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A (short) tale of the tailbacks

One of the questions that remains unanswered on the eve of the Miami Dolphins' regular-season opener is how effective rookie running back Daniel Thomas will be and how much the club will need backup-to-the-backup Larry Johnson behind him.

The reason this is important is the Dolphins cannot hope to rely on Reggie Bush to carry the football 25 times per game, regardless of what anyone in the organization insists. The second reason this is important is that Thomas didn't have a good preseason.

The third reason is the Dolphins didn't really want either Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown back this season.

We'll soon see about Thomas, who is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury for tomorrow's game against New England. I would estimate that even if he is active for the game, the Dolphins cannot be completely sure he'll be able to finish. So I would expect Larry Johnson to be active. It will work as insurance in case Thomas suffers another tweak to his hamstring.

Meanwile, both Brown and Williams have moved on and have already begun their 2011 seasons. They've done it with different degrees of success.

Ronnie Brown rushed four times for 7 yards in his Philadelphia Eagles debut.

Ricky Williams gained 63 yards on 12 carries, including a 26-yard run for the Baltimore Ravens.


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Ahhh, redemption! Go Dallas!

Come on, just a couple of first downs and a FG.

San-pukes choke! LOL...................................................................................

Last place already...sounds like IDIOT talk, LOL

...Interesting stat from todays games. This is for all the fans that want the Phins to be a pass heavy offense. There were 8 quarterbacks that threw it more then 35 times in the games up to tonights. All of their teams lost. A few of them put up good numbers, but the team fell short. This game isn't over, but it looks like the jets will go over that 35 attempt mark as well.

My point..Do not fool yourself into thinking that we are going to have a ton of success if this is the route the offense has to go. Go back and look at last years passing statistics. There were only three qb's that had winning records when their attempts went over that 35 mark. This is not the way to win games, even in todays pass happy NFL.

BS penalties!

God must be a Jets fan ... there is no other explanation.

Did we trade our 2009-10 st's top the Cowboys?

Ohhhhhhhh boy!


Kind of getting messy towards the end.

Hate to remind everyone, but Westhoff was our ST coach. I'm trying to remember why we got rid of him.

The way the Cowboys are playing, I just don't see them pulling one out against the Jets ... I'll give it one more drive and I'm going to bed. The Cowboys are about as frustrating as watching the Dolphins ... of course, we technically are the Cowboys I guess.

These guys have more luck than skill! But that's all they need!

Does someone have a voodoo doll?

Anyone watching the Jets?

Is this shyt fixed or what?

Check Romo for a Gambling addiction!

It wouldn't be the first time!!!!

Oh brother ...


You still dont get anything I told you in a prior blog.

We will be pass heavy against high octane offenses when the D cant slow them down enough. In the past we didnt even have the offensive weapons to try and keep up.

Can you imagine what would have happened to Green Bay against the Saints had they had a run game but not a high octane pass attack?

You dont run just for the sake of running nor pass for the sake of passing. The game and quality of opponent dictates that. Depending on opponent the moment in the game and the opponents ability to stop your run or pass usually suggests what you'll do more of in that game.

Jets will win ... and we'll have to hear about wonder boy Sanchez for the rest of the season. God help us!

This getting exciting.

That being said by DB I cannot imagine any scenario where we have not abandoned the running game by the 3rd series.

Price, wake up brother, we're all watching the game...

Just because we now have the ability to throw the ball 35-40 times a game effectively. Doesnt mean we'll do it every game simply because we can. Game situation and quality of opponent has lots to do with that.

Some games we may throw 35-45 times. Some games we may run 30-35 times. Then there will be games where we pretty much do an equal balance of both.

Oscar, exciting if the Boys win! Depressing if not! But good game!

We need a San-puke pick 6 right now! LOL.....................................................

Jets should just go for the kick ... hell, they'd probably make an 89 yard kick at the rate this game is going.

Are you kidding me?

Its Official:

Romo is a worse choke artist than San-Puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How stupid was that throw!

odinseye ... best call of the night ... Romo SHOULD be checked for gambling.

No! Really?

Did that Cowboy corner play for us last year? Seems like it the way that pick hit him right in the face mask!!!!



Romo is addicted to gambling.

Romo cant win a big game. Some one needs to help him find his balls on big game days!

..Dying..I understand that sometimes the flow of the game dictates what kind of play you have to run. My point is that there is no way that the team is going into a game with a plan that says we are going to throw it 40 times. If the flow of the game dictates this that is another story. You site the Saints game. Brees threw it 49 times. Yes it did keep them in the game that they ultimatley lost. Rodgers on the other hand threw it exactly 35 times. Right on the number, but not over.

It is more then just the offense that has a say in this. Yes if they are giving up points, and you are behind a few possetions you have no choice. But this goes with my point. If you are winning, and controlling the clock. No reason to put it up that many times. It isn't a coincidence that all of these teams lost. None of them...NONE had it in the original gameplan to throw it that many times. So I get it. Yes sometimes you have to pass it. My point is that your chances of winning go down when either by design, or flow of the game. Your quarterback has to throw it that much.

I will say what I said about running it 30 times was probably an over estimate. But I will be willing to bet that if we have to throw it over 35 times tommorow night we are going to be in trouble. Unless, we can do what the jets have done tonight and create timley turnovers..There is just no way that we are going to win consistantly with this kind of offense..Not yet.

When do the Cowboys give up on Romo? After all of these years it's pretty clear this guy is NOT the answer at quarterback for these guys ... I just hope to god that Miami would never consider picking up this gambling choke artist.

Not ready for the snap? Holy cow these guys are bad.


If we throw the ball 35 or more time Monday. Its either because we're in a score for score shootout or way down on the scoreboard.

If the D cant slow the Brady scoring machine down we have no choice but to pass and pass often.

I'm glad we don't have Romo!

Im out. Also here's to hoping we dont begin 2011 as afc east cellar dwellers! Go Fish.........................................

Of course the Superior Team won. Superior to us? I'll tell you Tomorrow.

Jets get all the breaks again. But lady luck can last only so much


At least Parcells had Romo pegged right. "I'm not ready to annoint him anything just yet"!


Goodnight ... here's hoping for the best tomorrow!

Dying...How about this. Because it is clear that we have different opinions about this subject. Lets make a friendly gentlemans bet on the matter, then revisit this at the end of the season. My suggestion is that at the end of the year, we can go back and look at our overall record, and see what the end results were when Hennes attempts go over that 35 mark. If we have a winning record in those games I will be more then happy to aknowledge that I was wrong about this topic..

Darryl D

Didn't you read the blog rules on the way in? Here they are:

1. DyingBreed is always right
2. If you agree with him, he will later change his mind and laugh at you if you haven't already changed your mind to the same thing.
3. If you disagree with him, he will laugh at you and make condescending comments.

You are being a perfect gentlemen and as usual DyingBreed is reciprocating by responding in his usual condescending manner.

Guys, if we don't win at home tomorrow, we are in trouble! Tomorrow is a must win game! Comments??

It bugs me to see bloggers with the best interests try to have a reasonable exchange of ideas and then see them tolerate or kiss up to DyingBreed when it is totally unnecessary.


We gotta make it fare. Our schedule is loaded and we'll throw the ball 30 or more times and so will the opposing qb's.

Here's a list of those teams on our schedule:

New England--- twice
Jets---------- twice
Houston(M Shaub)
San Diego(Rivers)

That's 8 games you can almost certain we have no choice but to throw 30 or more times per game.

Then There's:

The Redskins and Broncos where there's good probability we could throw the ball 30 or more times. So that leaves only 6 games on the schedule where there's low probabilty of having to throw 30 or more passes.

Still you cant ignore the probability of throwing 30 or more against Buffalo. They put up 40pts today. So your bet's basically a fool's bet.


Romo threw 36 times and San-Puke threw 44 times. when both teams have to throw 30 or more times someone has to win and some one has to lose.

Jets only ran 16 times tonight yet still won the game. Imagine that! LOL...

Cowboys ran 26 times and still managed to lose! LOL...

Without a doubd game made me sick...

Bills Fitzpatrick only threw 25 times while Cassell threw 36 times. But when youre up by multiple double digits scores you'll rarely have need to throw more than 25 times.

Cassell had no choice but to throw 36 times with his team being so far behind.


Darryl, Breed has been posting about how much the Dolphins will be throwing the ball, how much they need to throw the ball.

I have read about his flip flopping ways, but have to LOL at what I have read in his posts to you regarding this.

It's comical, LOL.

Guess Darryyl Dunphy scrammed after I proved his opinion wrong.

I dont talk to trolls! LOL.....................................

Dying...The Crackwagon, and the jets are ironicaly the 2 teams that skewed the rule. (always exceptions) of the teams you mentioned above. None threw it 35 times today except Snachez. Who's team did win can't make any excuses there even though the Wagon threw that game away. The whole point of this is it is a team game..I get it. Now if you want to make the mark 30 times. This is a whole different argument. I use 35 as the mark becaue it is convenient for my argument(lol) Seriously, just by doing some research, that seems to be the magis number between success and failure. Once Qb's stay at that number or below the win rate goes way up. It is that magic number of 35 or more where teams suffer.

Dallas just entered the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

The wets ride the wave of slime and luck into the win column.

The wets certainly didn't win this one, so much as Romo single handed threw the game.

The fumble at the goal line was innocent enough, but the int to Revis was a dead give away. The fumble was bad, the last int was putrid.

Mr. My Momma's a Ho, who couldn't hack the heat was gimping down the sideline in double coverage. Help over the top and Revis running underneath.

So Romo decides to short arm it, or back shoulder it, or whatever pathetic name you want to give it? Really? REALLY?

Lets see? Hard knocks, Sunday night opener, Ryan vs Ryan, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............

Is it me or is the NFL starting to look eerily similar to proffesional wrestling? Fvck I hope it's just me!

Oh well, at least Romo now owns a Cowboy record. He's the ONLY Dallas QB to EVER squander a 14 point 4th quarter lead. Way to go "Art Schleister"!

Tony, since you're a gambler, I'll betcha Jessica Simpson absolutely LOVED watching you make a fool of yourself tonight.

PS: Please don't censor this one, I've toned it down three times already!!!!


Research? Im not trying to start an argument but maybe you should research yourself. I guarantee you'll find nearly everyone, if not all of the last 10 SB winners are teams that throw the ball with regularity.

DD, my point isnt we'll throw the ball 30 or more times just for the merry mint of it. Geesh youre having a tough time with your comprehension skills regarding my posts to you.

Stick a fork in me Im done. Peeling paint seems to have better comprehension than youre showing.

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