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... and the curious case of Chad Henne

Still puzzled. Today, what to make of Chad Henne.

He has improved. No question about that. He is more aggressive. He looks to make the downfield throw a lot more. He moves his team from 20-yard line to 20-yard line like the dickens. He's completing 56.5 percent of his passes, which is lower than last year, but he has four touchdowns and three interceptions which is a better stat than his upside down more-intercepts-than-TDs ratio of the past two seasons.

So that's good.

But there is something missing. Still.

He's still not very good on third down.

His passer rating on third down is 69.6, which is 13 points lower than his overall rating. He completes only 53 percent of his passes on third down. And he's ranked 21st in the NFL on third-down passing. This stat is important because big-time NFL QBs make their money on third down. That's why it's called the money down.

It was eye-opening to see young, unproven Colt McCoy lead his team to a winning TD late last week and Henne not be able to move his team 15 or 20 yards for a responding and winning field goal. That all came in the fourth quarter.

Henne has been bad in the fourth quarter as well this year. He is the 31st-ranked (of 33 players) fourth-quarter passer this season. His fourth-quarter passer rating is atrocious at 48.7. By comparison, the Dolphins defense this weekend faces the top-ranked fourth-quarter passer in Phillip Rivers of San Diego. His fourth-quarter rating is 136.4

Henne so far is completing fewer than half his fourth quarter passes. His completion percentage is 42.9. That is the worst in the NFL.

So while Henne has improved from last year, he has a long way to go yet. And, it should be considered, every statistical category you look at with him, indeed, every stat you study for the Dolphins offense must be done with this in mind:

The Dolphins opened the season against a team whose defense is the worst in the NFL right now. That's right, the Patriots have gotten lit by everyone on defense this year and are ranked No. 32 in that category this year.

Anyway, this is a full text of Henne's meeting with the media this week:

(On Brian Hartline’s progression this season) - “Yeah, I thought Brian (Hartline) stepped up big. In the previous game, he hasn’t got a lot of balls because we had some one-on-one coverages with other guys and they were first in the progression, but now teams are starting to take away some of our receivers away. Brian has done a great job one-on-one and I feel confident going to him if we have that matchup."

(On practicing toe-tapping catches on the sideline and back shoulder throws) - “Yeah, the back shoulder throws has evolved. I think every team works it in practice, one-on-one routes. Quarterbacks are becoming a custom to it and receivers are doing a great job adjusting, but Brian (Hartline), his toe-touch and his way to stay in bounds is just amazing. He does it in practice a lot, goes against our defense one-on-one and it shows in practice he gets it done and carries over."

(On Brian Hartline’s ability to run after the catch) - “Yeah, I think he’s quick in transition when he gets the ball. He tucks it under and looks to get yards up field quick, he’s done a really good job with that."

(On Reggie Bush not receiving many catches lately) - “Well, I mean, sometime they’re bring some pressure where he has to stand and protect and other times, he’s out there, but we’re completing balls down the field. We’re looking to complete balls down field first, not the underneath routes. If it comes a case where we have a matchup out there and I need to come down to Reggie (Bush), I’ll come down to him."

(On Reggie Bush not receiving many catches due to Daniel Thomas catching good as well)- “Well, I mean, we’re switching them in and out. We’re giving them a good mix and whoever is in on that play, we will see who will get the ball, but nobody’s going to tell. We’re trying to look down field and make big plays, if not, we’ll get it down to those guys."

(On not having red zone success psychological or execution) - “It’s all about execution, I mean, we have the plays…whether we need to study more in there or more things down there, but we just got to execute. Execute our game plan. If it’s there, take it, we got to be aggressive down there and make plays and if it’s not, it’s not much we can do. We can run the ball, throw the ball, we just got to go down there, be confident in ourselves, and make the plays."

(On Brandon Marshall being frustrated and getting the better of him) - “No, I think sometimes he gets frustrated because they’re double covering him, he feels they’re holding him, but Brandon (Marshall) has done a great job. It’s his attitude towards our team and on the field so we’re going to keep going to him and give him a shot."

(On Daniel Thomas change from the preseason to the regular season) - “I think it’s confidence and just understanding our offense in the running game. Just understanding where the blocks are going to be, where the holes are going to open up and he’s definitely confident where he’s running, how he is running so he’s done a really good job trying to get the extra yards for us."

(On what stands out regarding Daniel Thomas) - “I mean, he’s a powerful back. He’s slapped together, he’s a pretty muscular guy so he’s going to get the extra yards for us. It’s fun to watch when he runs."

(On what you can do to rally the team after being 0-3) - “I mean, enthusiasm in practice, try to get the guys going, not feeling down on ourselves, try to keep a positive attitude as much as we can, look them in the face and say hey, I’m confident, I’m confident in them. We have the players, we have everybody in the situation, we just got to go out there and do it, all of us, believe it, do it in practice, prepare well in the film room, do the extra things. We got to go, we can’t make excuses, can’t point fingers. We just got to be a team, come together, and play."

(On facing a 0-3 deficit in the past) - “I mean, I think you can, but it’s different faces here so a lot of guys haven’t been through it and some guys have. I think it just comes back as coming as a team, playing well, executing on Sunday when our number is called. If it’s 49 or 45 seconds left in the game and the offense is out there on the field, we need to make the plays and score the touchdown.”


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Big thanks to your brother!

Be safe.

u working today mando where are my twitter updates?


Thanks...and my brother will apperciate that...

We can disagree about Henne....or the Dolphins in general...

But thanks for proving that this blog can be bigger than football....You too DC....


Very few posters here are not idiots.

It's funny reading all of these comments from up here in Packer / Bear territory. There is some pretty good football being played up here in the northern states. As a life-long Dolphins fan, it pains me to see the sorry state my team down south is currently in. It also hurts my weekly football picks... I have a tendency to pick with my heart and I can't stand to pick against Miami week-in and week-out. From my perspective, almost everyone posting comments on this site has a legitimate argument. Henne is not the answer, although he has shown improvement. He seems to have all the physical tools to play quarterback, but he lacks the insticts to really excel. With that said, Henne is also not the reason for the 0-3 start, or not the sole reason anyway. No part of this team is performing well. No players are making significant individual contributions. Offense, defense, and special teams are not performing well. The coaching staff has not shown any ability to motivate players or improve the team's chances to win through creative play-calling or game-planning. The personnel department can't seem to decide what direction to go in. I have zero confidence in the entire organization right now. I will continue to cheer for the Dolphins each and every week... I can't help it. But don't expect a miracle turn-a-raound this year. There are just too many leaks to plug on this sinking ship. It's time for a new GM, coach, and QB. Good luck Miami, I hope I'm wrong.


wake too small entire D too small too slow

They are who we thought they wre.

since first game offense is problem.

look at page that shows AFC east standings w/ total pts scored and against. D same as other 3.


(On facing a 0-3 deficit in the past) - “I mean, I think you can, but it’s different faces here so a lot of guys haven’t been through it and some guys have. I think it just comes back as coming as a team, playing well, executing on Sunday when our number is called. If it’s 49 or 45 seconds left in the game and the offense is out there on the field, we need to make the plays and score the touchdown.”

Just copy this statement from hennes 0-3 start and paste that for the entire year.....no more interviews, no more questionable decisions, no more how we can improve.....just these comments should be all that is needed as an EXSCUSE for the year in which we suck!!!!


"Very few posters here are not idiots"- Roger Good All


Yes, that was a pretty stupid comment- seems Roger thought it was clever (what an idiot!)

northen fin fan you just sumed it up in a nutshell. that's the bottom line.



yeah just like henne saying all i know is these guys will never stop quitting. dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I'm just saying, the D has done a sufficient job since the first game.

Posted by: Nothing to Lose | September 30, 2011 at 02:49 PM

Consistently committing penalties on 3rd down and ranking 32nd out of 32?


Taste GREAT/LESS Filling

Yep, the more I use my medulla oblongata the more I believe that 'IF' Sporegano is not going to fix the O-line then he should throw in Matt Moore who, by all accounts, is more of a 'gamer'.

We need a 'gamer' who can make the chicken salad out of what we've got here.

Guys if you are interested to see a change of pace and new look logo for the dolphins upcoming seasons please go to facebook and type "New Miami Dolphins Logo" to see the one I created. If you like it, please click on it...looking forward to read your comments! tnx

dolphin 77

Henne was hopefully talking about Marshall, because no truer words could be spoken.

but I am sure it was a slip up.

Nothing to Lose,

with our feeble OL, Moore might get to play sooner than we'd really like (hope not!!)

yeah, im sure that's not what he meant, but it was funny.

Whatsss upp!! Fellas,

odin been reading some of your posts over the last couple of days and happen to agree about your assesment regarding the OL being were it all starts and ends. I believe as well though that the back and forth we had regarding the Bush trade is proving true to form. I wonder were all those that blasted me for questioning that trade while watching the Saints in turn pick up the more durable Sproles all went??

Nothing against Bush but if he couldn't hack it there I had a sense it would be tough sailing in Miami especially with the rook being the only other option and expect him to hit the rookie wall by week 9 at this stage if they plan on feeding him the rock 25 to 30 times a game and YES odin I can't for the life of me figure why the HELL Carey hasn't been kicked out to RT while giving Garner a shot at RG!!!

You could even move Pouncey to LG while sliding the slow footed Incognito to Center but like someone posted on here earlier what the HELL do a bunch of dummies who have done nothing but watch this game over 30 years like us possibly know.

aivan are you talking about the helmet? the sun is pretty cool looking. i like it.

let me ask one simple question. if you do not believe that your quarterback is capable of leading the team to and winning a super bowl, what is the sense of continuing on with him? there is nothing curious about the case of chad henne. he has proven himself to be mediocre, and he will never ascend to the upper echelon of quarterbacks in the nfl. it makes for nice fodder on a blog, but the answer to this question has already been decided with his performance. it't time to let him go.

You guys commenting on how many points the D gave up to the Browns should check the facts.

The Offense held the ball for over 45 minutes.

That means the defense gave up 17 points in under a quarter. Defensive penalties gave Cleveland 4 first downs on McCoys awesome game winning drive.

Their number one offensive weapon in Hillis was out as well.

You can try to make the obvious argument here, but the fact is, there's no defending this defenses performance thus far.

austin, please give some facts to support your strong opinion.

You will discount this point I am sure, but to even count much of what henne did his 2 years starting under Henne is useless. He was not allowed to be a QB, he was a puppet of the o-coord.

that being said. In just 3 games we have seen drastic improvement with his pocket presence, decision making, and completions. He also has had 3 in hand drops for TD's.

He has struggled in the red zone a little, does not deserve as much blame as some give him.

the first thing that improves for a QB who can improve is his pocket presence and his ability between the 20's. So we have seen that. the next thing will be Red zone. We will see that soon. when that happens what happens to your argument?

His is the 12th highest rated passer in the league. And was 6th last week.

That shows improvement, and he is capable of getting better.

So what your saying is you are a gypsie with a crystal ball and knows he has peaked?

FACT: He has improved, and shows he can, so none of us can put a ceiling on that. He deserves a season to see if it continues to get better.

dolphin 77, tnx man, yeap I try to do a new cool thing with the sunburst, you can read the words "miami dolphins champions" sort of like a subliminal thing... I change the dolphin too and try to gave him a tougher more intimidating look, it's hard to make a dolphin look mean but I think it came out good lol...tnx for your post...New Miami Dolphins Logo on fcbook

* under henning


You know better than to post phony stats here on the blog. Someone will come along and make it right. The offense did not have the ball for over 45 minutes as you say.

Time of possession:

Mia 37:51
Cle 22:09

Let's try to keep things real in the future.

In regards to the Def. I wasn't suprised to see the Pats TE's in the slot victimizing the hell out of Carroll after watching him in the Pre-Season I actually expected the liability in those types of formations what I didn't expect was how weak our MLB's and Safety's would play the underneath contain.

Norv Turner vs. Sparano, Both put their teams in positions to lose. Let's see this weekend, who wins the suckfest.

Good night all, good discussion, have a great weekend.

Go Phins. ugh

You guys commenting on how many points the D gave up to the Browns should check the facts.

The Offense held the ball for over 45 minutes.

Posted by: odinseye | September 30, 2011 at 04:53 PM


Here are the facts that you should check too:

Time of possession:

Mia 37:51
Cle 22:09



if only we didn't "have to continue" with our FS (and some of the other DBs), and some of our LBs, and some of our D-Line men, and some of the O-Linemen, and Carpenter, and most of the special teams unit. And what about that Lex Hilliard chap- are we going to the super bowl with him?


Agree on Henne as well the collapse is a complete team perfect storm. The one thing I wonder about though is the only play I ever saw under Henning that I liked was the 3 WR set with a TE and a RB with Henne under Center in the redzone were he usually hit the slot Rec. (Bess) on an inside slant or tried to hit the back corner of the endzone with Hartline.

It was the one play in that part of the field that I believe had success with Henning and Daboll has abondoned it. At this point I'm convinced that Henne can't throw the shallow fade to save his life but the other throws seem to be his bread and butter. I think some of the redzone stuff can be fixed by having Henne throw these passes and looking at what did work when in that part of the field in the past.


I checked the facts...the offense had the ball 37 minutes, which is not 'over 45'. But that's ok, I get your point. When a team has a 15 minute advantage in TOP like Miami did, the defense should not wilt at the end.


You know better than to post phony stats here on the blog. Someone will come along and make it right. The offense did not have the ball for over 45 minutes as you say.

Time of possession:

Mia 37:51
Cle 22:09

Let's try to keep things real in the future.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 30, 2011 at 04:58 PM

It was a typo, there is a difference. The article I got it from mentioned our time of possesion and the colts and steelers. They had the ball 45 min. I read it wrong, big deal, but for you to insinuate that I intentionally posted something bogus. I don't think so, try again later-BHANNNNNNNNNNNT!

PS: You calling for someone to keep things real? ROTFLMAO! If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black.


Despite dominating time of possession, Dolphins fall to Colts

The Colts had the ball 14 minutes, 53 seconds, the lowest time of possession since Manning's arrival in 1998, ... Dolphins CB iffy for Browns game with hurt hamstring;


**See the typo**

We still had almost a 40/20 time of possession advantage.

What's more, McCoys last game winning drive was 80 yards. 35 of which we gave them in panalty yards on THIRD DOWNS!

poizen, i appreciate your comment. cam newton threw for nearly 1000 yards in his first 2 games as a professional, and on the worst team in the nfl (or at least what was the worst team, before he arrived). statistics only tell part of the story. the rest is self-evident, and though henne may have improved statistically, the truth is miami's winning percentage is 0 percent.


Can't knock me for keeping you honest, even for a typo. You'd have done the same. FACTS are a touchy subject around here.

someone said earlier "everyone who comes to play for the dolphins gets worse". i agree,it must be coaching: not putting the players in the best position for success (like bellichek does). we need to clean house.

If I see any more posts about starting Matt Moore I'm gonna explode!!!

Anymore who posts that should be banned!!

I have to tip my hat to you lately Mando. You are born again hard and not just a Dolphin homer anymore. Thanks for finally reporting the sports news instead of making it up.

Daniel Thomas out for Sunday's game!!

How does Slaton look now??

If slaton can prove he's durable and not running like crap it will be ok...but if he still runs timid like the last few times I saw him run then he aint gonna do anything special

Daniel Thomas out for Sunday's game!!

How does Slaton look now??

Posted by: TONY'S CLIP BOARD | September 30, 2011 at 06:12 PM


I didn't know he was out....but I read he was injured.....

Love to see some of those guys asking WHY we signed him....come on here now.....

The floor is your...

Joe Schmoe
oscar canosa

and many more.....you know who you are.....

If your man enough to BASH the FO bad decisions....and bad coaching.....

Lets see some postives for a little fore thought.....

I understood why we signed Slaton. I don't understand why this FO wasn't better prepared with the RB situation before the regular season started. Your supposedly every down starter is injury prone, your #2 (who really is now the #1) is a rookie, and behind those two guys you only have Lex who they keep on the team and barely ever give him a chance, 2 carries for 5 yards on the season, 0 carries last season, so basically they started the season with only 2 RB's they wanted to play.

We are thin at RB, thin in the secondary, and they keep 3rd string TE's they don't even use.

File it away under PPP (Piss Poor Planning)

Dear Mr. Salguero

I would just like to thank the Jeff Ireland and the state of Texas....mostly the cities of Dallas and now Houston.

These cities castoffs have allowed Jeff Ireland to replace Miami's injured players enabling the Dolphins to keep pace with the likes of the St. louis, Indianapolis, Minnesota and Kansas city.

Just think where we would have been without these players.

Soiled :)

Only 5 pages?! Wow, I guess I was wrong, looks like everyone is as sick of talking about this as I am.

Armando said;

"I asked Mike Nolan what his DBs need to do to get their hands on balls more this year. Tragically phrased question."

And I laughed my a*# off!

nobody, to answer your question Henne did it against the Jets on a deep pass to Ginn that was perfect. It was a huge turning point in the game.

But like I said earlier, who cares? Our whole team is garbage, why are we focusing on the one player who improved? Baffling. I'm out.

Most Miami Dolphin's Fans now don't deserve a good Team.

Armando, Chad has played well. Many issues have not made him look good. They are all on Sparano which is why he will be fired soon. Tony Sparano is old school and will not change. Cleveland had so many receivers on the field for their winning drive that DC Mike Nolan took out Dansby. Conversely Tony ran the ball to try and protect a 3 point lead. Enough on this Sparano. He is just not a head coach and was poisioned by the Parcells old school methods. The poor in game decisions just will not stop and that is what will get Tony FIRED very soon.

Why not? Lack of a good Education.

nobody, to answer your question Henne did it against the Jets on a deep pass to Ginn that was perfect. It was a huge turning point in the game.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 30, 2011 at 07:10 PM

That was not to win the game, although that my be the last game Henne played that well. The game winner was Ronnie Brown running the WC with Henne off the field. We need a QB that can hit a receiver in stride on a long pass more than once every 3 years.

Still with Henne people,

We have a HC who misuses personnel(Bush) badly. They looked like they had a clue in the preseason but now not so much.
We have a highly paid #1 receiver who has a case of the drops...in the endzone. He gets alot of money to make those catches. Anyone seen the Lions. That's a #1 receiver.
We have a coach who makes excuses for that receiver and says "You can call some of them drops. I call them hard catches.". REALLY. We have picture of those "hard catches" hitting his hands. #1 receivers make those catches.
We have a defense that looks like the unit with the new cordinator. Costly penelties. Making rookie Olinemen look like probowlers. Zero pressure on opposing QBs. Name one bright spot on the Defense.
We have an Oline that is probably only second to Chicago as the worst pass blocking line.

Henne is not the best QB in the league but he's not even close to our biggest problem.

Sully, the subject of this particular blog is about Henne, so maybe that explains the comments.


I understand the subject. It's the fact that the blame seems to be placed on one person by many of the "fans". This Dolphin team is not very good and there are many reason for that. Not just Henne.

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