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Wednesday morn: Live practice blog here

Dang, it's hot, The Miami Herald has learned.

Here's other things the Herald has learned. Agent David Canter said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning, that the club has had zero contact with him about getting Paul Soliai signed to a longterm deal. Soliai, who counts $12-plus on Miami's salary cap, is a prime target for helping lower that cap hit if the team were to find enough confidence to get him signed longterm.

More on the salary cap front, RT Vernon Carey is here. That is an almost certain sign he accepted a pay cut. If he's not, well, you know that doesn't bode well.

The Dolphins are working at 11 a.m. today. It is one day before the team is completely on the field in that Miami has upwards of a dozen players who are not yet allowed to practice based on the fact they were either traded to the team and signed new contracts or were signed as free agents.

Believe it or not the Dolphins defense, which normally wears aqua jerseys in practice, is wearing orange jerseys. The offense is in its traditional white.

I'm wearing shorts. I'm also headed to the comments section for the live practice blog. See you there.

Anyway, the

Reggie Bush is one such player. He switched numbers today, giving Matt Moore the No. 8 he was wearing lately and taking No. 4 instead. Bush will not wear No. 8 or 4 anyway. He's a RB and those are not allowed.

Marc Colombo will wear No. 71 and DJ Jones is wearing No. 65.


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No, not at all. I actually never asked a question. I am very surprised actually that he finally answered a question by image.

carlito from golfito, don't start anything. It was just an observation.

I recommend Pabts Blue Ribbon beer.

It's HOT pcola

The guy is trying to observe what's going on so that he can report it. Give the guy a break.

An insider said we signed O'Hara. Is that true?

Are we look at any other free-agent RB?

Is Clay getting any first team reps at TE?

the signal, actually Devlin and Henne looking about same. obviously, Henne works against first team defense while Devlin goes against thrid team defense.

Brandstater not looking too good to me.

No freedom you made a statement Armando never answers anyones questions. And he did. Seems you were wrong

i want the dolphins to get matt flynn from the packers. he is going to be a good QB if given the chance

Sacar, we're tying to work the O'Hara story. Stay tuned please.

But Brandstater followed that up with a couple of poor throws.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 03, 2011 at 12:27 PM

Like I said, right there with Henne, our current starter.

Wow, I can't believe we've done nothing to improve our QB situation. How can these guys (Sparano and Ireland) stake their future on Chad Henne?

Yay, great we've got the best D-line in the AFC East and maybe in the NFL!!! Doesn't mean anything because you can't mask the guy that throws the ball, he defines your team.

It's just really disheartening to a long time Dolphins fan to sit here and listen to our coach and GM talk about how much confidence they have in Henne. We've all watched this guy for two years and he's shown no signs of improvement. He is BELOW AVERAGE. I don't care what kind of leader he's becoming if he can't consistently make great throws. And when he makes a bad throw, he shuts down. The deer in the headlights comes out.

So even though we might be able to squeak into the playoffs if some things go our way, winning a championship with this mess of a QB situation is downright impossible.

I've so been looking forward to the season because of the lockout, but our QB situation has regressed from last year. And we all know what happened last year. Sucks.....

But despite everything, I won't give up on them and will continue to hope Henne improves. Just because I think he's below average doesn't mean that I don't want him to succeed.

Sacar. Fill us in on ohara

And here you have it:

Clay is working with first team offense in red zone drills vs. first team defense.


On Clay ... lasted only two plays.

Little Nicky shut it. No one cares.

ltcdolphin, are you trying to start crap? I made the statement because I come on this board regularly and Mando usually doesn't respond to people. So great, he did today. That's awesome. I was wrong. But you are acting like a jerk. We are all fans of the Phins not enemies. Relax.

Thanks Armando. Wonder how Henne handles the pressure of competition with a UFA qb? lol


Irratic QB play by a Dolphin, say it isn't so.

Brandstater with a backshould TD to Brandon Marshall.

Devlin, my boy, answers with a nice throw to Julius Pruitt who makes a catch while falling down.

Meet Pat Devlin. Undrafted rookie and best option for Dolphins starting QB. Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!



ltcdolphin, Don't be a D-Bag. Freedog was just making an observation.

Freedog, I hear ya bro. Mando usually never answers people. I have asked him questions before and heard nothing back.

Henne to Hartline in the back of the end zone for a TD.

Is John Jerry going to get thrown to the unemployment line? Sounds like he has been God awful in camp.

Freedog. Seems you protest tooo much. Just reading your comment and saw a response. Nothing more than that.

I like that Hartline catches the ball with his hands.

The Broncos would be foolish to trade Orton with Tebow not even close to being ready and the Dolphins would be equally foolish to overpay for a guy who has never been anything more than completely mediocre in his career.

Actually, I predict a year from now Tebow will be campaigning (and praying) with Michelle Bachmann on her quest to become the standardbearer of America's dumbest people.

The NFL is for men.

Only at Dolphins camp do fans show up wearing Giants shirts and Packers shirts.


Could it be that the O is struggling against what shapes up to be a very stout D?


Phinamador or whatever. Words mean things you silver tougned devil.

Who the hell is Brandshaw?

ltcdolphin = D-Bag.

And why has Fasano stunk it up in camp also? Was he training with John Jerry this off season?


How does Daniel Thomas look?

Punting drills now. Nate Ness working as the flyer.

Isn't that how you catch things Armando? With your hands???? Hows it going today? Question..Is Jimmy Wilson getting anytime at saftey. Or is he getting most of his reps @ nickel corner?

When Armando answers questions, people claim they aren't getting enough practice updates. When he gives updates, people claim they don't answer his questions. Dude cannot win!

Aloco your an idiot. Hartline is a WR, Fasano is a TE

Did they practice the coaches tripping the flyers on the sideline?

Hey Dunphy, tell that to Sean Smith who dropped 400 interceptions last year.

?????????????/ who cares if there are packers and giants fans at camp. Whenever i go to giants games wearing my dolphins jersey i'm always high fiving the handful of dolphin fans doing the same. This is gunna be a big year for the phins. Stop hating on Henne, can't wait to see what your gunna write about him after this year. Gunna be the complete opposite.

Classy phinamator or whatever. Name caller on one post, new record

Any observations on our backup tight ends?

Holy Crap people! It was just an observation from past boards. Relax! I was wrong! Whoopty Doooo!!

Dumb Dumphy he means that Hartline catches the ball with his hands, not using his body while doing so. By doing this it lessens the chance of a ball bouncing off of the receiver.

Little break in the action and now we have team drills ...Lessgo!



First play checkdown complete.

Second play henne incomplete

Third play Henne fires to the left sideline where no WR is found in the area. Incomplete.


fifth play Henne to Bess for 6 yards on and out pass.

what do u make of daboll so far armando?

I'm very impressed the Dolphins apparently moved Carey to G. As I recall Mando you told this would not happen.

Who is playing RT and how did they look?

Sixth play, no one open. Henne forces a throw to a covered (by Vontae) Brian hartline. No chance.

Steve...good point

Bog Baby...just a joke...perhaps a bad one. But an attempt at humor none the less.

Seventh play, Henne to his security blanket Davone Bess for six yards and a first down.

And then to Bess again for four yards on next pass.

Figure it out guys Armando hates Henne, talking up Devlin to cause a stir. Devlin is UDFA for a reason and is a project, but I think he could be decent, wathced him a lot in College

Armando is on the anyone but Henne wagon

Listen, we have a rookie that's slinging those passes between tight coverage. I am beginning to believe we have some starter material there.

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