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Ireland: 'Didn't feel like needed to' bring new starting QB

The Dolphins were one of approximately 14 teams to attend Terrelle Pryor's Pro Day workout today. That does not mean they will draft the former Ohio State quarterback in the supplemental draft that will take place Monday, but obviously the team is doing its homework on the player.

That homework is probably just as draining as the long hours and eyelid drooping work the club did on practically every other quarterback that was available this year -- both draft picks, free agents and now the supplemental draft.

The man most responsible for that work, the man ultimately deciding what the Dolphins did or didn't do at quarterback this season, is general manager Jeff Ireland. And he obviously ultimately has decided that he is good with Chad Henne.

(So much for the conspiracy theorists or prayerful fans hoping for a late miracle addition at QB. It doesn't look like it is going to happen.)

Ireland has not spoken with the local media since the lockout ended. He did appear on Friday night's telecast of the Dolphins preseason game versus Carolina because the club and the broadcast company airing the game have that appearance written into the broadcast contract.

And in that interview on CBS-4 in South Florida, Ireland made it clear he is putting his faith, hope and trust on Henne to succeed at quarterback this year. That is ultimately why he didn't draft anyone else and the reason he didn't pay the necessary price to acquire Kyle Orton from Denver.

"We really felt Matt [Moore] was a capable backup this year," Ireland said. "He's had a lot of starts in his career. We really felt a lot of confidence in Chad Henne as well. And to go and leverage the franchise to go and do something else different than what we had here with Chad and his continued development, we just didn't feel like we needed to to do that at this time."

Earlier this offseason, the Dolphins spoke of upgrading at QB and, at the very least, bringing in a player to challenge Henne for the starting job. They did not do either. And Ireland is obviously cool with that.

"You got to know the value of what you're trying to get accomplished," he said. "The great thing about what we did is we threw a lot of faith into Chad and the continued development of Chad. We felt like a lot of things last year were fixable. And we have a lot of faith in [offensive coordinator] Brian Daboll as well and that process is going very well."

So Ireland is on record. He believes in Henne. He thinks Henne's problems of a year ago and two years ago will be fixed. That is some mighty strong commitment.

And it is a two-sided coin.

If Henne is good, Ireland's repuation for knowing his player becomes unquestionable because he made the right call. If Henne is not good this year, Ireland's reputation for knowing his player will have been wrong. (It's never good when the general manager makes a bad call on a QB.)

Either way, Henne has Ireland's reputation in his hands.


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Let's say Henne has a Henne type of year yet again this year...that will put in motion a few things...jeff, henne, and tony bye bye. A regime change wouldn't set us back too bad in my eyes because besides QB and TE we look pretty solid. So a new coach, fresh ideas, a great drafter, could really swing our team around in as little as one year as long as we can hold on to most of our players..and of course the new coach's biggest task...lad us a franchise QB..get us a good TE or two..and please flush the toilet on all these Dallas Cowboy has been players Tony and jeff seem to love.....

Yeah man, lingerie is always a good thing...I'd like to see some if their tight ends split out wide...

That's what I'am Talkin Bout Killa..........

I'd Like to "Go Deep" With a couple of There Tight ends.....LOL


not to break up the i hate chad party but do any of you actually watch a dolphin game yeah chad had a bumpy year last year but concidering he was thrown to wolves that we miami fans are i think he did goog of the 19 ints he had last year only 10 were poor decisions the other nine were tipped balls that should have been caught by the receiver
and in case it has slipped your minds he also threw for 3300 yards last year there are star qbs that didnt throw that and one more thing lets not we had a dinosaur calling our plays

if henne bombs (hope not ) they draft dan persa out of northwestern,book it

When Henne throws for over 4,000 yards this Seasons and more than 30 touchdowns your all going to eat your words

talk about a flawed system; the qb rating.
henne went 15 for 24 for 194yds in one half vs the panthers. that's a 62.5% completion rate and he avgeraged 8.1 per throw. his qb rating was 87.8.
Colt McCoy was 10 for 18 for 96yds, averaging 5.3yds per throw, completing 55.6% of his passes for 3td's. his qb rating was 110.2. who would you say had the better performance?

With Henne, the defense only needs to defend 15 yards from the line of scrimmage. He is too inaccurate with long passes for anyone to worry about.

Dmt. That's what tds do for you. After all the point of the game is to score tds.

Was it mentioned here that Jake Long practiced last night and is off the PUP or are y'll more interested in IP addresses

yes ltc it was mentioned

snaqb, whilst i don't agree with your point about the 15 yards i think the key to our success this coming season will be the opposite of what you said, they WILL have to worry about more than 15 yards from the line as well as whatever reggie's up to, this will be key to henne being even more succesfull 10-20 yds from scrimmage a lot of the time, he will have to improve his completions and attempts at longer yardage to achieve this, but i believe he will and in so doing we will have a good offense this year

I think Ireland is like anyother GM, he talks out of both sides of his mouth. Henne is accurate from 7-15 yds after that its anyones guess. He missed at least two long TD passes against Carolina and thats his bugga-boo. He's not accurate beyond short range. And I dont care that Henne was better then JETS Sanchez, what kind of yard stick is that? Sanchez aint dont squat since the draft. And neither has Henne. The OL should(hopefully) be better which should help somewhat, depending on Marc Colombo. If Colombo plays desent then maybe, just maybe.

guess this is not a team sport anymore!

Wait a minute, we played the Carolina Panthers, Aren't they the team that had the first pick in the draft? Come on you guy's, how good are the panthers expected to be? A Optimist team could go out and beat the Panther's as well as the Henne led dolphins, so don't go praising this guy for beating up on the Panthers. (OMG)

Oh Curtis ye of uninformed. They had a top ten defense last year, think around 5th. That's why the o was good Friday night

This describes how sick fans are over a silly game, its just a game peoples, and the bloggers here get so upset over blogging some would do the same. Get a grip...

Fan violence mars Raiders-49ers game

A 24-year-old man is at San Francisco General Hospital with what have been referred to as life-threatening injuries after he was shot following the game.

The victim was wearing a β€œF- the 49ers” T-shirt, and police detained a suspect who was wearing Raiders apparel.

Another example is some canes fans calling for the beating or death of Shapiro.

I'm hearing that Jake Long is now cleared to practise. Although, we may not see him play until Week 1.

Henne and Marshall are being praised for their ability to communicate with one another. Great! Now, if Henne can establish that kind of rapport with the rest of the WRs, TEs, and RBs, we may be onto something.

Ireland also failed to mention that most NFL pundits consider next year's draft to be a better draft for starting QBs than this years. (Let's hope it's also better for TEs and Safeties too!).

Looking at the schedule, it's quite possible that we could go 0-4 to start our season. Anything better than that would mean we're a whole lot better than lots of folks think we are.

GO FINS!!!!!

3 And 13............

I want to know how we have a starting QB costing 600,000, and still be the same cap space as new eng. and jets...where have we spent the money on stars?????


Jack Long, Brandon Marshall. Thats how.

Henne is in the final year of his contract. Don't expect him back next year.

You can add Reggie bush and a few others to that total.

Lets not forget that 60 Million dollar O-Line that they keep shuffling around now in it's second season..

Panthers beat up on NYG previous week.
Dolphins had 9 plays of 17+ yards in the first half.
Phins had 200 yards in first half.
Sporano is making them into a a cohesive unit showing progress almost on a daily basis.
Long has joined the team.
Everything is good, enjoy.

I have four words for Dolphins-land: SuperBowl here we come!!!!

Ok, just wanted to say that, back to reality.

Overall, very good showing to me. 1st teamers, coaching (esp. Daboll), energy, execution, all well done.

This was maybe the best I've EVER seen Henne in terms of escaping pressure. He moved really well (for him) in the pocket. Those 2 plays where he ran away from pressure, then looked upfield were exactly what he needs to do (one play was incomplete, on complete to Fasano).

Henne did miss some wide open receivers, but, look, the more they try those plays, hopefully the better Henne gets at them (they ran all of maybe 5 of those long pass plays last 2 years).

So, I'm impressed. But, just so we're clear, we played the '07 Dolphins. Carolina was the worst team in the league last year, probably will be this year, and a team a rising team SHOULD beat. So we accomplished that, we beat a team we should've. Next step is to beat teams you're not expected to beat.

I forgot Dansby and Soliai. We have the highest paid LT, ILB and WR in the NFL.

It was a Pre-season game, I would read anything (Good or bad) Into it, Though I will say Reggie could be a huge help if he stays injury free(Which he hasnt for his 4 years so far) Just sayin..

Good point apache, soliai is pretty much getting a qb's salary this year. If ireland believed in henne so much then where was the contract extension? He will have serious issues getting soliai and henne to fit under the cap next year if hennd is indeed the long term solution ireland is so convinced he is. It just doesn't add up, im not buying irelands line here. He tried to upgrade the position and failed

jeff Irelands next job will be as a politician im sure...

Agree Mark, he couldn't find what he wanted, couldn't justify the price for Orton. Glad he didn't over pay for him, but still, what else could he say? If they don't extend Hennes contract by mid season, that will say everything.

extend,lol> r u kidding me. they better not give this clown any money. this is hennes last year here or anywhere starting

Death Penalty, coming for the U.

This is great news. Go Bulls.

go canes!!!!!!! win the acc. u da man al golden. usf another garbage pointless season

Chicago rid itself of Orton before he could develop. Now we want him over a quarterback with more upside who could still develop. Though I lost faith in Henne last year, he still deserves one more year. It's not like he had a lot to work with last year or a lot of confidence instilled in him. I am reminded of Terry Bradshaw's stats early in his career. They were much worse than Henne's.

I have four words for Dolphins-land: SuperBowl here we come!!!!

Ok, just wanted to say that, back to reality.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 21, 2011 at 09:27 AM

Dammit! I read this and for just a second I was hoping I had just awoke from a twenty year nightmare!

I had to do a double take on the date and time stamp :(

juan, just stop. bradhsaw? really? come on dude. orton is a much better qb than henne. but im glad we didnt give up anything for him. neither is gonna make a difference. this is a 6-10 fottball team. after the season henne and the entire coaching staff will finally be gone

henne being hailed as what, the king because of a scrimmage and one pre season game in which he did not put the ball in the endzone. he is still overthrowing wide open guys missing reads. just wait till the first game and watch what happens and marshall will be all over henne again, guaranteed.

yeah henne missed a wide open hartline for a td and the 4th down play was pathetic, he didnt even look anywhere else. guy is horrible

Look at all the losers with no lives, on here complaining about Henne as if they actually know anything about the game of football and quarterback play. Get real losers.

I know the fair weather fans have their insecurity issues. I know they make a horrendously whiny noise as well.

I know people like Armando and Dan HenningS, with their vested interests are keeping their fingers crossed and praying for disaster.

To all, I say: EAT ME!!!!

In just two pre season games, I'm feeling better about this team than I have in quite awhile.

For as much flak as I got here harping on HenningS for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS, you have to admit, the proofs in the pudding. HenningS makes Daboll look like Martz's Greatest "Show On Turf".

Nolan's defense looks like........a Nolan defense. It keeps getting better and better. Burnett's already showing flashes of talent and chemistry.

How about Ireland? As much as I detest the four eye'd Mongrel, I'm actually considering giving him the benefit of the doubt. In all fairness, he can be credited for bringing in Marshall, Bush, JT and Dansby. Not to mention CLYDE Gates, who from day one I've believed will be a star.
I do have to say though, I think Ireland completely screwed the pooch looking to bring in a QB. That aside, I do SOMEWHAT understand the logic.

If Henne takes a big step forward this year, GREAT. If he bombs, GREAT. The experiment will OVER one way or the other. Either way, I believe we'll be taking a QB in the first round next year, a TE and then probably a whole bunch of offensive lineman.

A solid young core. Depth up the wazoo on the D-Line. Adding speed and playmakers!

It sucks going 1-15 and starting over from scratch. But I'm feeling good about this team for the first time in a LONG time! Call me an optimist, call me whatever you want, but I do believe I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

(So this is what it's like to get out of bed before noon?)

How many times have we been here with QB's at Miami since Dan left? Thus far, given all that we know, what makes you guys think Henne will ever lead this team to a super bowl?

This needs to be the last season of Planet of the Ape experiments. No matter how much they tinker with Henne's brain he will never evolve.

Los lobos... How many super bowls did Dan take us to??? Or win??? Not a strong argument

At BEST, Henne is the new Pennington. At WORST, Henne is the new Pennington.

Tell me, how many NFL championships has Pennington won?

@supersport4, the argument is sound. With Dan the expectation was ALWAYS to win a Superbowl.

With Henne the expectation is always the TOILET BOWL.

About the same as you LL

I'm bookmarking this page in long term storage. Come Week 9 let's see what everyone thinks then.

History shows we will be 3-5 or 4-4. By game 8 we will already have lost 1 each to our division rivals.

And don't be smart A's. We have a bye week 5.

LL. You can dish but not receive very well. It seemed a truthful statement.

Maybe you weren't meant to get Orton...maybe you weren't meant to eventually get Tebow. That would definitely provide some good competition.

Henne fans, I predict your hearts will be broken this season . . . Again. Henne fans are the kind of people who buy time shares thinking they are getting a great deal on vacation property. Ever idealistic, but they can't do math.

Seriously, though, I like the Dolphins chances in the East this year (Dumbson at QB notwithstanding) because of the fantastic level of distrust Steve Ross has ginned up in the organization. From Sparano, to Ireland, to Henne, there is a keen sense that the owner is itching to fire people at year's end if the team doesn't make and advance well into the playoffs. Marshall doesn't trust (or like Henne), a sentiment, I suspect, is shared by many on the team. But notice how he has showered Henne with praise of late. These boys know heads will roll at season's end if they don't produce, so everyone will be trying harder.

Uncertainty and fear are great motivators. Desperate players will find a way to win.

The East is ours.

well your happy with your QB.. well im sure you will be able to take them with you next yr .. Then BIll Cowher comes in.. Ready for this bunch of %$%$INg Idiots to head into the sunset.. I beleive this is the same people that said we dont need no wide recievers.. who would want Braylon Edwards on there team.. Ah we do.. The fans that pay you morans.,.

You are right Armando if he is right then he is a genuis if he is wrong probablly looking for a job next year. I hope he is right we have had only 1 good qb since Dan and that was Penne for 1 year.THe new offense looks promising but it is hard to tell in the preseason, I think they should Play Henne quite a bit in the preseason to get ready for the Pats and build his confidence,you never Know!

I just realized something about moving the ball to the 35 on kickoffs. if they kick it high and short the chances forcing the return or recovering the live ball increases.

The higher they kick it the quicker the defenders can be on the spot. Be almost like a hail mary. If they can kick a high ball between the 15 and 10 then its anyone's ball or a short return.

of course you don't want to do that with a devon hester type player.

The skinny Ryan is getting his butt torched by Norv and Rivers.

Holy cow! A Randy Michael sighting. Still not sure why we got rid of him only to end up with Fasano.

Chad will be fine and the haters will have to eat crow before this kid is done.

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