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Ireland: 'Didn't feel like needed to' bring new starting QB

The Dolphins were one of approximately 14 teams to attend Terrelle Pryor's Pro Day workout today. That does not mean they will draft the former Ohio State quarterback in the supplemental draft that will take place Monday, but obviously the team is doing its homework on the player.

That homework is probably just as draining as the long hours and eyelid drooping work the club did on practically every other quarterback that was available this year -- both draft picks, free agents and now the supplemental draft.

The man most responsible for that work, the man ultimately deciding what the Dolphins did or didn't do at quarterback this season, is general manager Jeff Ireland. And he obviously ultimately has decided that he is good with Chad Henne.

(So much for the conspiracy theorists or prayerful fans hoping for a late miracle addition at QB. It doesn't look like it is going to happen.)

Ireland has not spoken with the local media since the lockout ended. He did appear on Friday night's telecast of the Dolphins preseason game versus Carolina because the club and the broadcast company airing the game have that appearance written into the broadcast contract.

And in that interview on CBS-4 in South Florida, Ireland made it clear he is putting his faith, hope and trust on Henne to succeed at quarterback this year. That is ultimately why he didn't draft anyone else and the reason he didn't pay the necessary price to acquire Kyle Orton from Denver.

"We really felt Matt [Moore] was a capable backup this year," Ireland said. "He's had a lot of starts in his career. We really felt a lot of confidence in Chad Henne as well. And to go and leverage the franchise to go and do something else different than what we had here with Chad and his continued development, we just didn't feel like we needed to to do that at this time."

Earlier this offseason, the Dolphins spoke of upgrading at QB and, at the very least, bringing in a player to challenge Henne for the starting job. They did not do either. And Ireland is obviously cool with that.

"You got to know the value of what you're trying to get accomplished," he said. "The great thing about what we did is we threw a lot of faith into Chad and the continued development of Chad. We felt like a lot of things last year were fixable. And we have a lot of faith in [offensive coordinator] Brian Daboll as well and that process is going very well."

So Ireland is on record. He believes in Henne. He thinks Henne's problems of a year ago and two years ago will be fixed. That is some mighty strong commitment.

And it is a two-sided coin.

If Henne is good, Ireland's repuation for knowing his player becomes unquestionable because he made the right call. If Henne is not good this year, Ireland's reputation for knowing his player will have been wrong. (It's never good when the general manager makes a bad call on a QB.)

Either way, Henne has Ireland's reputation in his hands.


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I'm still waiting to see Chad Henne do a quick snap and catch the D offsides. Is that a 4 year learning curve too?

We concur with Jeff Ireland's opinion. He's hecuva evaluator of talent.

OMG this idiot has to go. Henne was BENCHED LAST SEASON BECAUSE HE STUNK. He got his job back cause CP was injured, and that is the only reason.

There's not an ounce of doubt in my mind that Miami would have been VERY interested in making a move for Carson Palmer if the Bengals and Mike Brown were not such obstinate fools.

You can blame Ireland for some things (I do as well) but not that one. That one is all on Mike Brown.

To be totally honest, the other options out there really didn't excite me at all and I certainly agree that I wouldn;t want to give up a Kings Ransom for a guy like Kolb that has proven nothing aside from being able to perform well in an Andy Reid offense (you might remember a guy named A.J. Feeley who did the same)

This just wasn't a great year to find an instant fix (aside from Palmer). Maybe we get him next year for nothing aside a contract.

For a decade, we have been behind NE for 2 reasons:
1. Bad draft ( especially on Wanny era)
2. Giving away draft picks (ex. A.J. Feely)

I am pleased we did not pull the trigger on Orton deal, finally we will have full draft ammunition next year.
I would have take VY for competition purposes.

I strongly believe that we need upgrade at TE , OL and QB but that is way better that what we had 2 yrs ago.
We can even pick up draft picks with the amount of depth we have on DL ( I don't know where Merling fits there?)

I don't buy it either. He certainly tried to acquire a qb capable of beating Chad out. In an ideal scenario, Henne would've been the starter if he beat out someone capable of pushing him. Henne may bail Ireland out yet though.

Henne was a better QB than Sanchez last season, check the stats. Sanchez did perform when it mattered in the post season but the 2010 Jets were a better team than the 2010 Dolphins. Sanchez has also played more games than Henne and yet the Jets consider him to still be improving while many Dolphans have given up on Henne.

Is it a co incidence that Sanchez has the Jets coaches and fans support and plays well when it matters while Henne, carrying a poor offence, is written off whenever he makes a mistake and fails to perform in the fourth qtr?

I hope Henne proves Ireland correct, but I would hate to bet my job on it the way Ireland did.

I wonder how different things might be if Jeff Ireland actually watched the Dolphins play.

both of them will be on the street by February 2012

I think most of the fan discontent has come from the fact that they said "we're going to bring in competition for Henne" and then they did not.

BUT, if Henne continues to play like he did last night, all will be forgiven. And I do like Moore as a backup.

Finally, where are all the Henne basher's now! Half the moron's that are on this site can"t figure out that we will win wither way, so support the guy this season! I gave my 4 ticket's to my freind to go with his kid's while I was wearing my Henne jersey all DAY! Support Henne, and of course the kid's said he suck's! When I heard earlier in the year, that fan;s were routingfor Orton on the Dolphin scrimmage, I almost blew a nut! Bandwagon FANS! DEEFENSE BABY! LIKE I SAID top 3! Thank god we have these pass rushing specialist this year, to creat Havoc!

Hello Mr. Hottie, I would like to make your acquaintance.

Henne has no touch for medium or long ball

Henne robotic

Henne stiff

Finsfan. The discontent was there was no improvement and the same horrible offense. Now this year it's different. So what has changed??? Oc. Why did Ross and Ireland let the offensive debacle go on for two years?? As of now Ireland maybe right.

Henne only does 1 read at a time

I said it before, with the speed and agility of Burnett/Dansby, we will be able to handle those elite TE's BETTER than last year. Clark, Gronkowski were too much for us! We have STUD's on the D-line! DEFENSE BABY!

Get off your homophobic comments, cause Reggie Bush is gonna spell reif for my boy Chad Henne. He is actually looking down the fiel checking more than 1 receiver. I like that were throwing it vertically down the field. Gates will open up the field for Marshall/Hartlibe and Bess!

Henne was Robotic, but I saw a change last night. When have you seen him run the ball upfield for TWO consecutive games! He seem's to have more confidence! He is checking down receiver's. He did have on ROBOTIC/STIFF pass down the sideline that made me all most bust my TV! But Bra, This is only 3 week's of practice with a new OC, and a dedicated and serious Marshall who has to prve his worthiness for 2 2nd rd picks!

And when the season has unexpected success and we're contenders for the East and Henne has a stellar year....I'm going to enjoy watching you posters backpeddle worse then Phil Simms!

GO PHINS! Some of your fans still BELIEVE!

You will see that we have a RB that find the open gap's when Henne is in trouble. How can a defense cover Bush, Marshall, Bess, Hartline and Bess with a 4 receiver split. And if they are covered Henne can use his 5.4 40 yd dash speed to get that first down. I saw the SLOTH running up the field like a crazed man last night!

Thank you Oline!!! for a steller night last night. YOU are the key for a great season!!! Keep it up!!

Wouldnt it be a hoot to beat the Patriots on sept12th and they start 0-1???? hahaha

I'm glad we didn't give away the future for now. Ireland has my respect for that. He could have easily done that to save his job.

And I know that we will have a new bag of trick's for the Pat's this year. Notice also as they have kept Lex Hilliard out of the games lately. This guy is aroubd 245lbs of a man! Brina Daboll has put the deep threat in our offense playbook this year. Henne missed alot of open guy's which he overthru! I will alway's take an overthrow any day. wait till they get there timing for those quick 6!


You didnt feel the qb position was upgraded? Then lift the veil over your eyes, Matt Moore has been a clear upgrade over Tyler Thigpen. Thigpen as been thorughly aweful in Buffalo thus far. It isnt even close.

"Upgrading the qb position" doenst neccessarily mean "Upgrading the STARTING QB position." Its not Irelands fault you had a misunderstanding of a "CLEARLY" stated comment. LOL...

WE have youngblood for our DB's! They want it! Rashad Jone's wanted to tear some head's off last night! Were so deep the Will Allen might be cut! He was a STARTER 2 years ago! Carrol, Sapp, and Wilson backing up the two young stud's. Davis and Smith!

Armando, anyone ever tell you you are very gullible? You give that twenty to the homeless guy with the bad kidney everytime at the gas station don't you? Ireland is full of it and is simply making lemonade out of lemons. He never in a million years thought he wouldn't get Orton from Denver, and when they wouldn't budge on what they wanted for compensation, and he wasn't willing to look like he obviously overpaid, all the other trains had left the station. That's why he has this new 'faith' in Henne. No other options besides overpaying for something. If Denver called tonight and offered Orton for Henne straight up, he'd spill his juice box all over his shirt and personally drive Chad to the airport. C'mon man!!!


I actually think it would be foolish to cut Allen outright without first seeing what we can get via trade. Allen could still start for some teams in this league.

Ireland made a smart move in not paying high for Orton, an average nfl qb, no upgrade. His mistake is that he didnt get Shockey or Olsen to upgrade over Fasano or use with Fasano in 2 TE sets. Why? Did they not want to come to Miami was somewhere else more attractive, more money? It will be very interesting to see if the O line stays healthy esp Long and if they play as unit better than last yr.

If we hold Josh Freeman next week to 0 point's for the first half if the 1st teamers play, We are for REAL! I'm glad Tony did not let Chad play 1 more sereis for the 3rd quarter, cause his confidence level is thru the ROOF! My boy was RUNNIB for 1st down's! That's my BOY! Mad Dog is dancing right now having a GREEN LIZARD! ALLLLLLLLRIGGGGGGGGHHHHT MMMMMMMIIIIIAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Yeah! What ElCachel said.

Armando, you keep riding the horse "Henne is not the guy, and I told you so"!!
The odds are on your side. However, he might be. He has shown us all (yes we ALL have seen, and recognized, the same inconsistencies of Henne that you have. Sorry to inform you.) But there are other QB's who have gone thru similar learning curves as Henne, and came out shining brightly, as you and ALL of us know.
It is easy to point the finger at Ireland and criticize. If you are wrong, you have nothing to lose. He does have something to lose, and it takes big balls to call the shots he has to call. Like sticking with Henne one more year. All it takes to do what you do, is a big mouth.
There is not a GM alive who has not made bad calls. Ireland has made some bad ones, and he has made some good ones. And he will continue to do the same thru his career, just like ALL other GM's will do.
I'm a Dolphin FAN. So, as Henne is our QB this year, I am his FAN. It sucks to hear you diss the QB I am a FAN of.
If Ireland is wrong about Henne, I give him a pass, because it has been very clear to us ALL, what his options have been, and they weren't great.
I just hope the guy who signs his pay check is aware of that too. Because Ireland and Sparano are good capable people, and the one thing this club needs is continuity. Not another regime that you, and the likes of you, can jump in on and start dissing, like you ALWAYS do.

Next year Epps may be more productive than Fasano.

DD, He's getting close to his mid-30's of a BAD injury! Who would you rather keep Sapp or Allen? The other guy's have to much speed and upside! DEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEEENSSSSSSSSSEEEEE!


If Ireland would have thought our starting qb position was that grave. He would have freely given nearly a king's ransome to bring in Orton. We could have also have seen him pay a king's ransome to bring in that Philly qb the Cardinals highly overpaid for too.

Ireland sniffed around to see what it took to get get Orton and balked on the ransome. So fvcking what, he decided with the added weapons he'll just bank on Henne's improvement.

WHY do we have SORRY ASS TE's! Fasano literally suck's! Why id we not get Olsen for a 3rd rd pick! If we had him right now, we would be LIGHT"S OUT!


Also, Henne for Orton straight up isnt a straight up deal. Henne costs only $600,000 this season and Orton $8 million. As long as the offense is showing improvement with the pieces placed around Henne no way would Ireland do that deal. He would need to full frontal lobotomy to even think of such a travesty.

Every time i look at Thomas, It kill's me that we moved up to get this guy and gave a 3rd 4th and 5th if I'm correct! We could have given our #rd and got Olsen and kept our 4th and 5th! How do you not get Olsen, Please FRONT OFFICE, Stop the Man-crush with the Cowboy's reject's! Thomas better get it going!

Next year Epps may be more productive than Fasano.

Posted by: CANESFINSWIN | August 20, 2011 at 04:30 PM


No. You are wrong. I will remember what you said and will remind you when you are proven wrong.



LMAO! You nailed that one brother. A GM is like a politician- you have to read between the lines.

Myrtha had 3 Penalties last night! What's up with that! He did play well though, but where is John Jerry? 3rd round pick last year? Another o-line bust like Shawn Murphy!

"Didn't feel the need to bring QB"

Jeff Ireland

Translation: We wanted Palmer but it didn't work out.

Im still wondering how they're going to use Charles Clay is he big enough to play TE on 2 TEs sets?

POUNCEY was blowing up last night. He is so cool and calm! I like his deameanor!This guy alway's has a smaile and has plyed well with Henne. Vernon and Richie are gonna help him ALOT playing guard next to him! DEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEEENSE!

If you haven't seen it, check out the video of Reggie's 11yd run last night on NFL.com- it is MIND BOGGLING! Reminds of Barry Sanders with that lateral movement.

Jetkiller, that was the guy I wanted to see more last night! I want to see what he can do! We need a multi-functional guy like him! I thought Luosaka made some nice block's last night for Bush, so he need's to beat him out to make the team!

Finsfan, Kudo's! Now that you mentioned it your are RIGHT! He is gonna be Henne's bread and butter this year!

Too bad Clyde the Glide Gates didn't make a big play again last night. Maybe next week.


Thomas is the clock grinding protect a 4th qtr lead type rb the fo sought. His speed is adequate not great. I'll bet my last bottom dollar with Sean Payton being a former Cowboy coach and best friend of Sparano. The Dolphins knew before draft day they would be getting Bush.

Seems feasible to me that part of the Bush terms were to guarantee we wouldnt touch Ingram at #15. They probably felt if we didnt get him there was preety good chance Ingram slipped down to them.

After the Saints got thier man Ingram, The Dolphins knew thier flash back Bush was in the folds. So they got back into the bottom of the 2nd rd to take a grinder rb who racked up nearly 1,600 yds rushing in grinding style last season.

With the game breaker Bush in the fold, they traded into the bottom of the 2nd rd to insure getting the best available "grind it out" rb to compliment him. Getting a 1600yd rb in the bottom of the 2nd rd is a pretty good deal. Especially when you consider LeShore and Ryan Williams both are already down for the season not even playing one regular season snap.


Anyone here knows almost anything positive Armando blogs I've mentioned most well before he ever blogged them. It's your lazy dumbass who sits behing the 8-ball.

Story of your life, isnt it? Your never in front of anything except for gross mediocrity itself! LOL....

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 20, 2011 at 04:12 PM



Clyde blew thru the defense by 2 STEPS and Chad overthrew him! Just wait when they start clicking, then it will only help Marshall and Bess! Reggie was awesome, but man did he get MANHANDLED on some tackles! I can see this guy getting injured!

It's pretty clear that Ross (Mich alum) has told Ireland that Henne (Mich alum) is going to be the QB and Ireland had better make it work.

That said, I didn't think Henne was all that bad last night. Still locking on receivers though and showing no touch on his passes. That'll get him beat when going against competent defenses but he's our doofus QB so we might as well like it.

Reggie Bush and Donald Thomas- "Thunder and Lightning". The lightning is definitely in regular season form- give the rookie a chance to get up to speed.


When the going gets tough, DB goes to church! We have all seen the same thing, he is just starved for followers so if you don't agree with him, he just laughs at you.

Even if he changes his mind later to agree with you, he will never apologize for calling you names about it, he prefers you to go on feeling like an idiot. (See the Mallett debate before the draft - everyone was a foolish idiot to want Mallett in his mind, but when he changed his mind, not a word of remorse to the others.)

DD, let me put it to you this way.

If you were the GM, and you already had Bush on your radar after the Ingramm pick! Then you know the Greg Olsen is out there, why id you not stay put with your 3rd and get him! Then you could have used your 4th to get that RB!

I know for sure he will not start! I would rll my dice on Lex Hilliard, which did cost me draft pick;s over Thomas! Bush didn't cost us draftpick's! I am agisnt drafting RB's so high!We needed a TE, and Olsen is a Pro-bowl caliber TE!

So now Bush = Barry Sanders? LMAO!!

I don't know what you're huffing, finsfan72, but it has definitely shredded your brain. Sanders was faster, more elusive, more durable and just better. He also was a proven featured back. Other than that, yeah - Bush = Sanders.

Thomas will not be the THUNDER! It will be Lex Hilliard, who by the way was a former 7th rd pick! Lex will be the starting RB!

Agreed, ElCacheUSA.

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