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... and the curious case of Chad Henne

Still puzzled. Today, what to make of Chad Henne.

He has improved. No question about that. He is more aggressive. He looks to make the downfield throw a lot more. He moves his team from 20-yard line to 20-yard line like the dickens. He's completing 56.5 percent of his passes, which is lower than last year, but he has four touchdowns and three interceptions which is a better stat than his upside down more-intercepts-than-TDs ratio of the past two seasons.

So that's good.

But there is something missing. Still.

He's still not very good on third down.

His passer rating on third down is 69.6, which is 13 points lower than his overall rating. He completes only 53 percent of his passes on third down. And he's ranked 21st in the NFL on third-down passing. This stat is important because big-time NFL QBs make their money on third down. That's why it's called the money down.

It was eye-opening to see young, unproven Colt McCoy lead his team to a winning TD late last week and Henne not be able to move his team 15 or 20 yards for a responding and winning field goal. That all came in the fourth quarter.

Henne has been bad in the fourth quarter as well this year. He is the 31st-ranked (of 33 players) fourth-quarter passer this season. His fourth-quarter passer rating is atrocious at 48.7. By comparison, the Dolphins defense this weekend faces the top-ranked fourth-quarter passer in Phillip Rivers of San Diego. His fourth-quarter rating is 136.4

Henne so far is completing fewer than half his fourth quarter passes. His completion percentage is 42.9. That is the worst in the NFL.

So while Henne has improved from last year, he has a long way to go yet. And, it should be considered, every statistical category you look at with him, indeed, every stat you study for the Dolphins offense must be done with this in mind:

The Dolphins opened the season against a team whose defense is the worst in the NFL right now. That's right, the Patriots have gotten lit by everyone on defense this year and are ranked No. 32 in that category this year.

Anyway, this is a full text of Henne's meeting with the media this week:

(On Brian Hartline’s progression this season) - “Yeah, I thought Brian (Hartline) stepped up big. In the previous game, he hasn’t got a lot of balls because we had some one-on-one coverages with other guys and they were first in the progression, but now teams are starting to take away some of our receivers away. Brian has done a great job one-on-one and I feel confident going to him if we have that matchup."

(On practicing toe-tapping catches on the sideline and back shoulder throws) - “Yeah, the back shoulder throws has evolved. I think every team works it in practice, one-on-one routes. Quarterbacks are becoming a custom to it and receivers are doing a great job adjusting, but Brian (Hartline), his toe-touch and his way to stay in bounds is just amazing. He does it in practice a lot, goes against our defense one-on-one and it shows in practice he gets it done and carries over."

(On Brian Hartline’s ability to run after the catch) - “Yeah, I think he’s quick in transition when he gets the ball. He tucks it under and looks to get yards up field quick, he’s done a really good job with that."

(On Reggie Bush not receiving many catches lately) - “Well, I mean, sometime they’re bring some pressure where he has to stand and protect and other times, he’s out there, but we’re completing balls down the field. We’re looking to complete balls down field first, not the underneath routes. If it comes a case where we have a matchup out there and I need to come down to Reggie (Bush), I’ll come down to him."

(On Reggie Bush not receiving many catches due to Daniel Thomas catching good as well)- “Well, I mean, we’re switching them in and out. We’re giving them a good mix and whoever is in on that play, we will see who will get the ball, but nobody’s going to tell. We’re trying to look down field and make big plays, if not, we’ll get it down to those guys."

(On not having red zone success psychological or execution) - “It’s all about execution, I mean, we have the plays…whether we need to study more in there or more things down there, but we just got to execute. Execute our game plan. If it’s there, take it, we got to be aggressive down there and make plays and if it’s not, it’s not much we can do. We can run the ball, throw the ball, we just got to go down there, be confident in ourselves, and make the plays."

(On Brandon Marshall being frustrated and getting the better of him) - “No, I think sometimes he gets frustrated because they’re double covering him, he feels they’re holding him, but Brandon (Marshall) has done a great job. It’s his attitude towards our team and on the field so we’re going to keep going to him and give him a shot."

(On Daniel Thomas change from the preseason to the regular season) - “I think it’s confidence and just understanding our offense in the running game. Just understanding where the blocks are going to be, where the holes are going to open up and he’s definitely confident where he’s running, how he is running so he’s done a really good job trying to get the extra yards for us."

(On what stands out regarding Daniel Thomas) - “I mean, he’s a powerful back. He’s slapped together, he’s a pretty muscular guy so he’s going to get the extra yards for us. It’s fun to watch when he runs."

(On what you can do to rally the team after being 0-3) - “I mean, enthusiasm in practice, try to get the guys going, not feeling down on ourselves, try to keep a positive attitude as much as we can, look them in the face and say hey, I’m confident, I’m confident in them. We have the players, we have everybody in the situation, we just got to go out there and do it, all of us, believe it, do it in practice, prepare well in the film room, do the extra things. We got to go, we can’t make excuses, can’t point fingers. We just got to be a team, come together, and play."

(On facing a 0-3 deficit in the past) - “I mean, I think you can, but it’s different faces here so a lot of guys haven’t been through it and some guys have. I think it just comes back as coming as a team, playing well, executing on Sunday when our number is called. If it’s 49 or 45 seconds left in the game and the offense is out there on the field, we need to make the plays and score the touchdown.”


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I'm totally agree with Nothing to Lose @ 11:14 AM, and I'm very doubful is there is not an uppgrade for Colombo even in the Dolphins, this is the same that happends with Bonamego the special teams coordinator the season before, since Bonamego starts with the job he sucks, and everybody saw it, and when he got fired, the special teams play better, I don't know if sparano is waiting for Henne to be kill or what.
I almost never ask for some one to get fired, and for me Sparano has made an average job so far, but I really can't stand his favoritism for cowgirl's rejects.

I'm an unmitagated expart in Spellin, Grammer and the using of the Engliss langage!

However, I have smushed a computor towar and 3 keeboards very recuntly and am having sume slite technacal difficulty's.

So Iffins you ain't like dat ya'll's can gone Fvck yo selfs!!!!

The 'if' game has no foundation in reality. What 'if' Marshall caught the ball in the endzone? Well, we don't know. It is illogical to assume that the rest of the game would have unfolded exactly the same, play for play, move for move,

Changing anything changes everything that comes afterwards.

what makes you think we would have kept Matt Schaub and Andre (MEGATRON) Johnson out.....

Posted by: kris | September 30, 2011 at 01:17 PM

SURE PAL! There you go AGAIN! Trying to muck up a good story with a bunch of useless propositions and inuendos.

Just like some here say WE SUCK! I have every right to simply say We WOULD HAVE!!!!

I can feel it in my BONES-LOL ;)

Devil, I can not disagree fully with your second sentence. But I will say this.

those great QB's you speak of had the support of players around them. They do not have receivers running routes out of bounds, or RT's still in a 3 point stance 2 seconds after a ball is snapped. They also have guys that are making the full out effort to get that same 1st down.

Henne, is not elite, I have agree with that all day. I do think he can be.

However, Brandon Marshall could have made a play on that 4th down. If that heppens this argument is null. And that is my problem. If we can point to another teammate for the shared responsibility then we can not say, "he" did not get the job done.

If Brent Jones does not make that catch in the end zone, but lets it go off his Hands, Is that montana's fault?

If Tyree does not pin that ball to his head in the SB for the Giants is eli even spoken about as elite? Or even good for that matter.

I am just asking people to keep this in perspective. If Henne threw these balls to the other team and no receiver around, well hell I will give it to him as bad as the rest.

I said it yesterday, Henne so far this year is more a victem of bad luck, than bad play. Marshall dropping those balls is bad luck for Henne not bad play.

Henne has a very big lack of talent protecting him, his "Michael Irvin" or "Jerry Rice" or "Randy Moss" is dropping balls.

perfectly thrown passes, what a laugher that is. marshall drops balls sure, but henne still cannot put the ball in there on a dime. how hard is it to throw the ball up and let marshall go up and get it? at least make it close, but no, henne throws it 5 yards out of bounds. it's the same sh$t with this guy. that part of his game will never change and that means they will never get the ball in the endzone. maybe he improved in some areas, but not the ones that matter the most.

I know you don't like the "ifs"

the problem is they need to be considered when those "ifs" are someone elses responsibility.

And your performance is being judged.

Henne is much improved over last year, still hasn't arrived yet & probably never will... I can't see how anyone can put all the blame on him though, you can't. Defense didn't do their job, why the hell wasn't Dansby on the field for browns scoring driving is what was most puzzling about that game. Henne can't win a game for you, but he didn't lose that one, he just didn't win it. Which I believe is why he has so many haters, he wins 0 games for you... When you think about QB's you want the guy who can win games for you.. Were not even talking about getting out dueled in a 38-41 game were talking about winning a game against an offensively challenged team like the browns. so if Marshall catches 3 td.'s he dropped we still lose to the pats, still lose to the texans, cause there QB's will preform when the game is on the line & score the points necessary to win, we probably beat the browns, but I don't know for that for sure... He's not good enough to win with this team, he might be good enough to win with the niners or jets or another top 5 D, but so is alex smith & sanchez, so that doesn't say much....

OK, Devil, Joe, Kris.

read Dolphin 77 post, and please give your honest opinion.

Plain and simple Henne's afraid to throw an interception. This is what separates the good from the great. Look how long he holds the ball. He doesn't have 100% confidence in himself so he either tucks it and runs or gets sacked. The very good QB's have confidence to "put the ball in there". Henne doesn't. He has to trust himself and his receivers.

About last weeks game. There was plenty of time to hit Fasano 15 yards over the middle or even a screen to Bush (which hasn't been tried so far this season). But a sideline bomb to Gates!!

LA fan its people like is the reason theres no team in la.

what pass went through his hands? if it's the cleveland game, again, the ball was tipped. it was a bang bang play, haden got a piece of the ball and it went right through his hands. he didn't drop it.

dolphin 77, talk about excuses for Henne, you take the cake for Marshall right now!


In all seriousness, nobody can say what might've happened. It's all moot suppositions.

The fact is, the reason and/or reasons we're 0-3 as opposed to 2-1 can be blamed on any number of things. The least of Which has been Henne's play so far this season.

1. The overall play of the defense, with an honorable mention to the secondary.

2. The overall play of the O-line, with honorable mentions to Carey and Colombo(I think Bush has gained 3 times as much yardage while running left-Thomas too, though not as much).

3. Failures to execute. The drops, missed chip shots, timely fumbles, and straight up ignorant penalties(the defensive penalties seriously orchestrated McCoy's heroic "DRIVE"). I have to give Marshall honorable mention here, because he combined regular drops, drops in the end zone AND stupid penalties as well.

4. Henne. He should have won that game for us in Cleveland-PERIOD. There's no excuse, he had a chance to win the fans over and change the momentum of the season.

Still, having said that, he has played WELL ENOUGH for us to win and like Poizen said, handed over a lead late in the game to the defense(we even had them stopped on 3rd down inside their own 20 and old Igor decides to just fall on the guy after the play is over-SHEESH!)

So, the cold hard reality of the situation is, you can point any numbers of fingers all over the roster. But if you're being honest, the last finger you would want to point would be at Henne.

ANYBODY that says any different is either biased, jaded or simply lacking of any real football knowledge.

PS: There I said my piece, now back to the Henne Sucks/NO HE DOESN'T mentality. It's funnier than an old Miller Lite commercial around here ;)

Next season, I wish Chad Henne good luck on his new team.

Hopefully he ends up on a winning team that can help him grow into a good qb.

Unfortunately, he has NO chemistry with this team. Why? I don't know, but the most important "it" factor is sadly missing.

i agree he drops passes, don't get me wrong. but how many times is he given a nice perfectly thrown ball to catch? not many. like i said it's usually sailing out of bounds. so when marshall catches 7 or 8 balls a game are you saying anything? it's the same thing. if marshall drops a pass which is most likely not a good pass then you blame marshall, i blame henne.


Sometimes it simply comes down to chemistry. Where one player fails to lift the team, another player brings out the best in them.

Maybe I just simply feel Henne's chemistry is a mismatch for this team. Maybe he would do better on another team. Who knows.

If we keep losing, at some point Sparano will try Moore, or Ross will try a new HC, and maybe one of those changes will shed some light on things.

For the record, my BIGGEST issue with this team is not Henne, its Sparano. I believe he is the least competent coach in the league and don't ever see him getting another HC position.

Chad doesn't know how to play QB at an NFL level, he doesn't anticipate what is going to happen he waits then throws, when he sees an openning, opennings close quickly, you need to anticipate the openning & throw before he is open with ball getting there when he is open, not throw when you see that he is open, those windows close quickly in tight qtr's like endzones, that is what I see as his biggest problem, maybe it has to do with him not trusting his Wr's, Te's or what not, but this is not college, you don't get guys wide open or atleast you shouldn't....

IF... IF, if, "If", if, if, IF iffffff, IF!

IF we were a better team, "IF" wouldn't matter as much. We've been the Miami "If"s for a pretty darn many years now.
I'd like to get back to being significant. Right now we aren't. Nobody who deals in reporting/commenting/rating NFL teams uses the "If" word when describing our team. We're described as "bad" and "worse".
The situation needs to change - for good.

For the record, my BIGGEST issue with this team is not Henne, its Sparano. I believe he is the least competent coach in the league and don't ever see him getting another HC position.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 30, 2011 at 01:52 PM


The above is my take on the subject as well.....

If you notice I haven't said Henne sucks....or that he is a good QB....

I have said he is just reaching average....thats all he is is average....but for some...yourself included (imo)......you are so used to Henne's poor perfomance...that now you have twisted his average play into something greater than it actually has been.....

Marshall has been average.....compared to what we were expecting.....

Bess is average this year....not the 1st down machine he has been in years past.......

Hartline....Average....but he has the same Henne factor....so when he makes routine plays....you begin to think of him as more than average...but he's not.....

o-Line....Average...imo....lets stop calling them garbage....DT has almost broke 100 yards twice.....

DL.....below average...and a fraud.....

LBs...below average....

Best DB tandem i the NFL....Please........

Devil, That is fair. I agree, chemistry is missing. Brandon Marshall is simply not happy here. You can tell the way he runs routes and his concentration seems to be VERY off.

I place that problem more on Marshall, you may more on Henne, the fact is it is off.

And trust me, I want a winner here in Miami, I think it can be Henne, but could care less what his name is. I just want to win.

I own 3 authentic jerseys of current players:

J.T. orange
Dansby - Teal
Marshall - White

No Henne in the closet, so I am onviously not 100% sold on him. that being said I want to burn my Marshall one, and I am not defending Dansby or JT on this blog.

Come to think of it, I did protest miami once, and do own a powder blue Chambers chargers jersey, maybe I should wear that on sunday and see if I am the jinx!



Henne is Steve Young in Tampa. You watch. He will end up with another team and be great in a few years and have 8 great years with his new team. Everyone is terrible when they are on the Fins.

I agree with everything stated by DA @ 1:52 and Canada Phil right after. I don't think Henne is the biggest problem but I think he does have the shortcomings that they mention. I also think that it's all fixable, except one...his seeming lack of chemistry is a problem that he may never overcome.

Marino had an amazing nack for the 4th quarter comeback, but he wouldn't have half of those wins if he hadn't been dialed in with his receivers, and, his receivers would give up life and limb to go after some of those passes. It seems clear that they played with a lot of faith in each other's abilities. I don't see that with Henne and his receivers.

This may all point to Matt Moore being able to provide a spark that isn't there right now. I also believe that Moore is better at improvising, which is a necessary survival skill with this O-line. I wonder how bad things would have to get before we see a QB change.

We need some new logos for our team, ya know, to shake it up some. Here's my suggestions:

Miami "Wait til next year"-s
Miami "Give him another chance"-s
Miami "We're better than our record"-s
Miami "If we didn't (insert excuse), we're 16-0!"-s
Miami "Puzzled"-s
Miami "Have patience, we'll come around eventually"-s
Miami "It's not his fault"-s
Miami "I think we'll surprise some people"-s
Miami "Reggie is a between the tackles runner"-s
Miami "Draft another lineman"-s
Miami "Tinkerers"
Miami "It's not the coach's fault, but the leadership needs to step up"-s
Miami "We don't need a star QB to be great"-s
Miami "We don't need him to win the game for us, just not lose it"-s
Miami "Retired Cowboys"

Additional suggestions welcome.

it was a bang bang play, haden got a piece of the ball and it went right through his hands. he didn't drop it.

Posted by: dolphin 77 | September 30, 2011 at 01:44 PM


It was "Ding Dang" DROP is what it was-LOL!

Of course your the same guy that said it was a bad pass to Fasano. The one that hit him in the hands before he handed it off to Abrahams in the first Pre Season Game Too!

Henne is a case of too little too late. Focus on the root cause. Sparano and Ireland. Purge the rest of the Parcells experiment. Don't wait, do it now.

o-Line....Average...imo....lets stop calling them garbage....DT has almost broke 100 yards twice.....

Posted by: kris | September 30, 2011 at 02:03 PM

I agree except for this and your take on my assessment of Henne. I don't think he's anything more than what he is. Average at the moment. Having said that, I think he's playing we enough that we should be winning. "I MEAN" Sanchez play well enough for the jets to win.

The other thing is the O-line. I couldn't disagree with you more, I think GARBAGE is a fitting word. At least on the right side.

5 sacks, 8 kockdowns and a zillion hurries in just one game? That's GARBAGE in my opinion.

But, other than those two things, I agree.......basically..........sort of..........well mostly...........I MEAN, you know............

What is frustrating the most...Our playmakers are not scary playmakers, they are not ones to scare the other team, and have them worried.

This team is talented, but they need to step up.

obvoiusly you people that blame the defense are nuts, do you forget to marino miricale spike against the jets. we had a great defense then and on what you people are saying the defense almost gave that game away BUT the QB marched down field (DID NOT THROW A PICK WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE) and won us that game. Plus our defense only gave up 17 points againt cleveland, so the point the defense lost us that game is simply incorrect!!!!

"i agree he drops passes, don't get me wrong. but how many times is he given a nice perfectly thrown ball to catch? dolphin 77"

Um, how about the one that hit him in stride in the end zone against Houston? Face it as much as you want to slam Henne for his play Marshall is just as bad.

Also, Henne is costing us millions against the cap either. I don't think Henne is the root of all evil for this team - that would be the Fist Pumper



Tricky, Just like you claim that in the clutch Henne can not perform.

Our D in the clutch did not perform. They were on the field with the lead, the other team pinned on their end.

All game, cleveland had a tough time moving the ball, then that series, no one made a play at all.

Henne was by most here to be one of the top 5 worst QB's in the league. Our D one of the top 5 in the league.

Henne is ranked 12th best QB in the league so far this year, Our D is dead last.

I think that's the point people are making.

Agreed Armando. Henne is improving but he folds like a cheap suit every time the money is on the line. 4th quarter red zone etc. And I still dont know why nobody is taking shots at Jeff Ireland. He put this team together and guess what. Its a 3 and 13 team if we are lucky. Why is he not on the hot seat. Why is he not answering questions. Ireland is turning
into a bust just like Parcells.

D Man Canada Out !!

TRICKY, I agree. Yes, they gave up the winning TD in the last 2 minutes, but, you can't really say that the D 'blew the game' when they allowed only 17 points. That should be good enough to win. "IF" we hadn't settled for FGs in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters, it would have been a 2 score game.

As a matter of fact, this defense gave up 54 points in the first 6 quarters and only 24 points in the next 6 quarters. I know that has a lot to do with who they were playing. I'm just saying, the D has done a sufficient job since the first game. It'll be interesting to see what Rivers does to them this weekend.

whats up with the chronic hamstring issues on this team?

Some forcing you to be in here Rob M??

This blog is for people who enjoy talking about football

Please, we could bring in Brady and we would still suck, because our coaches and Gm are crap...........

I believe in you have to work hard to get what you want, and this team doesnt seem to work hard enough. Like JT, Bush and other players have stated they don't practice how they play. Jeff Irland is a problem, him and TS with the cowboys rejects are going to have to let that go. If they will just admit that colombo is not the answer and make a change the O line would be better. Hell he makes them use to many players to make up for what he lacks. The reason the cowgirls let him go is because he sucks and he sucks at sucking. No other team in the league goes after ex cowboys, no other team except the dolphins. I love this team and watching them lose every sunday is making wish Basketball was coming back then I would have something that I can talk about when it comes to Miami sports. I am not giving up but I will not be coming to a game this year unless something changes. Go fins

Just watching the commentaries, for now.

do to the fact that half the coaches on this years team have never coached there position before i think (but not sure) our strenght and conditioning coach could possibly be bobby buoshay or an ex water boy. this could be an excuse for all the hamstring problems???



I would simply say, a Team practicing in a air conditioned bubble that plays home games in massive heat and 100% humidity, may answer all of our hamstring and cramping issues.

Cramping leads to weak muscles, recovery takes time after hydration, and the players do not have that time.

I call this another amazing BONE HEAD move from coaching/ownersip.

steady man, you're wrong. Other teams don't have players made of glass. Other teams don't have men with female sex organs. Other teams don't have menstrual cycles.

So, the Dolphins may not have MORE injuries than other teams, but they are more unique, because the Dolphins are made up of glass figurines. The kind your Grandma has in her china cabinet. Same kind you used to play soldier with back in the day, and you grabbed one too tight and it broke and cut your hand and your Grandma scolded you for bleeding on her carpet.

That's the Dolphins, the team of girlie glass figurines.

Dolphins' rookie RB Thomas still hampered by hamstring injury - Held out of practice Friday


Look at that, Thomas already acting like a seasoned pro. :)

Some Chris Wallace look-a-like on nfl.com is picking us over Chargers (20-17). LOLOLOLOLOL!!! And they say psychedelics are no longer in. CHA!!!

not good for us if Thomas can't play Sunday

Remember the good old days with Parcells?

"Are you hurt, or are you injured, there's a difference."

Telling players that the longer they stay in the training room, the quicker they'll wind up off the team.

If I'm the Coach, I smack 'em on their *ss, give 'em a Motrin, and tell them they can either play on the field, or hang up the uniform and go home and play with yourself for the rest of the Season.

like i said i know he drops passes, but the qb should be making it a little easier on the wrs. i agree marshall is not happy. he made that clear what he thought about henne. and im sure nothing has changed. my whole gripe is henne will never lead the dolphins to where every team strives to be in feb, and that is a fact.

NFL Network sjowing the Bill Belicheat story....

Hope Coach Tony is watching.....

Step 1.....suck at your first HC gig and get fired....

Step 2......be average at your 2nd HC gig and have a 6th rd Superman land in your lap @ QB.....


I do want to applaud Tony Sparano's consistency though. He sucks in Sept., sucks in Oct., sucks in Nov, and REALLY sucks in Dec.

Henne can learn from that type of consistency.

Sparano sucks so much, his wife had a sex change so he wouldn't have to leave the house.

Belicheat GOING OFF on his team for celebrating to early...

Coach Tony Congradulates our gus for losing a close game.....

I'm learning a lot....

kris, where'd you go bro-ham? You said the other day you were getting on a plane? You still using that fake Pan-am pilot's license?


I'm in Colorado for my brother's retirement ceromony....

20 years and 8 months....that what he gave to Uncle Sam....

head back tommrow....

Give Matt Moore a shot! Give Matt Moore a shot!
Nothing to lose at this point!

What do you call Tony Sparano hoisting a trophy over his head?

The new winner of the biggest horse's *ss contest.


safe flight my man. Don't forget to stop by some of those medical dispensaries. You'll need it for the game Sunday.

Respect to your brother too. He fought for our Dolphins to be free to lose every game this year.

Thanks DC...

My brother had the good sense to be a GIANTS fan...

You know....one of those teams that win the Super Bowl Once a decade...

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