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Wednesday afternoon potpourri of notes

Remember I told you a couple of weeks ago the Dolphins had a competition for the starting wide reciever job opposite Brandon Marshall?

They still have a competition going for that starting wide receiver job. I asked coach Tony Sparano today if he had decided on the winner of the competition yet.

"Not yet, no, yeah, to me, it’s still open with, you know, that group of there, you know, that’s there and, you know, we’re going to play them a lot in the next couple of weeks," Sparano said. "We're going to play them a bunch this week, as much as we can play them and get a couple of guys up in the rotation this week, but you know, they’re going to play all those guys a lot in the next two weeks.”

The players vying for that starting job are Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Clyde Gates.


The pressure is mounting on Will Allen to get on the field the remainder of this preseason and perform. He probably has to do it this week and next week without an injury setback to make the team. Oh yeah, playing well would also help.

 “I tell the team this all the time: It’s a show me game, at some point I have to see it," Sparano said. "I got to see it on the practice field. I got to see it in the game. It took me two days out here with JT (Jason Taylor) to figure out once he got here in pads it took me two days to figure out he’s still got it.

"So now I can control his practice pace. You know JT didn’t work yesterday and I can go to JT and say you’re down today.  I’ve already seen it … I know it.  I kind of know what this guy needs to get ready to play.  He knows what he needs to get ready to play. In Will's case particularly, and Will wouldn’t be upset with me for saying this, it's just I need to see it and more importantly Will needs to see it.

"He needs to know that he can go into the game and he can do this at the rate that Will was able to do.  I give Will, I give him a lot of benefit of the doubts if you will because he’s a smart player, really smart player, probably the smartest guy I have back there and I’ve seen him do it a couple years back.  But not having him last year and really limited a little bit prior to that -- that has been a long period of time that passes.  We just need to see these guys do it at a high level.  He’s had a couple good days out here right now in a row so I’m hoping to be able to get him to the game and be able to put him in those positions."

Look for Allen Saturday against Tampa Bay.


I told you a while back that Reggie Bush is a monster when it comes to working.

The Dolphins go through their walk-thru and he's there and then comes the two-hour practice and he's there and then the practice is over ... and he's still there!

Today, like most, was a 30-minute session for Bush post-practice. He was the last guy off the field.

He ran sprints by himself. Then he went over to the JUGS machine and standing a mere seven yards from the thing and caught passes slung at him at 22 MPH. By the way, when most receivers catch from the JUGS they stand 12-14 yards away. So try the closer distance sometime without breaking your nose or dislocating a finger.

Afterward, Bush jogged over to the blocking sleds and pushed them around for about 10 minutes.

The man's work ethic is beyond reproach so far. But don't believe me. Check out the video I took.


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dying where did we improve so much?

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At least Tony has a career in public speaking when he's done in Miami.


I can not shed light until your mind opens to recieve it. Otherwise its casting pearls for swine to trample. The bling only consider light to complain how it may blind them.

They dont consider they're already in darkness! LOL...

Why does a fool run when great harm is near?

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 25, 2011 at 01:22 PM


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the dude is on something, not a joke . rambles about nothing. claims we made huge improvements, enough to add 3 to 4 wins,lol. but presents zero evidence. can we please get some educated fans in here to debate on how to improve this team

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we waste second round picks like crazy, no doubt.

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I have NO WAY of KNOWING, so let preface this with:

I think our biggest improvement will prove to be Daboll and a more verticle system.

Pairing JT with Cam Wake at least on passing downs will be a significant improvement.

Burnett in the middle HAS to be an improvement.

Bush, provided he stays healthy, is a MAJOR improvement. He's the most dynamic talent to suit up in Miam in quite some time.

Remebering that this is just my opinion, I'm hoping and I believe Gates will be a GINORMOUS upgrade over Hartline. He'll be key in unlocking the talents of Marshall, Bush and Henne.

I don't want to get in the middle, but to be fair, we have improved. How much yet, remains to be seen.

u mean we have the potential to be improved? gates has never done a thing in the nfl. bush has been in the nfl for years and never produced or stayed healthy. i agree on burnett. jt is old man, i still love the guy. but hey good debate. hope your right and im wrong


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Potential, hope, praying.......I don't care about the labels.

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Posted by: DyingBreed | August 25, 2011 at 01:59 PM

DB, I agree with you 100%! But, ah, you think you could explain this to my Girl Friend?


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With women sometimes we have to wear a many of hats. You're own your own there my brother. LOL...

Sun-Sentinel staff writer predictions range from 7-9 to 10-6. Pretty much where I am too (8-8, 9-7). Everyone thinks the wild card here is Henne. If he can somehow have a breakout season, this team has the potential to go much further (not SB now, let's be realistic, but I could see a Playoff berth and even 1 Playoff win).

Just leaving on this final tidbit:

Some have posted they wish me to die(DyingBred). But reason I took this screen name is becuase each and everyone of us are a DyingBreed. With every breath we drw ever so close to death. You dont have to wish a DyingBreed to die fools. With every breath we all draw ever nighe closer to our motality.

We're all DyingBreeds you fools! :).....


If Henne "gets it" this season, I'm not ruling out the Super Bowl. Why? The Pats are old and the Jets are...well, the choking Jets!

Dear Fans,

We are looking into trading Thomas and our first round pick next year for Chris Johnson. While we are sure Thomas would have been a HOF RB, we feel by trading away our first round pick next year, it will be impossible for us to draft a QB in the first round next year, which will relieve a lot of pressure Chad Henne is feeling right now. We want Chad to be comfortable at least for the next two years, and not have to look over his shoulder. We are confident Chad Henne will still be a HOF QB for us. As for Chris Johnson, we are tired of our fans complaining there are no Dolphins to draft high in Fantasy Football. This will give the Dolphins Fans a legitimate first round pick in their fantasy football drafts. We haven't had that since Ricky Williams almost a decade ago. We know our fans love fantasy football, and would want nothing more then to draft a Dolphin player with their #1 pick.

Remember, you heard about Chris Johnson here first! Good luck with your Fantasy football drafts and Go Fins!



P.S. The Dolphins defense is pretty good. Be sure you select them in your fantasy football drafts early as well as Reggie Bush too!

I know it's still early, but this is my first official prediction(*subject to change and exempt from future blog ridicule*):

What DC said!

If Henne "Nuts Up" and we get even half of the bounces we got in 08, we could be talking Pla.......Pla..........if all goes right, we could make the pla.........the pla..........The pla.....

We Could Be Good.........OK!

I see a present 3yr SB window opening up for us beginning Sept 12th. Its a challenge for even those with light to see so I know you fools havent a chance. :).....

Odin, leave the animals alone.

For those of you with light. I dont mean we'll go to the SB each of the next 3 yrs. Just mean the window of opportunity is there with talent presently assembled. I like the vet-youth team mixture.

I think DB and DC are both right.

It all hinges on Henne.

If the light comes on for him in this offense, we'll be perrenial contenders for the forseeable future.

Nut Up Chad!!!!

If Henne doesnt improve even in the least with the offensive talent presently assembled around him. Then it can be concluded he's Ryan Leaf. Im very optimistic Henne will show better signs of life in this new offense and its upgraded weaponry system. :)...

Here Kitty, kitty, kitty...............

I think playoffs are very realistic. but it all comes down to the O-line. I am a broker record here, I know.


DaBoll's new system seems to reveal there will be quicker timing passing plays meaning olinemen dont have to hold thier blocks as long. Maybe that's the reason for Sparano's confidence in Columbo.

Quicker timing passes means Columbo wont be such a great liability as much. No one's doubted Columbo's run blocking ability. In run blocking ability Columbo is an upgrade to Carey on the right side.

So, I think the oline will still be fine operating within the scheme of DuBoll's quicker timing passing system. If not, Murtha and Garner will be on deck. But I believe we'll be fine.

OK Odin, Kitty's are fine, leave the dogs alone.

Dear Fans,
I know there are rumors going around we are going to trade Tim Tebow. I can not address those rumors. However, we are concerned that if we brought Tim in to back-up Henne, you may actually start up with the "Henne Sucks" chants. We simply can't have that. It hurts Henne's feelings. He is very emotional, you know.

So while I can't comment on the Tebow rumors (I can't even acknowledge the fact there are rumors), I just want to thank you all for being fans.



P.S. Larry Johnson is looking great for a 43 year old!

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