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Henne: 'I need to push the tempo more'

Was it a Dan Marino performance? No.

Was it a performance that proves Chad Henne is Miami's franchise quarterback? No.

Was it a good outing for Miami's starting quarterback? Absolutely.

As I wrote in my column today, Henne was more a solution than a problem in Saturday's 17-13 loss to Tampa Bay. He completed 10 of 13 passes and showed good command in the face of an angry rush. He found Brandon Marshall. He showed trust in Marshall. He got to the middle of the field with Anthony Fasano. He was accurate.

But there is more that must be done. Henne knows this. The Patriots are coming to town. They are going to watch the job the Miami offensive line did last night and believe themselves capable of getting after Henne. And they are going to attack the Miami defense and force Henne to keep up.

As I told you last week, the Dolphins need to turn up the tempo. Last night, Henne talked about, guess what, turning up the tempo. He also discussed his ability to audible. Last year he had a chance to audible at the line on 'check with me plays," meaning he could pick from one play or another.

Now he can pick just about any play.

He also discusses here how far along he feels he's progressed as a leader.


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Sorry, 12:00 pm post......

Cuban glad to hear you guys are good!

Dolphins need to install the cheatriouts spread offense. Spread the field have Henne in shot gun all the time.

That allows Henne to get the ball out of his hands quick and he can see the rush.

Because the rush is coming big time this year.

Oh yeah, on first down of that series Bush was tackled for a five yard loss.

Carey's guy made the tackle!

(BRB, I just puked up a little!)

Looks like 2A o-line vs a 3A d-line.


what in the world are they supposed to do about the O-line at this stage?

Besides praying that some other team is overloaded with O-line talents and releases someone AND that other teams do not beat the Dolphins to grabbing him?


Please do not ever attempt to jump upon the Henne bandwagon.

You disgusted me for 9 months with your pathetic, sandbox, childish, "fat neck henne" mentality... dispicable.

ps. Henne will throw for 4,000 yards this season. Had to mention that again...the sixth time in, THREE MONTHS!

R Bush does make the check down better.

Henne is going to need to check down frequently.

Amazing, I do like what Dabol has installed, To bad HC Tony is still HC..... Just saying

Odin, the Oline was like having a screen door on a submarine! Colombo was the worst! Jerry also not playing great. The right side of the line, don't know how "fixable!" without benching Colombo. Your thoughts...

Yeah Cuban TS is supposed to be an Oline guy, that's were we have the most problems. Sad!


Alot of people will attempt to get on the Henne bandwagon this season.

But I remember battling the waves of hostile haters all last year.

It was like 90% of the blog.

D is not really getting pressure either.

...Whats happening fellas??

The idea of a quick tempo offense is great, but for mistake free offense is more important. The offensive scheme is quite a bit different then last years leather helmet up hill both ways to school version we were midevely tortured with. It may be difficult to get everyone on the same page to achieve this quicker tempo that Henne is talking about.

For instance. If you are watching the re-broadcast. The plays wern't sent in so the players could break the huddle until mid way through the play-clock. The playcaller probably isn't commited to what he sees yet, and Henne obviously is still learning the system. So the call, audibles, and formations from the above are going to be a little slower. If the offense can get into a comfort zone somewhere around the 1/4 mark of the season. They may be able to get that quicker tempo that Henne wants.

Also. You think about the offenses that do have that quick tempo. Those QB's have all been in that system with success..They know exactly what they want to do, and have a much better understanding of their personel then what we are working with. This is in no way a knock on our team. It is just the facts that we are dealing with. No Offseason, young players, new system. Gotta crawl before you walk. Limit the errors, both mental and physical...And the tempo will increase.

Gulfy, Would not ever jump on that ship, And I mean if it was in Flames Id still jump into Shark infested waters, Lets face facts, Iam looking at 3 and 13, What are you looking at 10 and 6???, Still will not get the airbreathers into Playoff land..Still havent seen any improvement, Bush??? LMAO he'll be out 7 out of the 16 games cause of injuries, Henne?, Please put the Crack pipe down, Any hooooo, I will be wearing my #13 jersey every week likew Ive done for years Rooting for the phins

That fumble was bad. Good to see Pouncy mix it up though.

Oh Yeah I almost forgot, The Biggest problem with My Fins is Tony(Fist Pump City) Saprono is Head coach.....

Oh I almost forgot, Lil Stevey(Hollywood)Ross is the owner...


with the weak O-line talent and constant penalties this team is far away from running an up tempo offense.

However, I for one would really like to see that up tempo style. I have been calling for it for years now.

Defenses are too good. Offensively you need to do what ever you can to dictate personnel and keep the opposing defense off balance.

Right now it looks like the team has 2 good lineman. Long and Pouncy maybe Incognito.

Note though that the Dolphins have not been able to run off G or A gap on the left side either this preseason.

DarrylD, good post, as always! Your thoughts on Colombo's performance....


...Folks think we are in trouble at the QB spot. Anyone see the Niners last night? They may be better off putting a running back at the spot and running the Henning-Lee Wildcat. Smith was poor. Kaepernick is a rookie that so far looks like a rookie...Good move passing on him(IMO)although it is way to early to even make a judgement.

We may not have the most desirable of situations here. But I will say for Henne. He has improved each week. That is all we can ask. Until he reaches that make or break moment, it is in all of our best interests to see him continue to get better. Even if you thought he would never amount to more then a backwards hat frat boy, or you stuck by him. This shouldn't be about being right, or wrong. It should be about(to steal a line from Charlie Sheen)Winning.

Oregon, Henne, I think, is trying to get to the point where Manning is, no huddle at times, audibles, adjustments.....he's never had the opportunity to do that. He would definitely consider that an upbeat tempo compared to the way he's been handcuffed. I hope he proves everyone wrong and succeeds! The Oline during this game left a lot to be desired. Too many sacks allowed, too many penalties.

LOL@ D.D, Maybe Chad has"Cobra blood" In him like crazy Charley... LOl

Red, Dont think Chad has the brain to do it, And what Ive seen doesnt have the time Either...It looks like a Cluster(The O-line) F@ck to me(The O-line)

Kinda hard to think when those monsters are running right thru your Oline coming at you from every direction....that EFF ing Oline!!!

..Oregon. Nice post... I think Incognito is fine. Pouncey had some trouble in the first half, but also had some very good moments. I think he is going to be pretty good this year. Having Jake Long back will help some, but obviously he can't block everyone. Columbo is getting crushed on 3 out of 4 plays, and seems to be a plain liablitiy. I would like to see more 2 tight end sets.

I know this goes against a lot of opinions here. A lot of folks want to see multiple reciever sets, spread the field stuff. I do too. But I think that we have to find a way to establish the run. It is paramount to our success. If we are continually forced into throwing it all game it is going to put to much pressure on Henne to have to make plays.

Henne has been better, and we do need him to make plays. But there are perhaps 4-5 QB's in the league that you can put the entire fortune of your offense on their shoulders. For all of Hennes improvements I don't think that he is in that group yet. Also 2 tight end sets do not automatically equate to the run(even though I'm banging that drum) Play action, and backs one on one with linebackers are some of the advantages of this set. Plus the extra blocker for those runs to the outside gaps. You can also overload one side in this set, and if the reports are true about the team running a zone scheme(blocking) this overload can be a rouse for misdirection plays that the zone scheme is famous for..

Any way you break it down..We have to run it better then we did last night.

Aloco, Yes, The Donkey Survived, Actually, She shaved it into a landing strip... Iam sure your confused by this post, so ask a Hetro man about a "Landing strip" He'll tell you.. LOL

DD, hard to establish the run when your Oline can't open up holes. I agree with you though.

..Redsky. Whats up?? Did you make it out here this summer? Fishing has been great, Although I had a rough one today. Lost more pescar then I hooked.. Floating the Yellowstone on Tuesday From Mayors landing in Livingston to Sheep Mountain..About 16 miles. Hopefully it stops raining so the river isn't muddy.

Sky, Your seeing the same thing too...Three years now, I mean come on...

Cuban, post some pics of that landing strip with the mountain range in the background!

DD, if we could get our team firing on all cylinders all would be fine! No, finances prohibited me from making the trip. But as soon as I do, I will track you down!

LOL At Red, You know they wont let me, but I will say its like a arrow down there....lol, The Moutains are "Man Made" if you know what I mean?(Best 5 thousand bucks Ever)(It's like getting a new car)..(Though after you driv it for a couple years, you want to drive a new car..)(Sometimes)...

DD, I heard the Yellowstone was really swollen with all that snowmelt and rain. Any flooding?

LOL Cuban, man made or not, I love the mountains.....

cuban, u can't post it two ways (pro-con)...
I will never excuse you, da cartoon charicature, "Dennis the Menance".

Clicked onto your "blue" out of boredom, and read the last three posts you wrote. I nearly vomited.

You ain't no worthy cop. Any cop worth his weight wouldn't be texting junk from his state paid cruiser amid a hurricaine.

you ain't a true fan of the dolphins either.

Sky, I try to get my Moneys worth from the "Man made moutains" but unfortunitly I did'nt disconnect the Vocal Chords to Ms. Pineapples..

Thank you Gulf, You have a good nite..

Irrevelent at this poiny I know.

I think NT Frank Kearse AT LEAST makes the practice squad on his play this pre season.

Should see alot of him next week. I didn't think he was gonna make it but the guys BALLIN!!!!

It wasn't just Colombo and Mirtha. Carey stunk it up too. I nominate all three for the gang of defeat.

Pouncey did better than those three, but that's not saying much. He got blown up a few times by the NT, especially on Tampa's goal line stand.

He's a rookie though and seemed to improve week to week.

Gulf, Just for your info, I've been a Die hard fin fan for 45 years(It would have been 47 but I was only2) So please dont Question my love for the Fins, You have no Idea my Love for the fins, I may post my destaste what they've done but NEVER Question my Loyality..., Get It?, Got It? Good.,

Odin, well said....

LOL @ Odin, Yeah they just may make G.O.D.....

MANDO. Amaya and Derek Hagan look great this year!!

I don't know if that Oline is fixable. Jake Long can't work both sides.....Pouncey will get better, but these other starters should be at the top of their game.

Oh Yeah Gulf, Just so you know, I have been Soaken wet from 5 AM till 9PM, Helping the People, What have you done today???, Went to home Depot to get a Toilet Plunger??, Just wondering Sir what have you done for the people in your city?? Nothing Iam sure...,

If we only had one more Pouncy, we'd set on o-line for the next 4 years...

Why mama didn't borne triplets instead of twins is Gods choosing.

Wish we could get markus from the steelers. Or something remotely similar.

Use Columdo as a water-boy...

I think Betty White could get past our Oline!

Dang, Cuban serving up some Gulf Dolphin, Yeah Gulf, What di you do for the Peeps in your city?LOL At the burn.

Goodnight all the party is over!


Ignore Gulfdolphin. Major sick fukk that dude, seriously.

Sorry Gulf,Dont mean to speak Garbage but Iam Tired..., Tired of 7 and 9, 7 and 9, Nothing but Reggie Bush as a FA pick up, Tired of Hearing How Ross wants to make game dayu " A happening Place", Tired of Goverent courtion, Tired of Hearing JETS,JETS.JETS(I live in NYC) Tired of People questioning my loyailty...Also tired of People... No Offense.. Peace be with you and your family..



We have two genuine trade chips for an upgrade at RT or G: Philip Merling and Nolan Carroll. Carroll made a nice recovery in punt coverage to stop a potential long(er) return, so may have peaked some interest with ST coaches.

May last hope going into the season would be to get one more bonefide middle lineman.

I don't have the answer.

I do know that Spoarano played Murtha, Garner, Jerry and then Feinga at left guard lat night. Out of the four Jerry probably played best and his best was barely better than terrible.

To be fair, Murtha did play against the starters and it showed. Even considering this, I give a SLIGHT nod to Jerry. To be thorough, Jerry also played some right guard, HE STUNK! Sorry, no disrespect, I'm just calling it like I see it.

Interestingly, only Colombo and FINALLY Willis, played at Right Tackle. Willis definitely looks like an upgrade over Colombo, but not enough of one in my opinion. To be fair and for whatever reasons, Willis hasn't played or practiced much since being signed. Take that for what it's worth, but the fact is, we're out of time.

So, according to my Pre Season "film study(LOL)" and grading system, it goes like this(regardless of position-mix and match them any way you want-Tony does):

1. Long - Even though he hasn't played a down yet he grades out the best, as obvious as this is, it ought to tell you something.

2. Incognito

3. Pouncey

4. Willis - I welcome all arguments on this, believe me, I hope I'm wrong. I don't think I am though.

From this point on this post deteriorates rapidly. Especially if you think ranking Willis at 4 was bad. Seriously though, after Willis we got Garner, Berger, Feinga, Jerry, Carey, Murtha and Colombo(God I HOPE I'm forgetting someone-ANYONE).

Basically, I'd rather just cut the rest, but we can't have a 4 man line let alone a thing other teams have called: DEPTH. Anyways, to finish out my grading:

5. Berger

6. Jerry

From this point on, 7-11, it's anybodys guess, but I'm not going to put anymore thought into it.

Bare balling it, bottom lining it, however you want to put it, If we had to open the season tommorrow, my starting line up, as it looks right NOW, would go like this:

LT - Long

LG - Cognito

c - Pouncey

RG - Berger

RT - Willis

If Jeffy ever plans on pulling a Rabbit out of his a ss, now would be the time! Good Luck with the roster churning.


Anyone think there is still some upside to Jerry or is he looking like permanent second stringer? He has the least amount of experience out of all of them so maybe....maybe he can get better?

"As I told you last week, the Dolphins need to turn up the tempo. Last night, Henne talked about, guess what, turning up the tempo."

Wow! we are just so fortunate to have a psychic covering our team! I mean, you said it a WEEK ago! Henne must REALLY follow your words closely!

GAWD you are a tool.

I'm telling you guys, it is time to bring in O'hara, move him to center, move Pouncey to RG, move Carey back to RT, and bench slow ass Jumbo Columbo!

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