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WR job available so why wasn't Edwards in mix?

I know the Dolphins are not a fantasy football team.

They operate under a salary cap. They make personnel decisions by weighing risks of potential roster additions as well as the potential improvement those additions might bring. There are no guarantees any addition will pan out because, as Bill Parcells famously says, "they don't sell insurance for this."

But ...

Following up on this column in today's Miami's Herald, in which coach Tony Sparano says there is a wide open competition for the team's No. 2 wide receiver job opposite Brandon Marshall, I have simply marvel at the fact the Dolphins were not the least bit aggressive in trying to add Braylon Edwards to the roster the past couple of weeks.

Edwards joined the San Francisco 49ers last week. He signed what was reported as a one-year, $3.05 million contract. Sounds expensive for a risky acquisition, right? It wasn't really. More on that in a moment.

I cannot stop thinking about the missed opportunity to add Edwards because currently the Dolphins are trying to decide whether Davone Bess or Brian Hartline or "maybe one of the young guys," as Sparano said, could step up.

In short, what the Dolphins have is an uncertain situation at the No. 2 receiver spot with none of the likely answers looking like as good a player as Edwards. I remind you Edwards caught 53 passes for 904 yards with seven touchdowns last season. That means Edwards averaged 17.1 yards per catch. For his career, Edwards averages 15.8 yards per catch, higher than any receiver on the Dolphins with more than one season of experience.

Now, I know Edwards is a knucklehead. I know he gets in trouble. I know he faces a possible four-game suspension from the NFL for violating the league's personal conduct policy. I get all that. I get that if Edwards is suspended he only plays 12 games.

But that suspension is not a certainty. And were it to happen, Edwards would come back with something to prove. He knows he has to fly right or his next step will be out of the league because precious few teams were interested in him this year. I know that for a one-year deal with no guaranteed money, the risk is really a fair gamble.

Remember there is no insurance for this.

The reasons to have done this are logical. Edwards played at Michigan and was a teammate of Chad Henne. He and Henne had a good relationship to the point the wide receiver and quarterback never had issues in or out of the huddle. Edwards would have been extremely motivated for those two games against the division rival Jets after they walked away from him. And, you have to understand that Brandon Marshall is still battling the demons of his personality disorder, so his status is not completely certain. If anything happens to Marshall, the team would have no other proven dynamic receiver to put on the field.

So why didn't he make sense?

Too expensive? Not hardly.

The 49'ers, in fact gave, Edwards an incentive ladden contract. To make his $3.05 million Edwards has to catch 90 passes and go to the Pro Bowl. I dare any Dolphins personnel man to tell me 90 catches and a Pro Bowl trip by a Dolphins receiver wouldn't be worth $3 million.

It absolutely would be worth it. Is Edwards going to get that? Probably not. But he is going to likely be a deep threat as he's been much of his career. He's likely going to drop a handful of passes as he has most of his career. He's going to give you an average of 5 TD catches for the season, as he has most of his career. He would also present the secondary with a terrible problem because no one could double cover both Edwards and Marshall.

Alas, the Dolphins went a different direction. They think one alpha receiver is good enough. In a league where the Eagles pile talent, atop talent, atop talent, atop talent, the Dolphins seemingly are content going with their solid if unspectacular guys.

I hope it works.

Except it hasn't so far.


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Fair question, but...

Gee Armando, aren't you the reporter? Aren't you the one with inside contacts? Why didn't you ask them and let us know? Us bloggers can only guess why they didn't go after him. They might have a good reason we don't know about, or they may not.

Play it, Sam, play it!

Seriously mando? If you have to ask you need another profession. The guy is a loser and a cancer. There is a reason the Jets didn't want him back. There is a reason Pittsburg dumped him. He is on probation for DWI, at that same time he and his "posse" are brawling in a resturant and he is tweeting about it as it happens. He is one more brush with the law away from at least a 3 game suspension.

This team does not need another head case - in case you missed it they already have one that cost us 2 second round picks that they have to manage.

You get paid to point these facts out to your readers and you still ask the question? If I was not so starved for Dolphin info I would not read your worthless blog considering the material lately. You need to step up your game dude, in a big way. The substance that is posted by your readers here is borderline psychobabble and childish. I'm beginning to think the quality of the readers is in direct porportion of the quality of the writers.

Meant to say Cleveland dumped him not Pitt who dumped Santonio for similar reasons.

Great article...

i say go 2-14 beat jets twice then draft Luck next year.

Listen, we spent 4 months when there was "nothing to write home about" trying to mantain these Blogs alive. Now, you must bear with us.

Hi Armando,

I usually agree with your analysis, except this one. I'm glad that Miami didn't sign him. He is another Ted Ginn Jr; speed but he will drop the most important ones especially when the game is on the line. If he is good, NY Jets wouldn't have let him go.

Go Dolphins!

I am seeing the reason why there are so many knee jerk fans is becuase the writers are also knee jerk. Mando being the worst. Here's the answer to your question, puto. THE REASON YOU CAN'T SEE WHY THEY DIDN'T GET EDWARDS IS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE THE REASON FOR ANYTHING FOOTBALL RELATED. You'd be much better working for Entertainment Tonigh or TMZ, where your whiny teenage girl viewpoints would be better appreciated.

Gates has to learn to run routes Period

Henne is an unfathomable Fu-k.

Why do you marvel at anything this idiot management does?

Ingrid Bergman was a beautiful woman.

Clyde the Glide Gates...2011 Rookie of the Year. You saw it here first.

A lot of speed guys can't catch, but Clyde has great hands. That is a lethal combination. Yes he will develop better route running as he matures, but he could literally BURST onto the scene this year.

6 months from now, everyone will be saying 'I'm glad we didn't f^ck up and get Braylon Edwards. What a mistake that would've been.

One would think a Head Coach who is on the HOT seat to Win would be doing every-thing he can to keep his job????
Going with Henne and a rookie RB and another RB who is always hurt does NOT sound like a smart thing to do??????
OH and yet again changing the 0-Line all over again??????

Yes, I do believ so, 72.

Not having the OL set by now is a real head scratcher. You would think an OL coach could've had a top shelf OL by now. It's not like they haven't invested the resources.

Henne reminds me of Jason Allen. Absolutely all the Tools in the World but they just don't get it. Shame.

Gates will be eased in to the lineup. He won't get enough playing time to be considered for Rookie of the Year. Also Henne will be going mostly to Marshall and Bess.

Stupid is as Stupid does:

The Ireland Family Crest.

where is the game on any one has websites

That's a very insightful analogy, oh wise one. Jason Allen and Chad Henne. I hope the ending is different for Chad. I am officially a Henne Hopeful.


any one has website for the game


Posted by: ALoco | August 11, 2011 at 06:10 PM

Post of the day.

Gates may force himself into the lineup. If he starts beating CBs deep every time he gets in the game, they'll have to start him and keep him in.

Could happen...

WTF are you kidding me Mondo? How do you have a job at all? Your writing sucks your blog is a joke meant to insite anger in fans that don't know squat about football or think the answer is to always blow up the franchise and start over. Go the way of Alex Marvez and join another outlet outside of Florida and talk all the SH*T you want but quit wasting my time with this BS. Better yet F-U, your paper,blog and radio show. You consitant lack of valid information is like this economy i.e. in the sh*tter

Agreed FP4FG's-
ALoco cracked me up with that one!


They have a new Planet of the Apes? I like S-F.


ALoco's humor makes up for the TROLLer trash in here.

Gates can't run a route and can't get off press coverage

Hartline is slow...mechanical...lacks quickness and has no ability to do any thing with the ball after the catch....boring vanilla wr who we are actually hyping as a down field threat. REALLY!

Wallace is slow...stiff and can't get behind any one. Also runs garbage routes.

Bess is very small and can never be anything outside of a slow no. 3 guy.

In this league u need 2 very good wr's. Chargers have them...Pittsburg...Philly...New Orleans....Atlanta etc. This is a passing league...when we do pass we have no chance because no one fears our weapons.

Hilliard should be moved to fullback...slow...plodding player that shouldn't carry the football this year at all. Wasted pick.

You understand this is a FOOTBALL team, not a track team, right?

ALL our players are slow? I guess Gates is slow too? WOW


Well, anything can happen, not likely though. He still has a lot to learn. The rookie of the year is far more likely to be one of the 1st or 2nd round picks.

Mando, I hear fisty is coming out with a new offensive line up, it's like the shot gun but it has Henne in it, It's called "the Pop-gun".


Yeah, baila, I'd like to see you press him at the line.

I agree Simon, you're right. I just have a feeling about Gates. Maybe I'm crazy.

I like to place obstinate People between a Rock and a hard place.

fins 72

Remember Julio Jones is on a very good Atlanta team. I can give other examples but you get the idea.


This is the kind of stuff that amazes me. I have seen three different posters just say that Gates has to learn how to run routes.

Yet, being the real fan that I am, I remember at least three players commenting on how well Gates has run routes in camp so far.

While everyone has the right to an opinion, I think I'll go with Hartlines, Sean Smith and Vontae Davis's when it comes to Gates route running abilities.

I've heard a lot of good reports about Gates so far. He has made some spectacular catches in practice, although I haven't seen it with my own eyes. Still I have a good feeling about Gates blowing the top off defenses.

I will now remove my thong and reveal the source of my discussions of football.

If you say so, odin.

Julio Jones would be a smarter pick or even the kid from Georgia, AJ Green. You're right.

I don't see that Braylon Edwards is that good. He was notorious for dropping the ball and being a distraction to the teams he played for before he went to the Jets - and they preferred older, slower WRs instead of him this year. I'd rather work with our promising crop of WRs and not waste time looking for trouble.

Someone please help!

If Ireland comes up with a great Draft, what would happen to those that do not like him? Ha!

How about this SImon- I'll call Gates my sleeper pick for Rookie of the year. That's not so crazy, huh?

And ODinseye makes a good point, I have heard positive comments about his route running. Rookies usually improve in that area by the end of second year.

We'll see! GO FINS!

I don't normally speak negatively to you Armando, but I think you are just a little bored, don;t worry Football starts tonight nad more importantly FINS start tmrrw, Edwards? pretty funny, no thanks...Don't stir the s#*t.

everything i say i believe i am right and won't listen to any other point of view because they are all stupid by stupid fools.

I have to say, this is starting to look like a pretty good draft. WE could have 3 or 4 big time contributors on offense. And Jimmy Wilson could be a beast in the secondary.

It's too early to say for sure, but the little peckerhead might've done a good job for once.

Paul Warfield was the Barry Sanders of route running. You got to have moves. Ask around.

Someone please help!

Posted by: Odins Liver | August 11, 2011 at 07:51 PM

STFU and take it like a man!

Yeah, I know. Oscar, you are living 40 years in the Past! But is the Truth. What can I tell you?

New Blog Up!!!!

Lee Evans available!?!?

I remember Paul Warfield well. He was one of my favorites as a kid, saw him play in person many times. He was so smooth, effortless.

When I started playing football I took his number 42.

Yeah, I know. Oscar, you are living 40 years in the Past! But is the Truth. What can I tell you?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 11, 2011 at 08:01 PM


Why is Oscar talking to................Oscar????

Oh, but I do that all the Time, odin. Keeps me in check. You should try it, you know?

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