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... Then the other shoe drops on roster-churn Tuesday

Yes, Igor Olshansky fills the need at DE. But what about the defensive back discussed in the last post?

Re-enter Nate Jones.

The Dolphins have signed Jones, who played on the team from 2008-2009, to fill that spot. Jones was cut by Denver earlier this season.

His addition is interesting because it speaks to the uncertainty the team has over the hamstring injury to cornerback Vontae Davis.

If Davis cannot play against Cleveland, the Dolphins will pick among Will Allen or Nolan Carroll as the starter. And then they'll decide whom to play at nickel between the Carroll-Allen non-starter and Jones.

To make room for all of today's predictable moves, the Dolphins cut both Larry Johnson and TE Dante Rosario.

So in summary: Add Nate Jones and Igor Olshansky. Delete Larry Johnson and Dante Rosario from your collective minds. All of the additions are patchwork meant to fill in holes. This isn't make-the-team-better stuff. This is more let's-not-let-the-team-get-worse stuff.

Onward to Wednesday's start of weekly preparations.



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From th last blog:


If Ireland is in charge, I have all the confidence in the world that he'll recognize that we need a Right Tackle with the 1st round pick.

You know, to cover for the last Cowboy reject that, ah.....well.....make that the next to last Cowboy reject we've aquired.

Skip the Circus Brother, it's time to send in the clowns! Or get rid of the clowns......whichever the case may be-LOL!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Yeah #2... lol

Petition: Fire Sparano.

1. Blake.

If Davis cannot play against Cleveland, the Dolphins will pick among Will Allen or Nolan Carroll as the starter. And then they'll decide whom to play at nickel between the Carroll-Allen non-starter and Jones.

FEAR NOT! Nate Jones-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I expect we cut Cam Wake next to make room for the re-signing of Buh-Buh-Buh-Benny Sapp!!!!

Yeah Baby-AwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiight Miami!!!!

Petition: Fire Sparano.

1. Blake.

Posted by: Blake | September 20, 2011 at 07:22 PM

No disrespect Blake, but ah NOPE! I appreciate the tought, but it's too little to late. I'm starting my own petition and I took the liberty of adding your name.

Petition for the Double Hanging of SpOrano and Ireland!

1. Blake

2. Odinseye

I'll keep checking back every day to see if TS got canned. Not today... maybe tomorrow...

Sorry this is off topic, but I read a comment from another blog that Sparano is now calling plays instead of Daboll. Has anyone else heard of this? Please say it ain't sooooo!

Does "Yeah!" ever post anything other than #1?

I didn't think so.


I'm going to make one serious post and that's all folks.

The silliness and desperation is getting to epic proportions. I think Ireland and Co. have now surpassed Cam Camoron and are further in over their heads than even he was! Freaking AMAZING, I didn't think that was even POSSIBLE!

Seriously Folks, the Leadership of this franchise has COMPLETELY buckled since the start of the season. Eerily similar to last years ridiculous last second roster churns-ROTFLMAO!!!!

It's impoosible to be objective enough at this point! Let the roster moves of the past 4 weeks sink in and look again! Truly UN-Freaking-Believeable!

I was hoping for the best and taking out my frustrations in jest. But no longer, enough is enough.

Let the word go forth, to friend and foe alike(-JFK-)Ireland and SpOrano have just signed their own death warrants.

It's OFFICIALLY OVER, time for the villagers to rejoice!!!!

I think a quote from a crazy cartoon charcter is very fitting at the moment: "That's All Folks!"

(Yes I did, I quoted JFK and Bugs Bunny in the same post-YEAH!!!!)

One thing must finally be painfully clear to even the most faithful homers, Sparano has to go. The guy is plain dumb. Even dumb people can see he is dumb. I'm at the point where I feel embarrassed for him. What scares me, it doesn't even seem he realizes how inferior he is to the competition.

Now JT is criticizing the practices, and several players 'some who preferred to withhold their names', are agreeing with him. It is beyond me how Sparano has not yet lost the locker room, or maybe he has. It's clear as a bell they are not prepared to play, and now we hear the players saying they play like they practice. Wonderful. How often do we here Sparano quote numbers and gibberish to convince us how good the practices went? To him it's all about the number of repetitions and not the quality of the repetitions.

Well, 2 + 2 = Sparano is a dud.

Petition for the Double Hanging of SpOrano and Ireland! ... and a lethal injection of Ross.

1. Blake
2. Odinseye
3. Quig

Say goodbye to the bubble practice "Feed the Wolf" idiots. Please.

Still think Larry Johnson should stay on as a back-up RB but I don't run the team. Seems like there has to be some lesser players on the roster somewhere?

Some random thoughts...

The Fins better get moving on the proper motivation, Zen, Extenze or whatever they are going to use to start buying a couple of wins or this season will be bleak, devoid of even more people in the stands and ALL the LUCK derby talk will start to gain steam.

Speaking of Luck and QBs it looks like Henne's mediocrity and career up and down"NESS" has brought him right back down in week #2. After watching the game again I will refrain from blistering the guy as that would just be the easy route. He through some catchable balls that wern't caught and another whole slew of uncatchable balls.

But yeah, let's give him a fith year and go find two more Brandon Marshall's and draft more a bunch more playmakers...that'll fix it!

Sparano defends him like it was his kid. In part because that's all he has. With the Bifecta's master plan and all that deft manuevering in the draft and in FA the QB cupboard is bare. Even Matt Hasselbach didn't look to shabby in taking down the vaunted Ravens. There were a couple of FA QBs that could have been a band aid but they were passed over.

The Fin's brass made that bed and is now snoozing in it.

Henne kinda turned off in game #2(shocker)and RB Daniels kinda turned on...well sort of. A touch over the century mark is not exactly ablaze but, it's still super early in his career so we shall see. He seems to be a high effort guy. I hope that doesn't mean too many second effort fumbles as this is the NFL and not Kansas anymore.

The Fins DL and LBs better start getting to opposing QBs when they come after them... there are no moral victories in the "almost" sack game. In today's NFL, there will actually be more negatives from that "almost a sack" action in the form of late hits and roughing calls.

Koa Misi anyone?
Odrick anyone?
Any DBs we can be proud of...anyone? Bell is trying but he is starting to show signs of being a little older.

Hey, the team is chuck full of Bill Parcell's "Bigs" type players. Guys that "were that tall, heavy and stout" to ride this ride...Too bad that doesn't help you vs these cut on a dime offensive guys they have to try and cover.

When we blitz, can we send someone over to their hot reads coming out as well? I mean sometimes you see RBs and TE's so open it's like one part of our defense is oblivious we are blitzing and whom to pick up?

I waited too long to see this brand of football being played...

Anyone wanna cover All World WR Andre Johnson? Anyone?

I hope Taylor's old skool grumpy passion bleeds all over the "Newer" Fins as many of them just don't seem to get it.

That is all.


this team could easily go 1-15

Another COWBOY REJECT.....


WAIT! Hold up...the Messiahs have arrived in Nate Jones and Igor Olshansky.

Whew! I thought the season was a loss for a second.


this team could easily go 1-15

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 20, 2011 at 07:53 PM

Well let's win one first before we get ahead of ourselves. :-)

cosmodo LOL +1


I blinked, and noticed that Odinseye made a serious post.
I blinked again and it's still there.

BTW, not up for murder, or even immediate firings - after the season, sure. First choice:
and here's a weird thought ... can we convince JT to stick around as assistant coach? He's the only guy these guys respect. Worth a thought. Less wear and tear on the body, JT.

I can't wait for Romo to be released.....

Thought we almost had Romo after the jets game.....

1-15 will get us luck

i keep on looking for jeff irelands resignation..... not today

Wonder when the Henne Homer's will finally see that time is not going to cure what ails the guy.

Fitzpatrick of the Bills

Cam Newton of Carolina

Stafford of Detroit

Bradford of the Rams

Even Colt McCoy of the Browns to an extent.

You either wake up with a certain amount of God given QB talent to make "ALL" the throws (i.e. Fades, Sluggo's, Fade Stops, Back Shoulder, Bombs, Bubble Screens, Screens etc) WITH A HIGH MEASURE of ACCURACY or you don't.

Henne will play good in spurts and even can drive up and down a field.

He makes mistakes with reads and decisions and he melts in the most important area...the RED ZONE.

Amazingly enough, the Bifecta hitched itself to basically this lone covered wagon at QB? Ireland says "Hey, there is a Donner Pass that we can cut through" Sparano "Sounds like a quick and easy way to the West, lets take that!"

Aye Carumba!


I'm I crazy in thinking that the Dolphins shouldn't have had the day off today? They're 0 and 2, and could use an extra day to.. i don't know, maybe integrate the new personnel they just signed? Maybe look at more film of Cleveland's games? Maybe use the day to expand the dual-back package on offense?
Is it just me?

Toronto Ry,

There are Mandatory days off... CBA demands it!

The Vince Lombardi days are long gone with working players fingers to the bone to be good.



Or how about conditioning drills OUTSIDE the bubble?

Thanks Rob!

i took alot of bs in here for saying how bad this team was in august.

np Toronto

I will fire Tony Sparano if he loses the Browns game guys!

And buy up all of downtown Miami!!

henne is fatally flawed as a qb..simply put, after all the nonsense clears, better decisions in the red zone the last two games could very easily have resulted in different outcomes, notwithstanding the bs on defense.

Well Cam Newton (the Icon) has dispelled a couple of rumors about QB's as it relates to the NFL.

Wonderlic? Who cares. Marino and Vince Young have won and they had low scores.

It takes football intelligence, a feel for the game and talent.

The NFL game will be too crazy hard for him to learn...especially coming from that dumb old "One Read and Go" that Auburn ran....


Looks like the kid has a pretty bright future and should be making Carolina relevant in a hurry.

I am a Ryan Mallet QB guy and still believe the Fins whiffed bigtime on that non choice.

I also was one of the guys that was not sold on Cam Newton as an NFL caliber QB and oh boy does that crow pie look good in that oven...Mmmm Mmmm.

Gotta draft quality trigger men...ya just gotta in the NFL to amount top squat.


Didnt Nathan Jones play for us during the Revolutionary War?

be great i hope browns destroy us. fire that staff and start talking to cowher and see what he wants

Rob OC,

Bellichick would give us Mallett right now if we gave a 1st and a 2nd rd pick for him. Sad thing is the deranged fo might actually do the deal!


Rob in OC,

Another excellent post as usual.

All except for your criticisms of Henne. He didn't put up 400 plus yards of offense, but overall he played well enough to win. What more can you ask for?

He also gained some critical first downs by extending plays and using his legs(running tough really). Matter of fact, other than Thomas's 106 yard debut, Henne has been the ONLY BRIGHT SPOT on this ENTIRELY sorry a ss team! Defense INCLUDED!

You can keep crticizing, that's you're right here. However, the facts are, he played well enough for us to be 2-0 and is our offensive MVP to date.

Cheers THAT-Cheerio-LOL ;)


When will they cut Sean Smith?

Our defense is the worst in the NFL.

and people in here were acting like they were a top 5 d,lol. and ripped me for saying otherwise

You can't polish a turd.

How about another Tony, Tony Dungy with Mike Singletary as defensive coach? he lives in Florida and should have two Superbowls (Gruden won with his players). Look at the Colts this year 2 years removed from his coaching & Tampa Bay after he left won a Superbowl then collapsed and has taken several years to rebuild.

I used to like Sparano, but he is still making bad time management calls, let alone the bad personnel calls. Time for a new regime, maybe one that can win.

Actually we did ourselves zero favors today:

1. We cut 2 players other teams thought did not deserve to be in the nfl any longer.

2. Brought in two players other teams thought didnt deserve to be in the nfl any longer.

3. Replaced a player who does deserve to be in the nfl(McDaniels) with one who doesnt(Olshansky).

Armando states we were just trying to not get any worse. But we did, replacing McDaniels with Olshansky isnt getting worse?


Are they going to re-hire Larry Johnson on Wednesday.

Bunch of phooken Jack AZzes

Why you so angry?

The difference between 0-2 and 0-3:

0-2 stirs up the impatient fans
0-2 gets the blogs turning decidedly negative
0-2 gets the local writers questioning the FO
0-2 gets the most die hard fans thinking maybe the negative fans saw something they overlooked.

0-3 gets full blown daily national attention to the coach in the hottest seat
0-3 becomes an unavoidable major distraction to the team itself
0-3 has Ross making phone calls sooner than he'd like to
0-3 means the team is unquestionably going backwards
0-3 makes the players doubt their own abilities
0-3 is doom

Even the TE Rosario they cut today was the wrong move. He's the only one that has the skillset to compliment Fasano and the one's they kept have no real NFL experience-Dooh-AGAIN! One of them their actually keeping to cover for COLOMBO! Yet another dumba ss cowboy reject move. I can't even think of a word that accurately describes the level of idocrasy we're witnessing.

They cut Sapp, when it should have been Carrol(or one of the TE'/ILB's). Davis gets injured, Carrol costs us another game. So to right the wrong, they bring in a guy they already decided was worse than Carrol and Sapp to begin with! Huh? Nate Jones baby! Not only was he not good enough to originally keep over Sapp and Carrol, he's been cut by ANOTHER Team SINCE THEN! If they were right then-then their wrong now. Or vice versa, who knows, it's getting hard to keep up.

This is so pitiful it's fvcking HILARIOUS! At least now I can sit back and relax as we get our as ses handed to us. Just like the Cam Camoron year, totally humiliating, but physically and emotionally RELAXING!!!!

I have always said I'm in it until the wheels fall off! Well, the wheels have fell off and both axles are BROKEN!!!!


Explain to the Dolphins u have to go OVER the line to score a touchdown

Not just get to within a foot or two and QUIT

Bunch of phooken JackAzzes!

Thanks for the Bravo, JS.

That last one is my "Last-Last" serious post, I promise!

Hennes game to stats do not suggest much to admire:

12/30 attempts (well under 50%)
170 yards
5.7 avg
1 td
1 int
56.2 passer rating

DB @ 8:38 LOL, desperation can cause strange bedfellows. Nah man, with as much time and opportunity to bring in SOME REAL, VIABLE competition at QB and not to do so...the Bifecta seems to be going down with the listing and uneasy USS Henne.


Guarantee you guys if we have a bad season Ross fires Sparano and keeps Ireland.

Ross is a bigger football idiot than Ireland/Sparano. Instead of buying the team Ross should have stayed on the sidelines waving his pom-poms!


Why r we the laughing stock of the NFL again?


How come there is NO Life @ Chemtrail Death stadium?

Everyone wants Sparano fired, and they are right. But what about Mike Nolan who was to give us the best five defense. Nobody talks about him. Not even Sparano. He seems to be hiding while both starting corners are having cramps and cover problems, Dansby injured and Burnett asking himself how he got here.

Mando do u think Sparano will go with Tony Dorsett or just resign Larry Johnson again on Friday?

Bunch of Phooken Azzes!

FIRE the clowns left behind by Parcells

We're the only team in the afc east that's not really improving. It takes this fo 2-3yrs to prove to themselves thier way isnt going to work before they try and fix it right.

During this wasted time even the Bills have now cught and passed us. Is last place in the afc east a clue to anyone?


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