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Wednesday morn: Live practice blog here

Dang, it's hot, The Miami Herald has learned.

Here's other things the Herald has learned. Agent David Canter said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning, that the club has had zero contact with him about getting Paul Soliai signed to a longterm deal. Soliai, who counts $12-plus on Miami's salary cap, is a prime target for helping lower that cap hit if the team were to find enough confidence to get him signed longterm.

More on the salary cap front, RT Vernon Carey is here. That is an almost certain sign he accepted a pay cut. If he's not, well, you know that doesn't bode well.

The Dolphins are working at 11 a.m. today. It is one day before the team is completely on the field in that Miami has upwards of a dozen players who are not yet allowed to practice based on the fact they were either traded to the team and signed new contracts or were signed as free agents.

Believe it or not the Dolphins defense, which normally wears aqua jerseys in practice, is wearing orange jerseys. The offense is in its traditional white.

I'm wearing shorts. I'm also headed to the comments section for the live practice blog. See you there.

Anyway, the

Reggie Bush is one such player. He switched numbers today, giving Matt Moore the No. 8 he was wearing lately and taking No. 4 instead. Bush will not wear No. 8 or 4 anyway. He's a RB and those are not allowed.

Marc Colombo will wear No. 71 and DJ Jones is wearing No. 65.


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Now to read the article

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It's been a while since you've liveblogged from the Dolphins Gift Store, Armando -- don't be sure to leave that story uncovered.

I don't get this not talking to Soliai to come to some sort of long term deal. Is it because they have until Sept 20th to get something done? I know 98 per cent of the people have written of an Orton deal happening but I believe the team has until week 6 to get something done. It's not out of the realm of possibility that something gets done during the season. Orton will walk away from the Broncos at the end of this year. He's been put through Hell over there. Could be Miami trades for him during the season and signs him to a re-negotiated contract. Doesn't help us a lot for this year but might not be bad going forward.

Armando, you said on the show Fins are in lockdown mode in communication, same as before signing Marshall. I doubt they are in lockdown if they going to sign Kitna or a avg. QB.

Armando, what's the latest with O'Hara? Also, is it possible they're creating space under the cap to get Boss? We still need help at the TE position...

Also, Sporano said he signed Colombo because he knew him and was "comfortable' with him. Why wont they sign someone Henne is "comfortable" and worked with, Braylon Edwards????

Jake Long is wearing a considerable brace on his left leg.

O'Hara is signed, from what I heard on radio. Unless someone got it wrong

Armando - the only update we need from you this morning is that the Fins have finally got an upgrade at QB...

Ray Feinga not on the field. Hmmmm.

bobbyd12, you bring up a good point...I just find it strange nobody picked up Edwards yet...

Armando--If we're clearing cap space, d'ya thinks it's about going for Orton? Seems like we'd be overpaying. Pie in the sky theory is we're freeing up $$ to lure Mike Brown into changing his mind about Palmer...

is Ricky in NE today? Signing?

Armando - do you see Carey moving inside or do we sign another OG (like Leonard Davis)?

Vernon Carey is working at G. Probably where he belongs.


Second year man Matt Kopa is working RT early in practice.


I'm sure lots of elastic in those shorts

Carlito ... Sansabelt ... Don't know if you're too young to know about those.

Like I said, Carey at G, Colombo at RT, Ohara at C/G, Pouncey at C/G and Long at T

Now go sign a WR, TE, another RB and a Safety


Ray Feinga??? Wasn't he the guy Sparano was praising a few days ago?? And now he's not at practice? This is just getting better...

I'm guessing Ricky will sign with the JETS real soon...

Armando i heard you are a natural xtra medium (elasticated)

Probably good to shift Carey. I am interested in seeing if Moore gets any first team snaps when he is able to practice.

The Broncos are not going to trade Kyle Orton and he will be their starting quarterback, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter

Armando, you convinced yet?

Bryan Cox working with the OLB's on pass rush footwork. Koa Misi not quite getting it.

Schefter: Kyle Orton will be Broncos' starter.

If we sign O'Hara and start him, Columbo and Carey what happened to getting younger on the oline. Basically 3 of our 5 starters are old guys. Does that lineup really make us a better team and also what does that say about Sparano's ability to pick Olinemen??? I mean Jerry obviously is not the answer or they would not be turning over every stone looking for a 330 pound guard under it.

Mando -

you don't suppose that extra cap room would be for Orton right? I don't see the Bronco's letting Orton go - especially after reading how well he's doing in camp and Hodges view on Tebow.

no Bulger...
likely not Palmer...
please not Kitna.....
anyone else?

Miamisam: You make an excellent point on the age of the OL. They worked it tons and spent a ton of resources and here we are four years into this administration and it is still not right.

Orton staying in Denver. Osi possibly going to Patriots. Miller signs with Seahawks. What do those three teams have in common that the Dolphins dont have? Intelligent people running the FO!!!!!

Adam Schefter is indeed reporting on TV that Orton is going to be Denver's starter.

Oh well.

Mando, How does Carpenter look??, His leg is gonna get a work-out this year, Just like last year.

By my calculations, they have about $7 mil left, right. Thats Ross' money. They ain't spending it guys. "they like their team". Bahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!

who is the more impresive qb in training camp at the moment, devlin or henne?


As you know Carpenter was terrible at the end of last year. But he's looked very good (think he hasn't missed) so far in camp. No competition here either.

Mando, any thoughts on who the fins are freeing up cap space for?

Nic, all things considered: Devlin.

Mando, Is Tony praticing his patented "Fist pump" Yet?


I've been hearing a few good tidbits about UDFA Nic Grigsby. Decent chance he makes the roster?

could you envisage Devlin starting or taking over as a starter this season?

How does Brandon Marshall look? Distracted or focused? Many drops?

At this point, cannot say for sure, Derek.

Names out there included Leonard Davis, Shaun O'Hara, maybe TE, maybe WR.

Armando, Palmer is who they are after. Brown took a beating with his stance about not trading Palmer and he is seeing the light about getting something to improve his team instead of his ego. Bengals fans have been beating him to death over it and they have PR problems from it.

Whats up with Odrick, mando???

Armando, is Pouncey under Center?

How about the dolphins work a three way trade through the Giants. Osi to Cincy for Carson Palmer then we send a number 1 or 2 to Giants for Carson. Cincy has the cap room for Osi. This is our only hope for a proven QB, we have left since Orton is off the board.

Two weeks into the season, when asked why he went with an undrafted fa as his starting qb Sparano responded, "The Devlin made me do it".

MAndo - good thing you have Evin to tell you what's going on... lol... who knew you had an expert writing on your blogs!

Pouncey at QB?
Why not.


Any chance they take a look at Matt Flynn? He did more against the Pats than Henne ever has.

Carson Palmer would have been Miami's first choice in a QB chase.

But the Bengals insist he is not being traded.


Nick, Nic had a fumble the other day that made the coaches kinda pissed off. Otherwise, can't really tell about a RB until games.

Would you trade Flynn if you were GB?, they have two QB's right now, why would they trade one

Sign some freaking talent, we have added nothing so far aside from Bush and Bennett, the rest is luggage

More playmakers please

A 1st round pick for Carson Palmer??? Hell no!

we need the Palmer rumor to keep us excited about QB.......

Otherwise there is just misery!

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