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WR job available so why wasn't Edwards in mix?

I know the Dolphins are not a fantasy football team.

They operate under a salary cap. They make personnel decisions by weighing risks of potential roster additions as well as the potential improvement those additions might bring. There are no guarantees any addition will pan out because, as Bill Parcells famously says, "they don't sell insurance for this."

But ...

Following up on this column in today's Miami's Herald, in which coach Tony Sparano says there is a wide open competition for the team's No. 2 wide receiver job opposite Brandon Marshall, I have simply marvel at the fact the Dolphins were not the least bit aggressive in trying to add Braylon Edwards to the roster the past couple of weeks.

Edwards joined the San Francisco 49ers last week. He signed what was reported as a one-year, $3.05 million contract. Sounds expensive for a risky acquisition, right? It wasn't really. More on that in a moment.

I cannot stop thinking about the missed opportunity to add Edwards because currently the Dolphins are trying to decide whether Davone Bess or Brian Hartline or "maybe one of the young guys," as Sparano said, could step up.

In short, what the Dolphins have is an uncertain situation at the No. 2 receiver spot with none of the likely answers looking like as good a player as Edwards. I remind you Edwards caught 53 passes for 904 yards with seven touchdowns last season. That means Edwards averaged 17.1 yards per catch. For his career, Edwards averages 15.8 yards per catch, higher than any receiver on the Dolphins with more than one season of experience.

Now, I know Edwards is a knucklehead. I know he gets in trouble. I know he faces a possible four-game suspension from the NFL for violating the league's personal conduct policy. I get all that. I get that if Edwards is suspended he only plays 12 games.

But that suspension is not a certainty. And were it to happen, Edwards would come back with something to prove. He knows he has to fly right or his next step will be out of the league because precious few teams were interested in him this year. I know that for a one-year deal with no guaranteed money, the risk is really a fair gamble.

Remember there is no insurance for this.

The reasons to have done this are logical. Edwards played at Michigan and was a teammate of Chad Henne. He and Henne had a good relationship to the point the wide receiver and quarterback never had issues in or out of the huddle. Edwards would have been extremely motivated for those two games against the division rival Jets after they walked away from him. And, you have to understand that Brandon Marshall is still battling the demons of his personality disorder, so his status is not completely certain. If anything happens to Marshall, the team would have no other proven dynamic receiver to put on the field.

So why didn't he make sense?

Too expensive? Not hardly.

The 49'ers, in fact gave, Edwards an incentive ladden contract. To make his $3.05 million Edwards has to catch 90 passes and go to the Pro Bowl. I dare any Dolphins personnel man to tell me 90 catches and a Pro Bowl trip by a Dolphins receiver wouldn't be worth $3 million.

It absolutely would be worth it. Is Edwards going to get that? Probably not. But he is going to likely be a deep threat as he's been much of his career. He's likely going to drop a handful of passes as he has most of his career. He's going to give you an average of 5 TD catches for the season, as he has most of his career. He would also present the secondary with a terrible problem because no one could double cover both Edwards and Marshall.

Alas, the Dolphins went a different direction. They think one alpha receiver is good enough. In a league where the Eagles pile talent, atop talent, atop talent, atop talent, the Dolphins seemingly are content going with their solid if unspectacular guys.

I hope it works.

Except it hasn't so far.


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DC told it like it is. All the rules have been adjusted to favor the QB and WR over the defense.

Oh wait, I don't want to upset Shammy. I didn't literally mean "all" the rules, I meant the rules applying to pass interference and illegal contact(are you happy shammy?).

Anyways, here we have the largest rules advantage in Pro Football favoring the pass game and what was it Hennings was saying in all those press conferences last year? Something like: I'd like to run on every down if I could.

HenningS is about as senile as Shammy is stupid, go figure. Anyways, I don't care what anybody says about Daboll or how his stats were from last year, I think him and his new offense will make a big difference.

Dolphins didn't practice today so I understand no live practice report today. But will there be a live blog from the game Friday Mando?

ppl forget that holmes is also on his last legs as far as being kicked out of the league for a year and the jets thought it was risky enough to reward him with a multimillion $$$ contract, sometimes i think some fans on here are so damn stubborn that they would just rather live in a safety net and never take chances on anything or anybody!!!

You are sounding like a fan

DD, it'll be interesting to see how well/bad Philly does. They have a whole bunch of short-term FA's. We'll see if they are successful. It sure worked for the Jets. But it didn't work for the Redskins. So, not sure what that magic combination is, but one thing I know is we are usually on the losing end of FA acquisitions, meaning we lose more good players than we get from free agency.

Also, watch how Ricky does this year behind Vonta Leach. He's not used to having holes opened up for him before he hits them. But, I thought Miami was supposed to be the run-first team. Why weren't we in the Leach discussion? We've lost to his team 3 times, so it's not like we didn't know about him. I guess he can't play 15 other positions. Oh, and we got Charles Clay!! Let's see if Clay ever gets to the ProBowl. Mistakes abound with our FO. For all the good moves they make, there's like 2 or 3 bad moves they didn't make (or did make that we come to regret, like the addition of Colombo).

"Oh wait, I don't want to upset Shammy. I didn't literally mean "all" the rules, I meant the rules applying to pass interference and illegal contact(are you happy shammy?)."

Posted by: odinseye

I'm prouda you, son! :tears welling in the eyes:


Mentioning seeing how well Philly does this year reminds of what Shula did in his last couple of years.

If it works out for them great, but I don't see it.

Read Sparano is not playing 1st team at all during Atlanta game. Curious.

Braylon Edwards is not a good influence for the younger players or the locker room. That is why he ended up out west in sf.

...Phin4life. How's it going?

I get your point, I get DC's point..I don't totaly disagree with the idea. I just think that Henne has yet to show any sort of leadership to where he can handle the ego of Marshall, add another alpha in Edwards and it could have been disater. I know there is history with the two for Michigan. But Henne was adifferent animal then. He had the confidence and totalt trust of his teamates to control his environment. I know this may make no sense to a lot of people as the two were very good in college. And why wouldn't that translate in the Pro ranks? But this is a different system, different player, and a team that needs more leadreship. Not a team that needs another distraction. To me Edwards was too much of a gamble on a team that is teetering on falling off the cliff already. We don't need the hand that pushes the rock off the cliff.

Now this is just my opinion of the situation. I could be totaly wrong, and the guys we have not close to being able to perform. We will have to see. The situation(quarterback wise) is similar to ours. So again we will see how it works out for them. In the end, I don't think Edwards alone makes this team much better.

Armando, I'm COMPLETELY confused.

Haven't you been observing the same owner/GM/Head Coach for a few years now?

It's clear that they
1) Identify a problem
2) Clumsily attempt to address the problem by publicly pursuing a solution to said problem
3) Fail miserably to secure said solution to the problem THEY themselves identified
4) Attempt to "spin" the events into a "we have faith that the thing we ourselves identified as a problem will now, because we couldn't do anything about it, be somehow magically better".
5) Feel "SICK" when fans boo and express their displeasure with the problem that the Owner/GM/Coach themselves identified.

The Miami Dolphins may well be the hypocritical organization in sports right now. From Ireland insulting Dez Bryant through Stephen Ross prediciting Super Bowls, chasing Harbough (badly) to Ireland inability to draft a QB of the future or secure decent competition for our Henne Interception Robot Simulator to Sparano giving Henning free reign to make one terrible offensive call after another.... These guys aren't very good.

So there you are calling for Braylon Edwards? Armando, Jerry Rice in his PRIME couldn't fix these Dolphins. We don't have a QB. Until we do we'll just be a 7-9 team with a mouthful of rationalizations and excuses for another wasted year. Braylon Edwards? Please.


Bill Cowher is going to get a ton of money next year to come in and do Ireland and Sparano's job. And believe me, he won't be signing The Matador (Colombo - OLE!) at RT and moving Carey to RG and somehow thingking that's gonna be enough to fix the offense's problems.

He's going to FIX THE PROBLEM. One way or another, via draft or free agency or both, we're going to get a QB next year. Screw Braylon Edwards and his never met a ball he couldn't drop nonsense. Marshall already gives us THAT ability in spades. We need a QB. PERIOD.

Odin/fin/DD, I would LOVE to develop younger players. I'm all for it. But DD, you've seen Marlon Moore score a nice TD last year. How many other times did you see him out there? Or Roberto Wallace? Or Reshad? You say let's develop our rookies, but Sparano WON'T PLAY THEM!!! He needs someone that can play 12 positions. He needs 20 linemen (since all but 1 or 2 are mediocre and he needs to switch them out every 2 plays). We have some guys on this team who never seem to make the field. So why do we keep them? If we're going to develop a player, WHEN will he get game-time experience?

Also, look at a team like the Falcons. They weren't that good in '07 (like us). They were rebuilding. They look almost there. Went to the Playoffs in '08. I think '09 too. Last year they didn't, but they won like 10 games. Sounds like a team knocking on the Elite section's door.

What've we done in the same amount of time? We went to the Playoffs in '08, then reverted 2 years running. And became a laughingstock after last season trying to replace our Coach.

See guys, your smart ideas seem to work everywhere, but in Miami. What's up with that?


Switching gears over to your point about T.E. it would have been nice to at least have pitched K.Boss. The 3rd Rd. pick Car. gave Chi. for Greg Olson was a good deal as well. I even read a report were USC rookie T.E. Jordan Cameron has relegated Ben Watson in Cleveland already to #2 in Camp and there saying he will be that next great athletic T.E. who use to play Basketball our aversion to grabbing these types of players is becoming entirely to frustrating!!


I know I got on this late!! Are you serious!!! If the NY Jets, who will take anyone on their team, didn't sign him, what does that tell you??

I heard rumblings today on NYC/NJ radio about how he has issues off the field and wasn't well liked.

The Dolphins have a young group of WR's with a lot of potential. Lets see them grow.

Stop searching for things to write about!!

Wonder what OUR letter grade would be right now if we were building a team thru the draft as everybody says we should just in the parcells/ireland era alone......C- would probably be Best case scenerio....

ireland/sparano arent talent evaluators. they swap players weekly,then discard them soon after. alot of time and effort is wasted when you put a young team together and can't let them develop because of personnel mistakes. TS isnt strong enough to bring on anyone who might question him(ie joey porter). he lost control when he couldnt get porter to come out of a game. matt roth should still be here,jason was forced to leave and eric walden was cut because of a blocking assignment mistake(scapegoat). he won a superbowl this year! when TS and ireland depart we will have our dolphins back! can't wait!

You have me confused with someone else. I don't throw my legs up in the air for the Dolphins. I prefer to bend over.

...Willy Perez-Feria. Nice post.

DC..I think that we have a fullback named Hilliard who could fill in nicely if given the chance. He didn't get any carries last year, but did get some time at fullback. Most notably overtime against GB where he blocked well for Bong Pipe in the game winning drive.

Clay(IMO) is a wasted pick if indeed his position is going to be fullback. H back is where I think he could have the biggest contribution. We were poor at creating mismatches last year. At least now we have the ability to put formations out there where we have personel advantages. I know a lot of folks do not like Reggie. But i think if he can stay healthy he adds a dynamic that this offense sorely missed. Like I said before. He has to be accounted for. The more players we have that make coordinators have to account for, the greater the odds that we can generate big plays.. I get that you could have added Edwards to that point. But I believe we have it covered and will be fine at the reciever spot.

Was that story good for you Mike Dee? Happy? Slurp.

Love the Fins, but this is an absolute joke of a franchise. You writers are actually trying to sell the fans that team lookin pretty good.

Pats destroy on MNF and the laughter from the Jets and Pats begin. Henne is what 4th string at best! Jets and Pats both get automatic 2-0 starts getting to play against what amounts to a POORLY run 30th ranked team. Sad drop off from the 70's and 80's! Somewhere Shula weeps!!!!!

Odin, you're probably right, we can't do it like Philly did this year. I think they'll be a good team, but if we tried, it would probably be a disaster. But more so because of what DD said, we don't have the right personnel right now to make it work.

But I really hope Bush does well this year, because that could be a sign of things to come. That sometimes, a high-risk, high-reward player ends up helping your team more than he hurts it.

Sparano is not a guy who will bring intimidation to a player....his communication skills are less than steller and he just looks lost out there sometimes...he may not like it but he really is just the puppet fall guy in maimi untill a replacement comes along...

Amazin people posting saying they look forward to this season and we could be pretty good, must love 3rd place finishes IN YOUR OWN DIVISION. Hello 2-14 season. Let me guess Sporano and co. will be confused by 0-4 start and say maybe we shoulda got a QB, ya think?!!

@OdinEy Your Right.. Mark Sanchez is in his third year and should be kickin Aszz. .

DD, I'm looking for Hilliard to break out this year too. I know he's from your neck of the woods. I liked him when Ronnie/Ricky went down in '09, thought he did a pretty good job. But, back to my earlier point, he just didn't have enough chances, even AFTER he showed he had talent. That's what I don't get about Sparano.

fin4life, amen @ 4:52. Ok, so we're not into WRs. We're more conservative, Henne's been an outlet passer. Sounds like a PERFECT move to upgrade at TE. We have Fasano (yawn, another ok player, nothing special), and then a HUGE drop-off like we're deep sea diving off the Atlantic shelf. Mickey Shuler, are you kidding me? And the other guy I like to call Molasses. PLEASE. They SUCK! Yet, Ireland shows NO interest in getting a TE. None. That's worse than a joke, that's complete miscalculation. Horrendous mistake there. While Dallas Clark proves a good TE alone can beat a defense (yes, as long as he has a QB to throw to him), Miami chooses to go after their dream player, Marc Colombo (oh, and some other yahoo linemen). You named a bunch of TE's that would INSTANTLY be starters on our team. And Fasano would be a great backup. But like I said earlier, in our system, the TE has to be a blocker. And why get a Miller or a Boss just to block. I'm almost happy for their sake we didn't get them. I feel bad for receivers on our team. They come here in their prime, and waste away while someone tries to figure out how to use them. Discouraging to say the least.

Anyway, I've depressed myself enough, time to get my work out on. You guys have a good one.

Brickhands Edwards is going to push the Dolphins over the edge and into the Super Bowl next year? Yeah, I don't think so.

Ross inherited a terrible team and has spent his money freely trying to improve it (Marshall, Dansby, Bush, etc.). I don't agree with the orange carpet crap, or the nightclub, or the stupid Jimmy Buffet / FloRida interludes but what can you do? I think the guy is trying to get the right people in-place.

Give Sparano, Ireland, Daboll, and Henne another year or two- it's not easy to turn around a 1-15 team with no real assets to start with. I'm just happy that we're winning half of our games again!

..Gotta roll for awhile. See you fine folks later.

1 last point. I posted yesterday that I thought it was crucial that Henne, and the offense have a good showing this preseason. That normally, it is hard to read too much into what a team does or doesn't do in these games. I stand by this. But it sounds like the first team isn't going to be out there for long tommorow night. That the offense is still far from being game ready as far as play instalation. So, lets see how these younger guys do. I have been waiving that flag for them. I hope they show well.

Dude, Just because there is a compatition doesnt mean we need 2 sign a bad reciever. Edwards drops everything. We r very deep at reciever thats why there is a competition. Not 2 mention Bush will b lining up at reciever a ton.Our money would b better spent else where. We have much more pressing needs.

Also, look at a team like the Falcons. They weren't that good in '07 (like us). They were rebuilding. They look almost there. Went to the Playoffs in '08. I think '09 too. Last year they didn't, but they won like 10 games. Sounds like a team knocking on the Elite section's door.

What've we done in the same amount of time? We went to the Playoffs in '08, then reverted 2 years running. And became a laughingstock after last season trying to replace our Coach.

See guys, your smart ideas seem to work everywhere, but in Miami. What's up with that?

DC Dolfan | August 11, 2011 at 04:51 PM

This is essentially it in a nutshell, after the 07 Season you can make a case that Atl. was in worse shape than we were. We were the 1-15 team while they were 3-13 but there Franchise Q.B. was going to prison and there HC quit week 13 of the Regular Season, talk about Flames. They get into a Dog Fight (No pun intended) with us over Parcells and I got to tell you I`ve never regretted winning anything more in my life because the consolation prize was N.E.`s young and hungry Dir. of Scouting Thomas Dimitroff and we all know that he is proving to be more than up to the challange.

By the way DC they went 13-3 last year flipping there record since the arrival of Dimtroff and were heavily favored to go all the way with Homefield through out last year. Unfortunatly for them G.B. came to town with an insane Aaron Rodgers at Q.B. who would not be denied. We debate the pro`s and Con`s of developing young talent already on our team as opposed to bringing in a FA like Edwards but does anybody feel we have legitimate teachers coaching these positions. If I were Ireland I would have brought Edwards in because God knows the O can use all the help it can get. To bad we didn`t loose the Tuna sweepstakes, the what if`s with Demitroff are haunting.

ireland wasted all his time in FA with giving away the store for bush,a celeb back,often inj,3rd down back. had to give away a promising young FS and 2 picks for a guy soon to be released. saints gave nothing for sproles and half the salary of bush. the orton fiasco wasted the rest of irelands time! we overlooked several key FA who were good and cheap!

okay mikeg,

In all fairness if u want to say Edwards is a problem child we dont need or just a diva in arms, fine but PLEASE dont say he has no talent and he drops everything thrown to him, and that he wouldnt from a stats perspective help this team improve on offense, last years stats alone showed he was a complimentary #2 reciever for the jets and wheather u agree or not he still made some big plays to help wee york on offense side of ball.

We've alloted several draft picks at WR. We should not be in the market for a WR. Bess, hartline and wallace should all be stepping it up this season.

IMO, hartline is our #2 and a good one at that. The kid is gritty and comes down with the ball in the clutch all the time. Love em'.

but yeah, we could use a deep threat, hopefully Wallace will emerge this season.


I think the Dolphins don't have a chance with the Jets this year ..or the Giants

I would be fine with having Edwards or for that matter Randy Moss on the field opposite Marshall. You cannot double team both. I think that this coaching regime actually does pretty well with people who other teams see as "head cases". Some coaches can, some cannot. Sparano can.

hey mando, you can still pick him up on your fantasy team. there is no rule that says he has to be a dolphin in order to take him.

god bless the 49ers. not.

What we really needed was Zach Miller or Todd Heap....someone to actually make those LBs break a sweat every now and then.....just think how dangerous that would have made reggie in the passing game...alas, no one will show that kind of respect to fasano or haynos!!!

With the JETS GIANTS EAGLES PATRIOTS and COWBOYS on Miami's schedule this year things looking pretty interesting ..

Clyde the Glide Gates..2011 Rookie of the Year!

Who needs Braylon Edwards?

Good point, but living here in NY, I can tell you there are plenty of stories about him being a bad guy in the locker room. The Jets gave Plax a better contract and he just came out of jail! I'm sure they asked JT about him. Let's bring back Channing for depth at a cap friendly number!


A ROOKIE? a slow fumbling kid that was overdrafted?

A THIRD DOWN BACK? Bush is not a between the tackle runner and is listed as #1 RB?

A BUNCH OF PRACTICE SQUADERS? All the backups are scrubs at best....how many of them could even make the NYJ or Pats?


Tidy up the resume Sparano.....you will need to pass it around by the end of Fall.

Edwards?? What kind of crack are you smokin?? Mando get a clue.....

If you don't think Davone Bess is spectacular, you might want to watch a couple Dolphins game Salguero. The guy almost never drops a pass, makes some ridiculous grabs, and is IMHO the best slot receiver in the NFL (t. with Welker).


I love Bess as much as the next guy but he's not the same class of receiver that Welker is (before or after the catch). Welker appears to be quicker in and out of his cuts and faster.

I don't agree Armando. I'd rather see what the kids like Wallace, Moore and Gates can do before they went out and got a guy like Edwards. I'm excited about the development of the young guys and I think they will push Hartline and Bess to get better. I think if you brought a guy like Eswards in you might have to release one of the kids to make room for him. That makes no sense to me.

I also think it's telling that the Jets weren't interested in keeping Edwards. I think that says a lot about Edwards. They went out and got Burress and even chose to get rid of Cotchery and get into conversations with Floyd instead of Edwards. Edwards is a diva and quite honestly drops too many passes. No thanks.

Also, to all the guys who raved about the Jets acquisition of Burress and criticized our front office for not going out and getting him, how's his week been? He can't even get on the field to practice because of an injured ankle. It's early days, he hasn't played a snap in a game yet and he's already hurt. Maybe the FO knew more about him than the Burress fans on here.

Edwards is on his way out of this league and is not worth the headaches. It should tell you something when a team like the Jets sign his replacement and do not even try to keep him. Why do you insist on bringing such headaches to Dolphins? Honestly, I think you writers throw crap like this at times just to provoke a response. Well you did....but it is what is...a dumb idea.

The Dolphins are afraid of making mistakes. It started when they backed out of a trade with GB that wouldve landed them Matt Hasselback. Afraid of signing Brees and his bad shoulder.

I happen to disagree with this article, big surprise. We already have a receiver who could blow his top and be out of football at any moment adding another one to the roster is what a terrible gambler would do. Secondly 5 tds? Really, 3 million dollars for 5 tds? I gurantee you Bess or Hartline score more than 5 this season. Third why did we draft Clyde, Marlon Moore, and Roberto Wallace? Weren't they drafted to contribute to our team? Wallace and Moore are in their (second years or third?) and why would we have invested all of that time in them to just cut them and let another team reap the rewards? I wouldn't want Edwards on a one year deal, watch him leave for big money, and also see one of our young drafted receivers help the Patriots win another superbowl.

Why is it that on every other team in the league they invest time in players, they groom them, they allow them to grow with the team but in Miami everyone wants to constantly release our young guys for other teams headaches and over the hill vets? IT'S STUPID. If you do some research I bet you will find that the last half dozen or so teams that won super bowls did it without discarding young wrs and signing other teams trash or unaffordable players.

And there is no way in hell we get a draft pick for Moore,Gates, or Wallace because if we would have signed Edwards every team would just wait because we would HAVE to cut someone. Marshall,Bess,Edwards,Hartline,Moore,Wallace,Gates. At least one goes maybe two because the Dolphins usually go with 5 WRs as far as I remember.

I TOTALY agree we arent very smart when it comes to anything that has to do with the passing game. To think getting Marshall and all our receving problems are answered is really funny.. We should have tried to get Edwards but the team thinks were set at the position..Look at Atlanta they get it.. They will be a fun team to watch this season with there great air attack. They are stacked at every wr position and have a great TE even though he is old..Oh yeah they have a QB . I like our group of WR BUT we need another stud like Marshall that can make big plays..Anyone who thinks Edwards wouldnt improve the team is lost..

Malcom Floyd would have been ideal .Edwards could have worked ,but the powers @ the top are not risk takers.Chad johnson for a fifth rounder would seem to be a no brainer.I think Roberto Wallace may have something?

31 other teams passed on Edwards, including his former team who opted instead to pay more for the talents of a 34 year old released recently from prison. That's your answer. And comparing the Eagles off-season to Miami's was also ill thought and short sighted. One is a few pieces away from a championship and was 40 million under the cap, the other team, well, was not.

pmmeadows he would improve the team for one year and then be gone. We would have 5 tds and a bunch of stupid dancing in the endzone, great. He would improve the team so little it's not even debatable. And besides we don't have a QB, and the one we have is barely on the same page with Marshall,who's going to get the ball to Edwards? And if Edwards is getting more catches where does Marshall fit in after he throws a hissy fit about not getting catches and how Edwards is Chads boy because of their college days. Two diva receivers? I could be wrong but is there any other team in the league that has two divas? Has any team ever won a championship with two divas? I think the formula is one diva and one speedster. IMO we already have a great receiver opposite Marshall on the roster and we will all see him in a month.

Ireland and Sporano bring in all this Dallas discards because they make them "comfortable" Yet they ignore bringing in a guy who Henne would have been "comfortable" with. For no other reason, they shod have made a grab at Edwards. One of the awful non-moves this FO has made. Poor judgement Ireland, poor judgement

IMO we already have a great receiver opposite Marshall on the roster and we will all see him in a month.

Posted by: LouD | August 11, 2011 at 06:17 PM

Great Reciever????what did he do to deserve that praise???*LOL*

Jon Mandos always been the superstar kind of guy. He loves teams with tons of superstars as far as I can see but he never seems to realize that no team has ever won that way. The Dolphins tried it in Shulas last year and it failed miserably. You can't just throw a bunch of superstars on a team together and expect them to be on the same page, this isn't a video game. Just ask Daniel Snyder.

The Eagles will not make it to the championship game, mark it down.

I'm saying someone is going to show up big for us this year on that side superPHIN. I'm telling you right now we will find our guy. I think Wallace could be that guy but will Sparano play him? Nope. He will go with the guy who knows all of the plays in the playbook because he likes smart players better than talented ones. That means Hartline will start and that side will not progress. Sparano is a great assistant coach. He is in over his head as a head coach. He is the one holding this team back with his antiquated notions of what football should be instead of adjusting to what football IS.

more like ur hoping they dont make the super bowl....just cuz somebody says mark it down doesnt make them any more correct then the next fan...just sayin!!!

the staff and gm just refuses to add talented players, weird, very weird

Maybe the Dolphins didn't want two knuckleheads on the field at once.

Yeah here is my thinking Marshell and Edwards both in Henne's ear hey man I was open why didn't you throw it to me???? Yeah that would increase Henne's progression 100 percent. I don't know if it was just me but some of Henne's better games last year were when Marshell was out, he didn't have to worry about feeding him the ball 15 times a game.

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