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A (short) tale of the tailbacks

One of the questions that remains unanswered on the eve of the Miami Dolphins' regular-season opener is how effective rookie running back Daniel Thomas will be and how much the club will need backup-to-the-backup Larry Johnson behind him.

The reason this is important is the Dolphins cannot hope to rely on Reggie Bush to carry the football 25 times per game, regardless of what anyone in the organization insists. The second reason this is important is that Thomas didn't have a good preseason.

The third reason is the Dolphins didn't really want either Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown back this season.

We'll soon see about Thomas, who is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury for tomorrow's game against New England. I would estimate that even if he is active for the game, the Dolphins cannot be completely sure he'll be able to finish. So I would expect Larry Johnson to be active. It will work as insurance in case Thomas suffers another tweak to his hamstring.

Meanwile, both Brown and Williams have moved on and have already begun their 2011 seasons. They've done it with different degrees of success.

Ronnie Brown rushed four times for 7 yards in his Philadelphia Eagles debut.

Ricky Williams gained 63 yards on 12 carries, including a 26-yard run for the Baltimore Ravens.


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Seems like a good thing we didn't bring em back

Just finished practice. Going to feed the team now. New England clam chowder and steak. Not going to weigh my team down with this black bean and fried food crap down here. Looking forward to tomorrow night. See you NE fans at the stadium. Wear Patriot Red White and Blue.

Cam Newton 1st half of first pro game:

198 yards
2 touchdowns

Who says you need 3 years?

Definite hall of famer too!

Damn! Why didn't WE get him?


Call me back when he lights up a wets or packers defense.

Dear Mr. Salguero

As you already know I live in N.C. and follow the Carolina Panthers as well as my beloved Dolphins.

So as I'm watching the Panthers play in Arizona Cam Newton is doing pretty well right now.

Even though Cam is in Arizona don't think for 1 min. that I dont have my laptop out of my site.

There's some kid at the University of Florida who had all his adult entertainment taken when Cam Newton stole his laptop.....what kind of person steals a mans adult entertainment...a bad person thats what kind.

I'll still cheer for the panthers but leave my adult entertainment alone.

Soiled :)


I'd take that.

BAD! Bad Cam, Bad..............

Throw the ball 40 times tomorrow.

Ronnie always was a dancer not a football running back, Plus he got shaken up today
Overrated player backup at best...Ricky he is just a natural RB and at his age he still can get it done, big mistake not signing Ricky!!

No catch

Bad Cam, Bad ball placement

I saw the TS show today, and one thing that stood out was, That the OL takes time to learn how to play together and Colombo is a tough very smart player....and also he said we need to pass the ball down field to be able to succeed!!! Now what is that telling us??? No running game from this OL he isn't confident of being able to run the ball!!!

Be that as it may, I prefer figs when dealing with Newtons.

Bad Eli, bad.

Hi FinSome

Bad Cam, Bad.

His second INT of the game. The first one, the refs save him.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just be thankful Cam Newton is in N.C. and not Florida.

To all my fellow Phin fans.....all your adult enternainment stored on your laptops is safe till the Panthers come to Miami.

I have to worry every day of the week.

Soiled :)

Kolb just made a wicked throw on an easy TD!

I think that Larry Johnson has something to prove this year. He may not start out strong, but will get better the more you give him the ball. So, feed him. Let him wear down the Pats D. Then, when fat Albert and company are wheezing make them run sideline to sideline chasing Reggie. Or, hit them with Reggie first then LJ up the middle. We've got too many weapons for them to deal with. Just hope that our defence steps it up and stay in Brady's face all night. And, for crying out loud, catch the ball when you've got a shot at an interception!!!


Is it so against your finfandom to give any player not a dolphin an ounce of credit? I've been watching your comments and you go out of your way ridicule every single non fin player and any critique that isn't 100% agua blue kool aid. That is just plain boring and you might as well put on a skirt and grab some pompoms, if you haven't already.

Two HOURS till Rex Ryan Soils his Bottom!


Is it so against your finfandom to give any player not a dolphin an ounce of credit?

-Fvcking A right it is!

I've been watching your comments and you go out of your way ridicule every single non fin player and any critique that isn't 100% agua blue kool aid.

-YEAH! Now you're catching up! I know it's foreign for you fair weather fans, but it begins and ends with the MIAMI DOLPHINS. I bleed Aqua and Orange you POSER!

That is just plain boring and you might as well put on a skirt and grab some pompoms, if you haven't already.

Posted by: kirk | September 11, 2011 at 06:15 PM

If your so bored, find another blog before you get yo a s s whooped by a rabid Dolfan wearing a skirt and weilding Pom-Pons!!!!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!

PS: Cam Newton's INT led to an immeadiate TD, HE SUCKS A SS!!!!

Cam Newtons first 3 quarters of his career:

288 yards
3 tds, 2 passing, 1 running

Who can ridicule that? (besides odinseye)

Dear Mr. Odinseye

"PS: Cam Newton's INT led to an immeadiate TD, HE SUCKS A SS!!!!"

And just like a pickpocket who steals your wallet...removes the money... throws away the wallet...Cam will steal your laptop... remove the adult entertainment...then throw the laptop away

just not right

Soiled :)

On serious note:

Newton redeemed himself capping a drive with a sweet looking TD dive!

He's paying better than I thought he would.

My initial response was aimed mostly at it still being too early to deem him an instant sucess.


Cam's doing good.
I don't expect Kolb to make a comeback.
I do expect Az fans to turn thier back on Kolb immediately - like today.
I'll look that up in another tab and cut and paste a few of the good ones.

Thanks Soiled,

I'm still keeping my laptop within arms reach.

Well, within one arms reach anywhoo.............

Ravens looked tough against Pittsburg. NY looks terrible against Redskins!

Tracy is correct regarding Johnson. He's always been a guy who gets stronger during the game.

Still, Reggie HAS to be the man tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised that (IF we're still in the game by the 4th quarter), Reggie will have touched the ball 20 times...at least. That would be a good sign, for now, until it's determined we actually have a power running game, You KNOW Tony would love to grind it more than a little.
It would also be nice to see Chad continue his upswing for real tomorrow night.


Dolphins FO this offseason:
QB: Epic Fail
RB: F (determined not to bring back R&R is only half a plan. trading up for DT looking pretty sketchy)
TE: F (Fasano as a 2nd TE would be good. as your primary? yawn.)
OL: F (Pouncey may be good but the fact that they moved Carey to G so they could sign Colombo as RT was laughable)
WR: Incomplete. We'll see if Gates adds anything.

LB: D. Cutting Edds to keep Spitler and Trusnik will come back to bite them big time.
DB: D. Ness and/or Allen will be back.

WTF was that Kolb run the ball on first down

by jeff550

LB: D. Cutting Edds to keep Spitler and Trusnik will come back to bite them big time.

Posted by: T. Martin | September 11, 2011 at 06:41 PM

The one thing I would argue is this. Edds, Spitler and Trusnik are/were 2nd and 3rd stringers.

Cutting Chowder and signing Burnett more than offsets this.

Though I do agree, keeping Spitler and Trusnik over Edds? Borderline retarded!

Cam Newton best first game for a QB in history.

LMAO!! Teddy Ginn 102 yard kickoff return

Who says you need 3 years?

Ted Ginn 102 yrd kick return!

400 yards passing? Big deal, he got lucky, Cardinals defense stinks and most of all, he's 0-1.

Remember last night Kirk when you were telling everyone that stats don't mean squat? At least not in regards to Henne.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.............I guess it's the old double standard eh?

Who says you need three years? How about the vast majority of NFL scouts, coaches and football people. That's who says it takes 3 years to properly evaluate a QB

Ted Ginn punt return td

Cam Newton best first game for a QB in history.

Posted by: kirk | September 11, 2011 at 07:24 PM

Ah Kirk, HE LOST. I don't think starting out 0-1 is really the best first game for a QB.

This coming from a guy that just last night said stats don't mean squat.

Flippy-Flop, Flippy-Flop-ROTFLMAO!

Ladies and gentlemen ... TEDDY GINN, JR.

He still can't receive a lick but Ted Ginn just went apesh*t on the Seahawks

Teddy just return his second kick of the day for the niners.

Who else you blog posters gonna try to run out of town? Our boy Teddy gonna make you eat crow forever. Losers.

Sweet, after just 8 seasons in the NFL, Ted Ginn is finally playing ball.

Ted Ginn haters drove him out of Miami, and now...
Don't do the same to Henne!

Stone hands drove himself out of Miami all by his lonesome self.

always like T.Ginn, its just too bad he was the 9th pick overall, otherwise he may still be a dolphin.

Yeah...trading Ginn for 3 cases of Rice-A-Roni really looks smart now,huh...smh

Tony Sporano couldn't successfully coach a little league team. Go eat another hot dog morono! I hope that hot cheeze sauce gets in you eye..

Posted by: Ireland is a dickface

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Really there is no practical way to have any kind of normal debate with you. For one it wasn't me quoting stats last night. Second, you yourself said if Henne tanks this season you are going to be done with him. So your view is no different than mine, yet you call me a fair weather fan but you are not. Ok. You are just playing with words and being senseless.

Now Newton has the best first game of any QB in history and you want to belittle it with excuses, it was against a bad D, blah blah blah.

I like to give credit where credit is due. Nobody anywhere would have predicted yesterday Newton would have the best first game in history, and you just want to piss on it only because I brought it up.

You are too obsessed bashing others for any reason you can come up, logical or not, once you've decided you don't like them. You are ultra paranoid against anyone that expresses any critical point about the fins. Anyone reading the blog has to be able to see this.

It's childish.

Most People tend to second guess, others.

The Man is an ultra-talent, everybody knew that. Only question was his recognition skills and apparently he has them. Picture a far better Big Ben.

Teddy just ran back out on the field and took a dump on the 50

McNabb...39 passing yards...WTF.....

Thank GOD I don't make decision for the FINS......he was my 2nd choice behind Palmer as far as FA QBs.....

Lets see if he bounces back........

The point remains Ginn's last season here he put up 1200 return yards + 600 rec yards.
That still has not been replaced.
Who is our KR this season?

McNabb was unimpressive! Flacco impressed, the Ravens D destroyed Pittsburg!

Have the jets lost yet....i'm sleepy...


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