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Ireland: 'Didn't feel like needed to' bring new starting QB

The Dolphins were one of approximately 14 teams to attend Terrelle Pryor's Pro Day workout today. That does not mean they will draft the former Ohio State quarterback in the supplemental draft that will take place Monday, but obviously the team is doing its homework on the player.

That homework is probably just as draining as the long hours and eyelid drooping work the club did on practically every other quarterback that was available this year -- both draft picks, free agents and now the supplemental draft.

The man most responsible for that work, the man ultimately deciding what the Dolphins did or didn't do at quarterback this season, is general manager Jeff Ireland. And he obviously ultimately has decided that he is good with Chad Henne.

(So much for the conspiracy theorists or prayerful fans hoping for a late miracle addition at QB. It doesn't look like it is going to happen.)

Ireland has not spoken with the local media since the lockout ended. He did appear on Friday night's telecast of the Dolphins preseason game versus Carolina because the club and the broadcast company airing the game have that appearance written into the broadcast contract.

And in that interview on CBS-4 in South Florida, Ireland made it clear he is putting his faith, hope and trust on Henne to succeed at quarterback this year. That is ultimately why he didn't draft anyone else and the reason he didn't pay the necessary price to acquire Kyle Orton from Denver.

"We really felt Matt [Moore] was a capable backup this year," Ireland said. "He's had a lot of starts in his career. We really felt a lot of confidence in Chad Henne as well. And to go and leverage the franchise to go and do something else different than what we had here with Chad and his continued development, we just didn't feel like we needed to to do that at this time."

Earlier this offseason, the Dolphins spoke of upgrading at QB and, at the very least, bringing in a player to challenge Henne for the starting job. They did not do either. And Ireland is obviously cool with that.

"You got to know the value of what you're trying to get accomplished," he said. "The great thing about what we did is we threw a lot of faith into Chad and the continued development of Chad. We felt like a lot of things last year were fixable. And we have a lot of faith in [offensive coordinator] Brian Daboll as well and that process is going very well."

So Ireland is on record. He believes in Henne. He thinks Henne's problems of a year ago and two years ago will be fixed. That is some mighty strong commitment.

And it is a two-sided coin.

If Henne is good, Ireland's repuation for knowing his player becomes unquestionable because he made the right call. If Henne is not good this year, Ireland's reputation for knowing his player will have been wrong. (It's never good when the general manager makes a bad call on a QB.)

Either way, Henne has Ireland's reputation in his hands.


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ff72 - fancy term for fat


That was a 3 part reply, you only picked one thing.

1. Better than avg play from Henne.

2. Better than average play fron the entire offense.

3. Great Safety play

Didnt mention the rest of the defense because I believe they'll be fine.

If all of these things doesnt give us a great chance to get the SB I dont know what to tell you. Remember, I didnt say definitely in the SB. Great chance.

There are always at least 5 teams that have a great chance to play in the big dance but only 2 will make it. Usually its one of those 5 teams with great chance to make it that ends up being the final 2.

Then in the end there can only be one. LOL...


Did U Say "Conspiracy Theorists"

Sorry Home has been away, studying
The New World Order and the fallout of Aluminum Oxide, Barium Salts and other carcinogens on NFL players,fans and media from Chem planes and the toxic aerosol spray program

youtube: chemtrails over the stadium

5 of the last 6 super bowl winning QBs have been 1st rd picks, and all but Rodgers was a high 1st rd'er.

Drew Brees would've been a 1st rd'er but for his lack of prototypical height.

Henne would be an excellent back up QB on a championship team. That's what I'm sayin'


Just as I mentioned in a prior post. Everyone of the franchise qb's mentioned in your list has "POTENT" offensive weapons surrounding them in winning a SB ring.

A franchise qb cant truly be a franchise qb without having some form of potent weapons surrounding him. But he may make a truly bad offense look motally average at best.

I'm with you on the improved QB play, and offense in general, plus safety play. Those 3 things will make us a great playoff team- but not SUPER. Sorry, the facts are the facts.

Check the last 8 super bowl winners and their QB's I just posted. Does Henne fit in that group, even remotely?

Amazing to me that Ireland has Henne starting and only paying him $600K + incentives...what a freakin bargin!
If I'm not mistaken....Moore will make more $$$ than Henne this year....OMG.

I really dont truly qualify Brady as a franchise qb, at least in the first two championships. The Pats defense was so great during that era. All that was really required of Brady was not to lose the game.

With the confidence of 2 SB rings under his belt. Then Brady may have begin to blossom as the franchise qb he's considered today.

Hey Home....welcome back from your old friend in NH!

ff72@ 6.20

not yet

but the whole henne thing is whether he can improve enough to get the job done, if we can beat the pats once this season then we can beat anyone therefore we would have sb potential!!


You keep putting too much focus on Henne. If he plays above average and so does the rest of our team. I love our chances to get to a SB. Anything can happen if you're amongst that group having chance to get there(playoffs).

Playoffs have always been about what have you done for me lately. Not what have you done for me in the regular season. Brady would tell you that much.

I recall an totally average Trent Dilfer winning a Super Bowl Championship with the Ravens...who had the #1 defense in the league that year.

....just saying, if our D is what we think it is...we could be playing in Jan.

Well for sure a QB can't win a SB by himself. A lot goes into it. A total team effort.

Nowadays, teams with inferior QB's lose in the early rounds of the playoffs because they can't keep up with the high scoring teams who have star QB's.

That's the point of looking back at the last 8 winners. There's a trend that's unmistakable. They don't ALL have QB's surrounded by stars, but they do all have star QB's, mostly high 1st rounders.




I hope so. I HATE the stinking Jets and Patriots. Can't drum up the same hate for the Bills, though.

We talked about Dilfer earlier- that was before the NFL became so QB driven. It's a new era. Check back at the last 8 years.

5 of the last 6 SB winning QBs were 1st rd picks, and all but Rodgers was a high 1st rd'er.

Hey Guys, I want to win another SB as bad as anyone. If Henne takes us there, GREAT!

But the facts seem to indicate, not going to happen.

What's the feeling with Patrick Devlin making the club? are they going to stack him in the practice squad or wil he be the third Qb or not at all?

ElcachelUSA, where are you going to be when henne gets pounded by the pats d and does throw those 3 pics? will he be your boy then?

ff72 sure, its only dreamin but if we can beat teams like the pats ie the po calibre teams then technically po run quite possible - i don't really hold out much hope for a win game 1 but i treasure what hope i do have and constantly get it out of the box just to stare at it in a forlorn manner

Devlin started camp looking like the next Tom Brady, but has fizzled since. Too bad.

not to argue with a fellow fins fan, but finsfan72, your 1st round SB qbs thoery breakdown prior to when Brady came along:

Farve 2 rd
Montana 3 rd
Warner undrafted

and your journeymen, B. Johnson, M.Rypien, J. Hostetler, etc..

it is possible beyond the 1st round if thier prototypical QBs

Well friends, DyingBreed has left, the show is over. Nobody to follow and kiss up to now.

When he comes back, you are all welcome to join the conversation and agree with him to receive a pat on the back or disagree with him and receive insults and name calling.

Hurry back soon now.

I feel you, brother. I'm an optimist by nature. But optimism only takes you so far, before reality sets in.



(So much for the conspiracy theorists or prayerful fans hoping for a late miracle addition at QB. It doesn't look like it is going to happen.)

Thanks Armundo, Seeing how Chad and Matt are the only ones getting any meaningful reps, we're in the process of installing a new O and the season starts in just over 3 weeks, none of us EVER would've been able to figure this out.

Duh! Does this guy really think we're all this stupid?

Maybe it's just his way of hoping against hope that he isn't eventually proven wrong about Henne?

Pretty amazing that even to the detriment of the TEAM, Armando is OBVIOUSLY STILL HOPING for failure as a means of "saving face".

Armando, until now I've just been ribbing you, but to root against my Phins in an attempt to protect your misplaced pride?

Dude, you've seriously croassed the line. Clear the pool kiddies, somebody is cannon balling off the DEEP END!


The theory goes like this. In the past, it WAS possible to win a SB with stellar defense, a dominant running game, etc. (Parcellsian)

But in the last several years, the NFL has become a QB driven league and the formula to win the SB now has to include a top flight QB.

As evidence I posted the last 8 super bowl winning teams, and the starting QBs. 5 of the last 6 super bowl winning QB's were 1st rd picks, with Drew Brees the lone exception. Plus all the 1st rd picks but Rodgers were HIGH 1st rd picks.

I think the evidence is indisputable. It's a passing league now. You need a top shelf QB to win a super bowl TODAY.

this blog a bit shorter on those calling for matt moore to start today !!!!

hh's just biding their time and sharpening claws

just hope chad can keep on improving and make em eat sh*t

only problem for me - its only pseason


Henne looked GREAT last night! I hope he kicks ASS Mon night against the Patsies.

Dear So Called Dolphin Fans,




ff72 i think ur evidence is correct and trend is hard to buck, but history is just that the next stats start going in the book in a couple of weeks, strong d (and it will have to b strong d) with a well balanced offense (run g and pass g) with stretch threats and multiple dangers could do v well with a perceived none elite qb esp if his strength is intermediate distance

e.g. with better running g, ol and other options incl faster paced more aggressive attack will get more 3rd and shorts vs 3rd and longs compared to last season,- henne statistically the best at 3rd & 3-7 yards he was the TOP QB in the NFL in converting them----- NUMBER ONE with a QB rating around 117!! therefore elite and 3rd and 3-7 yds!!!!(i think i remember that stat)

ok ,i'm dreamin but is POSSIBLE!!

But Chad, we love you!


I'll be the happiest fins fan on the planet if Henne leads us to the SB! And I do like a lot of the changes this year.

The offense looks a lot more exciting, the defense will be even better than last year. Even ST should be a lot better. I don't understand "fans" saying we'll be 2-14. I don't see that at all.

Still, the SB? I don't know...

Fair enough ff72. But still a firm believer in the Parcellsian model.




Henne manages to get an 87.8 passer rating against the ABSOLUTE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL (and missing on every big play that was there for the taking) and now clowns are on this board talking about a Super Bowl?



Where is the list of all 1st round QB's that have not won a Superbowl?

I bet that list is longer.

jake long practising, off pup

henne is the same qb he was last year; accurate on intermediate routes, and very inaccurate on deep routes. the receivers had no resistance last night against one of the worst defenses i have seen (pre-season or not). by admitting what he did, ireland basically confirmed that they lied about their plans for the qb position last year, which just goes to show how much savvy he lacks in a public forum. even given last night, there is absolutely no reason to believe that henne will be any better; i hope i am wrong. but the monday night opener could be very ugly, which would be the absolutely worst thing that could happen. why does the nfl set the dolphins up for a public humiliation on a national stage the first week of the season? i liked buffalo at noon.

Just for Long being back, 10-6. Ask LV.


My wife's spaghetti. I'm a simple man. :-)

The funny thing is that there are only 4 posters here + me.

"i liked buffalo at noon."

Posted by: austin

The good ol' days!

"The funny thing is that there are only 4 posters here + me."

Posted by: oscar canosa

All four of you have us going to the SB this year with Henne?

I read 3 days ago that somehow everybody is going to have to post their real name in Internet. How about that!

Seminole Sam , shut your pie hole and go root for the stinking jets,this blog is for all dolphin fans

This is KRAP! Henne's longest pass was to Fasano for 38 yards. Even I can dink and dunk in the NFL. I didn't see the play but I'm sure Fasano had 20 yards of YAC on his 38 yard play.

If the goal is to dink and dunk our way to the super bowl then Henne is our man. Problem is, with 2 minutes left dink and dunk don't win super bowls.

watching the game last season it became very apparent that we are a franchise QB away from being a top 5 team with everyone healthy.
Henne was good last night, showed good pocket prescence and surprisingly good mobility but I was troubled still by (a) His inaccuracy on hitting an open receiver deep on 2 or 3 occasions, he missed Hartline on exactly the same play as last week and overthrew Gates who is lightening fast and I think Marshall.
(b) he is still staring down receivers
(c) Lack of emotion, in his post game interview, you've just performed well, your team has won the game and you arguably deserve the game ball, for gods sake smile, show some emotion, look happy when you deserve to, it may help you connect with the fans just a little.
(d) Oh yeah no TD passes but TD drives will do as long as no INT's
Other than that well done Chad but unless you have a stellar season we still need to be drafting that 1st round QB next draft, I wouldn't even be opposed to putting in a call to Green Bay asking what they would take for Matt Flynn!! He's looking good.

We told you we were goimg to wear you down, and we will.


u need to comprehend the meaning of the words u read, i don't expect us to go to the sb, possible and probable have different meanings

and no i didnt use the word probable but there is implication

"I like my wife's spaghetti"

Yea, like Seminole would have someone who puts up with his nonsense

I think he likes his boyfriends tube steak

Los Lobos

That pass to Fasano was pretty much all in the air.

Henne also threw a few more over the top of the defense but couldn't quite connect

"and no i didnt use the word probable but there is implication"

Posted by: The wolf, icu, starvation coma

How's this - whether you meant "probable" or "possible" you should be locked up as insane for thinking either is within the realm of what could actaully happen this year.

To wit: Our QB is an inconsistent lunkhead, our best running back is injury-prone and our best wide receiver has newly diagnosed mental issues. Not exactly a recipe for probable or possible IN ANY REALISTIC SENSE.

Of course I don't play in the NFL,

Hell, I can't throw the ball 5 yards

But I sure know how to talk a great game

"That pass to Fasano was pretty much all in the air."

Posted by: Boardwalk

Not true, liar. Quite a bit of YAC on that one.

Of course I should be locked up for being the blogs

Biggest douchebag loser

I guess if I can't throw the ball 5 yards I shouldn't be on the blog.

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