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A (short) tale of the tailbacks

One of the questions that remains unanswered on the eve of the Miami Dolphins' regular-season opener is how effective rookie running back Daniel Thomas will be and how much the club will need backup-to-the-backup Larry Johnson behind him.

The reason this is important is the Dolphins cannot hope to rely on Reggie Bush to carry the football 25 times per game, regardless of what anyone in the organization insists. The second reason this is important is that Thomas didn't have a good preseason.

The third reason is the Dolphins didn't really want either Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown back this season.

We'll soon see about Thomas, who is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury for tomorrow's game against New England. I would estimate that even if he is active for the game, the Dolphins cannot be completely sure he'll be able to finish. So I would expect Larry Johnson to be active. It will work as insurance in case Thomas suffers another tweak to his hamstring.

Meanwile, both Brown and Williams have moved on and have already begun their 2011 seasons. They've done it with different degrees of success.

Ronnie Brown rushed four times for 7 yards in his Philadelphia Eagles debut.

Ricky Williams gained 63 yards on 12 carries, including a 26-yard run for the Baltimore Ravens.


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Those Redskins front 7 kick a-s.

I think Ted Ginn Jr. had a good day today, as well as Ricky. In the highlight, he even looked bigger and FASTER...

here we go with the ted ginn 2nd guessing. tons of fans criticizing this organization for drafing him saying he couldn't catch a ball for his life and he's a bust and today he has a kickoff and punt return for a td and he's irreplaceable.

This is the day where LV really sets its line.

One thing I noticed about Tim Hightower (redskins RB)....is that he hits top speed after 1 step....he may not be the fastest back.....but he hits the LOS @ full speed....every time.....

BTW...the Redskins will still suck.....


Really there is no practical way to have any kind of normal debate with you. For one it wasn't me quoting stats last night. Second, you yourself said if Henne tanks this season you are going to be done with him. So your view is no different than mine, yet you call me a fair weather fan but you are not. Ok. You are just playing with words and being senseless.

-I didn't say you were quoting stats, pay attention. I said you stated in regards to Henne, stats don't mean squat. That's what you said last night. Now today suddenly, stats mean EVERYTHING. My dumb statements earlier was best immitation of you last night. Get it?

Now Newton has the best first game of any QB in history and you want to belittle it with excuses, it was against a bad D, blah blah blah.

-No, I was immitating you from last nights blog. See how aggravating it i when someone uses your own mumbo jumbo against you? Thanks BTW!

I like to give credit where credit is due. Nobody anywhere would have predicted yesterday Newton would have the best first game in history, and you just want to piss on it only because I brought it up.

-No, I just want to piss on your double standard when it comes to anything Miami Dolphis. I'll be the firast to admit I didn't think Newton could hack it in the NFL. I'm still not convinced as I'm not a knee jerker. Though I will say he's off to a good start of making a believer out of me.

You are too obsessed bashing others for any reason you can come up, logical or not, once you've decided you don't like them. You are ultra paranoid against anyone that expresses any critical point about the fins. Anyone reading the blog has to be able to see this.

It's childish.

No again, if anything I've become paranoid of the ignorant trolls that frequent this place. If your not one of them, my Bad, I apologize. However, after seeing you just suddenly appear out of nowhere and your constant bashing of ANYTHING Phins, that's the category I assumed you belonged in.

You can already see some significant shifts of power in several Divisions.

Analysts calling for the "Jets big" tonight ... oh lord I hope not.

Dallas is mediocre ... and we've built our team off of Dallas castoffs.

**Welcome To The Main Event**

Anybody want to live blog this game tonight!

Just finished off a nice steak with deep fried mushrooms(i love em). Got the Beer on Ice and a small bottle of Bourban.

I'm fvcking READY!!!!

Very hard to predict a Game much less the first One.

ask bobbyd12 who says newton is a 3 or 4 year project. what a joke. newton will be better than henne this year. bottom line.

The walking headline?

Rex looks more like a walking Billboard!

By reading the above "posts" you'd think its still some meaningless day in late June, with people bashing Tedd Ginn, Chad Henne, Ireland, Sparano, etc.....

It must have escaped a lot of folks attention that football has officially begun!!!

The Bills are on top of the world....for a week....but they have the look of an 8-8, 9-7, team that could be in the hunt come December

Indy appears to be toast. Anyone who has Austine Collie, Tamme, Pierre Garcon in their FF leagues, is searching the waiver wire for skill players with someone to throw to them.

The Chiefs are proving very quickly that last season was a mirage.

Pittsburgh doesn't look like the "NFL's model franchise" for a week.

Cam Newton broke 400 in his first game ever. Jamarcus he is not.

San Diego tried to flop out of the gate, but screwed up and beat Minnesota. Dolphins have a chance out there in a few weeks.

The "Dream Team" needs a better test to make any conclusions.

Detroit for real? Maybe the next real "franchise" in the making.

After watching a full slate of football today, throw the predictions for tomorrow out the window. They'll be pretty meaningless in 24 hours when Miami joins the fun.

Today was crazy. Buffalo, Baltimore, and Washington really surprised me today.

Careful now dolphin 77. Knee jerk too hard and you might kick yourself in the face.

Ha ha, If Dolphin 77 predicts something, you can BANK on the opposite happening.

Thanks for that one 77.

Cote got, what, three or four games right today? I guess that means Miami will lose for sure tomorrow.

Thanks a lot, Cote!!!!!!

Long Time since I have laid my hands on a Porcini mushroom.

newton's 1st game throws for over 400 yards, henne what at least 30 starts never thrown for 400.

Is anybody elses picture F'ing up.

I'm about to blast another TV.

it's already been proven lazy eye!

Tony is a damn good coach. Most of our fans are idiots trying to run players out of town before they have a chance to develope.We are building our team for the future and we are a helluva lot better than people give us credit for.

Who the hell is Lady Antebellum?

so tell me when dolphin legends are skeptics of the gm and players are they idiots and trolls and have no clue about what they are talking about?

Some pretty good renditions of our Hymn today.

it's already been proven lazy eye!

Posted by: dolphin 77 | September 11, 2011 at 08:27 PM

I know, that's what I said. It's been proven, everything you predict turns out opposite

Nice moves by Bryant.

Craig M....did you see that...lol.....

There's a jets game on....and the blog is dead.....


cause everybody is out watching the jets lose

What an amazing talent Dez is.

Dallas made it look pretty easy.

Dallas' OL seems all confused. Understandable.


I won't stoop down to calling you names like so many others here love to do. You are the one with an abundance of double standards. Lets not compare 3 seasons of Henne with 1 game of Newton. I merely pointed out, hey, as an NFL fan, there is a player, #1 over all pick, playing better than most thought in his first game. For you to dismiss it, ridicule it, tie in the other conversation just does not compute.

It's painfully obvious your only motive is to find any motive to go against anything I say because apparently I made some comment yesterday that bruised your dolphin ego.

It's not worth it at all. I'd prefer you just completely ignore me. Better for both of us.


Were you talking about the Bryant play. Yeah pretty impressive!!

Been looking forward to this game all day. Jets defence looks flat, so let's hope it continues.

Btw kris, I like Tim Hightower too. He's one of the guys I was hoping they would get in the short offseason we had. I've always liked him. It will be interesting to see if the Fo has done enough with the running game.

Why should they have Cromartie returning kicks? Hmm..

Whats up Kids?, Love That Jet Defense.

I like that look ... Sanchez eating the grass!

How are people ready to draw so many conclusions about players and teams after ONE week of football? I mean seriously??...talk about knee-jerk.

Can wait until Cam Newton plays against a defence before we annoint him the next thing? great start but let's see how he does next week first. Also, I doubt the Steelers and Chiefs will look this bad every week and I doubt the Bills will look this good.

Easy Kirk, Or Oder will call you a troll., Oder Howd the hunting go with your kid?

Today's Players, in general, seem to have better balance than Those in years past.

Let's see how noodle arm Sanchez does with trying to bring his team back from being down.

Craig M...did you see that...lol

It's painfully obvious your only motive is to find any motive to go against anything I say because apparently I made some comment yesterday that bruised your dolphin ego.

It's not worth it at all. I'd prefer you just completely ignore me. Better for both of us.

Posted by: kirk | September 11, 2011 at 08:45 PM

Your pretty much correct here Kirk, except it wasn't my ego that got bruised, it was my Finfandom as you called it earlier.

Make of it what you will, that is the whole of the LAW!

Revis island looks like it is sinking


Just to be clear, I've never questioned Bryant's ability on the field. It's his off the field stuff that bothered me and made me think he was too big a risk to draft. I'm not surprised by anything he's doing on the field. Let's what until we see how the whole story plays out before we can draw conclusions.

Romo has to be careful or he will not last the Season.

Craig M

Nobody is making any long term prediction. Newton had the best first game today of any QB in history! I was just pointing that out. No crowns, no trophies, I just thought it was noteworthy. And I don't care who the dang defense was!

No hunting....yet.

Had to cancel due to injury!

I LOVE to see the Jets getting the snot kicked out of them....so far so good!!

Craig M...just joking with you....

Also just read your post.....were on the same page (a rareity).....

Hightower does run hard tho......looked like Marion Barber with speed...

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!

It's a good day to be a Dolphins Fan!

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Oder, I Know what your gonna say, But I just cant help myself, This is one of my favorite Odin Postings, I just want to share it with the other posters.


Another good point you make about Hightower. That's who I would compare him too. Nice pickup for the 'Skins....and you're right, they will still stink. But I think the Giants will stink this year too. I think they are beat up and I think this might be Coughlin's last stand. I might be in the minority but I've picked the Giants for last in the division this year.

Is Sanchez Cam Newton ability wise. Not by a long shot. But he can manage a Game.

Ah "Kirk" how nice.

I can tell I'm getting to you again ;)

Dallas is starting to melt down a bit. Not a good sign.



Hey Dying Breed,

Did you see the troll Flip flopping last night and today.


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