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Henne: 'I need to push the tempo more'

Was it a Dan Marino performance? No.

Was it a performance that proves Chad Henne is Miami's franchise quarterback? No.

Was it a good outing for Miami's starting quarterback? Absolutely.

As I wrote in my column today, Henne was more a solution than a problem in Saturday's 17-13 loss to Tampa Bay. He completed 10 of 13 passes and showed good command in the face of an angry rush. He found Brandon Marshall. He showed trust in Marshall. He got to the middle of the field with Anthony Fasano. He was accurate.

But there is more that must be done. Henne knows this. The Patriots are coming to town. They are going to watch the job the Miami offensive line did last night and believe themselves capable of getting after Henne. And they are going to attack the Miami defense and force Henne to keep up.

As I told you last week, the Dolphins need to turn up the tempo. Last night, Henne talked about, guess what, turning up the tempo. He also discussed his ability to audible. Last year he had a chance to audible at the line on 'check with me plays," meaning he could pick from one play or another.

Now he can pick just about any play.

He also discusses here how far along he feels he's progressed as a leader.


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Mr. Ross! Jeffy!

Get us some O-lineman NOW!

How can we blame SOrano when you two higher up dilwads keep bringing in Dallas Rejects?

Get Tony and Chad some PROTECTION NOW!!!!

PS: Chad, way to Nut Up! Keep bringing it Brother!

i'm not ready to crown him yet, but i will say that he has played very well these past two games. If these performances can be carried into the regular season, then I'll be extremely happy.

Be aware

ltcdolphin = multiple name poster and imposter.

Proven, verified.

The phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure does not apply to O lineman". Dallas hasn't won anything in a decade and a half so let's leave their trash the hell alone. If the Dolphins are going to keep garbage picking and dumpster diving do it in Pittsburg, New England, Indianapolis, etc.

Very pleased all around except the o line was terrible.....good job Henne.

Ireland could not have possibly watched ANY tape of Colombo in Dallas last year. He stunk then & he stinks now. Hey, maybe they should give Carey his money back & move him back to tackle & bring O'Hara in as guard.

How long did it take these guru's to realize Jerry was a bust?

I'm sick of everyone saying "the last two games." He has shown the skills in the last 3 games. The first game pick #1 was a Fasano mistake. Yes it was a hair behind him but it was a catachable ball that a professional should make. Remember the old expression from peewee ball, "if it hit your hands, you shouldda caught it"? The 2nd interception that day, Sparano said that Bess ran the wrong route. Yes there are plays out there that are designed to be thrown up in the air before the receiver has completed his route. That was one of 'em. Cut the guy some slack. He's got the skills. It's the line around him that sucks!

Ireland is so clueless. There's a reason why Jerry Jones got rid of Colombo. Carey has been average for a while now, on top of his out of shape issues. Shaun O'Hara is a former Pro Bowler and available. Teams are hesitant to sign him because he was injured last year. So what? What does Miami have to lose?? Sign him, put him at RG and stick Nate Garner at RT. He did get a penalty last night but I mean the guy missed all of 2010, he just needs to play more. O'Hara and Garner can't be much worse than Carey and Colombo. Tony Sparano is a former offensive line coach. Haha, what a joke. Henne is playing better, that's good news. We need to see it during the regular season, but at least the improvement is positive. The o-line is a mess. Major question mark at the RB position, why didn't we make a run at McGahee??? Defense is good, but far from great. Tight ends are still killing us, Wake needs major improving in pass coverage and Sean Smith is a pu**y. Free Safety is also a concern. We're a .500 team at best.

Pulling for Henne - Mando, can u put the kool-aide down now? You can't change quarterbacks as often and gracelessly as your undergarments. He's going to prove you wrong. Then we will see if you are courageous enough to say you were wrong.

The OL is a concern. No question. I don't know what the answer is. Do we move one of the DL guys to pick a guy for RT? Do we move Murtha to RT when Long comes back? Do we move Carey back to RT spot and find another guy to play guard? Do we pick a guy like Gurode is Dallas to play center and shift everyone one move to the right? I don't know what the answer is but I do know that Colombo isn't the answer. I get the feeling we're going to be looking at other teams castoffs if we can't make a trade and that's concerning.

Armando, next time you see Sean Smith can you ask him why he doesn't tackle well? What is he afraid of? He could be such a physical CB for his size, yet he sucks at it. What a wuss...

Anyone know how Will Allen did last night? Bit concerned about our depth at CB. I think there's a need to pick up another CB, whether it be by trade or waiver wire pick up. Don't know if Allen makes this team or not but after Smith and Davis there are too many question marks.

Trade Marshall and Merling for RT and RG. Marshall is like TO in that he forces the QB to ignore the other receivers.

Next... The running game looks like it has gone backwards. Reggie is fine for passes out of the backfield, not so fine as RB. Thomas looks like he is overmatched in the NFL.

We may have gone from a 3 yard cloud of dust offense to once in awhile big play offense for a net gain of zero points.

Trade Marshall are you high? Only way I trade Marshall is for Calvin Johnson. The only problem with the offense is the offensive line. If you can't see that then you don't know football. Silly so called fans

Trade Marshall are you high? Only way I trade Marshall is for Calvin Johnson. The only problem with the offense is the offensive line. If you can't see that then you don't know football. Silly so called fans

Posted by: miateamsfan | August 28, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Duh. And the sky is blue. And how do we fix the offensive line? Another retread? Or a high quality player? Think before you fart.

Let's talk about how well Henne did adjusting calls at the line and reading the defense. There were a number of times he audibled out of plays and made the correct read. Looking good thus far, even when he's got 5 guys in his face cuz our o line can't block.

Gurode...LOL!! Yeah, let's get another ex-Cowboy...Let's add him to the list. Proctor, McQuistan, Colombo, and the trade for Adoyele and Fasano. Some people are just as clueless as our front office. Once and for all, Jerry Jones (love him or hate him, don't matter) is NOT an idiot. He knows the difference between a mediocre player and a good one. If a player is still playing at a high level, he won't get rid of him. Stop this Dallas obsession for God's Sakes...

I wonder if Jerry would take back Sparano and Ireland for a 7th round pick next year.

Think before I fart? You're the one wanting to trade a number 1 receiver in his prime for an offensive lineman.(a rg or a rt at that). That's idiotic. Now since we have alot of good Dlineman its possible we can trade for a few offensive lineman.

TRADE ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


I agree with getting rid of these cowboy cast off's. When is the last time the cowboys have won anything? Stop picking up these scrubs please. So far we need a rg , rt and a tightend that can stretch the field. I don't know if clay is going to fit that role or not, but tightends are becoming major weapons in offenses now.

4 years later and the topic is still Cowboys scrubs. This team is like the Nordstrums Rack, all the cast off items go to the budget store in Davie.

O'Hara shouldn't have gone to the probowl last year.
He only played SIX games.

It is possible that he might be too injured this year to play at all. Hence why no one has picked him up.

I expect that they will probably shift Murtha over to RT once Long is back.

Another year of constantly fiddling around with the OL?

I'm heading back out onto Lake Superior. Trying to get some Walleye before the Salmon start and Geese hunting season opens.

See you all tonight!


Posted by: odinseye | August 28, 2011 at 09:54 AM



If you knew anything you would know that the NFL players voted Gurode as one of the top 100 players in the NFL last year. I think he came in around 57. It has NOTHING to do with ex-Cowboys players. I think maybe it's YOU who is clueless pal!!

Why are you giving Jetty Jones credit while bad-mouthing our front office? What's Jerry Jones' track record since JJ left, who was actually the guy who knew what the Hell he was doing there, not Jones. Cowboys go 6-10 last year and Jerry Jones knows talent. Good one bud!!

I keep hearing, get this guy for rg get that guy, put Carey back at tackle. I read a few weeks ago that he took a pay cut for rg. So u think he's gonna just want to hop back to rt after taking pay cut? Would u?

Gurode has also been to the Pro Bowl the last four year. I hardly think he's another 'scrub', as some guys like to make out. I think what it's about is improving the line. I'm not saying this is the way to go but it is a possibility, if he becomes available. Sticking with the status quo of what we have is not the answer.

Montreal, weren't you also the guy just a few weeks ago who was calling for us to add Leonard Davis from the Cowboys when he became available. Seems to be another one of this Dallas 'scrubs' you like to talk about and another one of those 'clueless' moves you talked about.

Henne has had the skill all along - thank Ross for almost firing Sparano - now Tony knows he needs a down the field offense and Dabol looks like he's put Henne in a system that enhances Chad's skill set.

Henne has looked and sounded like a leader now that Sparano and the QB killers have backed off.

As far as Ireland goes - I don't think he brings any OL in without Sparano's OK. That said wait till Jake Long gets back in and lets see what happens there. I have to agree Colombo looks like a waste at this point.

Don't just say it Chad...DO IT! Didn't he say that last year also? And the year before that?

You guys are propping this cat up after 3 weeks of football. They weren't even practicing 4 weeks ago.

Henne was 10/13 for 175 yards in 3 QTRS. 60 of which came on one play to his #1 WR. That means he actually went 9/12 for 115 yards. He moved the ball a little over a football field length in 3 QTRS minus one play. If he was 10/13 for 200 yards then we're talking two football fields.

One football field in 3 QTRS is not going to get it done in this league.

When did Jerry Jones ever let a talented player go? Everyone he lets go either sucks or was a team cancer (TO). What great player has this FO ever got from Dallas? Maybe Jason Ferguson who only lasted maybe 1.5 seasons.

Another strong outing for Henne. Just curious, at what point during the regular season do myself, Craig M and a few others start getting apologies for repeatedly being called idiots by about 80 people on here.

How crazy of us to think you cant fully judge a QB after 20-some starts with a maniac for an OC


Don't hold your breath waiting on an apology. It's not in their DNA.

Interesting that a lot of these trolls only come on here when the team and Henne are going bad and disappear when things are going good. I think that tells you all you need to know about who they are as people.

Generally you aren't going to find great players from ANY teams scrubs, they usually aren't let go unless they've not shown what they could really do, either through a bad work ethic or poor coaching, or their team underestimates how good a player actually is, ala seattle letting hutchinson go to the vikings.

Interesting that a guy like Bill Connors has never come back since football returned. This is the guy who said Henne would NEVER start for anyone in the NFL again, said that Sparano and Ireland were both gone after last year and said there wouldn't be football again until 2012. I'm just hoping he comes back and says the Dolphins have no chance of making the playoffs and the US economy is doomed for a deep depression.

My guess is he's now logged in under a different name. Billy Connors.....never to be heard from again.

Good point, Craig. Awfully slow today. If Henne had gone 5-12 for 60 yds and a pick, this board would be 5 pages deep by now.

Another strong outing for Henne. Just curious, at what point during the regular season do myself, Craig M and a few others start getting apologies for repeatedly being called idiots by about 80 people on here.

Posted by: GarbagePlate | August 28, 2011 at 11:47 AM

Don't know about you, but has anyone mocked, snickered and 'I told you so' others more than Craig M? Not familiar with you as much so maybe you will get an apology.

Craig M will never get an apology because he will never ever admit he was wrong ever about anything, yet he constantly asks others to do so. Bonafide dickhead for sure.


You're a 100 per cent right. Lot of guys on here hoping that the team and Henne lays an egg next week so that they can say 'told you so'.

I'll believ


Thanks for coming out....no back to your closet!!

It would be EASY to say 'told you so' as far as Henne is concerned. How about showing me one case where I've said it? To be honest, I don't care about being right. I just wanted the guy to have a chance, away from the conservative play-calling and suffocating style of Dan Henning. As far as I'm concerned Henne still has a long way to go. It's 'show me', if he wants a contract extension beyond this year and it all starts against the Pats.


Craig M

You are a real case. You are MR. I TOLD YOU SO at every opportunity you get. You are a child looking for a new pacifier every day.

Classic example below. You were already jumping on an opportunity to say I TOLD YOU SO based on rumor and speculation:

A report from the National Post this morning says that the Pats will cut Ocho and/or Haynesworth before the season starts. Show of hands from all those guys that lauded these moves from the Pats and how Ireland never does anything special. Hands up nice and high so we can all see them fellas....

On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Sadsack fella

Look when Henne wins in the regular season repeatedly, then I think you can make the argument that he's an improved QB. Let's face it we've had an easy preseason schedule, exception Atl. So let's see how Henne does during the regular season vs one game.

And of course Fear is the primary emotion in young'uns and ordinary Men.

Micheal, I've always been shocked at the intensity of the Henne hate on here. I've been in a number of discussions where I pointed out it was simply too early to pull the plug, cited some numbers about when it "clicks" for most QB's, all the while saying "I dont know" if Henne is gonna have it click for him, but you need to wait till the end of the season to find out.

You woulda thought i was defending Hitler or Pol Pot judging by some of the responses. I dont blame Craig for dropping some "I told you so's" on that crowd.

Michael (if that's even your real poster name, or the one you just bring out after a Dolphins win)....nice of you to get into the debate....

There's too many 'supposed' Dolphin fan on here who do nothing but trash the team and FO. good for them!! There are some of us on here who stand up for our team.....it is a DOLPHIN blog after all. I don't give a sh*t about what the Pats and Jets do, I'm here to cheer MY team. You got a problem with that...too bad!! Go find a Jet or Dolphin blog to enjoy. When guys BLINDLY laud the moves of the Jets and Pats and claim our FO is stupid, I'm going to take great pleasure shooting those claims down. If guys want to start by making those statements then they'd better work out. Let's remember who STARTED the comments on a DOLPHIN blog. Sorry you have a problem with me standing up for my team.....MICHAEL....

this is a bad football team, we can try to spin it anyway we want to so we feel better. but its simply a very bad nfl team. gonna be a longggggg year

Michael. Ye of pot kettle black talk. What was your reaction to your not knowing how to read a dictionary. Hmmmm!!! Practise what you write.
By the way how did you survive Irene in NYC???



How do you figure? The team held their own against a team that was 10-6 last year and the team really just struggled once the starters were taken out of the game. That's a good defence Tampa can throw out there and with the exception of the running game the team moved the ball well on offence.

I've always enjoyed this blog, there are some good, intelligent fans on here. But when it comes to Henne, its like all rationale goes out the window. People who discuss calmly and and intelligently about other facets of the team lose their minds when it comes to Chad.


Any chance you are in fact Bill Connors? Your posts and style are VERY similar to Bill's. Same length of posts, same punctuation and same negative tone. You want to come clean?


Well I can't speak for everyone, but that hate you speak of I think was more directed to lack of faith in the FO, and it came out as Henne hate. You will probably disagree with me, but I don't think many really hate Henne, they hate how pitiful this team was down the stretch last year.

Preseason is not going to convert the doubters. We need to see Henne looking better in real games and be at a minimum 2-2 at the bye for some to start reevaluating their position.

craig im not going off a preseason game, maybe thats the difference here. i dont care who they played, preseason games mean nothing at all. if u cant see how bad this team is with the players and coaches we have then all i can say is wait and learn. hopefully u wont run from this site when miami is losing and its because of the coaches and qb. if im wrong ill be here to tell u that your right, i hope thats what happens. but this team sucks man, and the coaching is even worse. so tired of losing

Dusty: bad football teams dont have top 10 defenses. This has been a mediocre football team the last few years, not bad. Bad teams dont win 7 or 8 games and basically play teams like the Packers and Steelers straight up. Given the talent on the team, theres a better chance of the team improving rather than regressing



Bad teams beat very good teams every season in the NFL. On any given Sunday as they say. Playing a team straight up and losing is still losing. We beat the Packers second string team. Even beating them, turning around and losing to Buf, Clev, Det and going 1-7 at home only bad teams do.

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