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Henne: 'I need to push the tempo more'

Was it a Dan Marino performance? No.

Was it a performance that proves Chad Henne is Miami's franchise quarterback? No.

Was it a good outing for Miami's starting quarterback? Absolutely.

As I wrote in my column today, Henne was more a solution than a problem in Saturday's 17-13 loss to Tampa Bay. He completed 10 of 13 passes and showed good command in the face of an angry rush. He found Brandon Marshall. He showed trust in Marshall. He got to the middle of the field with Anthony Fasano. He was accurate.

But there is more that must be done. Henne knows this. The Patriots are coming to town. They are going to watch the job the Miami offensive line did last night and believe themselves capable of getting after Henne. And they are going to attack the Miami defense and force Henne to keep up.

As I told you last week, the Dolphins need to turn up the tempo. Last night, Henne talked about, guess what, turning up the tempo. He also discussed his ability to audible. Last year he had a chance to audible at the line on 'check with me plays," meaning he could pick from one play or another.

Now he can pick just about any play.

He also discusses here how far along he feels he's progressed as a leader.