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Wednesday morn: Live practice blog here

Dang, it's hot, The Miami Herald has learned.

Here's other things the Herald has learned. Agent David Canter said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning, that the club has had zero contact with him about getting Paul Soliai signed to a longterm deal. Soliai, who counts $12-plus on Miami's salary cap, is a prime target for helping lower that cap hit if the team were to find enough confidence to get him signed longterm.

More on the salary cap front, RT Vernon Carey is here. That is an almost certain sign he accepted a pay cut. If he's not, well, you know that doesn't bode well.

The Dolphins are working at 11 a.m. today. It is one day before the team is completely on the field in that Miami has upwards of a dozen players who are not yet allowed to practice based on the fact they were either traded to the team and signed new contracts or were signed as free agents.

Believe it or not the Dolphins defense, which normally wears aqua jerseys in practice, is wearing orange jerseys. The offense is in its traditional white.

I'm wearing shorts. I'm also headed to the comments section for the live practice blog. See you there.

Anyway, the

Reggie Bush is one such player. He switched numbers today, giving Matt Moore the No. 8 he was wearing lately and taking No. 4 instead. Bush will not wear No. 8 or 4 anyway. He's a RB and those are not allowed.

Marc Colombo will wear No. 71 and DJ Jones is wearing No. 65.


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Better QB stats on this team would = a better record, if you cannot understand that, I can't help you. If you throw more TD's and less INT's on this team, we'd win more, it is that easy.

I agree. Giving up on Henne at this point would be premature, but he has to improve his decision making this year because its hurting the team.

Henne's O-line has sucked the last few years, what can he do about that? A QB can only do so much when his line sucks, until he can get good protection he isn't going to be a stud fantasy QB.

Then Trent dilfer was a better QB then marino because he won a super bowl?


I backed Henne as much as I could, if you still love him that much you just are not watching the games. wishful thinking and excuses are great but Henne isn't.

freedog, I know, I'm only 18 so I didn't have the luxury of seeing dan marino and the 72 dolphins,and I still stand by this team,after all the losing seasons,and all the horrible qbs,but I hope we make it to the playoffs and see how many of our supposely fans jump back on our bagwagon,

On teams with a horrible defense (such as... oh I dunno... most of the defenses during Marino's tenure) the QB is often called upon to step back and fling the ball on every play because they're playing from behind. So of course Orton will have good yardage stats.

But with that in mind, being the guy counted on to fling the ball and try to keep a team with a bad D in the game, the wins and losses count.

It's a team game, so W/L isn't entirely on the QB... but 5-18 is pretty dismal.

We should sign B Edwards since Henne was his boy back at UM.

Make some damn moves Fin front office and no Matt Moore is not a move especially after hearing our HC say he is a project QB. Project QB are you kidding me they won't have a job if we have a crappy year!

My point is that so many people are hating on Henne. Is there room for improvement? YES. Are his issues all his fault? NO. The blame can be spread around. He has the tools, and with an improved line, and offensive players, he should get better...help build his confidence. Plus, the coaching staff needs to let his leash out more, let him play with more abandon, if he fails, then replace him.

How about O'Hara? Is my insider right?

Omar Kelly:

Henne had a nice practice today until team drills began. He's been horrible on 11-11.

I cannot argue with that kind of logic, you win Henne is the savior, a completion is a completion right? who cares what team he throws it to.

Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!
Orton traded to Washington for 4th round pick.

Everyone praised Pennington as a 'game manager' when we went 11-5 and took the division. With our Defense becoming top-5 in the league, Orton could be that guy for us, plus providing better arm strength and mobility than pennington.

You can't blame Orton for his record when he had no running game, best WR was brandon lloyd (who sucked most of his career) and a horrible Defense.

Henne is way too erratic, complete lack of big-play making ability and simply not a leader. I'd rather see Pat Devlin starting week 1, at least he's an unknown.


I see that Freedog, the eternal optimist, strikes again!

Until we have a QB the dolphins fan base will not be happy. We will have a top 5 defense and a below average offense again and Freedog is telling all of us TRUE FANS that we should be ok with mediocrity. NO! I just won't accept it

Brother it has been over 10 YEARSSS since we have had even a top 15 QB in this league... How much more patient do you want this fan base to be dude!?

Notice I'm not cussing this time Freedog, But I just don't understand you man.

you're all wet,

what makes you think henne is on a leash? heard it on a blog? maybe henne is not on any leash and we are seeing him at his best. if you have to surround him with 10 pro bowlers for him to win more, then he isn't the guy.


reading what armando wrote about 11 on 11 "horrible" sounds like an exaggeration, and an underthrown pass to gates might still be him learning just how fast that gut can move it was still a td, even manning and brady don't complete every pass, and our d is hot

If O'Hara signs, Carey will have to earn a spot on the roster. Not a done deal at all...

If O'hara signs Carey bounces back out to RT, who is going to beat him out Columbo?

I specifically remember reports that the offensive staff were frustrated with Henne because he checked down on many big play calls and wouldn't pull the trigger. Now is he supposed to be unleashed now? Now that's not me advocating for Orton either because though I think he's better than Henne, he's not worth the $ or draft picks that it would require to get him here. What's troubling is this team hasn't tried to address the QB issue in the draft. I don't count Pat White as an honest attempt at a QB. He was picked to take the wildcat to another level.

"We should sign B Edwards since Henne was his boy back at UM."

Uhh hay Jesse, Henne didn't play ball for UM. Did you mean to say that? If so, I don't think we can take anything you say on here seroiously.

I think Vernon Careys move says more about the sad state of the Guards

Hey, what happened with the 11 vs 11's?

Why do I think he is on a leash? Because I know as much as the rest of you, which really is just all conjuncture from what I see, read, and hear.

None of us are on the staff of this team, and we don't know why they do what they do, we don't know what they see that we don't see, we don't know what happens in the offices or locker room.

If we were as smart as we'd like to appear to be on this blog, then we'd all have jobs in the NFL wouldn't we?

Rusty trumpet. U of Michigan. If you did not know that perhaps some shpuld wonder about you????

Remember ya'll, we talking 'bout practice

See, when most People advise a sane person that something will not work and they continue doing it then you must conclude that they don't want(not can't) accept it.


Long - Igcognito - Pouncey - O'Hara - Carey

Thats your starting o-line if O'Hara signs. Although he and Pouncey might switch positions.

I haven't heard anything good about Henne except when u say it, don't u think u need to be a little bit more realistic and stop blowing Henne.. I'd love to see him develop into a good qb but it's not going in that direction, he's gonna be a career backup now

Well remember Tony Sporano is only one more bad season from posting on this blog too

Itc, explain to trumpet about Minnesota & Montana. The othe UM's.....lol

Our QB's struggling may say more about our defense than our offense. Last year we had a top tier defense and a young defense, so they should gel earlier this season and be better that last year.


@NJack...now that was good!

Pouncey would definitely switch, he played C one year in college, O'hara is in the Pro Bowl every year at C

latest rumor has miami clearing some space for bulger


If you read all the posts, you'd know that isn't Aloco reporting. Its some clown. Aloco doesn't live in florida, he is not there.

This has been posted 5 times already and bloggers continue to fall for it because they don't read whats already been written.

TF. Right there. Did motemtion them since michigan was the place

Its either aloco being a clown (whats new?) or one of the many fakers.

People routinely mock and belittle Aloco, but the joke is he routinely makes a fool out of half the bloggers here. He's a step ahead of most of you.

My bad sob, I'm driving for work now and just reading from time to time

If anyone is really interested what happened at practice go to iPhone espn app and read the practice report. Carey is at guard now and other great comments.

Mando is there any chance of getting Boss?

sign b.mckinnie for league min

It's been a very tough last 10 days at the office. We know it's a difficult situation, but there's no room in this Country for irresponsible statements or strong armed practices.

B McKinnie might sit out a whole year, he hit 400lbs. You cannot just sign big names, they need to be motivated to play football.

I guess Armando has checkout! Well guys I'm going to go and confirm the O'Hara signing. Let you know as soon as I talk to my insider.

Mckinnie is really bad news

Any chance we can convince Favre to come out of retirement one more time?

you do that sacar

Sacar. What is your in. But Carey is at guard and the Sun Sentinal had a very informative report on practise. Seems a shame an Orlando paper out reports Armando and herald.

Adam Schefter reporting Orton will not be a Dolphin this season.Denver will not trade him

Palm Beach Post beats them to a lot of stories too

I feel like Handy Manny with all of the tools in here.

live practice blog - fail

Can't believe this FO couldn't pick up a QB in FA looks like another 8-8 season at best

then the rumor on picking up bulger better be true. cause right now we have 2 of the worst qbs in nfl

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