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Wednesday afternoon potpourri of notes

Remember I told you a couple of weeks ago the Dolphins had a competition for the starting wide reciever job opposite Brandon Marshall?

They still have a competition going for that starting wide receiver job. I asked coach Tony Sparano today if he had decided on the winner of the competition yet.

"Not yet, no, yeah, to me, it’s still open with, you know, that group of there, you know, that’s there and, you know, we’re going to play them a lot in the next couple of weeks," Sparano said. "We're going to play them a bunch this week, as much as we can play them and get a couple of guys up in the rotation this week, but you know, they’re going to play all those guys a lot in the next two weeks.”

The players vying for that starting job are Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Clyde Gates.


The pressure is mounting on Will Allen to get on the field the remainder of this preseason and perform. He probably has to do it this week and next week without an injury setback to make the team. Oh yeah, playing well would also help.

 “I tell the team this all the time: It’s a show me game, at some point I have to see it," Sparano said. "I got to see it on the practice field. I got to see it in the game. It took me two days out here with JT (Jason Taylor) to figure out once he got here in pads it took me two days to figure out he’s still got it.

"So now I can control his practice pace. You know JT didn’t work yesterday and I can go to JT and say you’re down today.  I’ve already seen it … I know it.  I kind of know what this guy needs to get ready to play.  He knows what he needs to get ready to play. In Will's case particularly, and Will wouldn’t be upset with me for saying this, it's just I need to see it and more importantly Will needs to see it.

"He needs to know that he can go into the game and he can do this at the rate that Will was able to do.  I give Will, I give him a lot of benefit of the doubts if you will because he’s a smart player, really smart player, probably the smartest guy I have back there and I’ve seen him do it a couple years back.  But not having him last year and really limited a little bit prior to that -- that has been a long period of time that passes.  We just need to see these guys do it at a high level.  He’s had a couple good days out here right now in a row so I’m hoping to be able to get him to the game and be able to put him in those positions."

Look for Allen Saturday against Tampa Bay.


I told you a while back that Reggie Bush is a monster when it comes to working.

The Dolphins go through their walk-thru and he's there and then comes the two-hour practice and he's there and then the practice is over ... and he's still there!

Today, like most, was a 30-minute session for Bush post-practice. He was the last guy off the field.

He ran sprints by himself. Then he went over to the JUGS machine and standing a mere seven yards from the thing and caught passes slung at him at 22 MPH. By the way, when most receivers catch from the JUGS they stand 12-14 yards away. So try the closer distance sometime without breaking your nose or dislocating a finger.

Afterward, Bush jogged over to the blocking sleds and pushed them around for about 10 minutes.

The man's work ethic is beyond reproach so far. But don't believe me. Check out the video I took.


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I do believe if we let Marlon Moore go. In 2-3yrs he'll be the next Devin Aroshimoda or however his last name is spelled.

You guys do remember him right?


Also, I don't know how much film you've watched on Gates, but I've watched as much as I POSSIBLY could.

I realize it was MOSTLY against Div. 2 defenses, but he looked just like Davone Bess with blazing top end speed. Great routes, great hands, takes the ball away from defenders ROUTINELY.

I don't have a crystal ball, but in Gate's case I don't feel like I need one.

Ultimately, the proofs in the pudding, so, we'll see soon enough.

Kory and Livas are exciting players however they just don't fit this System. Kory will be plastered trying to blok a pass rusher and Livas will be murdered if he tries to go accross the middle to catch a pass. They might cost us Games. As far as I know, neither is a big contributor in ST's. So, both gone.

These are good problems to have(once again, Shula), DB.

DB @ 11:30,

I agree completely. I don't think Rivas will ever transition into a bonafide WR ala Hester.

I don't think it matters about the terminology or what we call him. If he makes the team as a Special teamer(and that's a big if at this point)then I think we only keep 5 receivers.

In other words, because of the numbers game, I think Moore or Rivas will end up getting the axe. Regardless of what we call them. I like Moore and think he's got "IT". But then again, I think we're suddenly more stacked at WR than many realize.

It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out nonetheless.

This next Game will be crucial for Livas and Marlon.

Wait a sec, odin, Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Clyde and Wallace make 5!

Anthony Armstrong is the guy I meant to say Moore has the potential talent to translate into.

We had Armstrong on the roster for 2-3yrs then cut him. Last season for the Redskins Armstrong had 7 plays for more than 40yds. Including a 70yds td pass to beat the Cowboys.

Those of you thinking Moore is garbage, just remember, you were probably the same ones saying the same thing about Armstrong when he was here.

Armstrong finished 2010 with 44 recs, 871yds, 18.8 ypc and 7 plays over 40 yards. One man's trash is another's treasure!

So will we looking at final cuts from good Teams, odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 24, 2011 at 11:36 PM

Trying to catch up.

If I were Ireland I'd be watching final cuts for anything and everything. Specifically though, QB's, TE's and RT's. Not necessarily in that order, but I'd be looking.

He is, odin, he certainly is.


You said it. My pet peeve with Henne is that he doesn't pump fake anymoe. I say anymore because if you watched any michigan tape of him, he used too.

It's confusing and aggravating at the same time.

Wait a sec, odin, Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Clyde and Wallace make 5!

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 24, 2011 at 11:59 PM

Yep, and either Moore or Rivas.

Anthony Armstrong is the guy I meant to say Moore has the potential talent to translate into.

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 25, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Believe it or not, I knew that's who you meant. I'll go you one better. I think Moore will surpass Armstrong very quickly. That's why I said: Freaking numbers game, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-LOL!

Look at this Herald Bloggers.

I'm rooting for Rivas to breakout like the next Devin Hester.

DB is singing Marlon Moore praises.

Yet no name calling, no childish BS, just open debate.

Go Figure!!!!

Can a player be kept solely as a PR?

Well, it's been fun tonight.

Seeing how nobody is on, I'll go back to getting my a s s whooped by my 15 year old playing on-line Black Ops.

Yes, I suck at it and yes, he's still up. It's Summer Time!

Quality Time!!!!


I think so.

Either way though, he'll count on the 53 man roster regardless of what position he's listed as.

For example, if we kept a kick returner and a punt returner(2), we might only keep 5 WR's. If we kept one guy as a kick and punt returner, we MIGHT keep 6 WR's(or 7 LB's or 6 DL, etc, etc).

It applies to any and all positions, I'm just using these as an example because most return specialists in college are or were WR's as well.

Hmm.., odin. Difficult decisions(but good) ahead for TS.

Hasta MinYana(sp.?)!!!!

Hasta LuEgo(sp.?)

Hasta LaVista!!!!

Bruho's and Bruha's!!!!


Absolutely! Hilliard would have been gone already hadnt it been for his st's value. A top st's player always has great value on a roster. Games can be won and lost on st's. But as dolfans Im sure we already know that first hand.

Tell me, DB! We had NE on the ropes the night of the Debacle.

Im also sure the coaching staff is rooting for Livas to make the team. The idel situation is not to have your starter returning kicks. Risk of injury is to high. Plus, Bess fields punts well but run after the cathch is mediocre.

Bush will be the feature back so Im sure Sparano doesnt see it as idealistic having him return punts too. Especially given his durability issues.

Actually right now the punt return is probably Livas's job to lose. Losing it severely damages his chances of landing on the 53.


What do you see in Lousaka Polites immediate future?

Also, I have a hypothetical question for you.

Your coaching a 3-4 defense. You need a pass rushing OLB. You have one pick.

Forget the stats, forget all the variables, who do you pick?

A. A 25 year old Jason Taylor?

B. A 25 year old Cameron Wake?


You must be referring to game one of 2010 against the Pats. Then the st's completely unraveled hugely contributing to our rout.

Game 2 was no contest to the Pats.

Of course, DB.

Come on DB, it's not a trick question. There's no right or wrong answer. I'm just curious as to your opinion.

As soon as I heard we resigned JT, my first thought was: With Cam Wake!

My second thought was: Tom Brady!!!!



Im believing Polite's future hugely depends on how fast Charles Clay develops. Despite being a machine at 3rd and 4th down conversions(36 of 37) the last two seasons, Polite bombed out as a blocker in 2010.

A fb is a dying breed in todays nfl. A fb that doesnt block very well will even more quickly become extinct. No matter what Sparano says, I believe Polite's 2011 roster chances are extremely slim with the arrival of the multi-faceted Clay.

Part II.

A 25yr old Wake is probably quicker than the 25yr old JT. But the 25yr old JT still has superior pass rush technique and his more clever at setting up the olineman.

That's what Brian Cox is trying to tutor Wake in now. Becoming more clever at setting up the olineman so he doesnt always have to rely on pure speed alone for his sacks.

I wouldn be happy with either but give the slight edge to JT because he's the far better technician at gettting sacks. Also very scakmasters have that sixth sense to peel of his pass rush and intercept those screen passes. I dont think Wake quite has that sense about him yet neither.

@12:53 meant to post to Odin.

"very few sackmasters"

Misi also needs to learn the fine intracacies of nfl pass rushing too. Right now he tries to do it own pure motor alone. That's not good, its like trying to bust out a driveway with a sledge hammer on every pass play.

Thanks DB, good answer.

I got a feeling Wake and Taylor are going to wreak havoc in Nolan's 3rd and long packages!

Having these two guys on the field at the same time together instantly makes our secondary better!


I still like to refer to JT as "Brady kryptonite". Every Superman has his weakness! LOL...


Dont forget, also with the addition of the coverage ilb Burnett. Nolan also has the option of blitzing either Dansby or Burnett as well as playing both JT and Wake on 3rd downs.

Burnett had 6 qb sacks up the middle in 2010 alone. Cant wait to see all of the different pass pressure packages Nolan has to play with this season.

CAN"T WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Our front 7(includes the rotation of Misi and JT) definitely looks like top 3 in the league. There should be plenty of pick opportunities if our db's will just hold on to them. LOL...

...DB. Part of me wishes that the Phins would release Hilliard just so he could get a chance. I understand that he must be doing something poorly in practice that Sparano won't even give him carries in the preseason.(which to me is just frustratingly stupid).

This season of all seasons. Parts of the special teams are going to be nearly useless until the weather gets bad. It's not like Hilliard is an all-pro special teamer. There a lot of guys that can fill that role. If the Phins aren't going to give Lex a shot here why not release him and find a part that works? It is a roster spot that could be better served by a player that contributes on more than just returns, and coverages. Personally, I would be bummed if Lex got cut. But people up here have benn calling that out since before camp started.

only a fool would take anything sparano says seriously. he talks up all his players, maybe to create interest from other teams. he talked up gibral pretty good and then cut him only days later.

how many years has hilliard been on the team? maybe he just isn't good enough, but cheap enough to keep around for the time being. if they thought he really had something, don't think they would have brought in lj.

If I'm not mistaken, Gates was one of (if not the) fastest players at the combine. I read somewhere that he ran a 4.29 40-time
They said that he grades out as fast or faster than Ginn but with much better hands. The big knock on him was that he was from a small school. The same school as Johnny Knox who they compare him to. Potential big upside, just raw.

..Wanko. Part of the reason Lex is on the team is definitley price. But we don't know what he can do because he never gets a chance. Like I said above there has to be something going on at practice that we do not see that is prohibiting Hilliard from getting the ball. My point, and I have repeated this here over and over. Why, even in the preseason do they refuse to give him carries? It makes no sense. If he fails..Cut him loose. If he explodes..Walla. but 3-4 carries a game is a freekin joke.


It isnt so much that Gates is raw in the sense that you might expect. He is extremely talented. He just has to learn to play against nfl defenses.

For wr's in the nfl it isnt just all about about speed. Wr's also need to be able to read coverages and know when and where to sit down in certain areas to be available for easier receptions. These are the kind of things Gates is raw in right now. He didnt face complicated coverages and schemes on his level of college ball.

Also, Clay is an H-back. Which basically means he could be listed on the roster as a FB or TE. So, Miami may carry 2 FBs, but it really won't mean anything because Clay will be used as an H-back.
Moore probably gets cut. I don't think that they can stash him on the practise squad again due to the games he played in last year.
Rivas may make the roster as KR, but Gates seemed to do okay in that spot so, unless Rivas can show something this next game against TB, he'll probably be cut.

..The most pleasant suprise about Gates so far this preseason has been his ability to get behind defenders with such ease. I know these haven't been the number 1 guys. But one of the things that I was worried about was Gates ability to beat jams, and press coverages. If you look aon his you-tube video highlight reel. He NEVER gets touched. The corners were always 7-8 yards away because they had to respect his speed. The pysicality of the NFL is difficult for a lot of the burners coming out of college.


I know you're a Montana home state lover and all. But you also have to consider the coaches see other rb's in camp as well as Lex. It just comes down to certain players making more impact with thier reps than does Lex.

Its not to say Lex is totally awful. It just suggest Lex needs to do more than flash at times even if he gets more limited practice reps. Coaches dont wanna see a player flash at times, he wants to see it on a consistent basis no matter how few reps he gets.

He wont begin getting even more reps until the coaches see this. Apparently to date they have not. He seems to be stuck in the land of good enough to keep but not good enough to elevate.

Gates being "raw" wasn't my opinion. It was the term used for him on the scouting report that I saw.

As much as like(d) Polite I think he gets cut.

1. I could be wrong, but I don't think Daboll uses a traditional Fullback enough to justify keeping him.

2. Clay and Hilliard can both play Fullback and their both better runners pass catchers.

3. We have more talent now across the board and roster spots will get increasingly harder to "justify". The two best examples right now are Wr's and Defensive Linemen.

Any way you look at it, Polite looks like the odd man out.


Gates has the combination of speed and quickness. In comparison Ginn only had speed. Still it took many strides to get up to full speed. Gates get to top end like a finely tuned drag racer.

I said all of that to say this. Ginn didnt have the size or quickness to consistently get off of jams in the beginning. He had to learn technique. Gates has the quickness to consistently get off of them.

With Gates corners will run great risk of getting beat from the get go off the line of scrimmage against Gates. He's far too fast for them to make up that ground once he's in front. Thier only hope will be for a over or under thrown qb pass.

I have a feeling it wont be long before corners are giving cushion to Gates so not to be blown past at the lie of scrimmage. Gates isnt Ginn.


Raw can mean several different things. There was a interview with Bess on MD.com where he explained the same thing I just told you referring to Gates. He basically refered to Gates rawness as being learning the intracacies of nfl coverage defenses.

He said there's no rawness at all in refering to his ability to run, catch, and route running. His rawness is all about schemes and coverages at the nfl level, especially coming from a small school.

Bess also said he like the fact that Gates seems to understand every route isnt just about using speed alone. He said Gates seems to understand when he needs to be fast and when he doesnt.

..Dying..I agree 100 percent with you. Obviously there is a disconnect between Lex and Sparano as far as trust with the ball. I get that 100 percent. But they gave Sheets a dozen or more carries plus some pass plays in game 1 and he is gone, Grigsby has seen more carries. What if, and this happens.. Some players just play better in game situations. Let him put up or shut up(I'm the only one complaining here, not speaking for Lex). What is the logic for not exploring that option? I understand that the reps in practice are more critcal in the evaluation because that is where the majority of information is gathered. I guess it my own bias that is in the way of reality here. I just want him to get a real shot.

To the turnover point. We stunk at creating turnovers last year 19..Only 3 teams were worse(they all had 18) Our turnover margin was -12. 3rd worse behind Buff, and Jax. We all know there were opportunities that we did not capitalize on. The defense has to be better in this category. If we can improve by 5-6 turnovers we would be in the margin for the teams that made the playoffs(this would also include the offense limiting their number by about 10) Defensivley not a big ask.

Gates also showed very good yac ability in college. He has the ability to use his speed or his quickness after catching the ball for extra yacs.

...Dying. Again I agree. If it was as easy as find a fast guy and put him outside, let him run past defenders and game over. Everyone would do it. Remember in the 80's there was a time when teams were getting track guys(Willie Gault, Ron Brown) and they found success. Defenses got smart to this and started getting pyhsical with these guys and that trend ended. If it was just a factor of speed alone, teams would still try and find away for guys like Usain Bolt to play(imagine if he could). That is why Gates can be such a good player in the future. He seems to understand how to play the game. I was a little sceptical of this when we drafted him. I'm glad I was wrong.

In my opinion, Gates makes the squad. He and Hartline give us deep threats. Polite is probably on the chopping block due to Clay. Hilliard may be also, because of Larry Johnson.
We shall all find out soon. Isn't the cut to 53 at the end of the month? It's put up or shut up for a lot of guys this next game against Tampa Bay. There just isn't time for a lot of them to impress. The season starts in a couple of weeks.


As for Sheets, Sparano may have been taking a longer look because he was more on the bubble than Lex. Sheets is gone and Lex is still here right? Grisby's fighting for a roster spot, Lex already has a more defined role for right now. This could also be Grisby's last week if he doesnt impress. Still I think Grisby could be a guy brought back on the PS.

Hilliard looks pretty safe for now. Johnson isnt exactly safe. His vet minimum contract's only contingent upon making the final 53. If Johnson doesnt make it Lex automatically moves to 3rd rb on the depth chart.

Hilliard's opportunity could very well be coming. Just not as fast as you would like. Both his competitors at the back of 2010's rb depth chart are now gone. Cobbs and Sheets, though Sheets was IR the entire season.

There's still good chance Lex sticks. If he sticks long enough sooner or later his chance will come. It wont be the first time injuries have blossomed players, who stuck long enough and were patient, careers.


The only way I see Hilliard getting chopped is by being hugely leap-frogged by udfa Nic Grisby. From what Ive seen thus far from Grisby that isnt close to happening not yet.

We keep 4 rbs on the 53. Last count we have 5 in camp(excluding h-back and fb). Grisby is last man on the thrung right now. Unless he's spectacular the last 2 preseason games he has PS written all over him.

Given this situation my money would be bet on Hilliard sticking and Grisby going PS.

Plus if the staff were so unhappy with Hilliard they would have signed another rb along with signing Johnson. That would have been sure sign they didnt feel comfortable with Lex.

..Bedtime. Have a goodnight everyone.

If you are phins fan and like to post,please try and not resort to name calling,,bitching at, or trying to put down other posters for their opinion.If you argue with an IDIOT most readers will not be able to tell the difference between the two of you.I hate to see some of the best posters get sucked into a battle of, your mommas so fat crap.

oh,go pensy llws!

"Not yet, no, yeah, to me, it’s still open with, you know, that group of there, you know, that’s there and, you know, we’re going to play them a lot in the next couple of weeks," Sparano said. "We're going to play them a bunch this week, as much as we can play them and get a couple of guys up in the rotation this week, but you know, they’re going to play all those guys a lot in the next two weeks.”

Sparano translator:

"There's a group of players competing with one another. We're going to play them to see who is best".


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