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Wednesday morn: Live practice blog here

Dang, it's hot, The Miami Herald has learned.

Here's other things the Herald has learned. Agent David Canter said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning, that the club has had zero contact with him about getting Paul Soliai signed to a longterm deal. Soliai, who counts $12-plus on Miami's salary cap, is a prime target for helping lower that cap hit if the team were to find enough confidence to get him signed longterm.

More on the salary cap front, RT Vernon Carey is here. That is an almost certain sign he accepted a pay cut. If he's not, well, you know that doesn't bode well.

The Dolphins are working at 11 a.m. today. It is one day before the team is completely on the field in that Miami has upwards of a dozen players who are not yet allowed to practice based on the fact they were either traded to the team and signed new contracts or were signed as free agents.

Believe it or not the Dolphins defense, which normally wears aqua jerseys in practice, is wearing orange jerseys. The offense is in its traditional white.

I'm wearing shorts. I'm also headed to the comments section for the live practice blog. See you there.

Anyway, the

Reggie Bush is one such player. He switched numbers today, giving Matt Moore the No. 8 he was wearing lately and taking No. 4 instead. Bush will not wear No. 8 or 4 anyway. He's a RB and those are not allowed.

Marc Colombo will wear No. 71 and DJ Jones is wearing No. 65.


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Wow! Henne just called his own number, tucked the ball and took it to the house! Henne used a spin move the evade Benny Sapp like I have never seen.

After the play Henne spiked the ball and did the work for about 15 yars! So much for no emotion!

Bulger retired

Sparano was asked about the we want Orton chants Monday night. Sparano shows he is upset and says that "it makes me sick.""To see that happen it was all disappointing to me." Henne is difinaely the QB. There is no plans to pick up any other QB's so it is Henne sink or swim.

Alcojr. Fraud. Not a clue

DFG. Shows Sparano has class. Can't say that for many of dolphans

Blain Gabbert was right there for the taking just 5 spots ahead of Miami, just saying. But no worries, a centre will turn our franchise around

Henne will make all of you eat your own sh*t.

henne is horrible. like ive said, least this season will finally end irelands and sparanos careers. then maybe we can start to turn it around. im guessing we go 3-13 but that might not be enough to get a.luck


I agree 100%.

Dusty, there are 3 1st round qbs. No excuse to not trade up to get one if Henne cacas his pants

agree mark. the next regime will know this. 2012 we can all breathe again and be proud of the direction

Henne will be good for us this year. Mando will mention this at some time, but our 1st team D looks sharp, and Henne although 1 or 2 bone head throws today looked very good.

According to others who watched the practice. It looks like it is starting to click.

BTW, Dusty bottoms hates Henne, we know this. But his claim of henne being horrible is his opinion, not fact. :)

And I hope when Henne comes off the field on Monday Night against the Patsies with a W, he gives you all the Bryan Cox salute!!

just wait and see poizen. ill ask u again week 8? all i ask is u to answer honestly then

Mark, there may actually be up to 5 QB's that were better than any taken this year. So either way we will have someone different to look at. Even if Henne is better, unless he is great, that 1st pick could be a quality QB.

good call there!

When is the starting game for the Dolphins, next Monday? Lord!

Dusty, even though you disagree with me, and actually may not like me much...

Do you think I would hide if I'm wrong? No chance, if I'm worng I can take it.

And if I am wrong I will want it to get better next year just like you.

that being said, are you ever gonna lay of the Henne bashing until he totally seserves it this year?

OR in week 8, will you buy your Henne jersey if I'm right? :)

Orange Jersey's? Oh my god. That's all we need to be struggling and look like Pumpkins!!!!!!

I will admit I have wanted a change at QB. My first pick was Carson Palmer then Orton then Vince Young but today I have accepted the fact that Henne is going to be the QB thias season unless Moore comes in and out plays Henne but to be honest, I don't see that happening. That being said it is time for all (including myself) to put our disagreements about who should be QB. Everyone needs to face the fact that Henne is our starting QB and if we are true Dolphin fans we will chear for our team. If this season turns out to be a bust then we will we debating who should be the next coach but if by some miracle we have a winning season then at least we can say we stuck it out with our team. Go Dolphins!!!!!

i like u fine. fellow fin fans. nothing personal here man

Why did I read about orange jerseys last post?

dont hate on the orange jerseys please, thanks.

What's the latest on the gift shop?

ill go even further poizen, all henne has to do by week 8 is have more tds than ints and ill buy a henne jersey. i say no chance he can do that.

Kevin Smith would be a pretty good pick up at RB, and Malcolm Floyd at WR.

Please Devlin will not start, no way.

I like the orange jerseys.

BTW how many of the QB's drafted this year are going to start. I would say none, maybe Newton because Carolina has nothing better.

id rather devlin start of any of the 2 other clowns. this is the last year of this garbage regime either way. new regime will get rid of henne and moore so lets see what devlin can do.

Dusty what is that you know about Devlin. Please tell us all. Power arm?? Very accurate????, great leader???? scrambler???? Please tell me.

Dusty, I am going to hold you to that!!!! Don't know how, since there is no way to prove it.

I LOVE the orange herseys, but why the hell are we talking about them, are we wearing them week one?

An improved O line will mean an improved offense and an improved (gasp) Henne.

To me, kudos to the FO for their moves. The upgrade of Orton over Henne (and yes - I agree Orton > Henne) wasn't as large as the gap as the improvement of adding O'Hara and Columbo to the line. And it's a deeeeeeep line now instead of one injury away from a shambles.

Orton would help. But Henne will be better behind an improved line.

Plus even if Bush splits snaps, he's someone that the D has to account for specifically when he's on the field. And Brown/Ricky wasn't in that category. So that's a positive move too when paired with Thomas.

And while I loved Crowder's fire - from a talent/production standpoint the D is upgraded there too.



So what happened to James Marten? The player who wears #71? I notice he is no longer on the roster page of the Dolphins' website. He was there yesterday.

I hope that's not how I have to find out that players are cut. Maybe somebody should REPORT it.

Tee. Is that salute for age, IQ, or jock stap size???

Dusty, If it makes you feel any better I do not own a Henne jersey at all, I am not that big of a fan. I do have

Marino - Teal
Brown - Orange
Taylor - Orange
Marshall - White
Dansby - Team
Ricky - Pro-Bowl
Z. thomas - White.

michael i dont know much about him except seeing him twice in college. i do know one thing, he cant be any worse than the other 2 clowns.

say whaaaaa?

Dusty bottoms I'll fly to Mia on that one.

Jaxdolphin. The Sun Sentineal did.

Tee the cox salute it's a big 1. Got it??

Michael is back...Where's Craig M? LOL!! On a serious note, according to NFL.com, 5 teams are in the running for WR Malcolm Floyd. Chargers, Ravens, Panthers, Cardinals and the Vikes..Dolphins not in the mix.


Thanks Itcdolphin, guess I'll have to go there to get any real info.

I was at the practice in Sun Life St, He looked pretty shaky. He will not start.And the 2 ARE better than him. An undrafted FA won't start.

oh I got it...fail


Lol, love you too Montreal. Lol here's Devlin's dradt evaluation,

Strengths: Solid accuracy but played in a quarterback-friendly spread offense. Anticipates holes well and leads his man to the ball on crossing routes, seam throws and deep balls. Excellent touch, accuracy and trajectory on fade routes thrown into the end zone. Deep ball has nice trajectory and does not float. Over-the-top delivery with a quick release, flashing the ability to drive balls downfield and snap off passes when an underneath route is wide open. Has quiet feet -- generally set when throwing, can unload quickly and accurately when flat-footed or off-balance to hit hot routes. Keeps his eyes downfield when escaping the pocket to the outside.

Weaknesses: Has only adequate arm strength to make most NFL throws. Usually not forced to put passes in tight windows over the middle at the FCS level. Will sail out routes because of his over-the-top delivery. Inconsistent throwing spirals and the ball comes out wobbly too often, reducing velocity and accuracy. Usually in the shotgun for pass plays, but has some experience under center. Eyes too often stick on one receiver or one side of the field. Will need time to adjust and be able to anticipate the speed of NFL middle linebackers to get back into coverage (and look them off) before attempting throws down the middle. Just threatens defenses enough with his feet to pick up first downs if a running lane is available to him but is not elusive.

I think the rookie Tom Brady, oops... I mean Pat Devlin may have a future in this league! LOL...

Henne's O-line has sucked the last few years, what can he do about that? A QB can only do so much when his line sucks, until he can get good protection he isn't going to be a stud fantasy QB.

Posted by: You're all wet | August 03, 2011 at 01:13 PM

Orton had a terrible oline too & wound up taking more sacks. That didn't stop him from putting having more TD's & less int's did it?

You think Manning, Rivers, Rothlesberger & Vivk had good onlines last year, do you? They had some of the wrost pass protection too, but do you see any of those guys not producing?

STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HENNE! Decent & great QB's find a way to overcome bad protection.

Devlin sounds a lot like Henne.


Posted by: ALoco | August 03, 2011 at 02:25 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/08/wednesday-morn-live-practice-blog-here/comments/page/7/#comments#ixzz1TzbP0gIm

Then you should have your brain get examined ...lol

Mando, I would like to see Devlin against the first string Defense and then we can talk the hype. I think Fins brass needs to bring in Matt Flynn or brady Quinn and let these guys battle it out. One of these guys has to pan out. If Devlin is doing better than Henne we got problems here and Ireland's got some splaning to do Lucy!

dusty has spent the off season adamantly telling us that henne will not start another game for the fins, so if henne starts game 1 its time to buy a henne jersey or a feed the wolf jersey if henne has thrown 3 ints by the end of the game!


I looked up the same Devlin scouting report. Since youve done that now google Brady's pre-nfl scouting report.

They are nearly identical in what they say about each. I was amazed!

We shall see.

Michael once you pull Brady's pre-nfl scotuing report you'll find Devlin far more similar to Brady than Henne.

Yup, so long Marten. One can infer that the Dolphins are getting ready to sign O'Hara (sigh).


How many of you passed basic addition in the 3rd grade? 7+3? 9+2? Stuff like that?

Well last week Armando explained using 3rd grade basic math why there is no room for another RB to get carries. I won't repeat it, you can look it up.

Please stop the talk about adding another RB and as well, we are currently STACKED at WR, they aren't signing any either.

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