how you can put him above Payton and Rodgers based on post season success just yet. I think part of the problem he has is his HC Norv Turner and there sloppy D and ST`s play since he arrived there. If they don`t get themselves a better HC (Norv is a great OC but not the head man) he could go the way of Marino and Fouts, two of the greatest ever # wise but no rings to show for it.

Malett is a strong armed kid who will learn and grow within a system for the next 4 years like Rodgers did.


Haven't heard anything more about Willis or why he was missing practices.

It's like we're cursed. Colombo looks horrid so we bring in a guy to compete and he misses basically a week of practice.

I want to see Henne show a little SOMETHING tommorrow, but I got a feeling Charles Johnson is going to be in his face everytime he drops back.



Willis apparently left camp on Monday to tend to some personal issue that there not disclosing (thinking Doctor visit for an undisclosed lingering injury which led to the Hawks letting him walk). You and I know that doesn`t bode well for him making the team much less taking over at RT.

It`s the only explanation because if not I don`t get it either here is a guy who not only graded out well at the position in 09 but when there Rookie LT and 3rd overall slection of the 2010 draft Okung got hurt the Seahawks slide Willis over and he apparently held his own. I`m beginning to think there is some long term health issue and we took a flyer because nothing else regarding the matter with Willis makes much sense

Woah woah woah did this fool just put philip rivers over peyton manning, drew brees, aaron rodgers, and michael vick? Just stop right there this dude must really be crazy. Jon kitna and jason campbell matt ryan and mark sanchez too low. And matthew stafford should be a tbd on that list. Terrelle pryor idk what to say about him he trashed ohio by fessin up to be in the draft, but uno its not like no one else has taken money and stuff like it is bad, but look at the miami u thing r people gunna b proyesting @ houston stadium to make sure andre johnson doesn't come back? I think he should b drafted and he needs to prove that he will come clean and be the best player he can b

But to tell you the truth yes mark sanchez was marked too low but I also think he's one of the most overrated qb's in the nfl he only looked good because of his weapons (holmes edwards cotchery) what peyton manning took a divison 3 draftee and made him a dangerous weapon he needs to be #2 and mcnabb is waaay to low I believe he shouls be a tbd too becausw he was put in a nightmare scenario for any qb and made some random wr named anthony armstrong become one of the most dangerous deep threats in the leauge. Its about time the NFL and its fanbase start respecting thos truly great quarterback

O and if mallett grows behind brady and this chain continues (which it probably will) idk what its gonna b like for miami and buffalo and im not sure how much reggie bush will do for this team either all I know is these two teams need help

May I ask ATL_FIN_FAN, what other QB options do you see that the front office could have or should have made? Im also a fan, since the beginning of the franchise, and Im actually happy that we did not throw away a bunch of future draft picks, a bunch of money on a question mark, etc...Im not a Henne fan, but I think the FO made the best out of the options they had..Henne will not remain the starter if he continues playing bad. Not sure if that brings a sigh of relief considering our back up is also truly untested..but we will see, as the season unfolds..true fans have to stay true..or their not true fans..

O and in response to nome's comment if ur vocab. was so much more superior u wuld have spelled it right more than 1/3 of the times you used it on your posts

Im not atl_fin_fan but I can tell you that they could or should be in the andrew luck sweepstakes people are excited about alot of the qbs in the upcoming draft. They should be going under some intense franchise building like the skinz r and they need to make themselves serious contenders in the afc east cuz rite now its all pats and jets

Armando clearly has a personal Bias against Chad Henne, to put ALEX SMITH ahead of him. Armando is smart enough to know how to use Profootballreferance.com He KNOWS Alex Smith isnt better than Henne. ANYONE that can read can tell you that. Alex NEVER threw for over 3000 yards, HAs a 72.1 career passer rating. STILL has more interceptions than TD's, and this is his 7th year in the leage.
All Henne has to do, is cut down on the interceptions.Alex Smiths 1st 3 years in the leage, Makes Hennes look like MARINO in comparison! And we didnt give the #1 pick in the draft for Henne.

I dont think he has personal bias its just the lack of belief and theres also a good possobility he will succeed this season and also a possibility he will fail. I think that henne really needs to use brandon marshall this season he should be his best friend. And watch if he does well and maybe gets more noticed as a decent passer this year bloggers and such will start hating on another unproven but has alot of pottential qb its just the way the system works. O and also if he can pick up the blitz well maybe that could be the roll that bush plays the pa quick dump rb

my list
1 Chad Henne
2 Michael Vick
3 Philip Rivers
4 Aaron Rodgers
4 Drew Brees
5 Peyton Manning
6 Tom Brady
7 Matt Ryan
8 Josh Freeman
9 Eli Manning
10 Ben Roethlisberger
11 Jay Cutler
12 Matt Schaub
13 Sam Bradford
14 Matt Stafford
15 Cam Newton
16 Joe Flacco
17 Jake Locker
18 Sanchez
19 Romo
20 Mcnabb
21 Palmer
22 Fitzpatrick
23 McCoy
24 Ponder
25 Jackson
26 Hasselbeck
27 Kitna

This guy Beerphin. Wow. Amazing.Such an objectivity. Such a coherence.

Was this a slow day in the office for you?....Freeman is a star in the making, but so is Bradford. Freeman better than Big Ben? ummmmmm, no! Save the list for the end of the year, then repost. This way we can all get a good laugh, like when we all predict who is gonna win the Super Bowl in July!....Just sayin'. Keep up the good work!

Mando where are u on this list? Anyway, Id take Eli any day and twice on Sunday. This is funny you are cracking on anothers team QB when we have Mr #25 starting for the Miami Dolphins,,,please hold the laughter to an uproar

Just remaind you Kevin Kolb (that no one wants in Miami)for the next list will be at the top 10 and everybody its going to say "HURTS".

How many QB's on this list have won a SuperBowl and have been voted SuperBowl MVP? How many QB's on this list have what it takes to lead a World Championship drive in the final minutes of the game against arguably the best team for the past ten years in the NFL and an undefeated team that year? Eli Manning did this early on in his career, how many?

I'll take Eli in a New York minute. I lived in Oxford during his playing days there and I thought that in college he threw a better ball than Peyton did when at Tennessee. He also showed more poise in the pocket and didn't have the team around him at Ole Miss that Peyton had at UT.

There is no way Tony Romo or even a still inexperienced Matt Ryan at Atlanta, (Ryan will be top five but he is not there yet) rank above a Superbowl MVP who did what Eli did so early in his career. How many picks did first ballot hall of famer Brett Favre throw in his career?

One of the most important things NFL QB's are ranked as to great and elite is based on the number of championships they have among other things. Eli has what a lot of these guys ranked ahead of him don't have and may never have! JMO

Question, do you want your QB to believe in himself and what he can do? Knowing what he has already accomplished? To be confident when he is out there on the field? Nothing wrong with that or even saying it.

Look at the derision Joe Namath was viewed with when he predicted the Jets will beat the then Shula led Baltimore Colts in SuperBowl 3 played in the beloved Orange Bowl (may she rest in peace!)

If Eli says he is top five, then he is. We are what we believe we are! any psychologist will tell you that!

I think eli's dreams of coming a top 5 will come true when he realizes that the cornerbacks and safties are not his recievers. But seriously he needs to prove he can make a comeback before he starts saying stupid things. And in reality this list is sooooo messed up

And someone needs to wait till the season actually starts to start putting rookie qb's on that list

Chad Henne..Is The Next Dan Marino...Bwaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa...Seriously....How Depressing...We almost acquired Orton...Who would have been an upgrade...but not a long term solution....To bad we were not able Carson Palmer....

Where's Jay Fielder when you need him or John Stofa?

Uno for all the dolphin fans out there who are not optomostic about this season. Well just look at the bills dolphins should have 2 guarenteed wins this season

Do you even watch football? Rivers ahead of Brees? Vick in the top 10? Some of your rankings are absurd, and that's putting it nicely.


This list is so screwed up its not funny this dude needs to go back to wherever hes from cuz here in america whether u watch football pr not u wuld have know from even the sports report on the local news that this is just wrong

Here's how I see it on the Pryor deal...guy was reasonable at best, got treated like a king with the cars and the handouts, then when poop hit the fan he signs something saying he'll agree to the suspension if they let him play in bowl game. Now a bunch of prognosticators are saying "oh he had a preverbial gun put to his head, he's just a kid, doesn't know what he's doing" yada yada yada. If he was a "kid" then his parents should have been responsible for his actions. So what does he do, instead of taking his punishment, he jumps ship into the draft to avoid the penalty. Isn't that like someone skipping one state to avoid a penalty for a traffic ticket or worse? A rule is a rule is a rule. They're saying that NCAA and NFL shouldn't be mixing, where the heck do they get the players from? THE NCAA! Now I hear he's hired a lawyer, and an agent, etc so that once he does sign, he can fight the penalty of the 5 game suspension (like he would be playing anyhow). I see nothing but trouble ahead for any team STUPID enough to put this guy on the roster. They should have made him sit out. Gruden ate him up and spit him out with the 'tude he presented. If Miami picks him up, I may have to go to the other side. I've about had enough. Real fan or not, this is ridiculous. Get us a real freakin' qb and lets win some games!

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