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Wednesday afternoon potpourri of notes

Remember I told you a couple of weeks ago the Dolphins had a competition for the starting wide reciever job opposite Brandon Marshall?

They still have a competition going for that starting wide receiver job. I asked coach Tony Sparano today if he had decided on the winner of the competition yet.

"Not yet, no, yeah, to me, it’s still open with, you know, that group of there, you know, that’s there and, you know, we’re going to play them a lot in the next couple of weeks," Sparano said. "We're going to play them a bunch this week, as much as we can play them and get a couple of guys up in the rotation this week, but you know, they’re going to play all those guys a lot in the next two weeks.”

The players vying for that starting job are Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Clyde Gates.


The pressure is mounting on Will Allen to get on the field the remainder of this preseason and perform. He probably has to do it this week and next week without an injury setback to make the team. Oh yeah, playing well would also help.

 “I tell the team this all the time: It’s a show me game, at some point I have to see it," Sparano said. "I got to see it on the practice field. I got to see it in the game. It took me two days out here with JT (Jason Taylor) to figure out once he got here in pads it took me two days to figure out he’s still got it.

"So now I can control his practice pace. You know JT didn’t work yesterday and I can go to JT and say you’re down today.  I’ve already seen it … I know it.  I kind of know what this guy needs to get ready to play.  He knows what he needs to get ready to play. In Will's case particularly, and Will wouldn’t be upset with me for saying this, it's just I need to see it and more importantly Will needs to see it.

"He needs to know that he can go into the game and he can do this at the rate that Will was able to do.  I give Will, I give him a lot of benefit of the doubts if you will because he’s a smart player, really smart player, probably the smartest guy I have back there and I’ve seen him do it a couple years back.  But not having him last year and really limited a little bit prior to that -- that has been a long period of time that passes.  We just need to see these guys do it at a high level.  He’s had a couple good days out here right now in a row so I’m hoping to be able to get him to the game and be able to put him in those positions."

Look for Allen Saturday against Tampa Bay.


I told you a while back that Reggie Bush is a monster when it comes to working.

The Dolphins go through their walk-thru and he's there and then comes the two-hour practice and he's there and then the practice is over ... and he's still there!

Today, like most, was a 30-minute session for Bush post-practice. He was the last guy off the field.

He ran sprints by himself. Then he went over to the JUGS machine and standing a mere seven yards from the thing and caught passes slung at him at 22 MPH. By the way, when most receivers catch from the JUGS they stand 12-14 yards away. So try the closer distance sometime without breaking your nose or dislocating a finger.

Afterward, Bush jogged over to the blocking sleds and pushed them around for about 10 minutes.

The man's work ethic is beyond reproach so far. But don't believe me. Check out the video I took.


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Henning's passing sysytem was always:

"Drop back and.... wait for it....wait for it...wait for it..."

If that's predominantly your pass attacks olinemen are always forced to hold the blocks longer and the qb is forced to hold the ball longer.

Db, I agree to a point, but last year the o-line on run plays did not even open a crack, no less a hole. And the running game or threat of one, would only make Henne on the verge of GREAT. Since linebackers can not tee off on him.

I do not know much about Columbo, I just know the people here who know of him do not have many good things to say.

But if our line is healthy and they are all mostly on the field. Playoffs are in the future.

Poizen I agree.

We all know Henne ain't Marino but I don't think he'll have to be. I think Marshall, Bush and Bess, in this system, will almost carry him.

I'm suddenly not so worried about Henne and actually feeling cautiously optimistic.

The O-line IS the BIG concern. It's hard to tell at this point, it could go either way.

I have to eat crow on Pouncey. To my astonishment he was actually pushing DT around a little bit. He played good in the first(missed a few assignments)game considering he's a rookie playing complicated position(making the calls). Then he showed improvement in the second game and picked up the stunts and got out there on the second level.

BTW-I forgot to put Pouncey on my upgrade list earlier. He's better than Berger right now, TODAY!

With Long and Cog's returning I'm not worried about the left side AT ALL.

The big concern is whether Carey can turn himself back into a guard. He played there collegiately and was outstanding. Whether he reaches a high level of play remains to be seen and though it's not saying much, I'll go as far as to say, he's an obvious UPGRADE to anyone and everyone we plugged in at right guard last year. Even though it's convoluted, Carey at right guard is an improvement.

RT is where it's at or should I say, where it isn't. Beside me not having any faith in Murtha of Colombo, it also speaks to our pitiful lack of depth across the entire O-line.

I sure hope Ireland is doing his due diligence when the cuts start happening.

Lets see how optimistic DyingBreed is after game one, and then after the bye. Can't be giving out awards and making claims yet to be proved.

Dear Fans,
Hypothetically speaking, should we trade LARRY JOHNSON for TIM TEBOW?


Yea Odin, all you posted is good stuff...

What the hell is it with pouncy not being able to snap shotgun on mark anymore... :)

Henne looked like Dennis Rodman getting rebounds in shotgun.

He better get that straight!

Cohen and Cohen,

It isnt game 1 yet babbling fool in darkness. You hide just like the coward in dark under various screen names. Yet you search for validity in the valley of the none seeing. :)...

Lets see how optimistic DyingBreed is after game one, and then after the bye. Can't be giving out awards and making claims yet to be proved.

Posted by: Cohen and Cohen | August 25, 2011 at 03:01 PM

I'm not defending DB, he's a big boy, he knows that.

The fact is even if we loose to the Pats Monday Night, that won't neccessarily mean the sky is falling.

The Pats lost all of two games last year, one of them they lost to Dabolls offense by the way. Check the tape, Clevelands defense played well, but Dabolls offense beat them.

The point is, losing to the pats ain't the end of the world. On the contrary, I'm looking at the pats as a good way to get us ready for the season. An extra pre season or practice game. Playing one of the toughest teams in football only makes you better.

I did the same thing when I coached freshman football. I always had them scrimmaging and practicing against the older squads.

It's all good and the wild card is, we could get lucky and pull off an upset.

Daboll was one of only two OC's to do it last year and he's working with a better team this year!

Odin And DB Are Lovers like Tim And NJ Are on sunsentinal

Losing to the Pats won't be the end of the world. It will give us some perspective how far away we are from getting where we want to go.


You're exactly right! Though the Pats game counts, it primarily a 4qtrs scrimmage to find out where we are and where we need to be.

I much rather lose to the Pats if it makes us much better during the season. Than to win, get to full of ourselves and go into a 4-5 game swoon, then finally realize we were just a legend in our own minds.

Again, brilliant post my brother of light :)...

odin/Poizen, I'm not too worried about Carey, he seems to be doing ok over at guard. The big problem to me is Colombo. He's horrible at pass blocking. That means they'll need to keep Fasano (or Clay) in more to block. Or have the back do it, but if it's Thomas you have to hope he knows his assignments. Clay too I guess if he makes the team.


Playing on the right side Columbo will not be facing speed rushers every single week. It isnt pass protection itself in which Columbo struggles. He struggles against speed rushers.

Jake Long will usually draw the assignment of opponents best pass rushers each week. There arent very many speed rusher on the right side in the nfl.


When we face defenses with great right side speed rushers we can counter with more quick tempo passing. There are always be adjustments made to counter.


Oh fool, you finally come from under your many aliases. Does the light incumber you oh great fool of darkness and folly? LOL...

DB, you mean besides Cam Wake? If you were an opposing team, and you knew Colombo was over there, wouldn't you move your speed rusher over to that side (like we used to move JT around)?


Playing on the right side Columbo will not be facing speed rushers every single week. It isnt pass protection itself in which Columbo struggles. He struggles against speed rushers.

Jake Long will usually draw the assignment of opponents best pass rushers each week. There arent very many speed rusher on the right side in the nfl.

DyingBreed | August 25, 2011 at 03:30 PM


Make no mistake every team we play in 2011 will bring heat from the right side by over-loading that way or lining up an end in the gap inside with an OLB out wide on the edge vs. Colombo. It also is important to remember that in facing teams that play a 3/4 scheme he will be up against speedier Strondside OLB`s and maybe even some scheme from opponents were the Weakside Backer switching sides. In our Div. by the way everybody plays the 3/4 as does every team in the NFC East which we play this Season as well, were Colombo will see Ware and A.Spencer when we play Dallas and Orakpo with Wash., the blitz happy Eagles who love to overload the line of scrimmage ect...

In any event you can`t underestimate the liability he could become in the pass game, in the event we need to mask his weaknesses out there and have to put double TE formations on the field to mask his defficiencies in Pass protection, sacrificing a WR on the field which will lead to forced throws and Turn-Overs with Henne throwing into alot of Zone coverage. The double TE will end up being the only solution because the alternative will be letting the rush in and hoping Henne can beat it and we all saw how that worked out last year.

In any event alot of folks are missing the point in my opinion because this O will go as far as the running game goes. It is no coincidence that Henne most successful Season in 09 came on the back of a strong run game. He regressed last year because he had to shoulder to much of the load while saddled with the worst O scheme in Football and by the way you keep the pass rushers on either side honest when you can run it as well because they have to keep and hold there respective lanes or risk over running the play to there side.

columbo better not make this team, guy is garbage

I have a friend who is a CPA, and talks just like Sparano. Know what? Best CPA I know.

Who CARES how a football coach can talk? Saban could talk. Jimmy could talk.

BLAH, freaking, BLAH.

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