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... Then the other shoe drops on roster-churn Tuesday

Yes, Igor Olshansky fills the need at DE. But what about the defensive back discussed in the last post?

Re-enter Nate Jones.

The Dolphins have signed Jones, who played on the team from 2008-2009, to fill that spot. Jones was cut by Denver earlier this season.

His addition is interesting because it speaks to the uncertainty the team has over the hamstring injury to cornerback Vontae Davis.

If Davis cannot play against Cleveland, the Dolphins will pick among Will Allen or Nolan Carroll as the starter. And then they'll decide whom to play at nickel between the Carroll-Allen non-starter and Jones.

To make room for all of today's predictable moves, the Dolphins cut both Larry Johnson and TE Dante Rosario.

So in summary: Add Nate Jones and Igor Olshansky. Delete Larry Johnson and Dante Rosario from your collective minds. All of the additions are patchwork meant to fill in holes. This isn't make-the-team-better stuff. This is more let's-not-let-the-team-get-worse stuff.

Onward to Wednesday's start of weekly preparations.



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Just for record we r not the laughing stock of the NFL, that would be the Chiefs, and they will win the Luck sweepstakes. So we better start looking at the next best QB or WR or whatever.
Team is going 5 11 and will get your new coach. But that will still be a rebuilding process.
BTW I still like to blame Cam for most of this mess.

See ya Fin Fans:D

Already looking forward to next season.

NEW Owner...GM...Head Coach...QB.

LOL! I know. Im asking for a lot but...

Getting ready for the playoffs...LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a difficult time believing that when we need a player for this roster it is in our best interest to fill that need with a Dallas retread 90% of the time.

There are 30 other teams to choose from. I'm not the guru Jeff Ireland thinks he is but statistics alone would be against him. Available players should be studied and looked at from ALL 30 TEAMS!

Is Dallas the juggernaut of the NFL talent pool?

How about this approach; look at teams that have depth at a certain position and look to see if there are any potential up and comers that get cut.

Quit being lazy and selecting guys you know. GET THE BEST AVAILABLE!

Folks it's time to churn the bottom of the FO roster. Maybe Ross can find an acorn to coach this team?

I cant wait till we fire this regime so I dont have to continue to see the dolphins sign X-Cowboy rejects. There are 30 other teams that have football players on them to choose from. It be one thing is we were getting rejects from the pats or, pitts, balt or a quality team but the cowboys suck too. enough!!

yes pete G exactly my feelings. hahaha jkv im all for churning the FO

Hey Pete G, I've been saying that for the last couple of years. I don't understand what this love affair with former Cowboy players is? There are 30 other teams to choose from. The Dolphins front office is just being lazy! They're not doing their due diligence. They did nothing in free agency when there were so many good players to get at key positions. Zach Miller, Greg Olsen, Mckinney, Meriweather. At the same time, we're cutting players that should be on the roster for players that are garbage! Why would we let A.J.Edds go for some TE we just cut. Why cut Will Allen when he obviously was better than Sapp? I'm just mad, and I think I speak for Dolphins nation, we're tired of mediocrity!

So tired of the dallas re-treads coming here. So tired of the front office not seeing the light. Missed so many chances to sign play makers in FA as all other teams upgraded. Should have signed TE miller, DB Asomugha, etc..Get some help at WR. Woulda shoulda coulda. Every year. Get rid of these clowns and get a real GM who knows how to evaluate talent. The fins will win around 5-6 games and still lose out on the LUCK sweepstakes. Luck will go to Indy and be surrounded by all that talent.

Armando,Any chance wr can get BILL COHWER for next year?

PHEW!! I was worried because we haven't signed any scrub Cowboys lately. I think we need to average about one Cowboy a week. Perhaps it's because they can't evaluate talent? So they are left only to sign former Parcell's scheme guys because the coaching staff isn't able to coach players outside of that? I understand that bringing in players that come from similar systems, saves time on the learning. BUT. At some point they need to look beyond the Cowboy's for players.


I think you have to read between the lines of what JT said about the practices - he is saying there is no coaching in practice or game. Thank you Chad Pennington for the only decent season the Fins have had in what 10 years? As I see it the Fins will lose the 7 games they have left in the AFC E - so that's 9 losses and we can almost surely count on them losing 3-4 of the remaining games - that's based on their play and coaching thus far - barring something magical - as much as I love this team seems like a long frustrating season for team and fans alike. JT came back for one more shot at a championship and all he got is a crappy T-shirt.

Can't believe with so many people out of jobs that the Dolphins staff and front office aren't in the unemployment line as well, you mean these incompetents have jobs?

Fire Sparano and Ireland Now, today, like yesterday would even be better. Dumbo is more qualified!

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