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... and the curious case of Chad Henne

Still puzzled. Today, what to make of Chad Henne.

He has improved. No question about that. He is more aggressive. He looks to make the downfield throw a lot more. He moves his team from 20-yard line to 20-yard line like the dickens. He's completing 56.5 percent of his passes, which is lower than last year, but he has four touchdowns and three interceptions which is a better stat than his upside down more-intercepts-than-TDs ratio of the past two seasons.

So that's good.

But there is something missing. Still.

He's still not very good on third down.

His passer rating on third down is 69.6, which is 13 points lower than his overall rating. He completes only 53 percent of his passes on third down. And he's ranked 21st in the NFL on third-down passing. This stat is important because big-time NFL QBs make their money on third down. That's why it's called the money down.

It was eye-opening to see young, unproven Colt McCoy lead his team to a winning TD late last week and Henne not be able to move his team 15 or 20 yards for a responding and winning field goal. That all came in the fourth quarter.

Henne has been bad in the fourth quarter as well this year. He is the 31st-ranked (of 33 players) fourth-quarter passer this season. His fourth-quarter passer rating is atrocious at 48.7. By comparison, the Dolphins defense this weekend faces the top-ranked fourth-quarter passer in Phillip Rivers of San Diego. His fourth-quarter rating is 136.4

Henne so far is completing fewer than half his fourth quarter passes. His completion percentage is 42.9. That is the worst in the NFL.

So while Henne has improved from last year, he has a long way to go yet. And, it should be considered, every statistical category you look at with him, indeed, every stat you study for the Dolphins offense must be done with this in mind:

The Dolphins opened the season against a team whose defense is the worst in the NFL right now. That's right, the Patriots have gotten lit by everyone on defense this year and are ranked No. 32 in that category this year.

Anyway, this is a full text of Henne's meeting with the media this week:

(On Brian Hartline’s progression this season) - “Yeah, I thought Brian (Hartline) stepped up big. In the previous game, he hasn’t got a lot of balls because we had some one-on-one coverages with other guys and they were first in the progression, but now teams are starting to take away some of our receivers away. Brian has done a great job one-on-one and I feel confident going to him if we have that matchup."

(On practicing toe-tapping catches on the sideline and back shoulder throws) - “Yeah, the back shoulder throws has evolved. I think every team works it in practice, one-on-one routes. Quarterbacks are becoming a custom to it and receivers are doing a great job adjusting, but Brian (Hartline), his toe-touch and his way to stay in bounds is just amazing. He does it in practice a lot, goes against our defense one-on-one and it shows in practice he gets it done and carries over."

(On Brian Hartline’s ability to run after the catch) - “Yeah, I think he’s quick in transition when he gets the ball. He tucks it under and looks to get yards up field quick, he’s done a really good job with that."

(On Reggie Bush not receiving many catches lately) - “Well, I mean, sometime they’re bring some pressure where he has to stand and protect and other times, he’s out there, but we’re completing balls down the field. We’re looking to complete balls down field first, not the underneath routes. If it comes a case where we have a matchup out there and I need to come down to Reggie (Bush), I’ll come down to him."

(On Reggie Bush not receiving many catches due to Daniel Thomas catching good as well)- “Well, I mean, we’re switching them in and out. We’re giving them a good mix and whoever is in on that play, we will see who will get the ball, but nobody’s going to tell. We’re trying to look down field and make big plays, if not, we’ll get it down to those guys."

(On not having red zone success psychological or execution) - “It’s all about execution, I mean, we have the plays…whether we need to study more in there or more things down there, but we just got to execute. Execute our game plan. If it’s there, take it, we got to be aggressive down there and make plays and if it’s not, it’s not much we can do. We can run the ball, throw the ball, we just got to go down there, be confident in ourselves, and make the plays."

(On Brandon Marshall being frustrated and getting the better of him) - “No, I think sometimes he gets frustrated because they’re double covering him, he feels they’re holding him, but Brandon (Marshall) has done a great job. It’s his attitude towards our team and on the field so we’re going to keep going to him and give him a shot."

(On Daniel Thomas change from the preseason to the regular season) - “I think it’s confidence and just understanding our offense in the running game. Just understanding where the blocks are going to be, where the holes are going to open up and he’s definitely confident where he’s running, how he is running so he’s done a really good job trying to get the extra yards for us."

(On what stands out regarding Daniel Thomas) - “I mean, he’s a powerful back. He’s slapped together, he’s a pretty muscular guy so he’s going to get the extra yards for us. It’s fun to watch when he runs."

(On what you can do to rally the team after being 0-3) - “I mean, enthusiasm in practice, try to get the guys going, not feeling down on ourselves, try to keep a positive attitude as much as we can, look them in the face and say hey, I’m confident, I’m confident in them. We have the players, we have everybody in the situation, we just got to go out there and do it, all of us, believe it, do it in practice, prepare well in the film room, do the extra things. We got to go, we can’t make excuses, can’t point fingers. We just got to be a team, come together, and play."

(On facing a 0-3 deficit in the past) - “I mean, I think you can, but it’s different faces here so a lot of guys haven’t been through it and some guys have. I think it just comes back as coming as a team, playing well, executing on Sunday when our number is called. If it’s 49 or 45 seconds left in the game and the offense is out there on the field, we need to make the plays and score the touchdown.”


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Next season Henne will be playing elsewhere and it will be Moore's fault.

So chad Henne and this team is 0-4ever in the red zone this year?

Or did we score? If we did score it must have been everyone else except Henne, especially Marshall.

then when we did not it was all Henne's fault, and no way Marshall's or anyone elses?

I get it now.

If Henne was given the opportunity to do this in his first year, instead of his third year, we wouldn't have these issues. Two years of Dan Henning meant two years of no progress

odin you and i have butted heads in the past but i agree with you on the carpenter thing, this guy lost his ability to kick sense the last 5 games of last year. what up with that.

If Brady was ranked 8th after a 4 INT PERFORMANCE....

I'm not sure i have much use for that stat....


Posted by: kris | September 30, 2011 at 10:49 AM


I get the sentiment, but it is actually a good stat. Brady's 4int's were bad, but other than that he lit it the Fvck up!

You take away the int's and he had ANOTHER Hall Of Fame Game.


Why do you recognize it a FACT that Henne turned a lead over to the D with 2 minutes left, yet you don't recognize the FACT that the TEAM was in a position to win at the 47 yard line but Henne went 0-4, 3 incompletes and an INT? No sacks on that drive by the way.

The FACT his, the team was in a position to win and Henne struck out. Where Colt McCoy drove for a touchdown, Henne couldn't get 1 yard, not 1 inch, not even a millimeter, not even a micrometer or a nanometer.

If Love is Blind, you are in a very dark world.

Price and Odin

I agree! 16-10 with 2 minutes left against the browns? Make one stop defense! They let us down when it counted the most

Cotton balls, lol. You guys are dialing up the jokes today.

This is the NFL. All I ask my offense is score 20 points. If the defense can't hold the other team to less than 20, then shame on them.

If your starting veteran QB can't get 1 yard in 4 tries against Cleveland with the game on the line, I'd say you have the wrong QB.

If you need an entire all pro offense for your QB to succeed, I'd say you have the wrong QB.


I think Wake lack of production should be high priority...

To gloss over this...either thru coaching or the media....is to turn a blind eye to a VERY critical part of our "D"....a part that allowed us to get to 7 wins last year....

Without his production we haave ZERO.....

With his sacks and pressure...we wre 2-1 at this point last year....

imo...that is the ELEPHANT in the room.....

Cleveland's D is better than their offense isn't it?

still waiting for the answer to the question " does the whole team throw picks in the 4 qtr with the game on the line???? anybody know the answer?????

If Henne keeps playing this way a change will get made by Game 6.

By the way, we need a win in San Diego, I am going to the game and last time it was a long walk to the parking lot.

JERRY RICE, RANDY MOSS (ALL THE GREATS) NEVER EVER DROPPED BALLS) the one thing they had was can you guess what that is....... oh yeah a FREAKIN QUATER BACK.

Posted by: TRICKY | September 30, 2011 at 11:06 AM

Ridculous! Rice, Moss, none of them averaged a dropped TD pass IN THE END ZONE a game. That's EXACTLY what Marshall is doing so far this year. The three dropped TD PASSES IN THE END ZONE are in ADDITION to his "REGULAR(lol)" drops.

You can defend YOUR star receiver playing like that, but quit trying to blur the issue. My GOD! LOL.............

Yes Kris, very good point!

Pressure from Wake would create more opportunities for the DB's to make plays........our lack of pressure has been overlooked way too much in all of this

I love Wake, but he needs to turn it on!

In the cowboys/skins game......

Demarcus ware was being stone walled rushing from his normal postion......

So.....the D-coordinator.....decided to move him around to see if they could find a weakness.....

If you watched that game you know how it turned out.....

Ware basically took over the game on Defence the last 6 min....

Looked alot like Vintage Jason Taylor...of 6-7 years ago....

Not scrubby Jason Taylor of today.....


I think the sack stat is highly overrated. Would rather have guys who can put good pressure on the QB on a consistant basis. We cannot.

If Wake, JT, whoever is in for 50 plays and has 1 sack/game that's 16 sacks on the year and a Pro Bowl appearance. Succeeding 1 out of 50 times is being successful 2% of the time at your job.

I don't understand what this article points too, since it only talks about Henne as if he is the only one in the field. One thing that should be noted is that he is getting killed back there.

So it goes something like this... third down, passing situation, blitz... run for you life Chad; which, he has done very effectively this year. Fourth quarter, playing from behind have to throw... blitz... run for your life Chad.

Game on the line, the throw to Brandon Marshall in the end zone... dropped. Announcer "That would have been a great catch", but he is still and alpha receiver... BS, he is not a gamer.

Do we really need to type entire posts will all caps

TRICKY, I think it was Henne that threw the pick. I don't think anybody is saying Henne is without fault....I'm not. I think he still holds the ball too long, lacks touch on some of his passes, and I watched him take a sack in the redzone, which is taboo.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier...I see the disconnect on the Henne subject as follows:

The Henne supporters point to all the many reasons we are losing. The Henne detractors do not deny those shortcomings, they are basing their criticism of Henne's performance when he has the circumstances in his favor, time in the pocket, open receivers, ect.

It's really that simple.

Devil, you keep twisting the story to fit your argument.

Did you watch those 4 plays, did you?

the 0-4. this is indisputible.

1st down was a pass on the money to Bess, he could not make anything happen with it.

2nd down a pass is called to a strak left receiver, Henne had no time to change the play and put the ball where the receiver could catch it. THE PROBLEM. Receiver got puched out of bounds and continued to run the route out of bounds. Only other option, throw it inbounds where the safety gets the int or take a sack.

3rd down, had less than 2 seconds after getting the sack, no one is open incomplete.

4th down, pass over the middle to a receiver who DID NOT EVERN TRY. GO WATCH. It was catchable, and in a good place for a 1st down. Dont believe me? WATCH IT, OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

No run play calling, no screen available.


Please explain. Please.

I am not a Henne lover as some of you think!!! I would love to hold him accountable if it was his fault!!!!!

Joe, my senstivity level is at an all time high!!! LOL

I'm serious Devil, I amnot trying to attack you here, I hope you get that, but my frustration is through the roof.

If you want to blame Henne for bad fade passes fine, I am there with you. If you want to point at his inexperience to move guys around like Brady at the line, I am there also. He also has not had the protection and same experience level as Brady.

If you want to blame him for using his eyes on his target to long, I am there also, that is why balls get batted, O-linemen read his eyyes when the cant get to him. THAT HAPPENS TO A LOT OF QB's not just Henne.

But all this other crap is just crap. Red Zone, 3rd Down and 4th Down. Those are cruscial times in the game where EVERYONE NEEDS TO STEP IT UP. These plays are not the fault of one guy, our QB!

I disagree Devil........

You might be looking at Henne's performance when the circumstances are in his favor, but many in here are blaming Henne for the entirety of our losses which simply can't be backed up with facts.

Question for all the Henne supporters:

We're down by 4 pts and get the ball on our 20 with 1:50 on the clock.

Do you BELIEVE that Henne drive the field and score?

We all HOPE he does, but in reality he has RARELY done this.

When the game is on the line...I don't TRUST Henne will get it done.

THE ONLY WAY TO RESOLVE THIS MESS (aside from ROSS SELLING THE TEAM) IS TO STAY AWAY FROM THE STADIUM ON SUNDAYS once they return (0-5)from the road trip! PERIOD. LET ROSS SEE AS MANY ORANGE SEATS AS POSSIBLE - THAT'S HOW YOU HURT RICH PEOPLE, hit them in their wallets. Just ask Obama, that's why he's got the GOP/TEA'CUP' party acting like idiots!!! But that's another story.....

i know in the NBA there are guys who dont want the ball at the end of the game,other sports too. some,the good ones,live for these late game chances and refuse to fail. sanchez performs late in games. henne,for whatever reason, hasnt. was he programmed incorrectly? i suspect he was and his fear of making mistakes takes over at crunch time. on another note: we paid soliai 12M for one year yet sparano has his total play count at 90 for 3 games??? lets play the man that makes all the $$$$!

Sanchez performs late in games?

I just threw up

Henne has been plagued by a pretty bad RT, and 3 dropped touchdowns by Marshall, fix those and they probably have 2 wins right now. Still, he is not a franchise QB, and doesn't have the killer instinct needed to be a top QB in this league. He is a poor man's Drew Bledsoe, at his best. Miami needs to suck for Luck, but unfortunately KC and Indy look like they may both go 1-15. Miami will almost certainly screw it up again and draft another overrated QB from USC if they don't get the top pick, instead of trading for Matt Flynn or signing the soon to be cut if Indy gets the first pick Peyton Manning. Every Backup QB from Green bay seems to turn into gold for another team, and Manning on a scale from 1-10 will be a 27 in terms of mad/disrespected/determined to prove everyone wrong. But I'm telling you, it won't happen here. Ireland will stick as GM and Jon f'ing Gruden will be the coach and have 3 QB's he 'loves', and every one of them will be mediocre at best. Cowher won't even answer his phone for Ross and Fisher won't want to be a part of this train wreck. Bank It!

The FACT his, the team was in a position to win and Henne struck out. Where Colt McCoy drove for a touchdown, Henne couldn't get 1 yard, not 1 inch, not even a millimeter, not even a micrometer or a nanometer.

If Love is Blind, you are in a very dark world.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 30, 2011 at 11:48 AM

Devil, come on now? I posted It before and I posted it today already. Henne should have been able to get us in position, if not win it outright. That's not in dispute. A major let don on his part. Though one of very few this season.

I still don't think the one instance negates all the positives and progress Henne has made very quickly under Daboll.

It's not about Love of being Blind. It's about being a REALIST! No mater how you slice it, at he moment, Henne is the LEAST of the problems here.

Stop saying we are 3 dropped passes away from being 2-1.

You are what your record says you are.... 0-3.

If you need an entire all pro offense for your QB to succeed, I'd say you have the wrong QB.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 30, 2011 at 11:52 AM

Well, uh, I'd say if your unicorns can't fly, then you have the wrong Lepraucauns!

Huh? Your getting down to the bottom of the HATE Barrel now-LOL!

jerry 1 st year he did not catch that many balls at all john taylor caught the bulk of passes besides who is defending marshell not me this guy cant catch a cold but if henne could (more than the 2-4 endzone passes to marshell) would throw the ball where this so called jump ball specialist could make a play on the ball then we could probally make some plays down there. instead this guy throws to the ugly girl in the stands or who ever he is throwing it to but it certinaly not to the reciever.

Anyone notice Henne is not on the defense, nor is he the guy in the end-zone dropping perfectly thrown passes. He also is not the guy who has continued this ridiculous notion to protect a 3 point lead instead of going for the throat. So where is this feed the wolf!!

still waiting for the answer to the question " does the whole team throw picks in the 4 qtr with the game on the line???? anybody know the answer?????

Posted by: TRICKY | September 30, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Bot were on 4th down desperation passes. One was tipped by our own player right to the defender.

The other was catchable, but Marshall decided to not even try to make a play for the ball.

I'm not sure of your point?

Someone said Henne would have probably made it to two Super Bowls with the Jets supporting cast. Maybe, I respect your opinion. But think it's just as likely he would have failed to lead the comebacks against Detroit, Cleveland and Houston and the Jets would have missed the playoffs entirely.

I like Henne as a person and think he's progressed greatly this year on the field and think Sanchez is generally garbage but in the clutch there's been no comparison so far.

Mando your still puzzled by an 0-3 start it is easy to explain the pieces do not fit. Henne is not clutch and there are no playmakers on defense when your best player is your punter you are staring at 1-15. AGAIN


I agree no pressure is a problem, but I don't think it's all on Wake. He's fine (could improve setting the edge, but he's learning).

He's being double-teamed, because no one else is getting any pressure. Also, I agree, move the guy around, don't keep him in one place. Also, why don't we have those stagger blitzes? Where one guy comes around another guy (like the Jets, Steelers, Ravens ALL do) and has a free lane to the QB.

Where's the scheming by Nolan? He's been completely MIA. I don't know if he's doing it on purpose, if his kid is sick, but last 3 games, his head hasn't been in the game. Our defense has looked VANILLA.

Help the front 7 get pressure. Wake can't do it all by himself.

odin, once again no one here is defending Marshel with his inability to consistantly catch the ball, the question is does the whole team throw picks in the 4 qtr with the game on the line...the answer is a yes or no question not a bunch of usless facts that paint a picture away form the fact that No the whloe team does not throw picks in the 4th qtr. THE QUATER BACK DOES. period.

The guy who hasn't showed up is Koa Misi just what is good at again?

Stop saying we are 3 dropped passes away from being 2-1.

You are what your record says you are.... 0-3.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | September 30, 2011 at 12:17 PM

Yeah, WE SUCK!

Because of Marshall and Carpenter-LOL!

Facts are FACTS!


your point seems to be that after Sparano played for a game winning FG on the assumption that our prevent defense would certainly thwart a long TD-scoring drive, Henne failed to put Carpenter in a sure position to heroically win the game?

Not very convincing!

"So you counter the entire body of work with focusing on one desperation possession after having been sacked 5 times, knocked down 8 and hurried on 15 almost all in the third and fourth quarters-LOL?


Posted by: odinseye | September 30, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Ignore or gloss over the MOST important part of the game he failed to produce just to keep trying to convince myself he's good?? Talk about a man crush.

It was crunch time, when good QB's earn their money. He had a TO, plenty of time & in plus territory. Desperate? 10 yards for a legit FG attempt? You wanna find a silver lining for every failure that has his name written all over it. I don't.

You wanna excuse his failure because he was under duress the entire game? Excuses. Ever hear of the phrase, live in the now? Good QB's LOVE to be in that spot. Others thrive, Henne doesn't. Excuse it however you like, it doesn't change the facts.

You can continue to attempt to mock me for it, dismiss me for it, call me a hater or whatever schtick you chose to emplooy. You're not going anywhere.

"I don't take this as a knock on Henne, Thank you. What you just said is, with a good supporting cast Henne can probably not only take a team to the AFC Championship game, but win it.

I've posted the same thing before. If Henne were playin for the jets the past three years, they would have at least made the Super Bowl in two of them. Possibly even winning them.

Your finally starting to come around and see things for what the are. Kudos to you my Brother ;)"

Posted by: odinseye | September 30, 2011 at 11:29 AM

No, that's not what I said nor did I mean to imply it, nor do I share the same blinded optimism, silver linings & hypotheticals you dream of.

Again, your talking about things I do not say instead of things I do say. You do this CONSTANTLY. In your desperate attempt to look smarter, funnier or whatever craving you have, you grasp at straws that are invisible to try to make a point.

Sanchez, as bad as he is, is clutch when the game is on the line. Thats the diffrerence between the 2 players. If Henne is as good, maybe slightly better than Sanchez(as what I stated), but less clutch, why on earth would I deduce Henne would take that team to a Superbowl? That's complete utter nonsense.

If you're gonna go off on tangents about things I do not say, I implore you to gloss over my posts like you do over Henne's failure to thrive at the end of games.

Would save you & I lots of time. Enjoy your weekend.

Why don't we see play action if Henne is getting so much pressure? I mean we have Reggie Bush on the team for crying out loud...

Hmmmm... Maybe some people really suck at typing, I happen to be one of them. I for one will not go and correct every error since I hate typing...

We started 0-3 with Pennington behind center and Henne brought us back to even and than a chance for the playoffs anyone remember that, stop pushing blame and start supporting

Problem is Checkdown Chad is not and never will be a quality NFL QB.Matt Moore is the better QB and should be given a chance to prove it.Unless,of course,the plan is to win the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

I read so much of this everyday, and it gets tiring. Henne sucks/It's not Henne's fault, blah blah. Here's the reality if anyone cares:

1. Henne is a decent guy, and a decent thrower. He's a good #2, trying to be perfect enough to satisfy critics of a team that has very little positives. So he's the poster boy. Leave the guy alone. If we had pro-bowlers at every other position, nobody would care about Henne's faults. But we have almost no pro-bowlers (1 maybe) and his face is first on the TV screen every bad offensive play. He doesn't need any more blame, but like most of the starters, he needs to be replaced next season. I'd keep him around at #2 if he'd be willing. Good insurance.

2. Even though QB's aren't the end all for a team being good, they are the driving force and the barometer. Peyton Manning's injury puts a giant spotlight on that. So Henne apologists, STOP! No offense to the guy, but he's the engine for this train, and everything follows. Sparano is the track (leading nowhere) - so engine and track need to change, otherwise there is no possibility of real improvement. Every year will be the same (and it has been), "IF" we only didn't do this, "IF" this hadn't happened, "IF, if if..." STOP! There's a reason Packers, Saints, Steelers, Patriots get it right every year. It isn't luck. There aren't "If's". It starts with that engine and track. Get those right, the rest follows well.



I agree with that TRICKY.

Poizen no worries. I am not taking it as an attack at all.

For one, Henne does not seem to have much chemistry with his receivers. Too often they are not on the same page. It's easier to point to one player, the QB, then to point to all the receivers. Maybe Henne needs to adjust to the circumstances better as the plays unfold? Maybe Henne needs better communication with the receivers? I don't know really.

Secondly, its the final minute, you have 4 chances to go 10 yards. Why are great QB's great? They find a way to make something happen. Call it the intangibles or whatever. They scramble, they roll out, they change the play at the line, they improvise, they find a way. They are field generals that know how to respond to adverse conditions. As far as I can recall, I've never seen Henne pull out a win in the clutch, its just the opposite, as his 4th quarter stats show, his performance goes down with the money on the line. Even aside from that last drive at Cleveland, producing only 1 td in 4 quarters does not merit a win in itself. You are not going to win often in this league if you don't score more than one td.

The Cleveland game was a perfect opportunity to show he improved where he needed to improve most and it still didn't happen. At 0-3, his chances for silencing the critics are dwindling fast.

If you're gonna go off on tangents about things I do not say, I implore you to gloss over my posts like you do over Henne's failure to thrive at the end of games.

Would save you & I lots of time. Enjoy your weekend.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 30, 2011 at 12:34 PM

So........what you're saying is Henne will DEFINITELY lead us to a victory overs the Chargers? SWEET!

If you're correct, I will most DEFINITELY "Enjoy My Weekend".

You're alright in MY book Devil and I'm glad you're finally starting to see the "Henne Light".

We have a convert you guys, The Devil is now firmly entrenched in the Pro-Henne Camp!

Devil! Devil! Devil! Devil!

You Da MAN!!!!

Yeah...F-U.....mr. ed-u-ma-ca-ted.....

Now were all bonded.....


If the Dolphins are behind by 1 point late in the fourth and our offense gets the ball with 3 mnutes left. I HAVE NO HOPE!!!! And that starts with Henne.

Poizen and Tricky,
I'd assume the rules should be:
If someone's making a comment in general, then hands off the spelling/typo/grammar corrections.
If, however, someone is attacking someone else, insulting, etc., then they should be allowed to use whatever is at their disposal.

BTW, I do find it both annoying and amusing when I find insults about someone's grammar or spelling, and those attackers are oblivious to their own.

Personally, I could care less about other folks grammar or spelling on these posts. I have other things to do ...although apparently not at this very second ;)

Stop saying we are 3 dropped passes away from being 2-1.

You are what your record says you are.... 0-3.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | September 30, 2011 at 12:17 PM

Odin....the above is a fact you have to contend with....

Its the IF train....that got so many fans pipe dreaming about a win over the Steelers last year...remember.....

If the refs screwd us or not....guess what....we got the ball abck with about a minute 30...and need just a FG to win.....

we didn't move the ball 1 inch.....

Just like against Clevland....

I also need to point out this....

ALL of those drops happenned fairly early in the game....none were last second TD drops as I recall....and both teams had multiple possesions after the drops....

So what makes you so sure we win those games....

We didn't hold Colt McCoy out of the end zone when it counted....

what makes you think we would have kept Matt Schaub and Andre (MEGATRON) Johnson out.....

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