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Ireland: 'Didn't feel like needed to' bring new starting QB

The Dolphins were one of approximately 14 teams to attend Terrelle Pryor's Pro Day workout today. That does not mean they will draft the former Ohio State quarterback in the supplemental draft that will take place Monday, but obviously the team is doing its homework on the player.

That homework is probably just as draining as the long hours and eyelid drooping work the club did on practically every other quarterback that was available this year -- both draft picks, free agents and now the supplemental draft.

The man most responsible for that work, the man ultimately deciding what the Dolphins did or didn't do at quarterback this season, is general manager Jeff Ireland. And he obviously ultimately has decided that he is good with Chad Henne.

(So much for the conspiracy theorists or prayerful fans hoping for a late miracle addition at QB. It doesn't look like it is going to happen.)

Ireland has not spoken with the local media since the lockout ended. He did appear on Friday night's telecast of the Dolphins preseason game versus Carolina because the club and the broadcast company airing the game have that appearance written into the broadcast contract.

And in that interview on CBS-4 in South Florida, Ireland made it clear he is putting his faith, hope and trust on Henne to succeed at quarterback this year. That is ultimately why he didn't draft anyone else and the reason he didn't pay the necessary price to acquire Kyle Orton from Denver.

"We really felt Matt [Moore] was a capable backup this year," Ireland said. "He's had a lot of starts in his career. We really felt a lot of confidence in Chad Henne as well. And to go and leverage the franchise to go and do something else different than what we had here with Chad and his continued development, we just didn't feel like we needed to to do that at this time."

Earlier this offseason, the Dolphins spoke of upgrading at QB and, at the very least, bringing in a player to challenge Henne for the starting job. They did not do either. And Ireland is obviously cool with that.

"You got to know the value of what you're trying to get accomplished," he said. "The great thing about what we did is we threw a lot of faith into Chad and the continued development of Chad. We felt like a lot of things last year were fixable. And we have a lot of faith in [offensive coordinator] Brian Daboll as well and that process is going very well."

So Ireland is on record. He believes in Henne. He thinks Henne's problems of a year ago and two years ago will be fixed. That is some mighty strong commitment.

And it is a two-sided coin.

If Henne is good, Ireland's repuation for knowing his player becomes unquestionable because he made the right call. If Henne is not good this year, Ireland's reputation for knowing his player will have been wrong. (It's never good when the general manager makes a bad call on a QB.)

Either way, Henne has Ireland's reputation in his hands.


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What was your factual post?

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Bye Bye fake NYScott. You stole, you robbed, and now you will pay. I hope you teach your children to not rob and impersonate others like you...

Posted by: nome | August 20, 2011 at 09:18 PM

All the BS aside for a second, are serious this is the guy that hacked NYScott?

That was kind of disgusting, how do you know it's him?

I'm not arguing, I'd just like to know.

PS: Sam the factual post i was refering was on the 38 yarder to Fasano.


Big deal. Anyone can fake a name in blue, its trivial. Doesn't bother me.

Whatever you need to do to get your jollies go for it. Your life must be a real void fella.

"PS: Sam the factual post i was refering was on the 38 yarder to Fasano."

Posted by: odinseye

25 yards of it was Henne. 13 was Fasano.

It was nice that Henne remembered that he has two legs and can move around to buy time (and not just fall to the ground like he did last year). That's a small but discernable improvement over last year.


It was him, just leave it at that. He admitted his guilt because as soon as I called him on it, he went from blue back to black to not be traced. I don't want to give away the details because as you can see, it will only encourage the other immature babies here to do the same.

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Keep in mind, the circle jerk guy is no doubt one of the few here tonight ganging up on Seminole and myself just because we don't praise every single thing. I'm not defending Seminole, he can fend for himself, just saying, a few were irked with us. Can probably just look back and see which name disappeared when the other names like circle jerk started appearing.

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Good job Mr. Breed, good job

25 yards of it was Henne. 13 was Fasano.

It was nice that Henne remembered that he has two legs and can move around to buy time (and not just fall to the ground like he did last year). That's a small but discernable improvement over last year.

Posted by: Seminole Sam | August 20, 2011 at 09:34 PM

YEAH, what Seminole Sam just said(I don't freaking believe I'm posting this-lol).

Seriously, Henne has shown some scrambling ability this pre season. I find it inspiring.

He didn't just duck and cover like last year. Kept his eyes downfield and extended some plays a few times as well.

Small but discernable improvement?

I'll go with that!

Bad news nome | August 20, 2011 at 09:44 PM

You think you are so smart yet I've already busted you for one of your crimes. I know what you think about the whole IP issue. Let me ask you, do you think the FBI couldn't find you if they wanted? Do you really? You have a very limited view of what is really going on. If I had the information the Herald blog has, I could track you down with one or two phone calls at most, and even those might not even be necessary.

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Hey man, are you there?

Henne constantly proves he year after year that he has poor accuracy throwing deep. It will cost us 14 points a game.

Hey man, are you there?

Posted by: Free Wheeling Franklin | August 20, 2011 at 10:11 PM

Good question.

I've often found myself wondering the same thing.....................

Read it, Franklin, read it. For your benefit.



Is that you Mama?

I am ALWAYS here.


I can't read anything man, I just jumped in the tub and turned into a lobsters.

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Great news!!! Jake Long off the PUP list and onto the practice field, big relief to have the man back.

Hey Armando,
I don't know if you actually read these comments but I have to ask. Didn't everybody from Ross to Sparano to Ireland all promise up and down that there would be a legitimate competition at QB? It seems to me that was a blatant lie! I would have preferred just dumping Henne but at least that would have been something. I'm in no position to call them out on it, but you are. Can you find out how they justify that?

If it doesn't work, both Henne and Ireland are outta here!!

From Omar Kelly's article:

However, Sparano points out the performance wasn't flawless because Henne had "location issues" with some of his throws.

Henne missed on three deep passes, two of which the receivers were wide open.

Henne has struggled with the location of his passes his entire career, especially when it comes to throwing deep. That's an issue the coaches have worked on addressing.

Whats up "Phin-Land"???, What do you know, What do you hear??, Whats going on??

After watching Orton tonight against the Bills Im gonna have to say that not doing that trade is what will ultimately lead to this being a lot of people in the Miami organizations last year .

Willie, What did he do??

That's just a dumb move, to not bring in at least competition...Ireland set himself up to fail...

Titz...yea they all did promise that..they promised "fireworks" too.
Yet another lie, and reason jeff and tony won't be here next year

Henne is pretty good inside the 15, awful outside the 15. Not starter material. Celebrate a preseason victory over the smelly Panthers, but reality will bite hard.

Henne looks good some games and awful on others that is why he is still here. This is the worst situation you can have. It will take the entire season to realize that Henne is a bust. The defense looks great and the running game is improving this will make Henne look better than he is but in the end it will be 7-9 season with Jeff and Tony and Henne gone next year. Horrible Henne will show himself with the New England game and it's down hill from there. You can put lipstick on a pig but you still have a pig.

Iam still going with 3 and 13.........

Miami used their draft picks well filling key holes. Our talent is at least good and in many cases very good or great at all our positions except QB. Behind that our depth is good. Ireland has done a good job revamping our talent.

Henne and the QB position are the last big gap. Decent chance, probably 1/3 or 1/2 that Henne turns it around (defined as being in the top half of QB) this year and takes us to the playoffs. He he does not I am fine with having our whole draft being exchanged for Andrew Luck (as Ditka did for Ricky WIlliams.) By next year the problem at QB will get solved one way or the other.

I do like Jeff Ireland but all this flip floping and making statements that he is happy with Henne is about as frustrating as listening to Obama talk about the economy. The truth of the matter is is that unless he has naked pictures of Stephen Ross, he and Sporano can kiss their jobs good bye if their depending on Henne.

Really???, Really..LOL

LFL Football league premiers next Friday Nite on MTV...., Cant wait..

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