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A (short) tale of the tailbacks

One of the questions that remains unanswered on the eve of the Miami Dolphins' regular-season opener is how effective rookie running back Daniel Thomas will be and how much the club will need backup-to-the-backup Larry Johnson behind him.

The reason this is important is the Dolphins cannot hope to rely on Reggie Bush to carry the football 25 times per game, regardless of what anyone in the organization insists. The second reason this is important is that Thomas didn't have a good preseason.

The third reason is the Dolphins didn't really want either Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown back this season.

We'll soon see about Thomas, who is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury for tomorrow's game against New England. I would estimate that even if he is active for the game, the Dolphins cannot be completely sure he'll be able to finish. So I would expect Larry Johnson to be active. It will work as insurance in case Thomas suffers another tweak to his hamstring.

Meanwile, both Brown and Williams have moved on and have already begun their 2011 seasons. They've done it with different degrees of success.

Ronnie Brown rushed four times for 7 yards in his Philadelphia Eagles debut.

Ricky Williams gained 63 yards on 12 carries, including a 26-yard run for the Baltimore Ravens.


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Im not stupid. No one needs look any further than the Marino era to know having to throw the ball upwards of 40 times a game isnt a recipe for SB success.

Shula had no choice with Marino because we were perreenially a bottom 5 league rushing team most of that era. In the SB vs the Niners we couldnt even run the ball when Walsh had 7-8 db's in the game.

I guarantee you'll find nearly everyone, if not all of the last 10 SB winners are teams that throw the ball with regularity.

What team since the merger hasn't thrown the ball with regularity?

Guess Darryyl Dunphy scrammed after I proved his opinion wrong.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 12, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Maybe he's just not in the mood for a battle of ignorance.

Dying...Also the bet isn't weather or not we throw it 35 times a game. It is how many of those games we win when we do. If you feel confident in your opinion that we can win these games. Then this isn't a fools bet, it proves a point..yours or mine. It isn't a coincidence that teams were 1-9 this week when their quarterbacks hit that mark.

Also if someone asked you what the best chance the Phins have at winning tommorow. Would you answer "By putting it on Hennes shoulders and trying to outscore New England" Probably not. Do not get me wrong. we could win a game like this, even a couple. I stand firm on the opinion that if we are forced into(for whatever reasons) to have to throw it this many times we will not have a winning record in those games.

The defense has a responsibility in this as well. This is not just on the offense. If the defense is so pourous that we are playing from behind, and have to go this route. We are in HUGE trouble. The defense should be good enough to keep us in most games. Sure they will have some off weeks, and the offense will have to pick up some slack.Part of the team concept. But be honest. How many weeks is the game plan by design going to read "Throw it 35 plus times a game?" Not many.

Also the jets won in spite of Snachez. No worries they won, I can't have it both ways. But do you think they wanted to throw it 44 times to the 12 or so times they ran it? NO freekin way.This is not the equation for winning consistantly.

Gentlemen! Please! This is an opinion blog

And opinions are like a--holes, everybody has one! Tolerance is the key to harmony!

If you cant efectively pass the football your team had better be able to play defense like the 2001 Raven.

If not, when playing a Peton-esque passing attack you'll get the same results we did no matter how well you run the ball.

Remember, Peyton and those 2-3 minute scoring drives to beat us in 09? We ran and ball controlled well. But it means little against hich octane offenses.

..Gentleman.. I'm not offended by anything Dying has said to me. We are having a good debate. No problem. He has his opinions, I have mine. We are all adults, not the end of the world if we do not all agree.


Your head's so far up your a*ss the comprehension of my posts blows right over you.


Geesh do you understand now?

If we throw the ball upwards of 40 times its because we're behind or trading score for score with another high octane offense.

That means "BOTH" qb's will be throwing the ball upwards of 40 times. Some one will have to win and some one will have to lose.

So a qb that has thrown upwards of 40 times has still won the game. Geesh youre a hard fellow to point something out to. LOL...

DD, DB, no insult meant, we just need to appreciate our differences and enjoy our debates without insult! That's how I feel!

Some games we may throw 35-45 times. Some games we may run 30-35 times. Then there will be games where we pretty much do an equal balance of both.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 11, 2011 at 11:25 PM

dying Bird strattling the fence so he can flip flop later

If you pitted the best nfl offense against the best nfl defense agaimst eachother in 10 games. I honestly believe the best nfl offense wins 6 games and that defense wins 4 games.

I would only give the defense the edge if its an extra special defense that year such as one like the 2001 Ravens, 85 Bears, or one of the early 70's Steeler defenses.


Im not insulting DDE when I say "head buried up a*ss". My friends and I talk to each other like that all the time. Blogs are no place for "overly sensitive people.

I would hate to see thier friend list! LOL....

Alright fellas..Have a good night. Big Day tommorow..However the game plays out. I hope it ends with a W. See you all tommorow.


I pay very little attention to those here who are super sensitives. Even many of the women I know are not nearly as sensitives as some of the socalled guys here. LOL.....


Have a good one buddy!

..Gentleman.. I'm not offended by anything Dying has said to me. We are having a good debate. No problem. He has his opinions, I have mine. We are all adults, not the end of the world if we do not all agree.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | September 12, 2011 at 12:36 AM


Your head's so far up your a*ss the comprehension of my posts blows right over you.


Geesh do you understand now?

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 12, 2011 at 12:37 AM


I'm sorry you guys but I have to ask a question right here.

Darryl, are you offended NOW?

PS: LOL.................


I think Darryl got your point. I think you missed his.

He wants to bet you that we lose more games than we win when we throw for more than 35 times a game.

Regardless of who we are playing, whether it's a shootout or whether or not were down by double digit scores.

I get your point and I get his. The question is, do you want to make that bet with him?

PS: I'm not arguing with either of you, I'm just pointing out my observation.

I think Darryl is right, and I'll take some of that action if breed is dumb enough to take it.

bodog.com has Darryl 3-1 over breed straight up

Where's fist pump for field goals when you need him lol

I only read the first and last page, any good happen here tonight?

Dying B, Darryl D, Odin


Dying Breed, you don't want to start a war with ME! Do you?

Hmm...I thought that the number of times that you threw the ball versus ran the ball was more dependent upon the opposing team's defence than something that you actually planned specifically for. If they blitz a lot (which is the big trend now) a running play may be stifled whereas a pass over the top of the blitz or a pass out on the flat is usually more productive. Decisions have to be made based upon the down and the distance to the goal. Gotta zig when they expect zag, etc. Setting a magic number of passes to determine a win or loss seems farfetched to me. Do screen passes count? They're more like running plays really. If your defence scores a lot of points or spends a lot of time on the field also affects how much you're able to pass the ball. Are you looking at a 3-4 or 4-3 or hybrid D? Is it in man or zone? Too many variables in my estimation. Cause and effect not random guesses affect the game more. Or, am I totally wrong here? Convince me then.

If we run for 40 plays and pass for 35, does that mean we'll lose the game? Because 35 is the magic number? I fail to see the logic or cause and effect. Enlighten me, please.

Tracy, it means nothing! You win anyway you can! Couple of new articles up, Mando picking the pats!


You must mean Mando's breakdown of the game where he gives the advantage to the Pats in most of the categories. He's already gone on record as having the Dolphins win the game. Then, flip-flops on this article a little bit. Typical Mando. Covering all of his bases no matter what happens.


Tracy, yes, got cut off, but you said what I said!

Mando, man, stand your ground!

Tracy, thanks again!

GN, all!!!!

God bless the 9/11 victims and their families!


Ricky Williams averaged 5.25 yards per carry against the Steelers...Tell me why we don't want him around any more?

Ray said:

"Ronnie always was a dancer not a football running back, Plus he got shaken up today
Overrated player backup at best...Ricky he is just a natural RB and at his age he still can get it done, big mistake not signing Ricky!!"

Ray, my sentiments exactly. I was saying the entire offseason, we need to get Ricky back. Then we drafted Thomas. "Still need Ricky back!" Then we signed Bush. "Still need Ricky back!" But the genius Wrmando was leading the peanut gallery of claims that "We need fresh legs", "We need DAngelo Williams!" W"We need anyone but Ronnie, or Ricky" I agree, I waas never a big Ronnie fan, but Ricky is the best natural running back we ever had. I include the 70's greats in that, although Zonk was special. Mercury Morris was electric, too, but Ricky put up a lot of big numbers. If he was the #1 back for the Ravens this year, he would have 1200 - 1600 yards. Armando, get a clue. It wasn't the running backs last year, it was the sorry, sorry O-Line run-blocking. Even Keith Sims recently said, "I don't understand our running game on the right-side. Who is our pulling guard?" Aside from Bush making it happen by improvisation this year, our run game will not be any better than last year and I am not blaming it on the backs. Sparano, he complained about Ricky and Ronnie not breaking tackles at the "2nd level". What 2nd level? You mean the one where the backs of our O-Line were clogging up the lanes at the line of scrimmage they were supposed to be creating?Armando, do you even watch the games, or do you just write down any old thing?

Big Kahuna:
Because Armando said so. Armando is a genius. I wish Armando was the coach, or even better, the coach and GM. Then we would have one big pile of sh.t team to watch every week! I'm sorry, but does anyone with a football brain that watches the actual game agree with anything Armando says? Seriously!

dolphins 34 pats 7

time to step it up defense earn it vonte and smith get your hands on the ball and dont let go

i expect big things from safety jones!!!!!!!

Dont ya just love the talent evaluators for the Dolphins? Sparano, Ireland what jokes, Then you got Boss Ross who only wants Celebs handing around Sun-Life. EeeeeGaaads. What a mess. Id love to have Ricky back and I dont care what he said or didnt say. Ricky always gave a 100% every game and he doesnt "tweak" his hamstring, what ever the hell that is. How do you "tweak" a hamstring? Hamstring is a crutch. What it really means is "Im scared and I dont wanna play". Sparano/Ireland you two can really pick'em. No winnee, no tickee.

Armando said:

"The third reason is the Dolphins didn't really want either Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown back this season."

Well, agreed on Ronnie, but I think Ricky hurt poor little Sparano's feelings because he LIKES micro-managing veterans. I am not sold on this regime. I root for them and hope they turn it around this year, but I'm not sold.

Did any of you morons who ran Ted Ginn out of town see what he did yesterday? Single handedly won the game. He did that once for us too, the few times we gave him a chance. He also had several 60 yard receptions in his 1st two years despite suffering w/ the same play caller the rest of the team suffered with. FAIL to let him go.

In other news, Ricky proved once again he's still better than Brown, despite being older, and should have been the starter, not Brown, for every single game in which Ricky was healthy.

Brad, 34-7 what a huge leap of faith I love the Phins in this game as well but 20-17 seems more probable but I hope your right, a blow would be more than just fine with me.


it's not that cam newton threw for 400 yards that makes him better than henne, he just is better than henne, athlectily better, and will make better decisions, like i said newton will have better numbers than henne does this year.

Fins 38 Patsies 9 said:

"In other news, Ricky proved once again he's still better than Brown, despite being older, and should have been the starter, not Brown, for every single game in which Ricky was healthy."

EVERY SINGLE GAME. I agree. Ricky and Ronnie were friends, but if I'm Ricky, I know it too. Yet he still remained a team player and didn't complain. He made a constuctive criticism of Sparano that you don't need to micro-manage all the time. Ricky was saying you don't need to micro-mange the veterans. A veteran is a veteran because he has been around a long time and gets it, or he wouldn't be a veteran player, he would be an ex-player. What is more telling is that Sparano and Ireland couldn't see he was the better player and deserved to start. I saw it, you saw it, and Dolphin fans (that don't blindly follow Armando) saw it. Why couldn't the 2 geniuses running the team see it?

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